Photovoltaic Canopy Manufacturer

Leeline Energy helps you establish your Photovoltaic Canopy business. We handle all supply chain management from sourcing to shipping. You get customized sizes & design options to meet the customer’s demands. 

A top-notch facility that reduces production costs & time. Receive delivery timely with proper product inspection. 

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Premium Photovoltaic Canopy Features

Leeline Energy focuses on getting you the best quality Canopy with high efficiency. You get the best ROI Photovoltaic canopies. 

Harmful Radiation Filter:

Spectra controls the damaging solar IR radiations to photovoltaic (PV) cells or panels. You sell them into European Markets without safety restrictions. The quality meets the requirements and reduces the customs clearance time and increases customer flow.

Variety Of Glass Design Options:

Receive canopies in attractive & aesthetic designs. We help you in getting silk-screening, ceramic frits, or different colors. Charging stations pay extra for interactive designs to stand out from competitors. Enhances your sales and customers. 

Environmental protection:

Photovoltaic Canopies have a long stand suitable for remote geological sites. We customize heights for remote & harsh areas with geological protection concerns. Meet your customers’ needs so that they bring you more customers and good reviews.

Maximum pre-assembled structure:

Install them in a short time with an already assembled structure. You only need to mount them. MOST pre-assembly saves construction time & labor costs. More Profit for you! 

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Photovoltaic Canopy by Types

Aluminum Photovoltaic Canopy

Effective Use of Space comes with many designs. Show this to your urban clients with compact spaces. You Save expensive support to low maintenance needs.

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 Photovoltaic Pergola

Pergolas are aesthetically pleasing and the best addition to outdoor space. You attract both Domestic & commercial customers for it. Contributes to product sales and customer retention.

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Photovoltaic Patio Covers

They embed into your building design as a valuable addition. We check on the sealing frames so you get a 100% waterproof shade. Your customers save more power and help you introduce more customers.

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Photovoltaic Canopy Carports

High-efficiency photovoltaic canopies allow fast charging of your customers’ cars. Fast charging means more customers at a charging station in a single time. Your business wins the market and gets better benefits.

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Revolutionize Your B2B Energy Strategy – Choose Photovoltaic Canopy for Wholesale Success!

Advantages Of The Best Photovoltaic Canopy Services



You face less transportation and handling costs as they are lightweight. Easier to store them before installation. Your warehouse saves space & easy to assemble, making construction safe.

Flexibility & Adjustment

Flexibility & Adjustment

Adjust it depending on your customer’s needs. We help you in getting more folding and flexible designs. You store and transport these flexible designs without product damage. Get high-quality products with low shipping costs.

Professional Customization 

Professional Customization 

We help you with customizations from designs and color to Size. Attract customers by providing something unique and different from others. Creates a unique brand image in quality, efficiency, or product experience. 

Reasonable Transportation

Reasonable Transportation

Adjust your transportation schedule to get timely deliveries in peak seasons. You get timely delivery with branding to Reduce marketing costs with increased efficiency. 

Short Lead Time 

Short Lead Time 

Fast Production facility with a short lead time to handle your customers fast. We focus on improved product quality (heavy industry, improved yield rate). Your products are also in stock, so customers get them without delay and shortage. 

Reliable Supplier Network 

Reliable Supplier Network 

We help you with Photovoltaic Skylight wholesale supplier selection through inspection. Your supplier has good production capacity to meet your order quantity. Expand your production and business in peak season to make more profit. 

Creative Applications of Photovoltaic Canopy

Energy Generation

Energy Generation

Sun Protection

Sun Protection



Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Bus Station

Bus Station



Precise production process

Production of Photovoltaic modules starts first in our Large Production setup. Panels could be transparent or shaded, depending on your requirements.

We test every raw material before Setting up panels for the rooftop solar sheet. Height varies with designs, but it keeps you profitable in every situation. 

Unleash a new era of efficiency and sustainability. Explore our wholesale advantages today.


Increase your business reputation with Professional certifications. We got your IEC, CE, TUV, and SGS certificates for smooth customs clearance. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

You WORK with trustworthy suppliers through our inspection processes. The on-site inspection report gives you the best idea about their standards & equipment. Our staff visits their Photovoltaic Skylight factory during the inspection. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

You get the best advice from industry experts from PRODUCT Development to Logistics.

Our experts have played a leading role in the Photovoltaic canopy market. Establish a brand from our international supply chain experience. 

One-stop Sourcing

We handle the hassle of dealing with Photovoltaic Canopy suppliers simultaneously. Save time and get timely updates on your PV Canopy.

You receive your orders after all the extra services and consolidation from us. Forget all the hassle of receiving orders separately & merging them with expensive labor. 

One-stop sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Use our encrypted payment gateways(Visa, Payoneer) to avoid possible risks. Our staff checks all the Financial reports from suppliers for complete transparency.

Avoid fraud for Photovoltaic canopy with Safe and secure transactions. Receive new market prices and cost updates to adjust your strategy. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Our main priority is your satisfaction, from product quality to shipping. We handle your every order from the customer’s perspective.

Quality staff checks every single functionality of Photovoltaic canopies. Then DETAILED inspection helps you to save from costly mistakes. 

Standardized Procedure

Tested and Proven standardized A to Z process to save your time. Efficient and Hard working staff for timely delivery of your PV Canopy.

Keep your clients happy without any quality issues. You save time & get consistent support without formulating a long extensive strategy. 

Custom Solutions

You get customized Solutions according to your commercial client’s needs. We help you with custom sizes, designs, and FRAMES to meet demands.

Our staff pays attention to every detail, from DESIGN, Efficiency to Shipping. A customized strategy makes your costs low with scheduled delivery. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our Supply chain experts help you to choose the right product type. Keep your Photovoltaic Canopies ready before seasonal sales with our strategy. Save yourself from delays with timely production. 

  • Supplier Management

Hundreds of Photovoltaic Canopy Manufacturers are in our network after detailed checking. We handle your suppliers with time-to-time monitoring & inspections. You save time and make Quality & Pricing decisions by looking at our detailed reports. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Our staff helps you to negotiate pricing, quality, and other contract terms. You get the best favorable terms after negotiations. We focus on getting you Photovoltaic panels & Canopies with most features. Easier for you to attract clients. 

  • Order Management

You keep yourself satisfied and free from all order management tasks. We receive, inspect, consolidate, & Pack your PV Canopies from suppliers. Solar system experts test each feature of the canopy structure before shipping. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Receive your orders with complete logistics support in Protected Packaging. Use our short routes with complete handling to save costs. We offer warehousing & storage with all extra services. Get your Photovoltaic Canopy with all shipping methods (Air, Sea & trucking). 

  • Installation Support

Make your own branded solar installations guide with our experts. We already have videos of solar panel installation with branding. Makes the installation process easy & understandable for your customers. It saves you huge installation labor costs and time. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Encrypted & Trusted Payment methods for all National & International transactions. Pay with trusted business channels with complete encryption. Every supplier has these getaways, so you save time using these solutions. 

Western Union

Canopy Power Play: Wholesale Solutions for Your B2B Brand’s Sustainable Triumph!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Photovoltaic Canopy Factory

Skilled workers in the top-notch facility to produce your panels on time. High production standards with all certifications and the latest equipment. You get the best of the best quality with consistency.

Our Photovoltaic Canopy Factory

packaging & shipping

We pack your canopies and Solar panels in Protected packaging. The packaging ranges from carton/ wooden pallets to keep them safe. You enjoy safe and security, Leading to long-term business relations! 

packaging & shipping

Wholesale Photovoltaic Canopy power solutions – the winning combination.

Successful Project

Successful Project

PV Canopies of 20KW solar commercial farm in chad

Our client wanted to set up a renewable energy farm from solar power in CHAD. They installed a hydro Power system on a nearby stream. 

We came up with the high Efficient Photovoltaic power canopies. They generate solar electricity with higher efficiency. 

They provided a shade, too, for people and system accessories. As a result, they started to make good money with the solar installation of canopies.

Three PV CANOPIES for six parking lots for a Charging Station in the Netherlands 

Europe is heading towards clean energy, and we are also helping to achieve this goal. Our client wanted to have charging stations for electric vehicles. 

We installed three PV canopies to fulfill the energy needs of 6 cars at a time. EV OWNERS park their cars under CANOPIES. They are providing shade to them with a parking spot. 

The client is very happy as new customers are coming for him. The EV trend is getting popular, and it’s a great alternative to fossil fuels.

Successful Project
What our customers say


LEELINE Energy is the most trusted Sourcing partner we got till now. They helped in every process, from product development to supplier selection. I recommend working with LEELINE Energy. 


We worked with Leeline Energy for our Energy business outsourcing. I found them very helpful and transparent in every process. Thanks to their team, who helped in the formation of my strategy. Every business owner should work with them because of their work ethic.


People Also Ask about Photovoltaic Canopy

How can I get Photovoltaic Canopy sample?

Yes, but it costs to have a sample too. You have to pay the sample cost along with shipping costs. Instead, hire an inspection agent to give you a detailed report on all types of products. 

How much does a Photovoltaic Canopy cost?

It is used commercially to recharge an electric vehicle or in Solar farms. PV canopy ranges from various price brackets depending on efficiency & panels. On average, it starts from 30,000$ to 40,000$. 

Do Photovoltaic Canopy work in winter?

Yes, they work in winter, but their efficiency varies depending on sunlight. Yet they are durable enough to handle the snow pressure in winter. The corrosion-resistant feature makes them last long in rainy seasons too. 

How many cars will fit in a 20×20 Photovoltaic canopy?

Parking lot canopy has different sizes, but 20*20 is a standard size. Assuming a single car needs 9 to 10 feet of average parking space. According to this, 20×20 would be best for two big cars. 

Which is better: aluminum vs glass Photovoltaic canopy?

The Aluminum canopy is easy to install, durable, and cost-effective. Yet, a Glass PV canopy is more energy efficient, good in aesthetics, and costly. It depends on which features you prefer most. 

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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