400w Portable Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a one-stop solution for your 400W portable solar panel needs.

We provide top-of-the-range portable solar panels with UNMATCHED build quality. And trusted by MILLIONS of buyers worldwide. This promotes customer satisfaction and leads to HIGHER profit margins.

We take pride in a vast portfolio of RELIABLE portable solar panel suppliers. To ensure your panels arrive on time with ZERO delays. You further attract more customers and build a strong reputation.

Start Saving with Solar!

Premium 400w Portable Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy takes innovation a notch HIGHER. Our 400W portable solar panels are:

Extremely durable:

Leeline Energy 400w portable solar panels are built with high-quality conductive silicon. Giving them an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating PERFECT for outdoor usage. 

You reduce warranty claims from your customers due to unexpected damages. And enjoy long-term business sustainability even during economic downturns.

Incredibly lightweight design:

Unlike static solar panels. Our portable solar panels feature a compact design with durable tilt legs or stands. They can be adjusted depending on where the sun is facing for maximum sunlight capture

That way, your customers are guaranteed a constant energy supply ALWAYS. You expand your customer base TENFOLD and enjoy higher ROIs in your solar business.

Multi-device charging compatibility:

Leeline Energy features revolutionary technology, making our panels compatible with many devices. Compared to typical solar panels. They power cell phones, tablets, laptops, speakers, flashlights, and MORE. 

This makes them extremely effective for millions of customers, including camping enthusiasts. This GUARANTEES a higher sales volume and gives you a competitive advantage.

High energy output:

These 400w portable solar panels feature the best-in-class technologies for top efficiency. They are built with GREAT performance monocrystalline cells with low energy losses. And high solar output – perfect for ALL kinds of weather. 

You build customer loyalty and set the ground for REPEATED, PROFITABLE sales.

Easy to set up:

Our 400w portable panels are VERY easy to set up with no technical expertise required. They come with a simple plug-and-play design, user-friendly connections, and clear instructions. 

Your customers quickly set up their panels. This reduces your expenditure on technical support. And attracts more customers.

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Advantages Of The Best 400w Portable Solar Panels Services

100% On-time Shipment

Fast shipment process

Leeline Energy has FAST & SECURE, shipping partners. To ensure your 400w ecoflow portable solar panels arrive ON TIME. You improve customer satisfaction, which, in turn, increases sales and revenue.

solar designs

Tailor-made solar services

Our team customizes your 400w portable solar panel based on your business needs. Want different frame colors? You got it! Different mounting options? Just say it. This sets you apart from local solar panel dealers. And leads to 7-figure profit margins.


Relevant certificates and licenses

Leeline Energy 400w panels have been tested by international regulatory boards. And are backed up with legal licenses. Build confidence in customers that you are a LEGIT solar dealer and increase your sales.


Short lead time

Our experts strive to ensure a SEAMLESS process from the time of inquiry. All through to portable panel delivery. Leeline Energy removes any bottlenecks, making the entire process TIME-SAVING. You get consistent sales and enjoy STEADY cash flow in your business.


Sophisticated equipment

We have used some of the best technologies in the world for our 400w portable solar panel. This enhances their QUALITY and DURABILITY. You enjoy zero customer complaints and capitalize on sales.


Trustworthy transportation

Leeline team ensures UTMOST safety of your panels during delivery. You get panels in perfect condition and EXACT as per the descriptions. This builds your brand’s credibility as a TRUSTED authority in the market.

A Wide Range of Applications









Solar Farms

Solar Farms



400w Portable Solar Panels Production Line

Our 400w portable solar panel production process is FLAWLESS. This ensures HIGH-GRADE panels that last up to 30 years. This builds your brand image. Attracts more customers and partners.

Product Parameters

Component ModelHP 2*100WHP 3*100WHP 4*100W
Maximum power200W300W400W
Open circuit voltage(Voc)21.521.543.1
Operating voltage(Vmp)
Short-circuit current(Isc)11.6517.4711.62
Cells Efficiency(%)22.6%22.6%22.6%
Operating Temperature(℃):(-10℃~60℃)
Power temperature coefficient—0.43%/℃
Voltage temperature coefficient—0.34%/℃
Current temperature coefficient—0.55%/℃
Output power tolerance±3%
Cell efficiency22.6%
Life10 years
Warranty5 years
Maximum system voltage60V DC
Junction boxIP65 or IP67 rated
Folding size900*590*50mm900*590*70mm900*590*90mm
Measured at STC Condition: irradiance: 1000W /m㎡-AM1.5 Spectrum-Temperature: 25℃
Electrical parameters may vary by ±3%

Take Your Business to New Heights with Portable Solar Panels – Harness the Power of the Sun and Save Big on Energy Costs!


Our 400w portable solar panels are CERTIFIED by the ETL, CE, TUV, and OHSAS18001 boards. You enjoy a wider market share. And establish your company as a TRUSTWORTHY solar dealer.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We conduct RIGOROUS factory audits and provide ACCURATE reports for ALL panels. Comprehensive reports foster TOP-QUALITY panels for your business. Consequently, it helps you tap into NEWER markets EFFORTLESSLY. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member1

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is not a newbie in the Solar market, far from it. We’ve spent decades researching, testing, and building high-performance panels. Our team works EFFORTLESSLY to ensure you get panels that will last decades. And make your customers come back for more! 

Plus, you get secure storage and FAST shipping for ALL your 400w portable solar panels. Gain positive reviews from happy customers and increase your sales and revenue.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Get all your solar power needs under one roof. Whether you are looking for multiple panels, batteries, or inverters, name it. We’ll find the RIGHT 400w portable solar panel manufacturers for YOU. You don’t have to go through the hassle of vetting each supplier. 

This saves you time so you focus on income-generating activities. And reduces costs associated with buying from different panel suppliers.

sourcing agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Our industry-leading guarantee gives you confidence that your solar investments are safe. We conduct factory audits for your wholesale 400w portable solar panel supplier. This ensures that the entire production process is efficient and solar panels are up to code.  Avoid potential delivery delays and reduce business risks that may arise. 

Build a RELIABLE supply chain by partnering with a TRUSTWORTHY 400w panel supplier.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

With our customers, we are taking satisfaction a notch HIGHER. We source every single panel with our YOU in mind. Pick the FINEST 400w portable panel suppliers in the market. Negotiate deals. And ship DIRECTLY to your location. 

You get QUALITY panels that DO NOT break down EASILY. This builds customer satisfaction and facilitates word-of-mouth referrals.

Standardized Procedure

We believe in SYSTEMIZED procedures to provide the best services to our customers. Our team ensures HIGH LEVELS of professionalism in each step. From inquiry, order processing, and shipping. 

You get exceptional services paired with PRISTINE 400w panels that attract more customers. Build TRUST with customers and skyrocket your profit margins.

Custom Solutions

Leeline Energy made-to-fit solar solutions are PERFECT for your business. We offer customized solutions based on your 400w portable panel specifications. Find the BEST-MATCH panel suppliers. And FAST delivery to your destination. 

This way, you get a competitive advantage and attract more customers to your store.

Our Payment

Choose from MULTIPLE payment options for the EASIER checkout process. Plus, your details are stored safely to prevent you from scams or phishing.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (11)
  • Demand Assessment

Our team takes keen consideration into your unique needs. We do research and conduct audit processes to ensure you get the BEST panels in town. Your customers will ABSOLUTELY love their purchases. Refer you to more buyers, and you make more money. Everybody goes home happy!

  • Supplier Management

Juggling between multiple 400w portable panel suppliers is HARD. That’s why we take the pain away and find you a TRUSTWORTHY supplier. With affordable rates. This helps you to reduce financial risks and delays in delivery.

  • Contract Negotiation

Leeline Energy helps you get the BEST solar panel deals in town. We negotiate with suppliers on your behalf. And ENSURE you get favorable terms while minimizing financial and operational risk. Rest assured that you get the best solar panel deals in the marketplace.

  • Order Management

Our experts handle the ENTIRE order management process from when you receive an order. We then proceed to pack, ship, and track panels to their final destination. You enjoy a steady supply chain. Attract a WIDER customer base. 

  • Logistics Coordination

We provide FAST & EFFICIENT logistics services. These include warehousing, shipping, and distribution. Also, you get REAL-TIME tracking for the entire shipping process. So that you make informed sales decisions and respond to changing situations.

  • Installation Support

We offer hands-on installation guides to help customers install their panels with EASE. These include DETAILED videos and manuals – with safety installation instructions. While this saves customers on installation costs, you improve their satisfaction. And facilitate repeat purchases. 


Our Reliable Partners


Our 400w Portable Solar Panels Factory

Choose from MULTIPLE payment options for the EASIER checkout process. Plus, your details are stored safely to prevent you from scams or phishing.


Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Our eco-friendly packages are fitted with cushioning materials. To protect your panels from damages during delivery. You reduce customer complaints.


Successful Project

case 2

Mr. Parker 400w portable solar panel project in Oklahoma, US.

Parker runs a small textile factory in Oklahoma. And although he’s been using renewable energy for a while. He has built-in stand panels, making it hard to adjust them according to the sun’s direction. 

He reached out to us. His MAIN challenge was positioning portable solar panels in the sun’s direction. So, we recommended him to our flagship 400w portable solar panels.

Parker ordered 28 units, which were delivered in 12 days. He called to appreciate us and says he now enjoys maximum energy output on his panels.

Mrs. Emma ordered 400w portable solar panels for her ranch

Mrs. Emma owns a ranch in Hereford, Texas.

She contacted us and inquired about flexible solar panels. Our experts happily guided her and laid out the pros and cons. We sent her several pictures of various panels. 

A week later, Emma ordered 16 units of 400w portable solar panels. They were packed and shipped in less than 2 weeks. 

Emma now enjoys off-grid living. And she has reduced her electricity bills TREMENDOUSLY.

What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy is one of the best solar companies I’ve worked with this year. Their customer service team was very friendly. And their panels…Top Quality! It has been 1 year since I bought my 400w panel, and so far so good.

Evelyn L Hollis

Leeline Energy just added a long-life partner. I can’t think of a better solar company than these guys. They are always available to answer my solar panel inquiries. My 400w portable panel arrived last week. And I’m sold out. I’ll definitely order more panels before this year ends

William M Gallagher

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 400w Portable Solar Panels

    1. Is it worth it to get solar panels for a smaller home?

    Yes, 100%. We recommend solar panels on smaller homes if you wish to reduce electricity bills. In fact, it’s cost-effective compared to panels on larger homes, which are too expensive.

    2. Should you cover solar panels when not in use?

    NO. Solar panels need maximum sunlight capture for a high energy output. That way, leave them open to capture the sun’s rays even when you are away.

    3. Can you run WiFi off solar panels?

    Absolutely, solar panels can power multiple devices, including WiFi routers. Access points and cameras. This method is cost-effective compared to using electricity.

    4. Will solar panels charge batteries when the grid is down?

    Your solar panel will effectively charge your batteries as long as the sun is out. So you don’t have to rely on electricity or stress during blackouts.

    5. Are there any US solar panel manufacturers?

    There are many solar panel manufacturers in the US. They include First Solar (the largest), Sun Power, Blue Raven Solar, Tesla, etc. 
    They offer some of the best solar panels in the world!

    Revitalize Your Business Operations with Our Portable Solar Solutions – Unleash the Full Potential of Solar Energy and Watch Your Profits Soar!

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