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We are the BEST when it comes to world-class 250W solar panels. We supply them ANYWHERE under the sun to help you reach millions of customers. Increase your sales and skyrocket your profit margins.

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Premium 250w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is an EXPERT in the production of 250w solar panels. Here are some of our product offerings:

Low Attenuation

Our 250-watt solar panels won’t degrade ANY TIME soon. Thanks to their low attenuation levels, which are at less than 2.0% for the first year. And 0.55% per year for the next 25 years. Our panels’ MAXIMUM power output will still BEAT that of a common 250W solar panel bought today. After 3 decades!!

HAPPY CUSTOMERS open up more possibilities for repeat purchases. COUNTLESS referrals. With our solar panels 250 watts, get ready to scale your business to UNIMAGINABLE heights.

Cutting-edge Technology

ADVERSE weather conditions are no match for these bad boys! 250-watt solar panels are equipped with revolutionary temperature coefficient capabilities. Giving them HIGHER EFFICIENCY even on extremely hot days. They will still offer MAXIMUM power yields year-round, no matter their geographic location.

Establish yourself as a GLOBAL solar panel dealer. Attract a WIDE RANGE of customers looking for HIGH-PERFORMANCE panels. In turn, this improves your sales TENFOLD.

Low Crack Risk

Designed with SOPHISTICATED multi-main grid technology. Which reduces the risk of micro-fractures or micro-cracks that hinder the panels’ lifespan. Additionally, this GREATLY reduces maintenance costs and improves customer satisfaction.

This gives you an upper edge against ALL other 250-watt solar panel sellers. Improve customer trust, which in turn leads to long-term sustainability.

High Customer Value

These 250-watt solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the solar industry. Powering RVs, camping appliances, battery charging, and other off-grid applications. YOU NAME IT – we’ve got you covered. Customers enjoy high performance, low maintenance, and, of course, low electricity bills.

Your customers get HIGHER RETURNS on their investments. As you scale your business to thousands of sales EVERY MONTH. You can’t lose!

Maximum Durability

Leeline Energy 250-watt solar panel is the next BIG THING in the solar market. Thanks to their curved surface. Capture MAXIMUM sunlight on cloudy days than regular ones. They feature a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame design that prevents damage. 

Or performance degradation. Ensuring maximum system voltage is maintained for HIGHER energy production. Increase your brand’s reputation and attract more customers. Additionally, it reduces the chances of returns or complaints from dissatisfied customers.

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Advantages Of The Best 250w Solar Panels Services

Professional Customization 

Customizable Options

Enjoy customized solar designs that give you a competitive edge. Leeline Energy helps you design IRRESISTIBLE brand logos and labels. Establish a unique image. Give you a strong first impression, separating you from common solar retailers.

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Timely Shipping

Get super-fast shipping services with our well-curated logistics processes. FASTER clearance and processing from our dedicated team. Ensuring the TIRESOME paperwork is a breeze for you! Customers get their 250-watt solar panels on time. And are 100% likely to return for future purchases.

Large-Scale Production

Fully Automated Processes

With our product’s high process standards, you don’t have to worry about missing a delivery. SMOOTH operation with PREMIUM equipment. You get shorter lead times. That way, you increase customer satisfaction and enjoy MORE revenue.


Zero MOQ

Leeline Energy gives you the flexibility to order only what you need. Plus, you get the same PREMIUM QUALITY and SERVICE regardless of your order. Enjoy little to no financial pressure. Giving you the peace of mind necessary to build a six-figure solar business.


Multilingual Staff

Good communication is a HUGE factor in the success of ANY business transaction. This ensures order management and progress reports are much FASTER. Enhance a seamless supply chain. Your wholesale 250-watt solar panels will ALWAYS arrive on time. Prevent stock shortages to ensure CONSISTENT sales.


Optimized Packaging

Consolidate your shipments in larger boxes making them compact. Reducing shipping costs. Increase efficiency in the delivery process. Save huge amounts of money. Your delivery schedules are ALWAYS met. Win customer trust and boost your profits.

A Wide Range of Applications



Public Building

Public Building



Parking Lot

Parking Lot





250w Solar Panels Production Line

Some of the materials used in the production of our 250w solar panels include. 120 cells, high transparency solar glass, junction box, frame, back sheet, and connector. Once assembled, they pass through 4 testing phases to ensure cell string perfection. And power output optimization. A final appearance inspection is done to detect any faults before packaging. High-quality panels establish a positive brand image. Set you up for 10X profits EVERY MONTH.

Product Parameters

Peak Power Watts-PMAX (Wp)230W240W250W260W
Maximum Power Voltage-Vmpp(V)36.736.937.137.3
Maximum Power Current-Impp (A)6.276.516.747.00
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V)39.0539.2539.4639.85
Short Circuit Current-Isc (A)9.389.469.669.75
Output Tolerance-PMAX (W)0/+50/+50/+50/+5
Module Efficiency ηm (%)17.1217.4317.7418.35
STC: Irradiance 1000 W/m², Cell Temperature 25 °C, Air Mass AM1.5
Solar CellsMonocrystalline 156.75 ×104.5 mm
Cell Orientation72 cells (7*12)
Module Dimensions1320*990*35mm (measuring tolerance: ±3%)
Weight15.6kg ±3%
Glass3.2 mm; high transparency, AR coated and heat tempered solar glass
FrameSilver Anodized Aluminium Alloy
J-BoxIP 67 or IP 68 rated
CablesPhotovoltaic Technology Cable 4.0mm², 1000 mm
ConnectorEU Countries: 28 MC4 / UTX / TS4, Non-EU Countries: 28 QC4 / TS4

Transform your brand with 250W solar power. Drive wholesale success and sustainable growth. Join our B2B network for exclusive deals – inquire today and light up your business journey.


ALL our 250-watt solar panel lineup is TESTED & CERTIFIED by huge industry organizations. That includes CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA. You don’t just save on inspection costs. Establish yourself as an AUTHENTIC solar panel seller. Enjoy a HUGE market share.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We have RIGOROUS quality inspection processes to ensure your factory production processes. Are up to the required standards. Eliminate FAULTY products from the production line. Ensure your customers are ALWAYS happy with their purchase. Guaranteeing more sales for your business.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We offer 10 years’ worth of supply chain experience. 10 years of quality 250-watt solar panel research. 10 years of BRILLIANCE to our esteemed customers. Plus, our portfolio of RELIABLE suppliers ensures you get the BEST panels. 

Build customer loyalty. Soar your business to GREATER HEIGHTS with our solar panels today!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

No need to juggle between multiple 250w solar panel suppliers. Leeline Energy does that for you. We go over and beyond to find TRUSTWORTHY suppliers for ANY of your diverse needs. Additionally, you get detailed quality inspection processes and FAST logistics. 

You save time. Most importantly, save money that you can invest into revenue-generating activities.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Say goodbye to RISKY product transactions. We help you avoid losing your money by buying fake solar panels. Our teams verify ALL solar panels’ quantity and quality from the supplier. Ensure that they are up to code. Eliminate product quality risks and transportation risks. 

Rest assured that your money is safe from scammers/fraudsters. Take your business performance to NEW HEIGHTS.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Our customers ALWAYS come first. We take a keen interest in your requirements. From the desired max power voltage to max power current for your 250w solar panels. Just say it…we’ll deliver to PERFECTION. 

Lead to happy customers who leave thousands of positive reviews. Improving your reputation TREMENDOUSLY.

standardized procedure

Our teams ensure HIGH levels of PROFESSIONALISM and RELIABILITY at every step. No stone is left unturned. Test EVERY solar panel’s wattage. Durability. And overall performance. Ensure your customers get HIGH QUALITY 250w panels that will last.

Become UNDEFEATABLE against even the largest solar reseller in your region. 


custom solutions

Bring your solar designs to life with our custom options. Share your WILDEST solar imaginations with our R&D teams. Watch the magic unfold. You get a 250w solar panel with a MAXIMUM power output than any other in the market.

Stand out from the crowded marketplace and attract the masses in a HUGE way.

Our Payment

Pay with what’s more suitable for you. PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, you decide! All transaction details are SECURED. So, you don’t have to worry about your details landing in unauthorized hands. Hence preventing financial losses.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

You get perfection at its best only at Leeline Energy. Our teams take a keen interest in your specifications, quantities, and other requirements. PREMIUM 250w panels that increase your MARKET COMPETITIVENESS.

  • Supplier Management

Don’t worry about finding a GOOD 250w solar panel manufacturer. We do that for you! Also, evaluate, test, and ensure their solar panels are TOP-NOTCH. Meet your product requirements. Cut down on bills and gain MORE TIME for what matters.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our legal teams will draft and review contract terms on your behalf. So, you get a fair deal ALWAYS. We ensure that every single legal requirement is met. That way, you conduct business operations SMOOTHLY and build trust with suppliers. To ensure long-term business sustainability.

  • Order Management

We go a notch higher to ensure that your demands are met. We handle production planning, quality monitoring, and product inspection. No need to stress over supply chain disruption. EVER. With us in control, get ready to take your solar business to the NEXT LEVEL.

  • Logistics Coordination

We oversee all logistics, including warehousing and transportation. We’ve also partnered with RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY courier services. Timely and save delivery of your 250w solar panels. Consolidate ALL services under one roof and save huge amounts of money for your business.

  • Installation Support

Our 250-watt solar panels are easy-to-follow manuals. Video installations that are simple and direct. We also offer remote guidance and telephone communication. Save the customer time. It’s a WIN-WIN. You build customer loyalty and enjoy MASSIVE profits. 

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 250w Solar Panels Factory

We have a HUGE 250w solar panel factory where we inspect and test each panel. We focus on ensuring QUALITY. And thanks to automation, no order is too huge for us! Enjoy FAST production processes that keep your business running even in uncertain times. 


Maximize your brand impact with 250W solar panels. Illuminate your wholesale business and environmental responsibility. oin forces with us for B2B advantages – inquire now and brighten your bottom line.

Packing & Delivery

Enjoy ULTRA FAST shipping services from our RELIABLE shipping partners. Your customers will get their goods on time. Our wooden boxes ensure the SAFETY of your 250w solar panels. Keeping them 250w safe from mechanical damage. Improving customer satisfaction.


Successful Project


Energize Your Business: Maria’s 250W Solar Success Unveiled

This was a very exciting project we did a few months ago.

Mrs. Maria is a businesswoman in Madrid, Spain. She has been reading a lot of our successful projects from our customers. And this spiked her interest. Since she was struggling to keep her business a float with the rising electricity costs.

Maria said her electricity bill was up by a whopping more than 27%. We put her through our experts, who were set to end her problems. Once we understood how much energy she needed, it was all systems go.

We determined the right dimensions as per Maria’s roofing design. And took in all other factors that would affect the panel’s performance in Madrid. We agreed on 12 units of 250-watt panels and batteries. She also got a discount as our first-term buyer.

We shipped all the products in less than 2 weeks. They were installed, and she called to appreciate our panel’s quality. She’s no longer at the mercy of the grid! In fact, she says her business is now doing better than EVER.

From our feedback follow-up, Maria says she appreciates our professional customer service. Timely delivery. Pristine quality. And after-sales service.

You, too, can join Maria and enjoy an affordable & uninterrupted power supply! 

Successful Project
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy is the BEST when it comes to solar products. After countless disappointments from online stores. I gave Leeline a shot. I ordered 2 units of 250-watt solar panels. And these guys exceeded my expectations. From their timely responses to first deliveries. And the quality? 10/10 !!

Oliver Butler

My pal ordered a 250-watt panel from Leeline Energy, and he couldn’t keep calm. Had to order the same from them, and now I know why. The quality of their panels is fire!! Delivery was super-fast. And installation was pretty easy, too. I’ll definitely buy more solar products from them in the future.


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 250w Solar Panels

    1. How much power can a 250-watt solar panel produce?

    Assuming that your home receives 6 hours of sunshine per day. We simply take 250 watts times the no. of sunshine hours per day. You’ll get 1500 Wh or 1.5 kWh every day.

    2. What can I use with my 200-watt solar panel?

    A 200-watt solar panel can power a wide range of appliances. These include Laptops, mobile phones, LED small lights, and camping and RV accessories.

    3. How important is it to keep your solar panels clean?

    It is important to keep your panels clean to maximize their performance. And efficiency. Basically, dust and dirt dropping on the panels block sunlight. Consequently reducing its power output. We recommend cleaning your panels at least twice a year.

    4. Can solar panels generate power when covered by snow?

    Snow covering your solar panels hinders sunlight from reaching the solar surface. Hence, no conversion is happening. This reduces power output TREMENDOUSLY.

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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