Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems

Leeline Energy helps you to get the best quality products. Customize indirect solar water heating systems through our design team. You increase your customer’s flow and the brand value of your product. 

We help you to OPTIMIZE the supply chain, you focus on getting customers. Increase customer retention rate through our unique products.

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Premium Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems Features

Leeline Energy helps to optimize indirect water heater designs & sourcing. You compete well and Dominate markets and earn DOUBLE PROFIT!  

Stable Water Pressure:

Closed loop design maintains the pressure on all ends & connections of water heaters. CONSISTENT WATER supply with 80 to 1000L tank capacity. Making a Comfortable hot water supply for users. 

Reliable water pressure on all connections without any performance dip. Increase customer’s trust in your indirect water heater. Enhance word-of-mouth popularity to get more sales.

Energy Saving:

Hybrid Indirect water heater helps to save ELECTRIC costs. It saves around 18% of Energy from water and space heating. Customers buy energy-efficient solar heaters for cost savings. 

Customers save energy and repurchase from you while upgrading. SKYROCKET your sales without marketing costs and enhance PROFIT MARGINS.

Large water capacity:

Add many tanks to upgrade water storage capacity through a multi-connection model. It has a tankless coil to provide heated water directly from the boiler. Meet the indirect water demand through a 1000L storage tank for hotels and homes. 

Grab customer’s attention through such large capacities and make more sales. You face no after-sale service due to ANTI-CORROSION & less maintenance boiler & storage tank.

Long Heat Preservation:

Multiple solar collector tubes depending on system capacity. An insulated storage tank of the indirect water heater. It keeps providing hot water for 72 hours uninterrupted.  

Long heat preservation helps to sustain one to TWO DAYS of no sunlight. Increase customer satisfaction through high energy efficiency. 

Works great in all seasons:

Provide the best working temperature in ALL SEASONS. You control the temperature through sensors available on the system. The indirect water heater uses an AIR ventilation system to avoid extreme temperatures. 

Customers use it in both Summer and winter with cloudy & rainy days. A reliable option that gets all seasons sales. You make a profit not only in rush season but throughout the year. 

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Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems by Performance

Indirect Active Solar Water-Heating Systems

Indirect Active Solar Water Heating Systems

It has up to 55% daily efficiency with a max pressure of 12 bar. Consistent pressure with high energy efficiency increases usability and user dependence.

Works great in harsh climates of -40 degree temperature. Receive positive feedback that boosts your reputation. 

Indirect Pressurized Solar Water Heating Systems

Indirect Pressurized Solar Water Heating Systems

Active circulation of the indirect heater is more than your USUAL TAP pressure. The hybrid model switches it to electricity on rainy or diffusing sunlight days.

Reduce user’s utility bills through the least expensive means of usage. You get more sales from customers who are looking for affordable options

Indirect thermosiphon integrated Solar Water-Heating Systems

Indirect Thermosiphon Integrated Solar Water Heating Systems

Maintenance is easy due to such a SIMPLE DESIGN but durable material. Adaptable with several kinds of solar vacuum tubes, giving a wide upgrade choice.

Compatible with electric or gas heating devices during NO-SUNLIGHT days. Your enterprise gets more sales through an energy combination system. 

Differentiate Your Brand with the Best Indirect Solar Heating Solutions!

Advantages Of The Best Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems Services

Compliance With Standards

Compliance With Standards

We ensure indirect water heaters comply with safety standards and regulations. You get more market opportunities to sell. Avoid returns or exchanges and establish a good business reputation.

Best After-Sale Service

Best After-Sale Service

Our experts help you with installation guides, warranties, and product replacements. Reduce disputes with customers through effective after-sales. Increase their repurchasing of new products. 

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Reduce sourcing costs & time through operational optimization. Our staff analyzes each process to save a single penny. You control costs and improve the profitability of enterprises.

Sample Testing

Sample Testing

Receive TESTING REPORTS of samples before selecting Indirect solar water heating systems supplier. You get more room to improve hot water heater performance in  Product improvement. Maximize the efficiency of water heaters to increase customers’ repurchasing rate.

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

You receive fast delivery of your water heaters through MULTIMODE shipping. On-time shipping increases customer satisfaction. Meet your expectations even in rush season through our transportation efficiency. 



Reduce the development time & effort while BUILDING your own brand. Access our top-notch research and development team with manufacturing facility. You enjoy Fast brand growth with speedy ROI on all product launches. 

Creative Applications of Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems













Precise production process

Our production process guarantees efficiency and top-notch quality. DELIVER INTACT & high-quality indirect water heater in cartoon boxes. Enhance user experience with top notch indirect water heater. BOOST your brand’s image and sales confidence.

Elevate Your Inventory with Reliable, Indirect Solar Systems!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Build your brand’s credibility through CQC, ISO9001, & ISO14001 certifications. Enhance the reputation of your brand through renowned certifications. Indirect water heaters comply with safety standards. Reduce recalls and penalties/fines from authorities. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems factory Ensures each water heater COMPLIES with relevant laws. Detailed auditing of heat exchanger chemicals and storage tank leakage. Saves your rework costs of warranty claims and product replacement

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We have handled imports of indirect solar water heating systems to 150+ countries. Our staff handled all sourcing and shipping processes. You get the same real-time updates while sourcing to craft a selling strategy. 

Each step of monitoring gives you control over cost and pricing. Continue market updates so you won’t miss any better deals in rush seasons. TAKE your enterprise AHEAD of the market with our reliable solution. 

One-stop Sourcing

Seamless operation of managing all sourcing & shipping with a single agent. You won’t have to hire multiple agents for shipping, customs, & inspection.

Save communication time and operational costs of well-coordinated sourcing. Outperform your competitor to secure more customers with optimized indirect water supply chain. Plan each step through us for optimized BUSINESS PERFORMANCE.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Our experts help you to avoid common B2B frauds & scams. We have multiple inspection processes to ensure a quality water heater. No more bad low-end indirect water heaters for your customers. 

Detailed quality & pricing auditing saves you from HIDDEN COSTS. You get fair, reasonable pricing with good PROFIT MARGINS. BOOSTS SALES VOLUME and your BUSINESS GROWTH!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We protect your reputation by providing top-notch indirect water heaters. Uncompromised quality and service even if you have a low budget. Consistent water heater Quality builds your brand’s reputation.

Customers prefer to buy from you over COMPETITORS. Accelerate your brand’s growth through word-of-mouth marketing from your customers. 

Standardized Procedure

Save time from standardized product research to final shipping processes. In supplier selection, our staff checks their background and water heater quality. You don’t have to explore and negotiate with hundreds of suppliers.

Lock deal after indirect solar water heating system sample testing &  standard procedures. Save time and focus on BUSINESS GROWTH to get more customers. 

Custom Solutions

Tailor your indirect solar water heating system custom solution. We understand your custom design, quality, and sourcing strategy needs.

Discuss strategies with our sourcing experts. You get high-quality delivery according to your custom FEATURES. More sales through unique, trendy indirect water heaters. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Source only sellable products by quality, quantity, & features assessment.

Reduce the risk of unsold indirect water heaters at the end of seasons. You prevent paying HIGH STORAGE COSTS and MARKETING COSTS. 

  • Supplier Management

Detailed indirect solar water heating systems wholesale supplier selection process.

We ensure sample testing & production analysis to confirm their reputation! Enhance your reputation with a TRUSTED SUPPLIER of high-quality solar products.

  • Contract Negotiation

We negotiate the best terms for your indirect solar water heating system sourcing. SCORE High-quality water heater with competitive pricing.

We ensure the fairness of transactions by adding fair LEGAL TERMS. More security in your business for fast expansion. 

  • Order Management

Receive a well-packed solar indirect water heater with a detailed inspection. We add your custom packaging on each order before shipping.

You save expensive labor costs and repackaging time. Customers get the ultimate unpackaging experience and satisfaction. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Coordinated logistics of indirect solar water heating systems to save cost & effort.

You get warehousing, trucking & customs clearance all handled by experts. Avoid product delays due to miscommunication that results in customer complaints. 

  • Installation Support

We have online guidebooks for installing solar indirect water heating systems.

Makes installation quicker and easier for CUSTOMERS. Increase your order turnover rate through in-package printed GUIDEBOOK & TOOLS KIT. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Encrypted payment channels provide you safe transaction environment. Multiple payment options, including PayPal/debit/credit card, are available for your ease. You get FAST business transactions. 

Western Union

Transform Your Offerings: Be a Trendsetter with Indirect Solar!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems Factory

Non-stop supply with our Supply Ability 5000 sets per month. PROVIDE water heaters quicker than your competitors to attract customers. Increase sales and PROFIT MARGINS of your water heaters. 

Our Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems Factory

packaging & shipping

Receive indirect water heater in Standard export carton with foam. Durable packaging that doesn’t damage or crack during shipping. Safe delivery with a reasonable route to speed up freight turnover. Reduce cargo damage and rework cost of item replacement. 

packaging & shipping

Differentiate Your Brand with Smart, Indirect Heating Solutions!

Successful Project

Successful Project

70KW Solar Commercial Systems In Chad

The client wanted to install a commercial solar panel system in his building. He had a strict energy requirement with hot water. We first designed an efficient system to fulfill energy demand through solar panels. He uses electricity in his space heating system through the HYBRID model. 

The solar glass was also added to the front side of the building to match the outlook. Yet, our team installed a simple water heater for hot water. The client requested an indirect water heater with space heating. Finally, he was happy due to free electricity and hot water. 

100KW Off-Grid Solar Plant System for Factory In Senegal

FACTORY has two areas: one is for manufacturing and the second for office use. We designed two different systems for them. For the manufacturing area, we got only solar panels with high efficiency. 

We used a mixed combination of cladding and rooftop panels on the office side. We added indirect water heaters with efficient heat exchangers. The client asked for high high-capacity storage tank with space heating.  Both buildings get 100KW combined from this off-grid system. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


I have been working with Leeline Energy for a long time. I sourced a unique combination system, and clients are satisfied with it. Every energy contractor & brand should work with them! 


Leeline Energy has a very cooperative and helpful staff. I face no problem in water heater development. Their experts helped me to design the best working indirect water heater. I recommend working with them. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Indirect Solar Water Heating Systems

    Where can you indirect solar water heating systems manufacturers in China?

    Access reliable indirect solar water heating systems manufacturers through sourcing agents. Leeline helps you to get trustworthy manufacturers with top-notch facilities. Reduce your hot water heater production costs and lead time. 

    What is the difference between direct and indirect water heaters?

    Direct systems have an open loop of heat exchanger or collector. It circulated into the storage tank to heat water. Users get a closed loop in an in-direct system. Indirect tanks are linked to collectors but don’t have circulation like in an open loop. 

    How does an indirect water heater work?

    Indirect water heater uses a furnace or boiler to heat water. Some of them have a tankless coil for providing hot water. They are energy efficient, especially in cold months to get heated water. 

    Are indirect water heaters worth it?

    Of course, they are worth it, as some use external energy sources. A Hybrid heating system is more common due to its usability during rainy days. Space heating system with indirect water heaters gets you more sales. 

    Do indirect solar water heaters work in winter?

    They work in winter, but you need an external energy source during dark days. Go for hybrid systems with a space heating system due to efficiency. Users get consistent hot water that flows from the furnace through the tankless coil.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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