Solar Camping Lantern Manufacturer

Turn to GREEN energy without EXTRA worry as we manufacture solar CAMPING lanterns. We ensure the BEST quality ever. Streamline your CUSTOMER experience. Sell QUALITY. Keep your HEADS high. TURN your business into a REPUTABLE brand! 

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Premium Solar Camping Lantern Features

Get customized SOLAR POWER lantern solutions from LEELINE Energy experts! From EFFICIENCY to DESIGN, choose tailored SOLUTIONS! 

Efficient lighting

Not only does the LED bulb provide 360 DEGREES of lightning, but a huge opportunity.— Get the SAFETY cover. It EQUALLY spreads light. Keep the BRIGHTNESS under control with COLLAPSIBLE lights. 

Plus, you get ADDITIONAL emergency blinking. Keep your CONSUMERS safe on an adventure. DIRECT entry into the MINDS. Convince them to REVERT to your business! Business popularity on PEAK! 

Emergency power bank

Our solar CAMPING lanterns come up with EMERGENCY power banks. Enjoy 25 Hours of CONSTANT runtime — PERFECT for outdoors! Charge your electronic devices whenever NEEDED on your adventure

It is a BUMPER PACK for your consumers. Not leaving a SINGLE STONE unturned to win them. Add up MORE REVENUES by TAKING your sales up to MAX levels! 

Durable & Waterproof

ABS material construction takes STRENGTH to the next level. We have manufactured it with long-term perspectives. Enhanced DURABILITY. Effective WATER RESISTANCE. And high STRENGTH. 

Let the LIGHTS on even when it is RAINING. Offer unique SOLUTIONS to your consumers. It can be the RIGHT time to ESTABLISH yourself as a POSITIVE brand! 

Hook & compact design

HOOK DESIGN — ANOTHER PERFECT addition is there. Hang your solar LANTERN around the trees or wall. Hand out a MORE AESTHETIC look. Oh, the LIGHTWEIGHT design! Carry it along quickly. No HEAVY burden! 

Bring in the comfort of your CONSUMERS. Amplify their HOME beauty. ENJOY A STELLAR brand performance with high status among consumers! 

Multi-purpose versatility

Solar LANTERN is an ALL-IN-ONE solution! Decorate home. TAKE it for your fishing adventure. Do CAR REPAIRING under its portable LIGHT. Or climb on the cliff! 

Whatever your customers do, it is a WORTHY partner. Supporting them ALL the time with string lights. A GOLDEN TICKET to become the NUMBER ONE seller in the solar industry! And enjoy a HIGH recognition! 

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Solar Camping Lantern by Types

Collapsible Solar Lanterns

Collapsible Solar Lanterns

SUPER easy to use. They came up with USB power ports. Have a LOWER power consumption. And it is EASY to carry along on your FISHING or hiking. 

Furnishing SUCH excellent warm WHITE light solutions will GRAB their ATTENTION. Let the CUSTOMER rush inside. And IMPROVE your sales! 

Emergency Solar Lanterns

Emergency Solar Lanterns

Bright LED beads keep on BRIGHTNESS in the DARK. At the same time, wide RANGE lightning let the LIGHT flow to a far distance. Plus, string magnetic SUCTION keeps the light in the AREA.

With POWER bank, your customers add backup supplies. And have TRUST in your BUSINESS. Become a TRUSTED brand globally!

Inflatable Solar Lanterns

Inflatable Solar Lanterns

HIGHLY efficient. PVC pouch. Long battery life. And PORTABLE design, your consumers can CARRY it along whether they go on fishing or playing games. All is Going to FACILITATE your consumers.

Have consumers a POWERFUL and waterproof tent light solution. BRING a HUGE surge of potential customers.

Lighting Up Success: Illuminate your brand with our solar camping lanterns. Unlock wholesale discounts for a brighter, sustainable future. Join hands with us for radiant success. Inquire now!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Camping Lantern Services

product quality

Clear Quality Status

Every single SOLAR lantern goes through our SIGHTS. VARIOUS quality CHECKS. Test the dust proofing and waterproofing features. You get the SUPERIOR solar lanterns. REDUCE breakage RATES in the future. IMPROVE customer ventures and REPEAT their purchases. 


On-time Product Delivery

Count on us as we handle A to Z shipment tasks. Take care of Customs CLEARANCE. Say TA-TA to unnecessary pauses in SALES due to short supply. And BOOSTS your sales COUNT more effectively.

Excellent After-sale

Excellent After-Sale

Once you buy FROM us, you are DEAREST— no exceptions. Before or after, we are available 24/7. Tackle all your customer ISSUES related to solar PRODUCTS. Diminish CUSTOMER fusses. And BUILD long-term LOYALTY! 

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

Leave NEGOTIATIONS on us as we handle it with PROFESSIONAL communication. We get you COMPETITIVE product prices. You STAY AGILE in meeting market demands. Sustain brand visibility. Help you IMPROVE profits.



ORDER one solar lantern.—test quality. And MAKE better decisions for BULK. —No more STRESSED budget or monetary losses due to LOW-QUALITY deals. Relish FINANCIAL freedom with NO RESTRICTIONS on quantity. 

Professional Customization

Our product DEVELOPMENT team is the HIT of the CUSTOMIZATION. Spread COLORS for your imagined design. And brings up accurate SOLAR products. Create UNIQUE designs. Make your BRAND distinct. And RISE as a prominent business.

Creative Applications of Solar Camping Lantern









Lighting the way

Lighting the way


Street Light

Precise production process

Our PRODUCTION process is MATCHLESS. — Believe me, it is 100% true. Our solar ARRAY assembly on PCB ensures HIGH efficiency for MOST lights. Premium TESTING guarantees the best solar light source. Chuck out the RIVAL solar brands from the market. And ENJOY the SEAT of an INDUSTRY leader! 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Let’s FLY on the SKY! How? Our CE, TUV, SAA, ISO9001, and RoHS certificates ENSURE it. You sell GLOBALLY. Ship globally. FLY globally with an EXPANDED solar business presence!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

A THOROUGH inspection is the PRIME factor for us! We CHECK the camping lights SOLAR power. Try out WATER resistance. KEEP the PRODUCT issues away in the long run. Improve CUSTOMER delight. Uphold BUSINESS prestige effectively. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

It has been our REIGN in the SOLAR INDUSTRY for the past ten years. We have SETTLED hundreds of wholesale solar camping lantern deals! Stolen the SHOW in exploring the TOP-NOTCH suppliers. Ensure RELIABLE camping light solar products for our CONSUMERS. 

Unlock the POTENTIAL of our BEST camping lanterns. Dissolve CUSTOMER worries. Wear the CROWN of being a top brand! 

One-stop Sourcing

Believe me, it is time to ABANDON your research for solar camping lantern manufacturers. We’ve COVERED it effectively. Let us TAKE TIME TO find a BEST-MATCH solar camping LANTERN supplier. Procure INVENTORY. Handle shipments. 

Oh, one MORE thing I forgot— QUALITY CHECKS! We do it on the TOP to let you FLOW only the promising solar products through your business. Set your BRAND at EDGES of success. EMBARK, a victorious journey

sourcing agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Leave your PESKY deals on the BAY! All our TRANSACTIONS have to GO through MULTIPLE inspection checks! Not a SINGLE MISTAKE in B2B DEALS as we EVALUATE the trustworthiness of suppliers. Monitor the solar PRODUCT integrity. Expect the TOP-NOTCH solar camping lantern WHOLESALE PRODUCTS. 

Save money from CYBERPUNKS. SPEND wisely to POLISH your TRADEMARK. Hurray, the triumph is near with SAFETY!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

All about you — you are the PRIORITY. Get the WORDS out of your hearts, and let us KNOW your expectations. With the COMBINED approach, you can SHOCK the solar panel market. With INTEGRAL solar camping lantern wholesale solutions! 

Our TEAM goes CUT ABOVE your expectations. Input the BEST solar solutions for your CONSUMERS. Let you GET fantastic REVIEWS from your LOYAL consumers. 

Standardized Procedure

We handle SOURCING TO INSPECTION with our PROFESSIONAL approach. Quality TESTING processes based on your BUSINESS DEALS. Manually inspect battery cycle life, dimensions, and hardware components. 

Keep your CONSUMERS satisfied with our PROFESSIONAL solutions. Enjoy a CREDIBLE business from NOW ON!

Custom Solutions

Let us know YOUR DREAM features for solar powered camping lanterns. We turn over your DREAM solar designs into REALITY. — GUARANTEED! Feed your CONSUMERS their FAVORITE soft LIGHT solutions. Keep their RETURNS to the MINIMAL levels. SPEED up your BUSINESS GROWTH!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Fetch the QUALITY, quality, and design DEMANDS out of your soul. Our experts WILL ASSESS it! Give the EXCELLENT suggestions. 

Flavor with EXPERT’S market intelligence. Making informed decisions is a PIECE of cake now! ERUPT your business POTENTIAL right away!

  • Supplier Management

Have some MERCY on your PHYSICAL strength. Let us HANDLE all the solar CAMPING lanterns burden suppliers. We MONITOR and check out their MANUFACTURING setup. And optimize their WORK performance! 

You expect the SOLID-ROCK lightweight string lights from your SUPPLIERS. Garnish your BRAND presentations! 

  • Contract Negotiation

SAY GOODBYE TO Knotty CONTRACTS. Our legal TEAM is on your back. From DRAFTING to reviewing TERMS, count on us! Eliminate all UNNECESSARY DELAYS in solar lantern deals. Conserve time. FOCUS more on your BUSINESS evolution. 

  • Order Management

Relieve the EXTRA burden of order management. Our TEAM is adept at it. We hand confirm and TRACK your solar camping lanterns order. Plus, we handle CHANGES and cancellations. 

Improve consumer EXPERIENCE. Put up with a SUPERB customer journey. KEEP the sales on the VERTEX! 

  • Logistics Coordination

Say HELLO to the wind like LOGISTICS speed. Our shipping team PACKS solar camping lantern ORDERS ASAP! Ensure PREMIUM packaging. SHIP with GUARANTEED timely delivery with ZERO DAMAGE. TIME to expel CUSTOMER worries. ENJOY a better INFLUX of consumers. 

  • Installation Support

Worried about INSTALLATION? FORGET it. We have DETAILED installation videos for solar lights. Moreover, we offer PHONE help and remote GUIDANCE. With NO INSTALLATION problems, your customers get a HIGH-CLASS experience. And become your LONG-TERM buying partners! 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

No FEAR when we are THERE! Our PayPal, Bank Transfer, and CREDIT cards are the Safest options. No MORE payment FRAUDS. Avoid LOSING money to scammers and hackers!  

Western Union

Wholesale Radiance: Fuel your brand with our solar camping lanterns. Brighten your business prospects sustainably. Exclusive wholesale rates for visionary partners. Light the way to success – inquire now!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Camping Lantern Factory

Our solar camping LANTERN factory is HARD-HITTING in QUALITY solar light production. Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY. Larger capacity. And FASTER production. Get a NON-STOP supply. And go on SELLING without falling prey to BACKORDERS! 


packaging & shipping

Be glad as we have RECENTLY implemented HIGH-DENSITY packaging. No MORE DAMAGE to your products. Our logistics team SHIPS products on time. — CONFIRM! Wipe out customers WORRIES about products. And augment business with timely SOLUTIONS! 


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Lighting the Way: Our Quick and Quality Solar Lantern Supply

Not LONG ago, I remember, but it was WORTH dealing with our dearest CLIENT. Mr. Vladimiar has a solar brand in Russia and sells multiple solar products under its label. 

He called us the NEXT DAY after he fell short of SOLAR LANTERN supply. Guess what? He not only wanted the solar lantern but additional RESOURCES for the power outages, for example, a power bank with a battery. 

Here is our deal— Why we are the best! 

We TOOK on the PROJECT. Asked for the CLEAR requirements to help PROCEED better. Here is the LIST of features he needed. 

  • 100 pieces of solar LANTERNS 
  • Different colors like ambient light, warm light, and RED light. 
  • Different settings like higher and lower settings to power up and down. 

Now, see our MAGIC. We got the list of top suppliers in the TOWN. Explored the best match. And congrats, we got it on the First go. No TIME WASTAGE! 

Guess why our client chose us? 

  • Best Quality Solar lanterns
  • No product issues. 
  • Installation guide. 
  • Faster shipping. 

All FAVORED us! Leading to a SUCCESSFUL journey and accessible business deals. So, he CHOSE us for his project. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


I am very thankful to the Leeline Energy team for their dedication. They helped me tackle my power outages. And found out the top solar lanterns. I loved their work. 

Daniel C Howard

From my side, I would give 5/5 to the Leeline team for their expertise. The staff is very experienced. And they helped me get affordable lanterns. Thank you, team! 

Doris R Jackson

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Camping Lantern

    1. How do I choose solar camping lantern suppliers?

    Choosing a RIGHT camping lantern supplier is quite IMPORTANT. Here are the top PICKS to look for: 

    · Supplier is VERIFIED. 
    · Popularity of the suppliers. 
    · Quality manufacturing setup for solar panels. 
    · Production capacity

    2. How many lumens do I need for a camping lantern?

    A camping LIGHT is BASED on persons. 40-50 lumens per PERSON. Now multiply it by the NUMBER of persons. Five people would need 200-250 lumens! The more NUMBERS would need more lumens of light. 

    3. How can I guarantee the quality?

    Quality depends on VARIOUS factors like: 

    · Structure of the solar-powered lights. 
    · Efficiency of the energy production from direct sunlight. 
    · Long-lasting battery. 
    · Longer lifespan. 

    These key points help FIND the best solar lights! 

    4. How do you choose a camping lantern?

    Flashlights, candles, and HEADLAMPS are obsolete now. Camping lanterns offer 360 DEGREES of bright light. Here is what you should look for; 

    · Lightweight design
    · Quality manufacturing STRUCTURE. 
    · Battery power. 
    · How much brighter it is! 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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