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Leeline Energy helps you to expand your product line through versatile options. CUSTOMIZE your product design & mounting frames to increase sales. QUALITY products to build your brand’s credibility. 

Quick delivery with short lead time to improve work efficiency. SAVE time to focus on getting more customers and brand building. 

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Premium Passive Solar Water Heating System Features

Solar water heaters help to heat water in a short time. Consistent hot water supply through insulated pipes and heating system. Increase referral sales through such reliable solutions. 

Integrated pressure:

Hot water flows from collectors to the well-insulated storage tank. It keeps the water hot longer than conventional systems. The cold water goes into the collector and starts direct circulation systems.  

These direct & indirect circulation systems create a natural pressure. Sustainable system principle with less maintenance. You get sales due to cost-effective design & higher pressure than a conventional system.

High Heat Efficiency:

Harness maximum efficiency from the solar water heater system. Selective coating on the evacuated tube collectors keeps the water hot. Insulated integral collector storage systems reduce heat loss. 

Customers get warm water in cold climates, even at freezing temperatures. Enhance the customer’s experience and build long-term loyal customers. 

Durable and Long-lasting:

They have a less complex & more durable design. Simple integrated collector storage keeps the system functional for a long time. It needs less maintenance as it does not have circulating pumps. 

Save water heating costs more than conventional water heaters. Less maintenance results in a reliable and long-lasting passive solar water heater. Establish your brand image through the reliability of your solar heater.

Sustainable design:

Heat transfer liquid works great for both Glazed & unglazed flat plate collectors. Its anti-freezing solution maintains the temperature in the passive solar water heaters. Evacuated tube solar collectors transfer the solar energy to the tank. 

It has low operating costs as compared to active systems. You outsource at a low price and sell with good profit margins. Better ROI with less marketing costs for your enterprise.

Continues water supply:

In Passive heating systems, hot water circulates independently, saving energy. Reduces the energy or water heating bills in the HYBRID solar heater.   

CUSTOMERS get hot water by injecting the cold water into the bottom of the tank. Also, the pressurized tank keeps the supply. Enhance the end-user experience and receive positive feedback. Get more sales and business growth opportunities. 

Passive Solar, Active Sales!

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Passive Solar Water Heating System by Material

Split pressurized Passive Solar Water Heating System

Split pressurized Passive Solar Water Heating System

It combines the benefits of passive systems with pressurized components. The system comes with collector loops and a storage tank.

Customers in extreme cold regions get this to avoid freezing water damage. You build a strong brand foundation in those cold regions.

Evacuated tubes Passive Solar Water Heating System

Evacuated Tubes Passive Solar Water Heating System

Excellent heat absorption in the evacuated tubes. Durable enough to withstand water pressure of no more than 0.1Mpa. Use the electric heating system as a backup heater when there is no sunlight. 

You get a wide range of options to operate the system. Increase user dependence on the product to get more repurchasing sales.  

Stainless steel tank Passive Solar Water Heating System

Stainless Steel Tank Passive Solar Water Heating System

The hybrid system is compatible with electric or gas heating devices. Stainless steel prevents corrosion and rusting problems. 

End users use it for a long time due to its strong build quality. Increase your number of customers that look for durable options. Boost your sales with a stainless tank.

Forge a Leading Brand Identity: Prioritize Passive Solar Heating!

Advantages Of Best Passive Solar Water Heating System Services

Sample Improvement

Sample Improvement

We inspect samples of solar water heater systems to identify potential issues. You improve those lacked areas of the solar hot water system. Enhance product performance and reliability to make customers more satisfied. 



Reduce inventory costs by ordering in small amounts. You don’t need to buy bulk quantities at one time. Increase your risk appetite and launch a variety of water heating systems. Boost your enterprise growth through small launches. 

100% On-time Delivery

On-time Product Delivery

Our strict, standardized sourcing & shipping process helps you with fast delivery. Optimized production for both passive and active solar water heaters. Reduce friction in your sales process & costs and improve customer service levels. 

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Reduce dependence & supply chain risk from a single supplier. We ensure safe production and delivery of passive and active solar systems. You accelerate the efficiency of payment recovery by reducing potential risks. 

Consider All Expenses

Consider All Expenses

We ensure the finished product is economical and affordable for your customers. Keep your sourcing within budget without any financial stress. You focus better on getting more sales while having low financial stress of sourcing. 

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

Start sourcing with full confidence through complete insurance protection. Prove to customers the ability to bear risks. Increase trust in your solar water heating systems and attract more customers.

Creative Applications of Passive Solar Water Heating System













Precise production process

Initially, passive solar heating system manufacturers built solar energy collectors. Then, manufacture tubes and storage tanks. Some water heaters have transparent glass tubes to catch maximum heat energy. 

Connect the system, install plumbing pipes, and assemble it in the final structure. Skilled staff inspect it for once and then pack it. You receive a high-quality system in protective packaging. 

Capture a Growing Market: Brand & Stock Passive Solar Heating Systems!


Certified with CE and ISO9001 to get you fast clearance. You reduce the risks of customer recall while launching solar water heaters. Build credibility in a short time and outperform in the market.  


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We inspect the passive solar water heating system factory for auditing. Production standards inspection keeps you safe from potential risks. Enhance your customer’s experience through the best quality product. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

A huge international clientele is proof of our reliability and trust. We have handled small sourcing to big bulk productions. 

You get a passive solar water heating system after a complete inspection. No damaged or defective passive systems in shipment. Avoid rework costs and replacement time with such optimization. 

One-stop Sourcing

Handle everything from product development to shipping selection in a single gateway. You continue updates & priority-based fast shipping from a dedicated team.

Expand your business beyond borders through our global coverage. More sales from different regions due to our on-time global delivery. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Lower the potential risks of business scams and fraud through our auditing. We do detailed background checks of each solar water heater supplier. Deal with reliable passive solar water heating system suppliers. 

You deliver solar heaters on time without any delay in production. Keep customers happy and establish your brand’s image. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are our top priority in sourcing & shipping procedures. Our staff keep a sharp eye on quality whether it’s a cheap or expensive product. 

Receive uncompromised quality in a passive solar water heating system. Establish your brand’s foundation on trust and reliability. Build a loyal customer audience through top-notch passive solar heaters. 

Standardized Procedure

Save your time and procurement costs through proven strategies. We have established a set of procedures that reduce the working costs. 

Boost the sales volume of your enterprise with such optimization at each step. Serve more customers in a short time and accelerate your Profit margins.

Custom Solutions

Design your sourcing, shipping, and product solution according to your requirements. Alter the passive solar water heating system’s size, design, and frame structure. 

Customize the water storage tank capacity for your customers. You build a unique and creative product that your enterprise offers in the market. Increase customer repurchasing sales. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our experts analyze the recent market trends to get you the best sourcing guide.

You order passive water heaters with the best favorable quantity, features & quality. Profit most from your passive solar water heating system sales with low effort. 

  • Supplier Management

Complete monitoring of passive solar water heating system wholesale suppliers.

Double inspection of heating systems, storage tanks, and a dark absorber plate. DRIVE more sales from customers and boost your returning customers rate. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Market experts take over your negotiations and get you the best deals. Avoid Hidden costs through deep contract evaluations.

Pay the best pricing for the passive solar water heating system. You get more budget for marketing costs with low sourcing costs. 

  • Order Management

Ease your solar water heating system order process through us!

Lower your workload, like packaging, inspection, and delivery confirmation. Save your operational costs through better planning of orders. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Receive your passive solar water heating system with fast delivery. We supervised loading, unloading, and customs clearance at the ports.

No delay or ISF penalty through our detailed paperwork handling. You save fine costs & reputational damages due to delays. 

  • Installation Support

Step-by-step online installation guides for passive solar water heating.

Make installation easy for customers through our printed guides & kits. Reduce order turnover rate through the DIY process of solar water heater systems

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Multiple payment options for your ease. Avoid hefty transaction fees by paying through existing payment channels. Save extra costs and be secured in your financial dealings. 

Western Union

Boost Your Brand’s Eco-Credentials with Passive Solar Heating!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Passive Solar Water Heating System Factory

Top-notch passive solar water heating system with quality inspection processes. You get products with consistency, high quality, and low production costs. Reduce repair & replacement costs of customers, resulting in a positive brand image. 

Our Passive Solar Water Heating System Factory

packaging & shipping

Our protected cartons prevent product damage in sea shipping. Optimized container shipping during FCL saves you shipping costs. Multi-mode(air, land, sea, rail) shipping for fast delivery. You enhance customers’ satisfaction through prompt delivery. 

packaging & shipping

Set Your Brand Apart with Innovative Passive Solar Heating Solutions!

Successful Project

Successful Project

60kw Solar Heating System in Indonesia

It was a small Airport building in Indonesia. The owner wanted to install a renewable energy system. We install solar panels for clean electricity with a vast battery storage. The solar panels get integrated into the building’s facade easily. 

Then, we added a solar hot water system into the building. A passive solar water heating system provides enough hot water for many purposes. Sunlight was great throughout the year, so they functioned with maximum efficiency.

50KW off-grid panel system in Columbia 

50KW of energy is needed for a commercial building on the remote side of Columbia. It did not have any electricity supply coming from any side. So, the owner wanted to have a complete off-grid system. 

We designed a system including solar cladding & rooftop panels. A passive solar water heating system was installed for heated water. The solar water heater is working perfectly in all seasons. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Leeline Energy has provided us with passive & active systems for a long time. It has been a fantastic sourcing experience, especially regarding competitive pricing. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to you all! 


I have sourced solar water heaters through Leeline Energy. The quality was good, especially the built quality. I also received some positive responses from customers. You should work with them for such amazing experiences. 


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    People Also Ask About Passive Solar Water Heating System

    Can I have a sample?

    Yes, you have a sample from passive solar heating system suppliers. Check the built quality, frame durability, and heat efficiency. You also hire an inspection agent who gives you detailed inspection reports.

    How does a passive solar heating system work?

    PASSIVE solar water heaters have a solar collector that absorbs solar heat. The solar heat exchanger fluid transfers the heat to the storage tank through pipes. It works with Natural Convection and thermosyphon system Effect. 

    Can it be used in winter?

    Of course, you use them in winter to heat water. It works perfectly in low temperatures due to an anti-freezing coating. You may experience a performance dip on days without sunlight.

    How much does passive solar heating system cost?

    A passive solar heating system costs around 5000$ to 10000$. It depends on how much efficiency and capacity you want. It costs less if you only want hot water instead of a whole house heating system. 

    How to identify the quality?

    You must check the Solar collector, frame, storage tank, and overall built quality. Yet it is difficult to get a whole quality inspection. Hire a quality inspector like Leeline Energy for a complete quality inspection. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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