Solar Power Bank China Manufacturer

Solar Power Game is on lock as we’re a solar power bank MANUFACTURER! We’ve been doing MASSIVE PROJECTS overseas for over a DECADE. Trust us to bring efficiency and handle those UNEXPECTED MOMENTS like champs. That’s how your BRAND becomes KNOWN and loved even more with each solar power bank!

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Premium Solar Power Bank Features

Leeline Energy has the RADDEST solar power banks in town! They pack a PUNCH with all kinds of COOL FEATURES. Here are just a few of what you get with our portable power station:

High Capacity

Reject FALSE LABELS and embrace the truth with up to 20000MAH LARGE-SCALE power. Powered by a STRONG POLYMER ORIGINAL BATTERY. 

Trust in INTELLIGENT MANAGEMENT CHIP for reliable safety assurance. Charge your devices at full speed -10W! Boosted BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS awaits you!

Stylish & Functional

The sun-powered sparks HAPPINESS with a green light show during CHARGING on each battery bank! 

LED indicators and lighting modes keep the power party going strong. Impress your customers, & BOOST SALES. And revel in the GLORY of an ELEVATED BRAND REPUTATION.

Security assurance

These battery banks are rock-solid guardians of power. They are designed to withstand DUST and water. Herculean battery packs come packed with protection against over CURRENT MISHAPS. Also include AGAINST TEMPS going HAYWIRE, excessive CHARGES, and VOLTAGE SURGES. 

All this contributes to ultimate CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, earning you more sales!

Two charging modes

With support for micro and USB C inputs, plug in and amp up your power levels to full throttle. Fill ’em up within a speedy 8 hours. MAD charging SPEEDS & NO MORE many chargers! . 

You also juice these portable POWER STATIONS up with DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Ensure non-stop PRODUCTIVITY – enhancing your BRAND VALUE to electric heights!

Wide practical application

Power up all your outdoor enthusiasts’ WILD CAMPING ADVENTURES. This gadget is an EPIC SURVIVAL tool in times of emergency. Such as powering ELECTRONIC DEVICES during camping trips and HIKES.

By offering the utmost practicality with our solar power portable power bank, you’ll be STACKING LOYALTY POINTS like a boss!

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Solar Power Bank by Types

Portable solar power bank

Portable solar power bank

CRAZY VERSATILE, dude. COMPACT SIZE that double as a compass KEYCHAIN and look fancy as heck. And get this— water won’t stop ’em! 

They charge MULTIPLE DEVICES at once, no problem. Trust us, your customers will be STOKED, and business will skyrocket!

Solar Power Bank With Charging Cable

Solar Power Bank With Charging Cable

We’ve beefed up our solar chargers with SUPERCHARGED BATTERIES that can handle it all. Efficient charging performance. Compatible devices include APPLE to ANDROID and Type-C devices – all gadgets are games. 

No need to FIGHT over outlets. Kick some SERIOUS MARKET SHARE ass while making profitable cash.

Wireless Solar Power Bank

Wireless Solar Power Bank

This hella POWERFUL wireless charging doohickey comes with BUILT-in FLASHLIGHTS. It’s got a massive 20000mAh battery, enough to CHARGE your PHONE like 8 freakin’ times

No more murky situations – those dual LED lights will keep things BRIGHT ‘n’ FINE. Trust us, the market is gonna LOVE YOU for this one!

Solar Panels by Cell Capacity

10000mAh Solar Power Bank

Check out the dope LED lights to light up outdoor FUN or emergencies. And get this: our portable chargers give off megawatts of bright power – like 2-3W worth! No more darkness on CAMPING TRIPS or when the JUICERS are down. 

Level up your PRODUCTS, make MAD SALES, and bask in success’s glow!

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20000mAh Solar Power Bank

Beyond its extraordinary CHARGING CAPABILITIEs, each solar charger has a built-in PRECISION COMPASS. People take it anywhere as a RELIABLE navigational companion. Keep your customers on track and glowing in confidence. 

Enhance CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and ensure they always find their way back to you! That’s INCREASED RETURN CUSTOMERS with our small battery pack.

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Empower Your Brand: Harness the Sun’s Energy with Our Solar Power Banks. Elevate your wholesale business with reliable, eco-friendly solutions. Go solar, go premium, and shine in the competitive market!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Power Bank Services

Efficient Production Capacity

Top Technical Capability

Get top-notch photovoltaic modules. Ensure HIGH EFFICIENCY and CONSTANT UPGRADES. Your business’s recognition and praise SOAR HIGHER than ever. Pure POWER moves!


On-Time Product Delivery

We’ve got logistics that COVER EVERY SPOT on the map. Smooth transportation, save CASH and TIME – score! Prompt service for SUPER-BOOSTED business EFFICIENCY- LET’S ROLL!

customer support

24/7 customer support

Reach us ANYTIME and we’ll get back within 48 hours to SOLVE your ISSUES. We help you surpass MARKET EXPECTATIONS. Keep crushing it in the business GAME and BOOST that BRAND STATUS in the supply chain!

Sample Testing

Sample Quality Testing

Help you make the RIGHT CALL. Get a DETAILED ANALYSIS of each sample. Plus, our quality makes you slash those rework costs by MINIMIZING REJECTS after SHIPPING. Smart moves made easy with us! SAVE TIME, MONEY, and STRESS!



Grab what you need—no OBLIGATIONS to buy tons of products UPFRONT. Keep cash flowing for LABOR and WAREHOUSING. All this comes without any financial stress on your PLATE allowing you to GROW THAT BIZ.

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

You got the perfect deal EACH TIME. Our prices are totally fair and reasonable. Give you some leeway to adjust those PROFIT MARGINS. Show ’em what ya got with an EXTRA MARKETING budget. EXPAND that business like a boss!

Creative Applications of Solar Power Bank





climb mountains

climb mountains







Precise production process

We’ve got solar power BANK MANUFACTURERS who deliver the coolest tech. Starting with a careful selection of premium materials.  Offering fast production and CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY. Gets you STRONG PRODUCT IMAGE for referral sales without marketing

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our Solar Power Bank Factory gets the SEAL OF APPROVAL. Put your faith in our TOP-TIER, certified portable solar charger. We’re all about quality improvement and pumpin’ up business efficiency. You earn customer trust and EXPAND our MARKET SHARE.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Detailed testing of battery pack capacity, durability, and longevity. Go for top-class professionalism & product safety. Enhance quality to BUILD a REPUTABLE brand image. SLASH risks and SQUASH COMPLAINTS or DISPUTES along the way.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

With a badass team and 10 years of experience, we’re EXPERTS in sourcing products. SEALED the deal on HUNDREDS of successes! Trust us to find top Solar Power Bank MANUFACTURERS.

We also quality-test them and help you BUY INVENTORY. Count on our steady B2B partnership for profit boosts, MARKET EXPANSION & ENTERPRISE BENEFITS!

One-stop Sourcing

No need to worry about many Solar Power Bank SUPPLIERS! Boom, we got your back. Select expert-designed strategies and designs to avoid communication time. We handle SOURCING, CHECKS & SHIPPING for your hassle-FREE. 

Our aim? Happy customers and biz relationships for cost savings. All while you smash it with CUSTOMERS & LEVEL UP YOUR BIZ!

One-stop Sourcing

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We take care of your money security. You don’t gotta stress about Solar Power Bank wholesale deals. Fraud? Nah, we CRUSH IT! Don’t pay TONS for TRANSPORT or fall for SCAMS—we keep things LEGIT.

No empty factory PROMISES ruin customers’ vibes here. Our SUPPLY CHAIN rocks steady. Enjoy economic perks while you EXPLODE with BUSINESS SUCCESS!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

At Leeline Energy, bringing you HAPPINESS is our MISSION. Get pricing, quotations, and inspection reports timely to make informed decisions. Put Solar Power Bank customers AHEAD of the GAME!

RAVE REVIEWS pour in while your pockets get FILLED with some EXTRA CASH. 

Standardized Procedure

Keep things pro and reliable with our SERVICE PROCESS internally developed sourcing approach. You experience TOP-NOTCH QUALITY in every project or service. Join the club of satisfied customers who always receive exceptional TREATMENT FROM us!

Your reputation REACH NEW HEIGHTS, and sales won’t just climb but SHOOT through the roof! Success is ready for some serious rockin’!

Custom Solutions

Every customer is unique, NO DOUBT! Rely on us for Solar Power Bank solutions that’ll truly knock it out of the park. Guaranteed SATISFACTION with awesome EACH Solar Power Bank and TOP-CLASS service and RESULTS!

Leave your COMPETITORS trailing behind as you rise to the top. Get ready for MIND-blowing business GROWTH at warp speed.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We excel at perfecting SMALL DETAILS. Your solar power bank matters to us—specs, quantities, and HIGH-QUALITY CONCERNS. Trust EFFORTLESS resource allocation for epic biz EXPANSION!

  • Supplier Management

Let us take care of the HARD WORK. We evaluate, choose, and keep an EYE on those Solar Power Bank suppliers. Save TIME and MONEY! Focus on growing your BIZ and DOMINATING the MARKETING scene!

  • Contract Negotiation

Don’t mess with the PAPERWORK for your Solar Power Bank CONTRACT. From NEGOTIATION to DRAFTING and REVIEWING – WE TAKE CARE! And rest assured, things will be totally legit. Succeed by charming CUSTOMERS  and ATTRACTING more LEADS than ever!

  • Order Management

We handle things from KEEPING TRACK to making CHANGES or CANCELLATIONS – easy-peasy! Our experts got you with QUALITY MONITORING and minimal SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS. Sit tight, and save big on EXPENSES while we’ve got you covered!

  • Logistics Coordination

We’re lightning-fast in TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING, and DISTRIBUTION for Solar Power Banks. Count on us for ON-TIME DELIVERIES with zero damage.

You won’t hear delivery complaints here. Our high DEPENDABILITY GUARANTEES MAXIMUM efficiency and boosts your profits!

  • Installation Support

Mastering Solar Power Bank is a breeze! EASY PEASY instructions and HELPFUL VIDEOS, you got this. Need support? REMOTE ASSISTANCE will help out! Install on TIME for reliable PERFORMANCE and big COST SAVINGS!

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

CHOOSE HOW you pay: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. NO SCAMS ALLOWED! Your Solar Power Bank deals are extra SECURE to PREVENT any losses from fraud. Super enhanced business GROWTH NOW!

Western Union

Solarize Your Success: Boost your wholesale business with our cutting-edge Solar Power Banks. Unleash innovation, sustainability, and profit potential. Light up your brand’s future today!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Power Bank Factory

Our Solar Power Bank factory EXCELS in OVERSEAS solar project construction. Get a STELLAR BRAND REPUTATION and earn high customer trust. Build LONG-TERM COOPERATION with our rich experience.


packaging & shipping

Get connected with strong SHIPPING PARTNERs. We are talking to the likes of DHL and FedEx for your battery bank. Trust is GUARANTEED, NO WORRIES about delivery time. Grow your biz while BUILDING TRUST!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Effeby’s Solar Journey: Leeline Energy Delivers Quality and Sunshine

You won’t believe it, but Leeline Energy is rocking the solar energy GAME IN town! Wholesalers and installers trust us for FIRST-CLASS QUALITY goods.

Introducing Effeby, a US resident excited to set up solar power in his NEW HOUSE in Côte d’Ivoire. But distance and unfamiliarity got him hesitating.

No worries, though. We were ready and willing to ADDRESS THOSE CONCERNS!

Don’t stress. We shared our success stories and 15 years of solar energy expertise to ease your worries. Plus, We ROLLED UP with a great suggestion. We told him to have your FRIEND in China swing by our FACTORY.

The goal? It was to FACILITATE for hands-on INSPECTIONS and order CONFIRMATION. Trust us. With our powerful Chinese base, comes the CONFIDENCE that PHYSICAL PRODUCT checks provide. Our customer was in good hands!

Effeby’s friend checked the goods, and he went ahead with a 30% deposit. After CONFIRMATION, the final PAYMENT was MADE. Once settled, we sorted out product delivery to the warehouse. All good!

Guess what? Finally, after AROUND 50 days on a ship, Effeby got his goods! And bam—installation success. Made him one HAPPY CUSTOMER who shared pictures to show how much he loves our SOLAR POWER SYSTEM. Awesome!

And that’s it! Our solution brings you peace of mind, SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY and SATISFYING customers. We’re EXPERTS in solar energy, so trust us for YOUR POWER NEEDS.

What our customers say


Hey, let me tell you about Leeline Energy! Their PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER power bank is seriously amazing. It’s got USB PORTS and charges all my gadgets on the go. Plus, their BACKUP BATTERY pack is perfect for EXTRA JUICE. LOVE HARNESSING the sun’s energy to stay topped up with this battery bank!

Alvin R Gerber

Leeline Energy is the bomb! I got their PORTABLE solar charger power bank, and it’s been A game-CHANGER. It charges my PHONE on the go super fast WITH its USB ports. Plus, it acts as a BACKUP power source for all my ELECTRONIC DEVICES. Total must-have for anyone who needs RELIABLE charging wherever they go. Mad PROPS to Leeline’s Energy for their portable solar chargers!

Richard S Simonss

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    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Power Bank

    1. Is solar power bank better than normal power bank?

    Power banks are cool and all, but have you heard about solar POWER banks? They’re portable and eco-friendly. No more searching FOR OUTLETS because they charge up with SUNLIGHT. Now, charging your DEVICES is as easy as catching some rays!

    2. Are solar power banks useful?

    Well, solar power banks can COME in HANDY sometimes. They use the SUN’S ENERGY to charge devices when you’re on the GO or AWAY from outlets. Just keep in mind they might not fully juice up LARGER GADGETS as fast as regular chargers do. A small devices win. But hey, it’s a sweet BACKUP option!

    3. How could I choose a nice quality solar power bank?

    Go for ones with high-capacity sun-POWERED BATTERIES. Make sure those babies have more juice than you usually NEED DAILY. Oh, and remember not to suck them dry ’cause that can SHORTEN their lifespan. Keep it CHARGED UP!

    4. What is the most important part for a solar power bank, voltage or current? 

    Voltage is key when it comes to solar power banks. It decides how MUCH ENERGY they store and how fast devices charge. High VOLTAGE MEANS more STORAGE CAPACITY for them sunny vibes. Current also matters, but not as much as voltage retains the JUICE LONGER – got it?

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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