2kw Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

Enter the ECO-FRIENDLY bandwagon with Leeline Energy – your go-to new energy solution. We’re ACE that understands the whole SOLAR MARKET. With our reputed 2kw hybrid inverter products, keep your CUSTOMERS grinning and sales surging. 

It’s time to get our solar energy systems and watch your PROFIT margins soar sky-high.

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Premium 2kw Hybrid Inverter Features

Leeline Energy’s SAVVY and feature-packed hybrid inverter technology! You get higher sales when customers trust the solar inverter products.

High PV input voltage

Our pure sine wave solar inverter model comes with a PROGRAMMABLE supply priority. Enter it for PV and lead acid/lithium batteries and promise customers power stability.

What’s MORE? Our solar inverter model boasts a robust 55~450VDC PV input range and a built-in 80A MPPT solar charge. That means longer-lasting batteries for your customers – a GUARANTEED win!

Efficient MPPT Technology

The cherry on top is our clever, lowest-cost solar inverter MPPT technology. We give you the FLEXIBILITY with solar-only, solar-preferred, and solar complementing mains modes.

Dual AC output OPTIONS: mains priority and inverter priority. Featuring PFC tech, it reduces grid load. It increases your sales to many folds. The reason? Your customers will love our highly sophisticated MPPT tech!

IP66 High-Level Protection

But wait for it – we’ve gone a step FURTHER, offering IP66 high-level protection! Equip your business with our durable, weather-resistant solutions. The cherry on the TOP? The operating temperature for them is not an issue. 

Your CUSTOMERS will surely appreciate secure energy use and lower electricity bills. You get peace of mind with durable and sturdy equipment.

Intelligent Fault Detection

Here’s another ace up our sleeve – our Intelligent Fault Detection model! Our system QUICKLY identifies PV string faults with smart I-V Curve Diagnosis. Remote monitoring via various platforms is also a CAKEWALK with our RS485 support.

That means faster fault detection, increased operational efficiency, and extremely satisfied customers.

Smart Battery Protection

Compatible with LiFePO4, our solar inverter DRAMATICALLY extends lead acid/lithium batteries’ life. Featuring a smart charge design, it boosts lead acid/lithium batteries’ health. It makes way for a SIGNIFICANT drop in your long-term operational costs.

What does this add to your clients? Longer-lasting lead acid/lithium batteries durability, steady performance, and big-time energy savings. Now, that’s sure to MAKE them stick around longer.

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Advantages Of The Best 2kw Hybrid Inverter Services

Sufficient Inventory

Sufficient Inventory

Welcome to a SERVICE where you’ll never run short of stock. You can MAXIMIZE your profits while keeping pace with your sales. We offer seamless operations.

In return, your customers cherish the swift deliveries, building TRUST and satisfaction.



We give your business the FREEDOM it needs with No MOQ. There are no special instructions attached. And guess what? It lets you sell as FREELY as you want, keeping your inventory costs bare minimum.

Your customers enjoy PERSONALIZED purchases and boosted satisfaction. And you? Your business enjoys seamless operations!

Strong supply capacity

Supplier evaluation

We evaluate our 2kw hybrid inverter suppliers to bring you PREMIUM services and the best prices. It strengthens our partnerships and gives you a STABLE supply and prioritized rights.

This way, you deliver top-notch products and always ACE customer support.

Leading Technology

Top Technical Capability

What’s in for you? Leeline Energy offers HIGH-EFFICIENCY photovoltaic modules and continuous tech upgrades!  You get cutting-edge tech for optimal energy output at the lowest cost. Ensuring your customers look towards you for solar independence.

It gives your BUSINESS an edge and earns you brownie points for trust and recognition.

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

You heard it right! Featuring competitive PRICING for products so that you expand your market. You get business offering the most cost-effective products. 

You offer affordable solutions CUSTOM-MADE to your customers’ needs.


Short lead time

Looking to make a quick TURNAROUND? Our short lead times help you save space and minimize inventory. To top it all, we slash OPERATIONAL costs while delivering high-quality products

You get total customers SATISFACTION all around with lowered operational costs and high-quality products!

A Wide Range of Applications





Field power supply

Field Power Supply

Home Use

Home Use

Nomadic Area

Nomadic Area



2kw Hybrid Inverter Production Line

Get to know how our HYBRID operation works. You can bank on us; each unit we ship out is a star performer. It secures smiles from SATISFIED clients and nurtures long-term partnerships with you.

Product Parameters

Rated battery voltage24VDC 48VDC
Battery input voltage21.6~32VDC43.2~64VDC
Max. battery charging current60A100A50A80A
Inverter output
Continuous output power2000W3000W3000W3000W
Max. surge power(3S)4000W6000W6000W6000W
Output voltage range110VAC(-3%~+3%), 120VAC(-10%~+3%)
Output frequency50/60±0.2%
Output wavePure Sine Wave
Load pow er factor0.2-1(Load power ≤ Continuous output power)
Distortion THDTHD≤5%(Resistive load)
80% rated output efficiency89%90%91%91%
Max. Rated output efficiency88%88%90%90%
Max. output efficiency90%92%92%92%
Switch time10ms(Switch from the utility output to the inverter output), 15ms(Switch from the inverter output to the utility output)
Utility charging
Utility input voltage88VAC~132VAC (Default), 80VAC~140VAC(Programmable)
Utility input frequency40~65Hz
Max. utility charge current60A80A40A40A
Solar charging
Max. PV open circuit voltage250V(At minimum operating environment temperature), 220V(At 25℃ environment temperature)
MPPT voltage range60~200V
Max. PV input power2000W3000W3000W3000W
(Note: For the curve of Max. PV input pow er Vs. PV open-circuit voltage, see chapter 3.4 Operating mode for details.)
Max. PV charging power1725W2875W2875W4000W
Max. PV charging current60A100A50A80A
Equalize charging voltage29.2V(AGM default)58.4V(AGM default)
Boost charging voltage28.8V(AGM default)57.6V(AGM default)
Float charging voltage27.6V(AGM default)55.2V(AGM default)
Low voltage disconnect voltage21.6V(AGM default)43.2V(AGM default)
Tracking efficiency≥99.5%
Temp. compensate coefficient-3mV/℃/2V(Default)
Surge current50A60A56A95A
Zero load consumption<1.6A<1.6A<1.2A<0.8A
(without PV and utility connection, turn on the load output)
Standby current<1.2A<1.0A<0.7A<0.6A
(without PV and utility connection, turn on the load output)
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension(H x W x D)607.5×381.6x127mm642.5×381.6x149mm642.5×381.6x149mm642.5×381.6x149mm
Mounting size585*300mm620*300mm620*300mm620*300mm
Mounting hole sizeΦ10mmΦ10mmΦ10mmΦ10mm
Net Weight15kg19kg19kg19kg
Relative humidity< 95% (N.C.)
Environment temperature-20℃~50℃

Unleash the potential of your B2B success story with our 2kW hybrid inverters. Revolutionize Your Business Energy Strategy – Wholesale 2kW Hybrid Inverters Await!


Leeline Energy is beaming with pride, boasting pretty fancy CERTIFICATES under our belt. We’re talking serious seals of approval like ISO 9001 and CE stuff. This means our energy solutions have TICKED all the boxes for quality checkpoints. With Leeline Energy, you get products that meet quality standards and performance metrics. sell smoothly in EU and US markets. And increase your consumers!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We’ve also gone FULL DETECTIVE with the Factory 2kW hybrid inverter manufacturers audit report. Spotting trouble before it brews really cuts down on backchat and moaning. So, you look forward to OUTSTANDING, hassle-free energy solutions.

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy shines like a TRUSTY co-pilot for a 2kW hybrid inverter. With ten years of big-league experience in product sourcing, we’ve got a crew of EXPERTS you can rely on.

You might get less costly deals ELSEWHERE, but your purchases are risk-free with us. Our rock-solid partnerships give assurance to customers of trustworthy guidance and expertise. Boost your BUSINESS reliability index with our TOP 2kw hybrid inverter! 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Want to keep things simple? Leeline Energy’s got you COVERED! Forget juggling suppliers around – we’re your one-stop SOURCING sidekick. By understanding clients inside out, we pull in the right 2kW hybrid inverter suppliers!

From procurement quality checks to logistics – we manage your supply chain like a BOSS. When you enter our network, you get a hassle-free, streamlined customer experience.

One-stop Sourcing

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Navigating the PROCUREMENT landscape can be tricky in hybrid operation works. At Leeline Energy, we’re all about keeping you clear of dodgy dealings. Our wholesale 2kW hybrid inverter line removed issues related to the SHIPPING method.

Our on-time deliveries mean you can say goodbye to nail-biting suspense. Your transactions are always safe, smooth, and a BREEZE with us.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

We shape our ENTIRE service to cater to your solar power needs, providing kick-ass support. We climb into your shoes and tackle ISSUES from your perspective.Our endgame? Build rock-solid PARTNERSHIPS that thrive on awesome value to keep you guys happy

Be our friend and benefit from our CUSTOMER-CENTRIC approach. It guarantees customers trust and satisfaction. GROW the PROFIT margins with a BETTER focus on your consumers!

standardized procedure

Our secret sauce? Add a standardized approach to the top of the list. This means at Leeline Energy, we’re consistent and SUPER PROFESSIONAL in our methods. Thanks to our in-house service mantra, you can bank on premium services.

We ensure smooth sailing and consistently great QUALITY projects after spectacular projects. You get premium services, smooth project execution, and exceptional quality.

custom solutions

Not to brag, but we do MORE than just tick boxes. Giving ‘custom-fit‘ a new definition is what drives us. We dig deep into what makes you tick and ALIGN our services to your aspirations. We don’t just aim to meet EXPECTATIONS; we strive to sail past them.

Through our crafted-to-perfection solutions of 2kw hybrid inverter, we foster a win-win partnership. Promising world-class SERVICE that helps you pave the way to enduring success.

Our Payment

Making your mind to a solar inverter PURCHASE? Choose the convenience of credit cards, PayPal, or old-school bank transfers. We work with leading payment gateways to keep your TRANSACTIONS hassle-free and simple!

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

First, it’s all about Demand Assessment in our hybrid operation works. We play detective to find what kind of solar inverter you NEED. We ensure you’re armed with all the facts by weaving market research.

This way, you dodge overstocking and screw down your INVESTMENTS nice and snug.

  • Supplier Management

Think of us as your relationship therapist but for your SUPPLY CHAIN! We help you spot the crème de la crème of 2kw hybrid inverter suppliers, monitor how they’re doing, and turn potential risks into miaows.

The result? You enjoy TOP-QUALITY solar inverter technology and bulletproof customer relationships.

  • Contract Negotiation

We’re knights in shining armor, making sure everything is FAIR game. Crafting, negotiating, and reviewing contract terms is our jam.

Not only do your transactions glow with honesty, but you also dodge any LEGAL mess.

  • Order Management

Our ORDER MANAGEMENT is like your personal session with Marie Kondo. Leeline Energy oversees specifications and provides complete supply chain inspection. We include every tiny detail and keep a close eye on quality. 

With us IN CHARGE, you won’t have to worry about quality and delivery date issues.

  • Logistics Coordination

We’ve also got that in the bag with our EFFICIENT shipping method. We work within and outside the continental USA. All this ensures that your goods land on time, every time.

We kick any potential delivery delays, making DOOR-TO-DOOR SHIPPING as smooth as silk. Ensuring you receive risk-free and secure packages every time.

  • Installation Support

Enter the realm of top-notch installation SUPPORT. We’re your online guides, providing special instructions to keep your anxiety in check. Plus, you can enjoy 24/7 support through telephonic and remote assistance.

All this leaves you stoked and your customers jumping for joy with less anxiety. They get an enhanced installation experience. Increase their loyalty toward your business. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 2kw Hybrid Inverter Factory

At our 2kw hybrid inverter factory, we CREATE an impenetrable aura of solar inverter production excellence. The secret sauce is our automated operations, leaving no room for grumbles or recalls. Every solar inverter is rigorously TESTED and marked ‘A-Okay.’ It ensures smooth operation, stability, and customer satisfaction, fostering your healthy bottom lines.


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

We’ve partnered with SHIPPING METHOD pros like DHL and FedEx, promising trust. And with our watchful eyes on the 24/7 logistics tracking, product safety becomes a norm, not just a need. Enjoy our SECURE door-to-door shipping service without delivery date delays. You enjoy a reliable and hassle-free experience.

Packing & Delivery

Successful Project

case inverter

Harnessing Solar Savvy: How Leeline Energy Powered David Marshal’s Vision

Meet David Marshal from the continental USA, who wanted energy INDEPENDENCE. Buddying up with Leeline Energy, he found the wind beneath his project’s wings.

There was no denying Marshal had a mountain to climb. The TOUGH task at hand? Finding a solar solution for his project needs at a specific operating temperature.

That’s where we, Leeline Energy, came in. Famed for our SOLAR SAVVY, we dove headfirst into Marshal’s needs list. We handed him a foolproof game plan with solar modules backed with a 2kW hybrid inverter.

Aligned with Marshal’s hybrid operation VISION, we got down to the nitty-gritty. Our first step was planning a PERFECT solar system for a harsh operating temperature. We sketch a solar infrastructure according to the continental USA operating temperature.

Then, we cherry-picked PREMIUM solar parts and took on the monster logistics task. At each checkpoint, we stuck to strict testing and quality control rules. Our crack team was also on the ground, ensuring a SMOOTH setup.

And boy did our teamwork SHINE bright! Marshal’s solar venture lit the way to success. It clocked in levels of energy efficiency that snapped predictions in half. David Marshal’s dream was now a glittering reality towards SUSTAINABLE energy.

The match-up with Leeline Energy ironed out Marshal’s issues. It also UNDERSCORED our commitment to boosting solar hybrid operation works worldwide. This combo is living proof of a clear-sighted vision and innovation. It shows how a TRUSTY alliance can bring to the solar energy surge.

Want to take your energy independence to the NEXT level? Contact us! You can request custom solutions and checkout from inventory. We accept every CUSTOM REQUEST by users and provide tailored solutions.

Why wait? Contact us now and request to know more about SPECIFICATIONS and checkout options.

case inverter
What our CUSTOMERs say


I EXPERIENCED extraordinary services from Leeline Energy. My customer wanted to add a 2kW inverter featuring lead acid/lithium batteries. They made our project sail SMOOTHLY towards completion according to the specifications. Frankly, choosing Leeline Energy has been the smartest move for energy independence!

Jessica R Carter

Collaborating with Leeline Energy through a friend was a real GAME-CHANGER for us. I loved how they took us on a stress-free journey, guaranteeing success immediately. You will love them too for their OUTSTANDING hybrid operation works. They are the best if you want the best solar power solutions!

Marilyn J Robinson

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About 2kw Hybrid Inverter

    1. How much would a solar powered inverter cost in India?

    The solar inverter cost depends on capacity, brand, and features. However, a price tag of ₹25,000 to ₹80,000 is common for a trusty solar inverter. Some additional costs are depending on the market demand and taxes.

    2. Is a hybrid inverter better than an inverter?

    That is debatable. Hybrids have some pretty cool perks. They’re good at jumping between solar power, battery, and grid power. Besides that, hybrids keep the power flowing even if the grid decides to take a break.

    3. Can hybrid inverters work without grid?

    Hybrid inverters can work without a grid. They form a power team with solar panels and batteries for uninterrupted power. This quality makes them perfect for remote locations or places where the grid is flaky.

    4. How beneficial is it to buy a hybrid solar inverter?

    Choosing a hybrid solar inverter is a wise move. All because these inverters are champs at optimizing energy usage. They give you energy savings, grid independence, and a reliable power supply.

    5. Is it safe to use a hybrid solar inverter on a generator?

    Understanding how hybrid operation works can help you in this regard. In general, hybrid inverters are safe to use with generators. They can handle power from different sources, including generators. These inverters ensure a smooth switch between solar, battery, and generator power.

    Boost Your Brand’s Sustainability with Wholesale 2kW Hybrid Inverters!– explore our wholesale catalog now!

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