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One-stop solar product supplier For Your Solar project

Buy Solar panel, BIPV, Inverts, Battery Storage ect in one place From A to Z at competitive price. You reduce the hands-on efforts and risks of QUALITY problems and Communication barriers among multiple suppliers.

Take your solar BUSINESS to new heights with our RELIABLE solar product suppliers.

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Advantages Of Leeline Energy

Solar Energy

High Experience in Solar Energy

 Our professional TEAM offers the guaranteed HIGH EFFICIENCY of solar projects. We implement INNOVATIVE solar solutions to tackle emergency cases. You sell FLAWLESS and trustworthy solar energy systems for your customers.

Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

Our INSPECTION team comprises experts. We GO THROUGH multiple phases of inspections to increase solar panels’ accuracy.    You CAN increase sales by selling QUALITY panels and win trust.


Tailored Solutions

Leeline Energy EXPERTS is dedicated to providing TAILORED solutions. You expect better energy consumption and saving extra costs using solar power. Your customers will enjoy customized SOLAR modules to attain energy independence.


Easy Business Reach

Our wholesale solar panels will EXPAND your business locally and globally. With this, you ENJOY higher profits and gain a reputation.



We do not restrict you to BUY multiple solar panels. Starting from one SOLAR PANEL, you improve your CASH FLOW and get higher profits.

Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer team is AVAILABLE anytime. Your customers can get energy solutions 24/7 through effective resolutions. It will win you confidence and TRUST.

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Leeline Energy Products List

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels get RENEWABLE energy from the sun. And provide an EFFECTIVE solution for the budget. Your customers get a RELIABLE energy source at AFFORDABLE costs.

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters CONVERT the solar energy into electrical power. It helps in managing and enlightens up DIFFERENT applications. Nurture a LONG-STANDING energy source for your customers.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller is a MAGIC device that prevents OVERCHARGING. It lets the battery RUN for extended periods. You BUILD more credence with a LONG-TERM solution.

Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System

Energy storage systems deliver an EXCELLENT energy solution. It stores energy and RUNS applications when the sun is not around. Boost your BUSINESS progress by providing SUSTAINABLE energy.

Charging Stations

Charging Stations

Charging stations OFFER the ultimate ease of charging Electric cars. Setting up such a business is a LONG-TERM INVESTMENT. With ULTIMATE quality, you’ll have more CUSTOMERS and high brand value.

Solar Applications

Solar Applications

Solar applications include from HOME AC to Charging EV cars. In addition, solar system has outdoor, RV, and many other applications. These OFFER an excellent opportunity to EXPAND your business. You’ll get repeat CUSTOMERS and help them save ADDITIONAL costs.

What We Provide?

Home Solar Systems

Innovative Solutions for Home Solar Systems

Leeline Energy does meticulous research.  Find the BEST suppliers for your HOME solar systems. And CHOOSE the highest QUALITY home solar systems with long service life. Enlighten the home and enjoy the FRESH food with never stopping FREEZERS. Never let the AC off, and keep the SUMMER away with solar energy. 

Reduce ENERGY COSTS with innovative solar solutions. 

Complete Solutions for Business Solar System

We help you EXPLORE highly productive solar panels. IMPROVE the solar panels QUALITY for your business. And ship them to your LOCATION with complete safety. Run your heavy machinery and decrease the HUGE electricity burden. It gives you FINANCIAL and POWER independence. 

Implement the EFFICIENT SOLAR POWER SYSTEM for solar business.

Business Solar System
install solar panels

Support any installation method

DIY installation or want the experts’ INSTALLERS? Whatever method you want, LEELINE ENERGY GOT you. Our installation instruction videos INCREASE the ease of installation. We have installation experts who nurture the INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES. You get safe installation with an A to Z guide. 

Get RELIABLE SUPPORT and safe solar panel installations. 

Enjoy the EXPONENTIAL graph of your business growth. 

Solar Power Works

On-grid system

On-grid SOLAR PANELS offer ACCESS to the solar and utility simultaneously. It is a COST-EFFECTIVE option with reduced costs. Our LEELINE ENERGY experts find the TOP SUPPLIERS to get you quality on-grid solar panels. 

Reduce OVERHEAD costs on electricity with on-grid solar panels.

On-grid system

Off-grid system

Off-grid SOLAR PANELS have a SEPARATE solar inverter and storage. They rely more on BATTERY storage. Our team is very ADEPT at finding EXCEPTIONAL off-grid solar panels. You’ll get AFFORDABLE costs and high energy production. 

Gain more BUSINESS confidence in your loyal customers. 

Off-grid system


Hybrid grid system

The hybrid grid is in-between OPTIONS with on-grid and off-grid features. Depending on the ELECTRICITY NEEDS, it switches between battery and GRID. We help you EVALUATE the costs. Expect the BEST panels. And implement the solution for INCREASING energy losses.

Increase your clients by PROVIDING bill-saving saving solutions through the hybrid grid.



Creative Applications of Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels



Lighting a Home

Lighting a Home

solar panels for pool

Solar Panels for Pool

Street Light

Street Light



Solar for Building

Commercial Buildings

solar panels for industrial

Industrial Use

electric cars

Electric Cars

Reach the NEXT-LEVEL in the solar market with QUALITY MODULES.

Solar Systems

We Provide Solutions for All Kinds of Solar Customers

We are the best solar product supplier that will guide you to the future.
If You Do Not Have Suppliers Yet

Our SOURCING experts filter out the TOP SOLAR PANEL manufacturers for your solar business. Grab the BEST QUALITY. And increase your profit margins by BARGAINING for a lower price. You get a SEAMLESS experience with a PRODUCTIVE supply chain.

If You Already Have Suppliers

Our experts are ready to work with your SOLAR MANUFACTURERS. We offer QUALITY inspection and inventory procurement. Our warehouses store the PRODUCTS before we ship products to your customers. You get 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with undisputed fulfillment.

If You Are Facing Some Problems

Our team is available 24 hours to RESOLVE all your solar power systems problems. We GIVE you HONEST suggestions about the TOP solar manufacturers. Fix all your SOLAR power products. And optimize the PROCUREMENT PROCESS. You are out of any TENSION. We assist you in the TOUGH times. And RESOLVE your questions.

Why Choose Us as Solar Prodcut Supplier?

solar product suppliers member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is the best solar solutions company that inputs efforts in DRIVING the best QUALITY solar panels. We prioritize customer preferences and get RELEVANT solar energy solutions. Our reliable solar PANEL manufacturers empower you with CUSTOMIZED solar panels. You acquire AFFORDABLE costs. 

Skyrocket your BUSINESS GROWTH with our TOP TEAM in the solar industry.

One-stop Sourcing

Having problems with SOURCING QUALITY solar panels? No more!!

Leeline Energy bids ONE-STOP SOURCING SOLUTIONS. We think from the CUSTOMER’S perspective to find the best solar solutions company in China. You get RELIABLE trades, effective solar panels, and AFFORDABLE prices. It directly raises your PROFIT margins.

Upgrade your PROFITS with our potential sourcing STRATEGY.

sourcing agent
business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Leeline Team keeps A to Z product transactions under its RADAR. Our team finds the BEST QUALITY solar panels. Procures them from your SUPPLIERS. AND ships them to your customers without a delay of a SINGLE second. Your SUPPLY CHAIN booms without any scam. 

Keep SCAMS away with our 100% SAFE trading strategy.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs


Solar product suppplier
  • Demand Assessment

IN-DEPTH ASSESSMENT is conducted by our team of professionals. This includes market trends and customer demands. You meet your business needs and goals by choosing the right BIPV panel.

  • Supplier Management

We take care of your SUPPLY CHAIN. You work with the best BIPV wholesale suppliers. Guarantee a timely delivery of products. Leaving you with a strong relationship between you and your customers.

  • Contract Negotiation

We thoroughly review every contract. And NEGOTIATE the terms and conditions and make sure you get affordable and fair prices. You guarantee a seamless transaction with your BIPV manufacturers.

  • Order Management

Leeline Energy handles the ENTIRE ORDER MANAGEMENT in your stead. From processing of BIPV orders, packing, and shipping to delivery. You increase sales and build long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Reducing transit times and OPTIMIZING SHIPPING ROUTES is guaranteed. Delays are outside our vocabulary as we ensure the seamless movement of all your goods. Increase customer satisfaction with our timely delivery.

  • Installation Support

Leeline Energy provides HANDS-ON ASSISTANCE in the installation process of your BIPV panels. Providing you with videos and detailed instructions. You ensure a proper setup of your photovoltaic materials. 

Solar product supppliers

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Precise production process

Solar Cell sorting. The experts arrange the solar cells in series. Set up all the things for welding. And move to welding.

High-Speed series welding. In this step, solar cells are welded in series. Series welding makes solar cells more effective for energy production.

Visual Inspection. The inspection team monitors the manufacturing process. Visualizes the defects. And correct them instantly.

EVA paving. EVA paving is good for the low light SOLAR. It increases the overall efficiency.

Junction Bar Welding. Experts make the junctions. Welding of these junctions ensures the final production.

Laminating. Lamination acts as an extra security layer in the whole process.

Encapsulation and framing. Solar panels are given the final shape. Encapsulation gives them proper shape.

EL testing and packing. EL testing CHECKS the quality. After the final review, packing occurs.


We deliver RELEVANT INTERNATIONAL certificates such as CE, IEC 61215, and ISO 14001. It enables SMOOTH selling in international MARKETS AND MAKING higher profits.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Leeline Energy is a solar solutions company with an extensive selection of designs, sizes, and thicknesses.

Our Payment

We have multiple PAYMENT methods to facilitate you. Our 100% TRANSPARENT transactions avoid your fear of scams.

Western Union

UNFOLD the benefits for your solar business with our team.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of Solar Products

We own an 18000-meter square factory area of wholesale solar panels. You get TAILORED storage solutions at LOWER prices to reduce overhead costs.


packaging & shipping

We have HIGH-QUALITY packages to pack your solar photovoltaic products. It KEEPS the PV modules SAFE in transportation.


Successful Project


John Purchased the PV systems for home

John is from the US and wanted us to find a top solar panel manufacturer. Upon request, we got the best solar solutions company.

We helped John with the complete installation videos. He even requested the experts that we provided. 

After a week, John called us to say THANKS. According to him, we are the best solar solutions company in the global solar industry.

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Mr. Philips installed the solar products in the office

Mr. Philips from South Africa complained about load-shedding problems. He wanted integrated photovoltaic services. 

After understanding the needs, we delivered him the customized solar panel deals. We even helped him install it.

Later Mr. Philips appreciated our dedication.

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What our customers say


I worked with Leeline Energy for more than a year. It was a multi-project deal. I installed multiple solar products worldwide to expand my business. They are amazing. I loved their professional attitude.


Believe me, when it comes to photovoltaic system integration, Leeline is on top. They have the experts. From sourcing to shipping, I love them. I’m sure we’ll work again in the future.

Less shading loss

Multiply your Solar BUSINESS GROWTH with our dedicated team now!

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