Solar Electric Iron Manufacturer

Strict QUALITY and sourcing protocols as a SOLAR electric iron manufacturer. Automated assembly lines to improve PRODUCTION efficiency. Reduce errors to save recurring inspection costs! 

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Premium Solar Electric Iron Features

Variety of POWER CORD lengths for user ease. Make storage and operations easier to get you positive feedback. 

Large-capacity Steam iron:

1.7L capacity water tank allows continuous 35 minutes of STEAM. Visible removable water tank so user refill it anytime. Power capacities from 80W up to 100W+ units

Efficient solar panel with high energy conversion. Operate the solar ironing cart with a consistent power supply. RELIABLE functioning to build a POSITIVE PRODUCT IMAGE.

Multiple Use-case Scenarios:

Powerful 2200W-90g/min steam output to remove wrinkles on GARMENTS. Making it Perfect to use on both Industrial scales. Solar steam iron hits a maximum temperature of 220℃ easily. 

Multi-user case scenarios with RV and outdoor for both domestic and commercial usage. Industrial grade heating system to get you CORPORATE clients. High-profit margin and SALES volume. 

Automatic Temperature Control:

Adjustable system with a thermostat works on 110V /220V power. Yet it does not operate on DC 12v and 24V current systems for efficient power usage. No more system failure or heating issues. 

Start ironing ASAP with <60s Heat Up Time. Forgot the long delays and heating timelines on other solar iron units. Boost customer satisfaction with a prompt heating system.

Enhanced Safety Features:

ADDED safety lock for children’s protection. Make storage and traveling easier with a lock system. Simple workflow from pressing the button from preheat to make it ready to iron. Indicator light to tell users when it’s ready to use. 

Non-stick Coating or Stainless Steel Soleplate for long-lasting product effect. High damage resistance with Aluminum + ABS built material. A longer lifespan to get you a HIGH PRODUCT image! 

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Solar Electric Iron by Watt

80W Solar Electric Iron

80W Solar Electric Iron

100Ah battery to make it work for more than 5~6 hours on a single charge. Available in both RED and BLUE color variations.

DC control system, which operates perfectly on BATTERY and solar too. Perfect design with existing customer base in MIDDLE East, Asian & African marketplaces. Expand BUSINESS in different regions. 

90W Solar Electric Iron

90W Solar Electric Iron

High-temperature-resistant outer shell and inner system. The Teflon bottom plate with a 1.5-meter wire makes it easy to use.

Reminder light to give user safety signals and operations. Display box packaging to give a HIGH-END solar iron outlook. Boost sales by showcasing BRANDED packaging. 

150W Solar Electric Iron

150W Solar Electric Iron

Fill the water, set the temperature, and be ready to iron with the SPRAY button. Use it for Synthetics/silk, wool, and Linen/Cotton fabric.

User-friendly and the best travel buddy in RV and outdoors with crocodile clips. Spray iron with a Crocodile clip that helps to power it via BATTERY.  Compact and easy-to-move nature saves handling and storage costs. 

Solar Irons: Wholesale Solutions for Brand Businesses. Order Today!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Electric Iron Services

Strict Quality Check

High Quality Standards

International standards are compliant to improve the product’s FINAL quality. Reduce customer POST-Purchase Dissonance. Avoid negative reviews!

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing 

Secure the best pricing deals from SOLAR electric iron suppliers. Different QUALITY variations with respect to pricing. Competitive edge to attract customers with REASONABLE pricing.

Customer Service

24/7 Customer service 

Uninterrupted BUSINESS service on multiple channels to protect your STACKS. Responsive team to manage after-sale issues timely. Increase customer loyalty and trust among customers!



Reduces the financial stress of bulk quantity while in the experimentation phase. Test and try new items without upfront costs to save heavy losses. Leverage NO MOQ to expand PRODUCT offering numbers. 

Excellent OEM & ODM

Build a BRAND in a short time by avoiding extensive solar iron designing and production. Save yourself from the effort and worries of MANAGEMENT processes. Reduce the development time to invest in BUSINESS expansion. 


Many Payment methods 

Flexible choice to make financial transactions with any method. Wide international coverage for Smooth transactions and convenience! Financial flexibility while improving cash flow due to smooth payment transfers. 

Creative Applications of Solar Electric Iron





clothing store

clothing store

dry cleaning shop

dry cleaning shop





Precise production process

Starts with solar-powered panels to collect the sun’s heat. Later on, we got to install a steamer that provided steam to the ironing cord. Cord length connects both from Steamer and Iron. Solar iron has a detailed handle and solar ironing cart. 

The complete unit gets tested with a full-scale working prototype. Only functional and properly working items get packed and shipped to customers. Reduce recurring costs and hassle of dealing with AFTER-SALE issues.

Drive Efficiency with Solar Irons: Wholesale Discounts Available!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


CE, ISO, and TUV-certified solar irons help you to gain MARKET TRUST.Increase customer confidence in your BRAND and purchase rate! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Detailed audit of SOLAR electric iron factory units on INDUSTRY standards. Ensure QUALITY raw materials and SAMPLE unit testing. Make improvements accordingly to save recurring costs! 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We have a LONG history of working with INTERNATIONAL brands.

Consistent QUALITY and a smooth supply chain are our benchmarks. Protect CUSTOMER trust and PRODUCT image! 

One-stop Sourcing

Get the complete sourcing process done from Design to Shipping under a single roof. Save long extensive business hours discussions and expensive processes.

DEDICATED agent to manage different sales channels. REINVEST your time and effort into BUSINESS growth. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce FRAUD and B2B scam risk via a SECURE dealing environment.

Access order content confirmation to secure you from the CLICK & Bait scam. Mitigate OVERCHARGING risk by having PRICING transparency. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Your brand profitability, POPULARITY and empowerment are our PRIORITY. Automated production line fastens MANUFACTURING process. Access our Exquisite manufacturing services to build a strong BRAND foundation. 

Standardized Procedure

Pre-set Inspection, packaging, and PRODUCTION processing templates. We designed processing protocols after a decade of market testing to save you time. Increase BUSINESS productivity while saving a huge budget chunk. 

Custom Solutions

Design Solar Electric Iron CUSTOM items according to customer’s taste. Analyze competitors and make your solar iron better through design improvements. Withstanding in a competing market with UNIQUE brand IDENTITY. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We analyze your budget, needs, and market demands to design a sourcing bundle.

Make your choices after a detailed discussion on QUANTITY and Quality. Invest rightly in STRONG sourcing fundamentals to Save storage costs! 

  • Supplier Management

Manage multiple Solar Electric Iron suppliers in a single gateway. Keep an eye on PRODUCTION performance, solar iron bounce rate, and INSPECTION updates. Excellent supplier management to Expand business. 

  • Contract Negotiation

We negotiate the best working terms for QUALITY and COSTS. Secure your best possible solar eclectic iron wholesale pricing for high-PROFIT margins. 

  • Order Management

We apply shipping labels, barcodes, and packaging on units before PACKAGING. Efficient SYSTEM to track stock units and inventory with a data-driven approach.

Smooth inventory flow without supply chain distribution to Achieve high customer satisfaction

  • Logistics Coordination

Well-connected structure to handle shipping, tracking, and TRANSPORTATION.

Access our discounted Shipping deals all across the globe. Outshine in a COMPETITIVE global market with prompt access

  • Installation Support

Detailed VIDEO and AUDIO guides on SOLAR ELECTRIC iron operations.

Address user’s installation and maintenance QUERIES with STEP-by-STEP manual books. Save expensive customer care hassle and costs

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Pay via the most trusted gateways including PayPal, Payoneer, and Western Union. Encrypted payment channels to protect your funds. 

Western Union

Upgrade Your Iron Game: Solar Irons Wholesale. Order Today!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Electric Iron Factory

Fast checking and processing to shorten the solar iron’s production cycle. Improves safety and product quality to match MARKET standards. Increase customer loyalty and economic benefits to the enterprise. 

Our Solar Electric Iron Factory

packaging & shipping

Customized packaging as per PRODUCT’s characteristics. Quality Cushioning materials to protect solar panels during shipping. Receive solar steam iron quickly with sea, land, and air transportation. Capture the most market share by short shipping routes

packaging & shipping

Boost Efficiency with Solar Irons: Wholesale Deals Await! Shop Now.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Go Green with Solar Irons: Wholesale Opportunities Await!

The client wanted to open a Laundry shop in India. He was also concerned about Air pollution and India’s air quality. So wanted to use solar power for his ironing and washing machines. 

Regional ironing vendors were quoting 1000 pieces as their MOQ. It was a huge quantity and did not have much upfront costs. He contacted us due to our NO MOQ feature for both small and big vendors. 

He started to explore our next-generation solar panels. Also stimulated by our top design from the National Innovation Foundation. The client shortlisted a few designs for sourcing. We sent him related samples that operate on bright sunshine.

Samples went under detailed testing and asked for a few improvements. The client approved the final PRODUCTION design. We completed the order in 15 days with all POST production inspections. He received them via SEA shipping in PROTECTED wooden boxes. 

Again after six months, he wanted to install solar panels for his climate change cause. We got him a solar power supply generator that was equipped with a battery. Team installed the solar energy system in 2 days with SUN-TRACKING system. 

He liked the QUALITY and how energy-saving they were. Our team is still in touch with him for upcoming projects. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Sed at arcu a arcu imperdiet mattis. Cras maximus, risus in lacinia consectetur, tortor tellus euismod sem, commodo fringilla ipsum mi ut libero. Sed lobortis rhoncus consectetur. Sed ultrices laoreet pretium. Nam consequat ligula et ipsum malesuada, non venenatis dui pellentesque.

Jennifer Robles

Sed at arcu a arcu imperdiet mattis. Cras maximus, risus in lacinia consectetur, tortor tellus euismod sem, commodo fringilla ipsum mi ut libero. Sed lobortis rhoncus consectetur. Sed ultrices laoreet pretium. Nam consequat ligula et ipsum malesuada, non venenatis dui pellentesque.

Jennifer Robles

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