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Leeline Energy is a TOP-NOTCH solar solution company that gets you the BEST 8kw solar inverters. Our experts EVALUATE the GAME-CHANGING solar inverters for continuous OUTPUT power. Manage your SUPPLIERS. And help you get 100% QUALITY solar systems

Your BUSINESS TAKES new turns for QUICK success! 

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Premium 8kw Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is a TEAM of experts dedicated to DELIVERING a custom solar inverter 8000 watt. You get REQUIRED continuous power, input voltage, and DESIGN. 

Higher yields

Do you want a CONTINUOUS output power SUPPLY? Here is our 8KW inverter wholesale. It improves the self-consumption ratio by up to 80%. Has an MPPT design. And ensures a high DC-to-AC ratio. 

That is when YOUR CUSTOMERS produce HIGH continuous power. Prevent the next POWER outage. And save costs on electricity bills. It gains its RESPECT for your solar power inverter business.

DC couple and AC couple

Our customers HAVE BEEN demanding a high power output with continuous power supply. We have BROUGHT the AC and DC coupling mechanism. These generate the POWER from the sunlight. 

On the one hand, your customers USE household appliances. At the same time, our COUPLED mechanism is PRODUCING energy. Non-stop running of appliances sure BOOSTS your BUSINESS REPUTATION in the whole market.

Safe and reliable

Emergency backup power. Cooling fans to prevent overheating in large systems. IP65 approved processes. And above all, there is SMART BATTERY management

There is NO FEAR for the NEXT POWER OUTAGE. Plus, your customers produce ADDITIONAL energy for later use. It is TIME to take your BUSINESS to new heights by supplying reliable electricity


When it comes to USER FRIENDLY interfaces, we are the UNCROWNED king. Our solar power inverter can have a GRAPHICAL LCD. It helps you be in the driver’s SEAT. And manage the features of HOW the inverter performs. 

Your customers don’t POSE any risk due to USER FRIENDLY screen control. And keep more TRUST on your business than others. 

Used for various products

Want to ENLIGHTEN the entire house? It is CHILD’S PLAY in front of our 8000-watt solar power inverter. It works with multiple applications in the entire house. Whether you want to RUN your computer or head to the WIFI, it is your diehard fan. 

That is when your Customers SAVE money with ALL-IN-ONE. And you get ONGOING SALES due to a versatile 8000-watt solar power inverter. 

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Advantages Of The Best 8kw Inverter Services


On-time & Fast Delivery

Our LIGHTENING FAST shipping service never disappoints you. You get all your SOLAR INVERTERS on time. And make non-STOP sales by keeping off-grid systems in stock. 


Custom Solar Designs

Custom solar designs will SURPRISE you. You get the required input and OUTPUT voltage. And get more customers by FOCUSING on their PREFERENCES.

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

Leeline doesn’t COMPROMISE on 8000-watt solar inverter protection. Our insurance protection compensates for the LOSSES in case of any damage. It increases the customers’ trust. And helps you grow better in the competitive market. 

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Optimizing Procurement Costs

New techniques with EXPERTISE are something we offer. These reduce your PRODUCT prices. Cover operational costs. And you enjoy better PROFIT margins. 


Payment Security

No compromise on safety! Multiple security layers are always HOVERING on your transactions,  like PayPal or Bank transfer are safe. It gives you financial safety. And keeps scammers on PLUTO. 



No restrictions on products at all. You can ORDER one item. Decide on the QUALITY. And go for the bulk items to ENGAGE more consumers with BETTER QUALITY off-grid systems.

A Wide Range of Applications



commercial rooftops

Commercial Rooftops

solar farm

Solar Farms

Industrial application

Industrial Application





8kw Inverter Production Line

Have you seen our PRODUCTION line? It is the BEAST IN ITSELF. Deploying the AUTOMATED production confirms a FASTER 8kW inverter wholesale supply. Your BUSINESS CLIMBS on MOUNT EVEREST to become undefeatable. 

Product Parameters

Max -Power50W100W160W
Peak power(WP)50W100W160W
Voltage at Pmax(Vmp)17.2V17.2V17.7V
Current at Pmax(Imp)2.94A5.89A9.06A
Open circuit voltage(Voc)20.4V20.4V20.6V
Short circuit current(Isc)3.12A6.24A9.60A
Module Efficiency14.4%15.9%17.6%
Max System Voltage(VDC)100VDC
Solar cellsmono
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax-0.393%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Voc-0.30%
Temperature Coefficient of ISC+0.039%/℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature45+/-2℃
Min power tolerance±3%
Data under standard testing conditions(STC):1000W/M²; 1.5AM

Elevate Your Brand’s Energy Efficiency with Premium 8kw Inverters – Order Wholesale Today for Exclusive Savings!


Want to SEE your inverters in US and EU markets? Our certificates, such as CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO14001, and CSA, are a BUMPER offer. These build TRUST. Ease up hurdles. And expand your BUSINESS internationally. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

When it comes to FACTORY audit, our expertise is MATCHLESS. Our experts Go through the 8kW factory. Test their PRODUCT quality. And help you BUILD a SYMBOL of trust and quality. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline has been a PIONEER of solar ENERGY solution providers. In the past 13 years, we HAVE explored SUPERIOR solar inverters. Dealt with TONS of reliable 8KW inverter suppliers. And build a GOOD MARKET REPUTATION. 

Our solar INVERTERS ensure a HIGH OUTPUT waveform.And RAISE your BUSINESS status in front of CONSUMERS.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Don’t you think it is SUPER HECTIC to waste time on finding 8kW inverter suppliers? We have got the LIST of DARK HORSES in solar niches. We manage all your SOLAR INVERTERS. Maintain the SAFETY of inverters in our warehouses. And get you a FAST and reliable SHIPPING service

You take ONE STEP toward your BUSINESS success in the SOLAR MARKET!

One-stop Sourcing

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

5 out of 10 SERIOUS customers fall PREY to scammers. But no BIG DEAL!! Our safe payments and 100% SCREENING of quality keep your MORALE high. Take you to the SAFE payment options and avoid FRAUDS. Plus, our ON-TIME delivery KEEPS customers’ concerns away. 

Make your BUSINESS more CREDIBLE with our B2B trade assurances. And ensure HIGH STANDARDS with timely delivery! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


Our solar solutions CIRCULATES around your DIRECTIONS. We become very HAPPY when you set realistic demands. Go one STEP ahead to MAKE the right decisions. And think from your BUSINESS perspectives to KNOW what is BETTER. You POSITION your solar business AT the top

Rank up your BUSINESS in the TOP SOLAR brands in the industry!

Standardized procedure

We are all about PROFESSIONALISM. Experts set up the criteria for QUALITY. We go to the FAR END to find the best 8kW inverter manufacturers. And FETCH you WORLD-CLASS quality inverters. 

Nothing can STOP you from MAKING your business more reputable.And get a 100% satisfaction rate from your CONSUMERS.

Custom solutions

Is your business customer FOCUSED? We can be the PARTNERS of years for you with our BOOSTED solar power inverters. Our customized SOLUTIONS measure your DEMANDS. Find the AC and DC input requirements. And get you the REQUIRED solutions that impress your consumers.

It is a 100% WIN-WIN situation for your solar business! 

Our Payment

Paypal, Credit Cards, and BANK transfer are some PAYMENT options we offer. The prime FACTOR is their SECURITY. You don’t have to worry about transaction scams anymore.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

We take a LOOK at your requirements. Assess the input voltage, power, and design for your 8kW INVERTERS wholesale. Plus, our SKILLED market analysis ensures a BETTER product launch. It is a STRAIGHT way to make your BUSINESS profitable

  • Supplier Management

A to Z, we are there to INCREASE your ease. We find the MOST SUITABLE 8kw inverter manufacturers. Procure the inventory. And Optimize THEIR PERFORMANCE. You save time and BUSINESS resources as we manage all your SUPPLIERS. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Contract COMPLEXITY is a HEADACHE. But our LEGAL team is a HIDDEN treasure. It sorts out the legal agreement. And prevent any UPCOMING pauses due to HURDLES. You get SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE. And better FOCUS on business marketing. 

  • Order Management

Is Order MANAGEMENT overburdening your work? Leave it on us. We CONFIRM, TRACK, and HANDLE changes in your inverter orders. Plus, our SHIPPING team ensures the TIMELY delivery for all your ORDERS. You’ll efficiently WIPE OUT the SUPPLY CHAIN risks. And grow BETTER in your solar business with high profits. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Strong SUPPLY CHAIN with a LOGISTIC team is ALL we offer. Fast shipping is OUR GUARANTEE. Plus, you get real-time tracking. It boosts the CONFIDENCE of your customers. And keeps them REPEAT purchases.

  • Installation Support

Inverter Installation SAFETY is our ATTRACTIVE feature. We offer detailed VIDEOS. Give telephonic instructions. And enable REMOTE guidance. You conserve the HASSLE ON INSTALLATION for consumers. And run a CHAIN of referred customers to your business

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 8kw Inverter Factory

Our 8kW INVERTER factory is a POWERHOUSE. We churn quality RAW MATERIALS. And it gives a HIGH output voltage inverter. Short lead times GUARANTEE the LOWER warehouse costs. And save you some BUCKS.


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Want safety? We have it better than ANYONE ELSE. Customized PACKAGING with 5-6 safety layers keeps your PRODUCTS safe in transit. Plus, our SHIPPING is fast and reliable. It increases the CUSTOMER RETENTION RATE because of reliable packaging and shipping. 

package inverter

Successful Project

Successful Project

Efficiency Elevated: The Tale of Mr. Patrick’s Solar Inverter Upgrade

Mr. Patrick owns a RESIDENTIAL hotel in Dublin. He had the complete SOLAR SETUP. One thing was missing, and that was the inverter to turn the volt DC into AC. 

He talked to our team and asked for suggestions. And we recommended to him the PURE SINE WAVE 8K inverters would be sufficient. And later, it actually worked for them. 

Our team grabbed the best quality inverters with extended use. We tested the quality before handling the shipping process. Do you know WHAT happened next? A 100% durable solar inverter was at the doorstep of our beloved client, Mr. Patrick. 

We Implemented it in the HOTEL area. And our team provided detailed instructions on how to install it.

The results were astonishing for Mr. Patrick. Pure sine wave inverters converted the DC input into the AC. And provided a highly productive solar setup. The power loss was VERY MINIMUM. 

One week later, we again received a CALL from MR. Patrick. He was very HAPPY with our solar inverters and wanted to install them on his other HOTEL. That is how this deal went well with REPEAT purchases and 100% customer satisfaction. 

inverter case
What our CUSTOMERs say


The Leeline team is the best in the town. They got me the BEST BATTERY voltage. VOLT DC inverter. And above all, the durable solution with an Inverter charger. Thank you, Leeline team.

Charles L Read

I loved working on a Solar inverter project with the Leeline team. They are flawless. If you want an inverter charger with a battery bank, they go into it. And get you the best deal. My deal went very well. Good luck, team, for your future. 

Juan K Graig

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About 8kw Inverter

    1. Is an AC inverter better?

    Yes. AC inverters take the INPUT VOLTAGE of DC. Converts it into the AC. And feeds into the electrical system. The input terminal helps charge BATTERY power or use it for the devices.

    2. Is a solar inverter useful for home purposes?

    Yes. 100% true. You can do various things: 

    · Run various appliances. 
    · Reduce electricity bills. 
    · Grab remote power. 

    All these factors strongly act in the FAVOR of a solar inverter at the HOME. 

    3. How many types of inverters are used in solar?

    A power INVERTER has many types. For example: 

    · String inverters
    · Central power inverter
    · Microinverter
    · Hybrid inverter

    These work in a DIFFERENT way. They withstand reasonable heat. And ENSURE a very little power loss. 

    4. How do I buy the best solar inverter for a home?

    Not all the INVERTERS are best for off-grid vacation home appliances. A Sine wave inverter is a GOOD one compatible with multiple devices. And provide emergency backup power. Here is what you should look: 

    · Good brand
    · Sine wave inverter
    · Emergency backup power supplying reliable electricity. 
    · Quality materials. 

    5. What can an 8kW inverter run?

    An 8000-watt solar power inverter is a HUGE power setup. You can expect to run LARGE SYSTEMS at home. The following applications are of it: 

    · Computers
    · Laptops
    · Dishwashers
    · TVs
    · Electric fences
    · Gate motors
    · Standard size 
    · Swimming pool pumps
    · Lights

    You can DEPLOY it for many off-grid VACATION home applications. 

    Unlock Profitable Opportunities with High-Performance 8kw Inverters – Discover Wholesale Pricing Now!

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