100w Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer

Leeline Energy comprises the EXPERTS. Dedicated to providing the ONE-STOP solutions for sustainable energy. We help you FILTER OUT THE best match suppliers. Grab the AFFORDABLE price for a 100w flexible solar panel wholesale. And speed up the BUSINESS growth. 

Uplift your BUSINESS with our experts’ approach. 

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Premium 100w Flexible Solar Panel Features

Leeline Energy is a GREEN ENERGY company that delivers CUSTOMIZED solutions for QUALITY solar panels. 

Extremely flexible. Our 100w solar PANEL is extremely FLEXIBLE. You can bend it at 30 degrees. It increases the EASE of your customers. Leading to IMPACT on your increased sales

IP65 junction box. IP65 Junction box in our SOLAR PANEL wholesale confirms SAFE CHARGING. No risks for the CUSTOMERS. It raises your customers’ TRUST in your solar panels and your business. 

Higher conversion rate. Our 100w solar panel ABSORBS solar light from wider angles. It improves the CONVERSION rate by multiplying power output. It is ANOTHER chance to RAISE your solar panel sales to NEXT-LEVEL!  

Easy to install. You have access to a LIGHTWEIGHT solar panel with only 3.97 pounds weight. It is SUPER EASY to install, hang, or TRANSPORT. You save COSTS on shipping due to lower weight. 

Wide range of application. Our solar panel is COMPATIBLE for 12 volts. If you make SERIES connections, it can charge a 24 VOLT battery as well. A wide RANGE of applications keeps your solar panels wholesale on TOP. So you enjoy more REPUTATION by selling reliable PV MODULES. 

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Advantages Of The Best 100w Flexible Solar Panel Services

product quality

100% product quality assurance

We find the BEST 100w flexible solar panel manufacturer for your solar modules. Choose them BASED on their PERFORMANCE and BEST-MATCH options. And ensure 100% QUALITY modules. You increase CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with our modules. 

solar designs

Custom solar designs

Our team LISTENS to your requirements. And gets you the CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS EFFORTLESSLY. You launch your BRAND and improve your brand image. 

production equipment

Good production equipment

We have the CUTTING-edge technology to manufacture a solar panel. It REDUCES the production time. And helps you SAVE time and cost with efficient production. 


Aim to diversify markets

You can launch our SOLAR MODULES in the international markets. It raises your CUSTOMERS. And diversifies your business from LOCAL to the GLOBAL market.


High-density packaging

We offer ROBUST packaging for your solar panels. There is NO RISK of damage in shipping. Moreover, you BETTER advertise your BRAND with branded packaging. 


Safe Payment Method

We offer 100% TRANSPARENT transactions. So you avoid the risks of scams. And win the CONFIDENCE of customers with ultimate SECURITY! 

A Wide Range of Applications







Solar Farm

Solar Farm

solar water pump

Solar Water Pump


Industrial Use

100w Flexible Solar Panel Production Line

Our 100w flexible solar panel PROCESS is highly PRODUCTIVE. And guarantees the HIGHEST QUALITY. You can IMPROVE your BRAND recognition. And enjoy a HIGHER BUSINESS PRESTIGE with our team! 

Product Parameters

Maximum Power/Pmax50W100W120W140W180W200W260W
Operating Voltage/Vmp18.00V19.44V21.60V25.92V17.28V19.44V20.16V
Operating Current/Imp2.78A5.14A5.56A5.40A10.42A10.29A12.90A
Open Circuit Voltage/Voc21.60V23.33V25.92V31.10V20.74V23.33V24.19V
Short Circuit Current/Isc3.06A5.65A6.12A5.94A11.46A11.32A14.19A
Cell Efficiency19.50%22.00%22.50%22.00%22.00%22.00%23.00%
Maximum System Voltage600V600V1000V1000V1000V1000V1200V
Maximum Fuse Rating18A18A18A18A18A18A18A
No. of Cells36(4*9)36(4*9)10(4*10)48(4*12)32(4*8)36(4*9)36(4*9)
Cell Dimension125*62.5 mm166*83 mm166*83 mm166*83 mm166*166 mm166*166 mm182*182 mm

Revolutionize your brand’s energy strategy! Partner with us for premium 100W flexible solar panels. Elevate your B2B business through eco-friendly solutions. Uncover wholesale opportunities that shine a light on profitability.


We help you GET the certificates like CE, TUV, ETL, and OHSAS18001. These INCREASE the PROFESSIONAL CREDIBILITY. And help you sell smoothly in Global Markets. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We assess the MANUFACTURING process of solar modules. It helps in ENSURING better quality. And reducing customer disputes.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member3

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a SOURCING GROUP working for more than a DECADE. Our PROFESSIONAL staff keeps a SPECIAL focus on your requirements. Has a STRICT QUALITY assurance and inspection criteria. Find the BEST 100w FLEXIBLE solar panel. And ensures the 100w flexible solar panel procure QUALITY. It helps you run your BUSINESS better. 

Gain the TRUST of your consumers by offering the best solar panels!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

We have been DEALING for so many years. Our strong SOURCING experience offers you a one-STOP solution. You don’t have to FIND multiple suppliers or face scams. Our SUPPLIERS are 100% reliable. And offer AFFORDABLE rates for the 100w FLEXIBLE solar panel. 

Save time and effort in finding suppliers with one-STOP service! 



Reduce Transaction Risk

Our team DOES quick jobs to avoid the RISKS of failing in business. We SORT out the best quality products. Find the TOP 100w flexible solar panel suppliers for EFFICIENT procurement. And ensure the payment options are SAFE. Timely delivery with TRACKING is our guarantee! 

Avoid any payment scams or DELIVERY DELAYS risks with our TEAM!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers first! It is our MOTTO. We pay heed to YOUR REQUIREMENTS. Think like the customers for a MOMENT. And give you the best suggestions on the 100w FLEXIBLE solar panel. You offer the BEST individual panels to your customers to grab their ATTENTION! 

Build a LONG-TERM relationship with customers by nurturing solutions! 

Standardized Procedure

Our team has a FOCUS on the standardized procedures for solar modules. We implement the ISO standards in solar manufacturing factories. Help you get the STANDARD certificates. And make your DEALS even smoother with a quality 100w flexible solar panel. 

Expand your solar BUSINESS to the global market with our STANDARDIZED processes!

Custom Solutions

We determine the NEEDS of our customers. Help them decide on the CUSTOMIZED features. And provide them with the EXACT solar panel with customized features. You better concentrate on your business. And fulfill the DEMANDS of your consumers

Win more customers by furnishing them with OPTIMUM power output!

Our Payment

We have multiple different PAYMENT options. All are 100% secure and ENCRYPTED. You prevent fraudulent activities or cyberattacks. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (4)
  • Demand Assessment

Our team CONTACTS you. Jot down all the demands regarding how much power input or OUTPUT you need. And hands over to you the MARKET INSIGHTS on that. You SPEED up your business progress by implementing MARKET-compatible solutions! 

  • Supplier Management

We work with multiple flexible versatile panel SUPPLIERS, and find our RELIABLE solar suppliers for you. Our team EVALUATES their performance. And helps decide FASTER whether to choose the specific one or not. You OPTIMIZE the business with trustworthy suppliers! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Suppose you and the supplier have AGREED. We prepare the LEGAL documents. It helps in having a LONG-TERM relationship. And no hurdle in fulfilling the DEAL. You get a TENSION-FREE deal with a smooth experience! 

  • Order Management

We help you connect 100w flexible solar panels’ STORE with our team. And manage the ORDER on one dashboard. It saves you TIME. And enables you to focus on BUSINESS marketing.

  • Logistics Coordination

We have a RELIABLE shipping team. Our shipping experts pack your orders. Apply the customized packaging as per BUSINESS needs. And ship them on time. You get REAL-TIME tracking facilities to know EXACT location of order. You get a FAST BRANDING opportunity with customized packaging!

  • Installation Support

We have the DETAILED videos on the safe installations of 100w flexible solar panel. You  offer them to your CUSTOMERS. And Help them avoid any issues with SAFE INSTALLATIONS. It can INCREASE customer retention practically!  

leelinesourcing team (8)

Our Reliable Partners


Our 100w Flexible Solar Panel Factory

We have a large manufacturing 100w flexible solar panel FACTORY of 18000 square meters. You experience HIGH production efficiency. And reduce the production TIME to focus on your marketing strategies.


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Our packaging is FULLY customized. Moreover, our shipping team SHIPS products on time. You TRACK orders with FAST shipping services. And ensure HIGH customer trust

packaging & shipping

Successful Project

case 2

Mr. Salvadico Wanted a 20 100-watt solar PANEL flexible with high power demand for his office.

Mr. Salvadico lives in the UKRAINE. And runs a BIG company that sells services globally. He contacted our team to find the HIGH SOLAR PANEL performance. 

After research, we helped them find clean solar panels. We assisted in INSTALLING and connecting solar panels. And finally, he called for more. He was impressed with our professional team. 

Mr. Cummins asked us to find ten 500-watt COMMERCIAL solar panels for the motel

Mr. Cummins is a MOTEL OWNER in Australia. He called our team. We wrote the SPECIFICATIONS, maximum power, and system output voltage. 

Our suppliers offered us CUSTOMIZED solar panels. And we helped Mr. Cummins install and connect solar panels in their motel. He is now happy with REDUCED electrical power costs.

What our customers say


The Leeline team is the best in the town. I have never seen such an oriented team. They helped me determine how many solar panels I could get for my home. And found the exact power system. That was unbelievable! 

Shawn K Kinne

I loved working with Leline Energy. There were two reasons for that. First, they knew what I needed. Second, they provided me with after-sales services. It is excellent when you are a business owner. 

Sharon S Barnett

People Also Ask About 100w Flexible Solar Panel

1. Does installing a flexible solar panel on your caravan rooftop reduce the heat inside your caravan on a hot day?

It depends on your approach. For example, if you GLUE the solar panel to the ROOFTOP, it might increase the HEAT. It can reduce the HEAT only if it is on a FRAME above the rooftop.

2. What is the efficiency of flexible solar cells compared to a regular silicon solar panel?

A flexible SOLAR panel produces LESS energy compared to rigid panels. Suppose rigid panels provide 20% efficiency. FLEXIBLE solar cells offer 15-20% efficiency. That is the DIFFERENCE in efficiency. 

3. What is the highest wattage of a flexible solar panel?

Highest WATTAGE of FLEXIBLE type of solar PANEL is 200-300 watts, not MORE than that. You can’t run the MAJOR home applications on it. For example, Air conditioners or electric water heaters don’t work on it. 

4. What is the life expectancy of a flexible solar panel?

Flexible type of solar panel has less LIFE than a rigid one. It might work for 15 years and still PRODUCE sufficient energy. If you do not maintain it PROPERLY, the life might REDUCE to five years only. 

5. How far can you bend a flexible solar panel?

Flexible solar MODULES have a GREAT tendency to bend. Some can bend up to 30 degrees. Other advanced solar PANELS might even bend up to 248 degrees

Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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