130w Solar Panels Manufacturer

We are PIONEERS when it comes to 130w solar panels MANUFACTURING. We’re pros at supplying solar products ALL OVER the world, so you reach a HUGE CUSTOMER BASE and make MAD SALES. Happy customers mean MORE BUSINESS!

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Premium 130w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy’s got the COOLEST 130W solar panels on the BLOCK. Get ready for these EPIC features:

Hot 2.0 technology

Our 130-watt solar panels are like power DYNAMOS on steroids. That’s thanks to our NEW type module with 2.0 TECHNOLOGY and fancy SMBB technology. It’s all about charge RELIABILITY and IMPRESSIVE solar power output here!

Customers get that better LIGHT COLLECTION for max power gains. That comes with TOTAL, LONG-LASTING durability. With our 130-watt solar panel, your COMPETITION won’t know what hit ’em!

Excellent solar cells

Each of our LIGHTWEIGHT 130 watt solar panel come with cutting-edge SOLAR CELLS. These tech specs mean NO IMPURITIES messing things up. GENERATE ELECTRICITY without a hitch. Get this: they are more efficient in COLLECTING LIGHT and RESISTANT to temperature changes.

On top of this, EACH MODULE also has a GREAT LIFESPAN. Once installed, no B-O Defect here either! Grow your product BRAND VALUE and SHOOT UP your recognition in the market with our 130 watt solar panel.

Dependable construction

Get a rugged and LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM frame and STURDY supports in EACH solar panel kit. They suit the great outdoors like a charm. NO fear of DAMAGE or PERFORMANCE loss with any module!

MAINTAINING a powerful and efficient power output for longer is a breeze. With our 130-watt solar kit, your BUSINESS grows BRAND AWARENESS. Gain a greater MARKET SHARE.

Stable mechanical performance

You WON’T find FLIMSY solar panels here. Our 130-watt solar kit is hail TEST CHAMPS. They are made to withstand HARSH WEATHER conditions with ease. We are talking about a MODULE that can survive 5400Pa snow and 2400Pa wind loads. All this while maintaining a STRONG power output.

FEWER returns and more CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. With our 130-watt solar kit, make your business a TRUSTED NAME in the INDUSTRY.

High transparency

This 130-watt SOLAR KIT uses super clear TEMPERED GLASS. It absorbs as much SUNLIGHT as possible (91.5% transparency!) for MAXIMUM POWER output. Plus, this durable GLASS handles rough conditions WITHOUT breaking a SWEAT.

NO worrying about CRACKS on the portable SOLAR PANELS! You DOMINATE the market with top-TIER SALES and sky-HIGH PROFITS.

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Advantages Of The Best 130w Solar Panels Services

Safe International Shipping

Safety of transportation

Unmatched SAFETY MEASURES in our DELIVERY channels. Customized packaging according to component & goods characteristics. Get stuff to your doorstep SAFE and SOUND! Prompt SHIPPING to accelerate BUSINESS EFFICIENCY.

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

We amp up your business with CUSTOM DESIGNS that pop. You get ATTENTION-GRABBING logos and happenin’ labels. These take your BRAND to the NEXT LEVEL. Imagine wowing CUSTOMERS and GENERATING POSITIVE BUZZ!

Efficient Production Capacity

Full Automatic Production

Our team uses leading MACHINES to make SURE your orders are PROCESSED ASAP. Produce bulk orders in timely to meet extra CUSTOMER DEMANDS in rush seasons. That increases CUSTOMER RETENTION.



Big or small, we come THROUGH for you! You LAUNCH your solar kits in any QUANTITY. Enjoy the same RELIABLE SERVICE no matter the size of your order. IMPROVED CASH FLOW and stress-free INVENTORY MANAGEMENT for your BRAND.

Reasonable Quotation

Get our swift 24-hour response TIME and DIVERSE pricing options. REMOVE quotations and pricing discrepancies. Optimize your PURCHASE PROCESS. That saves time, EFFORT, and MONEY along the way. Keep things efficient and BUDGET-FRIENDLY with us!

product quality

Strict Quality Inspection

We conduct thorough CHECKS on VOLTAGE and CURRENT DETECTION before sending them out. ENSURE that you receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK, & GAIN CUSTOMER trust. Enhances your business reputation. HAPPY CUSTOMERS and a THRIVING REPUTATION!

A Wide Range of Applications



Commercial Rooftop

Commercial Rooftop

Home Use

Home Use

solar-powered resort

solar-powered resort





130w Solar Panels Production Line

Our solar panels are MADE with SILICON solar cells, METAL FRAMES, glass sheets, WIRE, and bus WIRE. We connect ’em in a sick PATTERN between the GLASS for MAD quality. Boost that BRAND VALUE and get recognized!

Product Parameters

Module Type(Pmax)150
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)18.7
Maximum Power Current(Imp)8.27
Open-circuit Voltage(Voc)22.1
Short-circuit Voltage(Voc)9.33
Module Efficiency STC (%)22.6
Operating Temperature (C)40°C~+85°C
Maximum System Voltage1000/1500VDC(IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating20A
Power Tolerance0~+3%
Temperature Coefficients of Pmax-0.32%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of Voc-0.25%/°C
Temperature Coefficients of lsc0.045%/°C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)45+2°C

Solar Brilliance for B2B Success! Illuminate Your Business with 130W Panels. Wholesale Opportunities Await – Energize Your Brand and Boost Profit Margins. Inquire Now for Exclusive B2B Deals!


Our 130W solar panels FACTORY is no joke. It’s certified by all the BIG SHOTS like CQC, TUV, CE, RoHS & ET. Trust us for TOP-QUALITY solar panels. These babies save you on INSPECTION COSTS and AMP UP your product COMPETITIVENESS. Cool beans, right?


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Score flawless solar panels with top-quality tests. This ensures the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE your customers crave. EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY. Our goal is to keep product SATISFACTION and BRAND REPUTATION. Say goodbye to risks! FEWER COMPLAINTS and DISPUTES guaranteed, my friend!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our badass crew has 10 years of hustle expertise SOURCING EPIC DEALS. Leaving no stone UNTURNED. Leeline Energy TRACKS DOWN the top 130W solar panel manufacturers.

Quality tests are a must, my friend! Partner up for STEADY B2B success. Get ready for WICKED PROFITS and expand your MARKET REACH! Embrace ENTERPRISE GROWTH!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Forget juggling 130w solar panels SUPPLIERS; it’s a hassle we’ll handle for you. With our INSIGHT, we get the FACTORY and SUPPLIERS like no one else can.

We do shipping across MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES. We find balanced solutions to ensure HAPPY CUSTOMERS and LASTING BONDS. Get top-notch solar products while saving costs – a winning combo for your biz!


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Leave the headache of risky product 130w solar panels WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS to us. We know QUALITY, DELAYS, and TRANSPORTATION can mess up customer experience.

We’ve got a pro factory audit and top-tier product quality INSPECTION in place. Giving your company a MARKET BOOST—upping COMPETITIVENESS and INDUSTRY STATUS!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Elevate your biz by JOINING FORCES with US — the go-to for stellar SUPPORT and SERVICE. Your 130w solar panels interests and needs matter most to us! 

We also deliver pro-quality products. Together, let’s ignite CONVERSIONS and STABILIZE OPERATIONS. Time to DOMINATE as a COMPETITIVE POWERHOUSE!

standardized procedure

You’ll always be a STAR with our homegrown service. Experts have DESIGNED PRODUCTION and quality protocols. Detailed undergoes SAFETY CHECKS of each 130w solar panel before shipping on quality standards.

Expect a RISING REPUTATION and soaring sales! Gear up for that epic SUCCESS you’ve been waiting for!

custom solutions

When we team up, get ready for IRRESISTIBLE service-tailored 130w solar panels JUST for YOU. Various choices related to product features, design, size, and materials.

BOOMING BUSINESS and ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES await us! Let’s weave some magical BUSINESS GROWTH together, shall we?

Our Payment

Choose your preferred PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. NO SCAMS when you dealin’ with us. Our SECURE TRANSACTIONS keep your payment info SAFE. PROTECT your CORPORATE INTERESTS!

Western Union

Switch to Brilliance with 130W Solar Panels! Wholesale Partnerships for Sustainable Success. Illuminate Your Brand and Boost Profits. Inquire Today for Exclusive B2B Deals!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Let us handle all the gritty DETAILS—specifications, quantities, and quality. We even do MARKET RESEARCH and scope out the COMPETITION. You get a top-notch image and service expertise on your side. GAIN CUSTOMER TRUST and reap the rewards of BOOMING BUSINESS collaborations!

  • Supplier Management

As your PARTNERS, we’ve got your back on 130w solar panels SUPPLIER SELECTION. Track their performance and PRODUCTION SPEED for on-time delivery. Get excited for REAL REWARDS like increased VALUE and INCOME —it’s all in store for your biz!

  • Contract Negotiation

Sit back and chill while we HANDLE the nitty-gritty of 130w solar panel contract terms. We make sure things are FAIR and LEGAL so you’re protected. Increase stability in your SOURCING for business development. 

  • Order Management

We take CARE of orders from start to FINISH. MANAGE SUPPLIERS, ensure quality, and HANDLE any ISSUES that come up. SORT, PACK, LABEL, and drop off solar products. Let us amp up PROCESSING SPEED and keep that cash FLOWING SMOOTHLY! 

  • Logistics Coordination

Relax – we are getting your solar goods safely DELIVERED. Affordable shipping methods are presented to maximize your budget. Easily PENETRATE FOREIGN BORDERS  and EXPAND your MARKET REACH like a BOSS. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

  • Installation Support

We HAVE INSTALLATION COVERED with step-by-step guides, videos, and SUPPORT. Plus, an EASY installation package is included. DON’T PANIC—we’re here to help REMOTELY if needed. QUICK installations mean HAPPY CUSTOMERS and great reviews! 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Our Reliable Partners


Our 130w Solar Panels Factory

We run a major 130w solar panels FACTORY where we make killer 130w solar panels with our EPIC team. Get fast and EFFICIENT MANUFACTURING on lock with us. We keep THINGS SAFE, improve QUALITY, BUILD your BRAND, and minimize HEADACHES for ya!


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Step into our BIG-TIME 130w solar panels factory, where we CHURN out the BEST PANELS. We bring YOU tons of EXPERIENCE in overseas solar projects. Give you a LEGENDARY brand REPUTATION and CUSTOMER TRUST. Get ready for UNMATCHED SALES!


Successful Project


Breaking Free: A 5kW Solar Success by Leeline Energy

Leeline Energy DOMINATES the solar energy game. WHOLESALERS and INSTALLERS trust us for HIGH-QUALITY products.

We had this customer in the US who needed a SWEET 5kW solar system for their crib. Their goal? Ditch TRADITIONAL ENERGY and go all-in on RENEWABLES. Total GAME-CHANGER, right?

Get this! We had a killer challenge – DESIGN and INSTALL a solar system that met all the customer’s power needs. DAYTIME electricity? Yep. Nighttime BATTERY STORAGE? Double yup. EXPORT SURPLUS ENERGY back to the grid? You know it!

Picture this! We cracked it with the SICKEST SOLUTION. A 5kW on and off-grid solar setup with PANELS, INVERTERS, BATTERIES, and all that jazz. It’s PURE GENIUS—solar generates power in the day, while stored energy kicks in when NIGHT FALLS.

We’ve got the ultimate solution! Our top-notch inverter is all about EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY. It’s got the smarts to switch SMOOTHLY between on-grid and OFF-GRID MODES. That keeps your power flowing NON-STOP at home. Choose us for a WORRY-FREE POWER supply!

Our crew of awesome engineers did their thing. They crafted and installed the SOLAR SYSTEM with WICKED PRECISION. Every detail was on point to match those CUSTOM SPECS. That strung it all together smooth-like-butter. Things INTEGRATED perfectly for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE and no funny business.

Bam! We NAILED IT! The 5kW solar system we set up totally BLEW the CUSTOMER AWAY. No more dependin’ on fossil fuels—just RELIABLE POWER that keeps on flowin’ from that sun, baby!

The customer was STOKED with the solar system: KILLER PERFORMANCE, no hiccups. They loved how it SEAMLESSLY SWITCHED between on and OFF-GRID MODES, plus savings and ECO-LOVE.

What our CUSTOMERs say


I’m totally STOKED about my solar panel kit from Leeline Energy! The FOLDABLE PANELS are a game-changer – easy to carry around. And they are SUPER QUICK to connect with the battery clamps and terminal connectors for EACH MODULE.

I’ve used them on both my CAR and ROOFTOP, and they still work like a charm in LOW-LIGHT CONDITIONS. And gotta give props to their heavy-duty NYLON CASE; it’s badass for keeping things packed up NICE and TIDY. Definitely RECOMMEND this kit!

Madonna E Ferebee

These guys rock! I got their solar panel kit, and let me tell you, it’s the bomb. Super COMPACT, FOLDABLE, and PERFECT for my CAMPING ADVENTURES. The battery CLAMPS and QUICK CONNECTORS make setup a BREEZE. Now, I never have to worry about RUNNING out of JUICE on my TRAILER battery. Leeline Energy knows what’s up!

Brian P Goings

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 130w Solar Panels

    1. What is the best way to transport?

    Before shipping, solar panels get stacked up in BOXES or CRATES. HORIZONTAL vibes or VERTICAL style—depends on the PANEL DIMENSIONS. Gotta keep ’em safe with CUSHIONED SEPARATORS before stuffin’ in that box. Safety first!

    2. How many solar panels do I need to run a house UK?

    If your squad’s more than FIVE PEOPLE, scoop a 6kW solar PANEL SYSTEM. Four people? Stick with the rad 5kW setup. And for three to four FOLKS in the CRIB? Get cozy with a popular 4kW system!

    3. What size solar panel to power a TV?

    A 100W solar panel’s got your AVERAGE MODERN TV covered with 58.6W of juice. Powerful TVs? Not a prob—throw in some BATTERY STORAGE alongside that 100W panel for NON-STOP POWER vibes!

    4. Can I get a free sample?

    If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Hit up ANY COMPANY with an email and score a SAMPLE in exchange for a REVIEW or FEEDBACK. That’s how they do market research and gather data on cool products! So, YES!

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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