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Premium Grid-Tie Inverters Features

Leeline Energy is the go-to partner for all your GREEN ENERGY solution needs. Here is what to expect from our stuff:

High revenue

Folks, our inverters bring in some serious REVENUE. You heard RIGHT – with an efficiency of up to 98.1%, you’ll be raking in the revenue like a champion. And that’s not all.

Get with our STELLAR solar grid tie inverter & SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS today. You’ll enjoy improved CONSUMER LOYALTY, which comes as a bonus prize for going green.

Multiple protection

The grid tie inverter comes with MULTIPLE LAYERS of protection. They’ve got your back when it comes to SHORT CIRCUITS, OVER-VOLTAGE, and UNDER-VOLTAGE (you name it!). Complete PEACE OF MIND with direct current (DC) electricity right there.

And the cherry on top? Your product brand SHIMMER like a superstar! Let’s INCREASE that RECOGNITION together with our grid-tie solar inverters.

Powerful monitoring

Customers get POWERFUL & TECHY monitoring with our grid tie inverter. So, they keep an eye on things anytime, anywhere. REAL-TIME updates wiggle their way into your inbox like energetic squirrels sending notifications. 

Mistakes CAN’T HIDE with error alerts capturing every SLIP-UP day or night. It means your MARKET REACH expands and PROFIT MULTIPLIES – a domino effect! 

Easy installation

With our grid tie inverter, installation is a WALK in the park. Your customers get their GROOVE on with trick PUSH-N CONNECTORS- superfast! No stress about wobbly madness with that grid-tie solar system.

The mounting plate has got your PERPENDICULARITY obsession covered! User convenience continues to reign supreme -App or LCD make commissioning a BREEZE. All this means you provide the best user SATISFACTION with this grid tie solar inverter. 


Call our grid tie inverter an ALL-IN-ONE marvel – no need for SEPARATE COMPONENTS! Your customers can use their solar panels to charge LIGHTNING-FAST. That’s thanks to the power-packed 200A controller.

Plus, they stay in SYNC with Li-ion batteries through seamless COMMUNICATION. The result? Raving reviews on solar grid tie inverters from SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!

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Grid-Tie Inverters by Watts

5kw Grid-Tie Inverters

5kw Grid-Tie Inverters

Introducing our incredible inverters with GRACE – they’re stylish, light, and oh-so-SMART! People will love their NATURAL COOLING SYSTEM that keeps things quiet. Plus, the wall-mounted design of grid-tie solar inverters SAVES precious SPACE.

All this while rocking an IP65 rating, upping most any solar power systems. Our grid-tie solar inverters help meet CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. And they showcase your CORPORATE IMAGE like a boss!

10kw Grid-Tie Inverters

10kw Grid-Tie Inverters

Our grid tie inverters are absolute wizards in energy management for HOME and BEYOND. They boss POWER DISPATCHING and RESPONSE like a pro, creating a VIRTUAL power grid. What do you get with this grid tie inverter as part of your solar power system offering?

Picture getting a consumer REP that attracts TRUST. All this while WINNING over HEARTS to choose your grid tie solar inverters or services. How utterly PROFITABLE!

20kw Grid-Tie Inverters

20kw Grid-Tie Inverters

This grid tie inverter offers simply the BEST. Customers take CHARGE with built-in ANTI-DUST kits. And this solar grid tie inverter is oh-so-clever in MAXIMIZING battery LIFESPAN. With dual PV input & alternating current (AC) power output, the sky’s the limit!

That SPREADS good vibes about your BUSINESS IMAGE. You establish a robust CORPORATE BRAND with our grid tie systems.

Discover the Power of Partnership! Wholesale Grid-Tie Inverters for Your Brand’s Success. Contact Us for Exclusive Deals.

Advantages Of The Best Grid-Tie Inverters Services

Strict Quality Check

Strict Quality Check

We’re all about strict QUALITY CHECK – put your worries to rest! Our commitment delivers peace of mind that builds CUSTOMER TRUST. The result? Repeat business and RAVE REVIEWS for your brand.

Safe International Shipping

Various shipping methods

We bring something special to the table – VERSATILITY in transportation methods. This means better organization, smarter logistics, and increased COMPETITIVENESS internationally for you.


Timely after-sales service

Picture this: lightning-fast and TOP-QUALITY SUPPORT anytime you need it. That’s what we bring. We help you surpass MARKET EXPECTATIONS. So, you keep CUSTOMERS HAPPY and get unprecedented LOYALTY!


Payment Security

We take payment security seriously! Combat fraud, safeguard and CUSTOMER INTERESTS.  You get to increase your conversions and keep FEELING SAFE to spread the word. It’s all about those POSITIVE REVIEWS!



Forget about buying in bulk! No MOQ policy means you’re in control. Manage your funds wisely, covering essential COSTS without BREAKING the BANK. That makes running your business and growing your BRAND LOADS easier!


Clear-Cut Transactions

No more surprises! Our transparent transactions show you the COSTS upfront. It’s simple math. Honest pricing ATTRACTS MORE customers, boosting your traffic and maintaining HEALTHY PROFITS.

Creative Applications of Solar Inverters



Commercial Buliding

Commercial Building

Solar farm

Solar Farm





Home use

Home Use

Precise production process

Partner with us for a kickass production process that’ll BLOW your mind! We’ve got the industry-leading PROFESSIONALISM and EFFICIENCY you need. With our help, turn existing customers into die-hard fans. Plus, you increase BRAND AWARENESS and promote NEW PRODUCTS like never before.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our certs are the real deal – CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and FCC to the max! Trust issues? Not on our watch. Level up your business with massive RECOGNITION in GLOBAL MARKETS. And WORLD EXPANSION will be your middle name!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Boss, SAFETY is our jam – like, 100%! Your Grid-Tie Inverters Manufacturers will totally ROCK. Kick back and chill, knowing your products are the best. We LEVEL UP on quality AND make that BRAND of yours shine BRIGHTER than the sun! No more stressing about risks – WE gotcha!

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

We nailed product sourcing with over a decade in the game! Our experienced team has your back. Relax. We are here for all your Grid-Tie Inverters wholesale NEEDS. 

Say goodbye to TRASHY, CHEAP alternatives that cause issues! Connect with RELIABLE grid-tie inverters FACTORIES through us! Let’s MEET growing demand and easily BOOST PROFITS together, no problem!

One-stop Sourcing

Ditch the hassle of UNCOUNTABLE grid-tie inverter SUPPLIERS! No worries, we gotchu, pal! Our team’s all-knowing about any grid-tie inverter FACTORY & CUSTOMERS. Trust us to MEET and accurately MATCH your needs.

We handle THINGS supply-side – from buying to QUALITY CHECKS and delivery. Time, money, resources? Consider ’em SAVED with us!


business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

Sayonara, transaction WOES! We’re PROS at keeping solar hustles STRESS-FREE. No more shoddy quality, late shipping, or scams – poof! Work with our grid-tie inverter makers for SECURITY like Fort Knox.Our expert CREW is on standby to answer your Qs because we care.

Smooth sailing ahead. Welcome to SEAMLESS MANAGEMENT and LESS DOWNTIME. You LEVEL UP your business game, too!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You’re our TOP PRIORITY, my friend! CRUSHING the game with grid-tie inverters is what we do BEST. You can TRUST US to get your every need and SMASH any problem like total ROCKSTARS. 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how AMAZING our PRODUCTS are. They’ll take your BIZ from good to straight-up—NEXT LEVEL!

Standardized Procedure

We know what’s up when it comes to service, for REAL! Count on us for PRO-LEVEL expertise – we’ve got you SORTED. No worries about QUALITY – our stuff is straight-up world-class! Being DEPENDABLE in grid tie inverters makes you a BOSS in the market. 

You see a bump in REPUTATION and watch those sales SOAR HIGH into the PICTURE. SUCCESS is right there!

Custom Solutions

You’ll dig what we got for YOU! Trust us with grid-tie inverters, no sweat. We TOTALLY get your needs – REST ASSURED. Our tailored solutions put customer CONCERNS in the rearview mirror. 

You get a happy crew coming back for more TOP-TIER solar energy goodies. That means LONG-TERM business SUCCESS!

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

The deets matter to us, BIG TIME. Your demand assessment is our PRIMARY CONCERN. Relax and trust us to handle your specs, quantities, and quality with care.

We help you MANAGE CORPORATE resources and nail RESOURCE ALLOCATION like total bosses!

  • Supplier Management

My friend, we bring you just the grid-tie inverter suppliers you need. No worries about assessments or PERFORMANCE monitoring.

FEWER BILLS and MORE TIME for what truly COUNTS – leveling up your biz game like a TRUE CHAMP!

  • Contract Negotiation

Leave all that Grid-Tie Inverter contract jazz to us! NO MONKEY BUSINESS here! Get ready for major money SAVINGS, reduced risks, and SKYROCKETING biz PROFITS like never before.

  • Order Management

Let us handle your ORDER HASSLES. We confirm, track, and make changes- no worries!

With our expert team in charge, expect QUALITY MONITORING. Sit back and SAVE MONEY as we take over for you!

  • Logistics Coordination

Offload your logistics to us. Our TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING, and DISTRIBUTION for your Grid-Tie Inverters are speedy and reliable.

You count on us for on TIME DELIVERY with no damage. This guarantees optimal efficiency and INCREASED PROFITS!

  • Installation Support

Installing our grid-tie inverters is a BREEZE with our FOOLPROOF help. Get special instructions, phone support, and helpful videos.

We’ll even be there REMOTELY when you need us. This ensures an AMAZING product EXPERIENCE for your customers!


Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Check it out – we’ve got popular PAYMENT GATEWAYS that are SCAM-PROOF! Rest easy knowing your transactions are SECURE. This builds TRUST and major MARKET CRED with your customers, NO DOUBT about it! 

Western Union

Stand Out in the Solar Market! Partner with Us for Wholesale Grid-Tie Inverters and Elevate Your Brand’s Reach.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Grid-Tie Inverters Factory

Wondering about our Grid-Tie Inverters factory? Well, guess what? We’ve got a sweet AUTOMATIC production line that ensures MEGA PRODUCTIVITY. This means you get to MEET market demands QUICKER. And you offer primo quality products or services to SNAG and RETAIN CUSTOMERS.


packaging & shipping

Wanna ensure your delivery is STRESS-FREE? No issue with our super RELIABLE shipping partners, DHL and FedEx! Our special shipping method guarantees SMOOTH COORDINATION. Trust us – maintaining a great corporate image time is all sorted out!

PACKAGE inverter

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case inverter

Innovative Solutions: ACME’s Journey to Reliable Solar Power

Check out Leeline Energy’s solar energy solutions – we’ve got the future right here, my friends! Our rockstar team works with awesome WHOLESALERS and TRUSTWORTHY installers like yourself.

Here’s what went down with our customer for example:

ACME Engineering Solutions, a TOP-TIER ENGINEERING firm in Beirut, was teetering on the edge. That was due to annoying power outages caused by DIESEL SHORTAGES. It was havoc for their OPERATIONS and even affected everyone’s daily life!

So they needed something SOLID. You know, like an UNINTERRUPTED POWER fix without relying on fuel resources.

That’s where we jumped in! After deep diving into research, ACME decided our company had the key. Who doesn’t love some good homework? Our POWERFUL solar energy systems were just what they needed!

The best part? These babies seamlessly blend with their existing GENERATOR SETUP. They are extra backup during those GLOOMY days or NEVER-ENDING rainstorms. The bright side is that a continuous power supply will always be a guarantee!

We rocked the IMPLEMENTATION process. It was smoothly installing a 10kW low-frequency inverter-based solar system at their place. Our tech GENIUS enables instant SWITCHING from solar to grid or generator electricity. Things are ASAP, nonetheless.

Then came the juicy FEEDBACK! After nearly two amazing years, our client was OVERJOYED by what they experienced. They tapped into our POWERFUL battery storage ace alongside their trusty generator.

And bingo, they have it – fully charged batteries within the HOUR! Plus, for about SIX awesome hours during peak loads. And even when fuel shortage STRUCK, uninterrupted power flowed like nobody’s business.

You know what? The customer SWORE up and down about how reliable and effective our solar solution is. Now that feels darn good!

case inverter
What our customers say


I bought a COMPLETE solar power system from Leeline Energy, and they hooked me up! The grid tie inverters and solar panels are top-notch. Now, I’m living that off-grid life with CLEAN ENERGY flowing through my veins. Their customer service is ON POINT, too. Always there to answer ALL your QUESTIONS. That includes your output voltage, battery backup inverters, concerns, and in between.

Jen F Price

Leeline Energy is the go-to when it comes to solar systems. They’ve TOTALLY come through for my power needs! And they hooked me up with KILLER GEAR like top-of-the-line solar panels, off-grid inverters, and battery backups. I said adios to issues with electricity companies with all this BACKUP POWER awesomeness! I CANNOT imagine a much better green energy partner.

Diana W White

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Grid-Tie Inverters

    1. Which is better grid-tie inverter or hybrid inverter?

    Here’s the deal: a hybrid inverter for your solar system means less maintenance. It has fewer parts, so no wasting time and cash down the road. Plus, this bad boy is built tough to handle even the harshest conditions! Way better than some standard grid-tie inverter, am I right?

    2. Can a different size grid-tied inverter be connected in parallel?

    Yeah, definitely! If your inverter is grid-tied, go ahead and do it. Size doesn’t matter. Grid-tied inverters are current sources – they won’t interfere with each other. However, for power quality reasons, avoid hooking up too many of them together in one spot. Keeping it under 5 is totally cool!

    3. How do I choose grid-tied inverters suppliers?

    Choosing a grid-tied inverter supplier? Think about their rep, quality, warranty, and service. Do your research online for reviews and prices so you can pick the best. Oh yeah, Leeline Energy is here to help, too! Getting the right supplier? That’s our specialty!

    4. How to guarantee the grid-tied inverters? 

    The DC power voltage matters for Grid Tie Inverters. Get it right — not too high or low, okay? Just grab a multimeter and check you’re good. Oh, and don’t ignore that AC electricity output voltage either – stick to the range!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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