Can You Charge Solar Lights Without Sun Exposure?


Buying solar LIGHTS is a NEW FASHION in the TOWN. I have a couple of SOLAR LIGHTS helping me out. The add-on is even better. (Mine is a solar BATTERY)

But sometimes I wonder about how to charge solar lights without sun exposure. Is it EVEN POSSIBLE? If possible, then how? 

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Are you curious to know all the answers? Let me explain in this GUIDE how to CHARGE solar lights without sun exposure. 

Ready to ROCK N ROLL? Let’s go! 

Charge solar lights without sun

Do Solar Lights Require Sunlight To Charge?

Do solar lights require sunlight to charge

No. There is NO NEED to have direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight or any LIGHT can charge the solar lights. 

Oh, why so? Is that QUESTION flashing through your Mind? 

The simple answer is the WORKING mechanism. Artificial lighting has the POTENTIAL energy that solar lights need. Whenever you bring the incandescent light bulbs near to solar light, guess what happens! It starts charging. 

Bonus tip for you! 

  • If it is sunny weather, EXPOSE the solar lights to direct sunlight! It will EFFICIENTLY charge. 
  • If CLOUDY weather is here, don’t put your SOLAR LIGHTS in the shade. They won’t charge until there is a minimal LIGHT source. 
  • In cases of NO DIRECT sunlight, use incandescent bulbs or other light sources. They also CHARGE solar lights without direct sunlight. 

5 Key Methods On How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

5 Key Methods on How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

Charging SOLAR CELLS needs sunlight. It is not LESS than a WONDER when I hear. You can charge your SOLAR LIGHTS without sun exposure. 

Here are QUICK tips to charge INDOOR LIGHTS. 

Time to CLEAN your solar light

Look at your SOLAR light! Is there dust on it? Indeed, it is the MAIN REASON BEHIND the recent decrease in performance. 

So, what to do? 

Not a ROCKET SCIENCE. PICK up cleaning brushes. Make a CLEANING solution. And clean your solar light from front to back and inside to out?

Oh, wait. Don’t make the following mistakes; otherwise, you’ll cry later! 

  • Don’t use DETERGENT to clean solar lighting devices. 
  • Smoothly RINSE solar panel surface to AVOID scratches. 
  • Use CLOTH or soft material to clean solar systems. 

The perfectly CLEANED and efficient solar panel is here! 

Deploy alternative charging options

No sunlight is SOMETIMES not a hefty nuisance! The latest solar SOLUTIONS have dual charging modes. You can charge them under sunlight. If no sunlight is there, there is STILL one option left. 

Guess what is the ALTERNATIVE? 

USB charging. Some solar lights charge with the POWER BANKS. It is a hit of the time. 

The best practice is to CHARGE your POWER BANKS when sunlight is there. And use it to charge your SOLAR LIGHTS in case of a shade of ZERO sunlight exposure. You don’t have to WORRY about sunlight now! 

Use mirrors to redirect sunlight

Having a shadow is COMMON. But not finding the right solution is a BIG mistake. Let me tell you why. 

  • Less sunlight reaches the SOLAR panel. 
  • You can’t store enough solar ENERGY. 
  • Efficiency decreases potentially. 

Solution? Everyone is CURIOUS about that. But using the MIRRORS can be a TABLE TURNER! Here is why: 

  • It can reflect the light and transmit it to the SOLAR panels. 
  • Cheaper and EASIER solution. 
  • There is no need to disturb your HOME AESTHETICS also. 

Quick Tip: I have almost a mirror twice the SIZE of the SOLAR PANEL. You should try out the SAME to get enough light. 

Employ an artificial light system

SOLAR LIGHT is not SUN DEPENDENT. It is light-dependent, no matter what SOURCE. 

That is why artificial light has Emerged out to be a POTENTIAL partner. Find out about artificial lighting systems. For example, an incandescent bulb. 

Here are some TIPS on where to install it. 

  • Install it when there is NO SUNLIGHT. Mainly, I turn it on during the night time in emergency cases. 
  • Keep it in the VICINITY of the solar light system. Keeping it FAR AWAY won’t help. 
  • Deploy it when your SOLAR light lies in the SHADE. Without a shade, there is no need to install them. 

Welcome LED lights as well

Have you ever THOUGHT about an LED light bulb? It is the right TIME TO install it. 

There are many BENEFITS of an LED light. 

  • It has a LONG-LASTING nature of power. 
  • LED flashlights are helpful everywhere in indoor or outdoor lights. 
  • LED lamps have a high light intensity. You can quickly charge for 10-12 hours for your total charge. 
  • LED lights are far cheaper compared to incandescent bulbs. 

So, you get a PERFECT light source that is affordable too. Install it when the SOLAR light has the complete shading. Or sometimes, there is no SUNLIGHT around. It can help as an emergency savior. 

Can You Charge Solar Lights Indoors?

Charge Solar Lights Indoors

A COMMON MISCONCEPTION! People think they can CHARGE their solar panels or lights. Only if direct SUNLIGHT exposure is available.

But even if SUNLIGHT is not there, don’t worry. You can STILL CHARGE it indoors. How? There are ARTIFICIAL lights that are helpful. These include: 

  • LED lights
  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Flashlights 

How is it possible, right? Understand it at MOLECULAR LEVELS! Solar CELLS respond to LIGHT, no matter what! So, LED lights or incandescent lights are the GAME changer. Get a VISIBLE light source and charge it. 

That is all! Having a PAIR of batteries is a BETTER idea. Charge your solar batteries in the daytime and use them at night. 

Can I Charge Solar Lights In The Shade? 

Can I charge solar lights in the shade

Having a TREE around your home is CAUSAL! Most people make it an ELEGANT look. But!!! Installing solar LIGHTS is ALSO crucial! 

Before I answer this question, recall how a solar light works. It TRAPS the light energy. Converts it into ELECTRICAL energy with the help of inverters. And it produces electricity! A LIGHT source is sufficient at this point. 

So, is there any PROBLEM with charging solar LIGHTS in the shade? In actuality, it depends: 

  • Case 1: Partial Shade. If a BRANCH is blocking the LIGHT, it is partial. Sun rays HIT the SOLAR lights in half of the DAY. Solar LIGHTS can get charged at this time. 
  • Case 2: Complete Shade. If the whole tree is blocking the light, LISTEN UP! There will be NO SUNLIGHT exposure. So, expect no charging from SOLAR-powered lights. 

Partial SHADE is not A CRUX of matter as it does not block 100% of the light. But I would RECOMMEND the charging position of your SOLAR lights. Make sure no BLOCK to sunlight occurs during the whole day. 

Choose a position in which Exposure to sunlight is MAXIMUM. Generate a HIGHER energy in the presence of sunlight. 

Charge your solar LIGHTS without any worry! 

People Also Ask about Charge Solar Lights Without Sun

1. How long do solar lights last without sun?

It depends more on the battery power you’ve used to store ENERGY. Typically, in direct sunlight, solar lights store the light in the batteries. These solar cells provide energy at nighttime. 

2. How much shade is too much for a solar panel?

Suppose a SMALL branch acts as a SHADE, not a BIG DEAL! Just relax! Take it seriously when a COMPLETE tree is blocking the solar lighting systems. Confirm whether it is complete TREE or small branches. 

3. Where can I find the best solar panels for purchase?

Think about ALIBABA. How is Amazon? Try every single PLATFORM where there are the best solar POWER SYSTEM suppliers. Some CHEAPER resources for SOLAR POWERED appliances include: 
· Alibaba
· Aliexpress
· Dhgate
· 1688
· Temu
Leeline Energy also helps grab the BEST QUALITY solar solutions. We will go through quality suppliers. And find you the PREMIUM solar panels! 

4. What type of solar panel works best in the shade?

Hit the BUTTON of a SHADE-RESISTANT solar panel. It works best in the SHADING situation or LESS SUNLIGHT. Bifacial solar PANEL is the BIGGEST example with dual sunlight-capturing technology.

5. What is the best time of day to charge solar panels?

Don’t EXPECT very MUCH efficiency of solar panels in the MORNING. Sunlight is at PEAKS from 10 am to 2 pm. Mark these HOURS your FAVORITE! And charge your SOLAR panels at this time. 

What’s Next

Starting a SOLAR BRAND needs many things for SUCCESS! List all types of SOLAR tools. Solar panel. Solar light. SOLAR LAMPS. Solar indoor lighting. 

Guess where the SUCCESS lies? 

In the belly of QUALITY! So, find quality SOLAR lights. Want that? 

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