100w Portable Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a TEAM of sourcing experts SPECIALIZED in solar energy. And dedicated to providing ONE-STOP solar solutions. You grab reliable SUPPLIERS. Test their factory. And get the 100% QUALITY panels with an on-time shipment guarantee. 

Rank up your SOLAR business with our EXPERT TEAM! 

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Premium 100w Portable Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a SOLAR SOLUTION company that delivers CUSTOMIZED solutions. Regarding the power, thickness, and design.

Folding portable:

Our solar panels have a BACK BRACKET. You can unfold the bracket. Set it up one DIFFERENT ANGLE to get the maximum light exposure. It grabs 25% more LIGHT at an ideal angle.

Giving such an EXCELLENT solution increases the trustworthiness of your business. And makes your NEW customers permanent ones.

High-performance solar cells:

There are monocrystalline solar CELLS in a solar panel. It converts more of the SOLAR POWER into the AC. Decreases the loss of power. And produces more POWER than an ordinary solar panel in the market. 

It reduces the electricity bills of your customers. And raises the STATUS of your business in front of them. 

Wide compatibility:

A 100-watt solar panel can RUN a wide range of applications. It works perfectly with cell phones, speakers, or tablets. Moreover, you run it as SOLAR GENERATORS with power banking features. 

Your customers get the REDUCED hassle of empowering their home appliances. So you SKYROCKET your sales efficiently. 

Waterproof and preservative:

The presence of PET material in a solar panel is the NEXT-LEVEL approach. It keeps your solar panels away from the dust. There is no RISK of damage due to rain. Even it has AGING resistance.

Resistance to DECREASING performance is a good thing for USERS. It builds trust in your foldable SOLAR PANELS in the market.

High power generation:

Six different layers are a GAME CHANGER for a foldable solar panel. It grabs direct sunlight. And produce energy from the SOLAR POWER.

It has 23% more EFFICIENCY compared to traditional panels. You win more CONSUMERS by delivering an excellent power source.

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Advantages Of The Best 100w Portable Solar Panels Services

product quality

100% product quality assurance

We implement the QUALITY criteria in producing solar panels. Get you 100% QUALITATIVE solar modules. And improve your BUSINESS credibility.

Custom Solar Designs

You get access to the CUSTOMIZED solar modules. Better focus on your consumers’ performance. And win more DEALS by engaging them with other solar panels.


Automation equipment

We deploy cutting-edge technology in foldable solar panel production. It shortens delivery time. And improve the brand image with quality production. 


Short lead time

Shorter lead times keep you HASSLE-FREE. Decrease requirements for storage space. And reduce costs for warehousing.


High-density packaging

High-density packaging keeps all your SOLAR Modules integrated. Improve product safety. And decreases customer disputes due to DAMAGED products. 


Safe Payment Method

We have multiple payment options. Implement SSL certificates. And avoid risks of eCommerce fraud.

A Wide Range of Applications







Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Street Lights

Street Lights

Solar Farms

Solar Farms

100w Portable Solar Panels Production Line

Our 100w solar panel production is highly efficient. And has the STRICT QUALITY criteria. You grab the OPPORTUNITY for 100% integral portable solar panels wholesale. And set an EXAMPLE of business credence

Product Parameters

Rated Maximum Power at STC100W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)21.98
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)5.64
Short Circuit Current (Isc)19.74
Maximum Power Current (Imp)5.07
PV Module Efficiency (%)18.16
StandardIrradiance 1000w/m² , Cell Temperature 25 ℃ , Air Mass 1.5
Junction BoxSplit junction box, IP67
Cable Length300mm (+) / 300mm(-)
Layout32( 4 × 8 )
Cable Size4mm²(IEC)
PV Size700x725x30mm
Packaging140 pcs / pallet

Lighting the Way to Success! Drive your wholesale business forward with our premium 100w Portable Solar Panels. Illuminate your brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Join us in reshaping the camping industry!


We deliver CERTIFICATES for a 100w foldable solar panel. Certificates include CE, TUV, ETL, CEC, ISO45001. You make your BUSINESS a symbol of SAFETY.

Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Inspection teams independently evaluate the 100w portable solar panels FACTORY. Prepare the detailed report. And send it to you. It boosts your CONFIDENCE in product quality. It helps you EARN respect by selling quality.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy crew has been WORKING for more than ten years in the SOLAR system. Our team listens to your requirements. Find out the BEST 100w portable solar panel suppliers. And gets the LONG-TERM deals with the quality manufacturers. 

Boost the business growth in our TRUSTED environment.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Sourcing, storage, and shipping occur in ONE PLACE. You don’t have to find the 100w PORTABLE SOLAR PANEL manufacturers. Our trusted suppliers are READY to deliver the BEST QUALITY. You get a chance to build strong relationships with suppliers. And get the best budget deals. 

Get an uprising business graph with our ONE-STOP sourcing agents.


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Cyber experts tell us the BEST ways to make the PAYMENT options secure. We implement different SECURITY layers. Encrypt all the PAYMENT options. Moreover, our shipping team is FAST. Provides tracking. And ships your orders on time. 

You avoid the RISKS of business failure with our logistics team. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers are our FIRST STOP. We do not move ahead until we confirm what our CUSTOMERS NEED in 100w portable solar panels wholesale. We do meticulous research. Think from the customer’s perspective. And find out the BUDGET FRIENDLY foldable solar panel deals. 

You build LONG-LASTING relationships with your loyal consumers.


Standardized Procedure

Our professionals act smartly. Check out the standard rules and regulations for the PRODUCT quality. And implement them when assessing the 100w portable solar panel factory. It ensures the EASY deals. And grabs the best solar modules with different certificates. 

Expand your BUSINESS from the local market to the INTERNATIONAL market!


Custom Solutions

Do you have a specific need for a portable power station? 

The Leeline Energy team understands your business goals. Help you GET the customized PORTABLE POWER STATION with solar charging. And help you better focus on your CONSUMER preferences. 

It is a REAL WIN-WIN situation for grabbing new consumers! 

Our Payment

We facilitate our customers with multiple payment options. The COMPLETE encryption keeps you out of any problem. And avoid risks of TRANSACTION frauds.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (11)
  • Demand Assessment

The Leeline Energy team assesses your DEMANDS for a foldable solar panel. Get the specific quality, quantity, and power capacity you need. Plus, our MARKET analysis helps in finding the HIGH-SELLING portable solar station. Make more money by launching the RIGHT item.

  • Supplier Management

We assist in finding the TOP-NOTCH suppliers. Test their performance. And choose them only if they QUALIFY our strict criteria. You get BEST-MATCH suppliers with HIGH reliability. And aid your business increase with A FOLDABLE solar panel.

  • Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation irons out the COMPLEXITY of deals. Our team prepares the LEGAL contract. And provides the SEAMLESS experience by wasting NO-MORE TIME. You save time and effectively focus on your business prestige.

  • Order Management

Our team is adept at managing your orders from packing to shipping. Once you receive an ORDER, our team acts instantly. Get the shipping products. Check the quality. And deliver it on time with the Real-time TRACKING to win customers. You expect a FASTER business reputation.

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistics team is CONNECTED with our system. You get an order. Shipping team ACTS QUICKLY. Packs the orders instantly. And ships them on time. You never LOSE a single customer due to delayed delivery. 

  • Installation Support

We have detailed videos on the INSTALLATION of solar stations. You grab it from us. Send it to your consumers. And increase their EASE and safety. It does FREE marketing due to excellent support to your consumers. 

leelinesourcing team (10)

Our Reliable Partners


Our 100w Portable Solar Panels Factory

We have a factory on a large scale. You can get the lightweight 100w solar panel with SHORTER lead times. Improve your REVENUE with our fast and efficient production.


Join the Green Energy Movement – Click to Learn How 100w Portable Solar Panels Can Help Your Business Grow While Saving on Energy Expenses.

Packing & Delivery

Foldable solar panel packaging is highly safe. You further get access to the BRANDING. Our logistic team ships it on time. You can WIN the confidence of customers with time delivery. 


Successful Project


Mr. Michael lives in the US and wanted a solution for his office

Mr. Michael runs a hotel in New York. And contacted our team a month ago for solar panels. We assessed the demands. And we got the best 100w portable solar panel suppliers. 

A week later, he called us to install the new solar panels in his second hotel. That has been a GREAT DEAL working with Mr. Michael. 

Mr. James belongs to the UK and needed a portable panel with high-capacity

Mr. James is an adventurer and a YouTuber. And often goes touring different places. He wanted to carry the solar panel with him. So, he wanted a lightweight solar panel with sufficient energy production. 

We helped him get a lightweight solar panel that generates high energy. And sustains high winds. He was very THANKFUL for dealing with us. 

What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy is a top company I have worked with. They have the best solar panel solutions. Purchase a battery to charge devices. That was a great experience. Thank you, big guys!

Daniel L Tompson

They are dedicated. Every single Leeline agent knows what to get. They understood my requirements. And they helped me grab the best portable power station. Good luck with your future.

Chad H McCormick

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 100w Portable Solar Panels

    1. Do I need an inverter for portable solar panels?

    An inverter can CONVERT the power from sunlight into the AC. And it often charges larger appliances in commercial areas—or small devices at home. You might need a battery connection with an inverter. 

    2. What makes a portable solar panel waterproof?

    Water-resistant features of a portable power station come from: 
    · Waterproof frame and junction box
    · Plastic sheet or tempered glass
    · Waterproof cables and connectors
    Your power station remains safe even in the light rain. It produced enough energy in sun exposure. 

    3. How does a portable solar panel hold a charge?

    If you have batteries connected, these can store power even without the sun. When the sun is around, the foldable solar panel gets charged. Batteries hold the energy from the sun. At night, you can use this power for camping trips or alligator clips. 

    4. What can most portable solar panels be used for?

    It depends on your needs. You can run a WIDER RANGE of applications at home. Some people use it for carrying devices due to its portable option. Store energy in power stations. And use it later easily. 

    5. Does a portable solar panel without a battery store electricity?

    No. They do not store electricity without a battery. You must purchase a BATTERY. Fully charge it. And carry it around to charge a small or large device EASILY as per the power of your solar panel. 

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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