500w Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a GREEN technology company bringing revolution to SOLAR PANELS. With flawless SUPPLY CHAIN, you get access to all the one-stop solutions. We have a LONG-list of SOLAR PANEL suppliers suited to your business. 

With ultimate dedication toward sustainable energy solutions, we expect to step into the green future. You get the highest efficiency 500-watt solar panels in your budget.

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Premium Best 500w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy has 500w solar panel options with ultimate QUALITY and DURABILITY for your solar systems.

Highly efficient. 500-watt solar panel produces sufficient energy for your needs. It has an efficiency rating of 21%. Your customers can install it without compromising the needs of energy.

Anti-reflective glass. The glass does not reflect. That is why it absorbs light and produces 2-3% more ENERGY. With high efficiency, your customers move to your 500-watt solar panels factory.

High power output. It increases the 5-25% power of PV modules. You can expect better performance no matter what season it is.

High performance in weak sunlight. Even if there is less light, it works. You can produce sufficient power. It can be impressive for your customers who live in cold areas.

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Advantages Of The Best 500w Solar Panels

Enhanced Mechanical Load

Enhanced Mechanical Load

The 500-watt solar panel has HIGH MECHANICAL strength.

It will increase the ease of installation for your customers.

solar panels

Less energy loss

The loss of heat energy is a big con. But in 500-watt solar panels, there is no such case. It has optimized solutions for heat loss protection.

Cutting extra costs on energy is not a BIG PROBLEM anymore.

solar energy

Anti-PID strength

POTENTIAL INDUCED DEGRADATION affects the yield. A 500-watt solar panel has power against it. Your customers will enjoy a high yield while saving the overhead costs.


Competitive prices

500-watt solar panels are available at the LOWER COSTS. You will get high durability at feasible prices. It increases profit margins. Isn’t it great?

customer support

After-sale customer support

We have a professional team ready to provide professional support. You get help even after installing the SOLAR panel systems. Your customers will become PERMANENT with it.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Do you have a specific design? We can prepare a personalized opportunity with combined EFFORTS. You are at ease with the required conditions.

A Wide Range of Applications

commercial solar building

Commercial Solar Buildings

Solar Farms

Solar Farms

solar panels for camping

Solar Panels for Camping

solar panles boat

Solar Panels for Boats

solar panles rv

Solar Panles RV

Solar roof

Solar Roof

500w Solar Panels Production Line

Solar Cell sorting. Experts make individual solar. Sort them out. And make their series.

High-Speed series welding. The solar cells are arranged into a series. Formulated and welded to manufacture solar panel systems.

Visual Inspection. The visual inspection identifies the design. You can detect minor defects also.

EVA paving. EVA paving allows the exposed surface to absorb sunlight. It guarantees high efficiency.

Junction Bar Welding. Now the expert makes the junctions between the series of cells.

Laminating. For safety, an extra layer of protection is necessary. Lamination ensures it.

Encapsulation and framing. Now the encapsulation further modifies the solar panels. It helps in effective SECURITY. 

EL testing and packing. EL testing detects all the defects. After that, packaging occurs.

Product Parameters

Max Power-pmax(W)400W410W430W525W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)31.1431.1331.8841.28
Maximum Power Current(Imp)12.8513.1713.4912.72
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)37.05±3%37.73±3%38.49±3%49.10±3%
Short Circuit Current(lsc)13.67±3%13.91±3%14.23±3%13.56±3%
Module Efficiency(%)20.4821.0022.0220.31
Power Tolerance0~+3 W
*STC irradiance 1000W/m²,AM1.5,and cell temperature of 25℃
Max Power-pmax(W)540W550W600W620W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)41.7641.5045.3945.79
Maximum Power Current(Imp)12.9313.2613.2213.54
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)49.70±3%50.21±3%54.95±3%55.55±3%
Short Circuit Current(lsc)13.83±3%14.00±3%13.97±3%14.25±3%
Module Efficiency(%)20.8921.2921.4622.18
Power Tolerance0~+3 W
*STC irradiance 1000W/m²,AM1.5,and cell temperature of 25℃

Revolutionize your brand’s energy strategy with 500W solar panels. Supercharge your wholesale offerings with sustainable power. Join forces for a greener future – Empower Your Brand, Power Your Business!


We get the SAFETY CERTIFICATES to expand your business. TUV, ISO14001, ETL, and ISO9001 are POPULAR CERTIFICATES available.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

After a thorough inspection, we prepare a REPORT regarding your SOLAR PANEL 500 WATT. This report ensures the STATUS of quality and relevant factors.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is not a NEW company just boasting about its achievements. We have been working for more than ten years. And in these years, we have ACHIEVED MILESTONES

Worked with hundreds of customers. Provided them with 500-watt solar panels. And we acquired the status of a SUCCESSFUL SOLAR solution in ASIA. 

You get reliable solar panel factories. And the LOWEST COSTS.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

We are your bread and butter. You don’t have to find many suppliers. Our team procures expertise in the evaluation of Manufacturers. We understand your NEEDS. Find the 500w solar panels suppliers with desired features. And close the deals at AFFORDABLE COSTS.

You get flawless 500 WATT SOLAR PANELS in town!!

Sourcing Agent
secure business transactions

Reduce Transaction Risk

Everything is under your control virtually. Our professional team uses the TRANSPARENT way to settle deals with suppliers. You can store products in our warehouses. And pay us with no overhead costs. Even the product delivery is on-time with ACCURATE tracking. 

No headache for SCAMS when purchasing 500-watt solar panels!!!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


Our motto is CUSTOMERS ON THE FRONT LINE!! We closely work with you to understand the need for 500-watt solar panels. Our team thinks from both perspectives to deliver the BEST RESULTS. You get instant solutions for your solar panels.

Work with our PROFESSIONALS TO get your solar panels as a top priority.



Since we are EXPERTS, we have a professional approach to handling the processes. Whether testing products or inspecting factories, the goal is to get the BEST. And ISO-certified procedures ensure the INTERNATIONAL LEVEL quality 500w solar panels.

We ensure long-term cooperation with HIGH-QUALITY deals.


Do you have specific requirements for your 500-watt solar panel? No problem. Leeline Energy TEAM provides CUSTOMIZED solutions. You let us know the specifications for wattage and technology. We note it. Apply it. And deliver it in specified timeframes.

Obtain matchless designs compatible with your commercial or RESIDENTIAL solar modules.

Our Payment

We have the secure payment options available. There is no case of SCAM for the given price with 100% TRANSPARENT TRANSACTIONS.

Western Union

Touch the new heights of business with our solar panels.

leelinesourcing team

How we support you?

Demand Assessment: We estimate the quantity and quality of the solar panel. Do market research. And find the best deals COMPATIBLE to your needs. You’ll get the BEST SOLUTION for the required solar panel wattage.

Supplier Management: We have multiple solar brands working with us. You can CHECK their main features. We assess and deal with the BEST BRANDS. Our team is adept at managing your suppliers without problems.

Contract Negotiation: Our professional team set up the legal terms before making the deal. We get it signed by the supplier and you. After that, TRADES become feasible and easy. The dealings OCCUR without a single problem.

How we support you?

Order Management: Our warehouse workers handle all your 500-watt solar PANEL storage. Integrate your stores. And get direct delivery to your customers. The whole process MAKES your order management smooth.

Logistics Coordination: We have integrated a logistics system. Our warehouse’s PROCESS ORDERS. Pack solar panels. And ship them on time with the TRACKING ID. There is no need to worry about the shipping.

Installation Support: Our installation videos won’t leave you ALONE. We send you a detailed guide for the INSTALLATION PROCESS. Your customers will be happier. You get more orders.


Transform your brand’s energy landscape with 400W solar panels. Unleash wholesale potential with our high-efficiency solutions. Partner for excellence and redefine your business success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our 500w Solar Panels Factoty

We have 100+ factories on our list. All the factories are READY to provide all types of SOLAR EQUIPMENT available.


Packing & Delivery

We store your 500-watt SOLAR PANELS wholesale in our warehouses. Use STRONG packaging. And deliver them to your doorstep on time.


Successful Project

solar panels customer

Successful cases of installation in residential areas

Mr. Patrick is from Germany and called us for a 500-watt solar panel. We wanted to install it in the residential zone.

After the discussion, we found the best supplier with a good price. Estimated the available space and physical size of a 500-watt solar panel. And installed it.

After a week, Mr. Patrick was super happy with the solar equipment. He loved it.

500-watt solar panels installation with Mr. Murphy

Mr. Murphy owns a residential area in France. He contacted our team to install the 500-watt solar panels wholesale. In actuality, he wanted an affordable solution.

Our team facilitated him with all the suppliers for 500-watt solar panels wholesale products.

After installation, he appreciated your efforts and recommended us to his friends.

solar panels customer
What our customers say


To be honest, there is no one like the leeline team. They are very cooperative. They listened attentively to my requirements. And found the best solution I could for my 500-watt solar panels factory. A big applause for them!


I have no words to describe the efforts of Leeline Energy. They have been exceptional. From sourcing to delivery, everything was flawless. I recommend using them for a 500-watt solar panels factory.


People Also Ask About 500w Solar Panels

1. Which is the cheapest solar panel in India?

The price depends on:
· Power
· Solar Capacity
· How efficient are your smaller solar panels?
· The solar companies you are using.
· Technology.
You can calculate the cost depending on per watt. For example, the cost per watt is 40-85 INR.

2. Is it better to have more solar panels or more batteries?

What do you already have? If the batteries are there, get more solar panels. They will generate more power. And more power will suffice all the electricity you need. Use things accordingly.

3. Should I install solar panels in Chicago?

YES. You can install the 500-watt solar panel in Chicago. For that, know the requirements. Settle for sufficient energy. And ensure cost justifies the return. So, go for the 500-watt solar installation.

4. Can solar panels be installed in a garage?

YES, you can install it. Keep one thing in mind. Place them on the roof, not inside. It will help you generate more power in your GARAGE.

5. What is the ideal location for solar panels?

The purpose of the solar panel is to convert sunlight into electrical power. Rooftop installations are the best location. Here there will be maximum sunlight on your 500-watt SOLAR PANEL.

We’ve got the most user-friendly and fully integrated solar solution on the market.

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