350w Solar Panels Manufacturer

We can be your LONG-TERM 350w solar panels suppliers. Manufacture TOPMOST integrity of solar panels. Test their FUNCTIONALITY and efficiency before we give it to you. Ensure SMOOTH business operations for your SOLAR brands. RAPIDLY drift to the TOP with our solar panel solutions! 

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Premium 350w Solar Panels Features

We nourish your BUSINESS with TAILORED solar panel solutions. Get your desired voltage or power OUTPUT with our solar panels. 

Excellent solar cells

LETID-free impurities ensure a BETTER life. Low power DROP. Extended performance. We have added a LOWER temperature coefficient. Relative tolerance to METAL with a high bifacial rate. 

Your consumers generate more POWER with bifacial generation. HAVE more convictions. It is time to ROCK in the MARKET with solar panel solutions. 

Smart detection of sunlight

Quick RESTART within the 30s of sunlight exposure is the critical feature. SAVE you from the LOWER power generation in the CLOUD. Provides a HIGH efficiency of 23.5% compared to the TRADITIONAL 350w solar modules. 

Furnish the HIGH power generators from the SUN. Amplify your BUSINESS name. BECOME a distinct brand in the solar industry. 

Anti-reflective glass

2% extra TRANSLUCENCY of average luminosity is there. Module EFFICIENCY is also 2% up with the self-cleaning functions. HALF cell structure reduces the POWER losses and gives a BETTER energy production. 

Nurture the LONG-STANDING energy with LOWER power losses. Set OFF as an UNBEATABLE member of the solar PANEL industry. 

Stable mechanical performance

Our solar PANEL has withstood the wind load of 2400 pascals and SNOW load of 5400 pascals. Plus, IPX4 waterproof and dustproof features MINIMIZE maintenance concerns. 

Your SOLAR panel faces REDUCED issues in the LONG RUN. Works in HARSH conditions. IGNITE unlimited sales POTENTIAL! 

Corrosion resistant

The addition of the ALUMINIUM FRAME has revolutionized. There is NO risk of DAMAGE . Solar Cells Have gone through the EL testing process. Moreover, you get a LIGHTER weight and AESTHETIC look. 

Keep your CONSUMERS hassle-free during the SOLAR power journey. Win their HEARTS and keep customers SMILE.

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Advantages Of The Best 350w Solar Panels Services

quality assurance

100% product quality assurance

Not a SINGLE product can GO without our sight in the MANUFACTURING process. We CHECK the quality of functioning, power output, and VOLTAGE. Gain CONSUMERS TRUST with INTEGRAL solar panels. STAY on the TOP of the billboard in the solar market. 

Professional Customization

Custom Solar Designs

You PROVIDE DETAILED instructions about efficiency, power output, and voltage. We manufacture all the solar panels. Build a brand to attract customers through unique Designs & capacities. Stay customers FOCUSED. RAISE your SALES graph. 


Compliance With Standards

As your TOP 350w solar panels manufacturer, we have a COMPLETE list of international standards, such as ISO. No FAULTS. Precise according to INTERNATIONAL grades. You gain ATTENTION from global consumers. RACK up a HUGE wave of new consumers with BOOMING solar panels. 


Leading Production Technology

Cutting-edge technologies. Top-NOTCH production setups. Automated production of your SOLAR panels. We provide all to save your TIME. Reduce the product cost. MAKE your BUSINESS FINANCIAL independence for you! 

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Trustworthy transportation

Our shipping team is PROACTIVE and ships all your solar products on time. We go through the PACKAGE safety during packing. Allow you to TRACK orders in real-time . Endorse timely ARRIVAL of solar modules. 

FLOURISH your business deals with NO consumer complaints due to delayed shipping. 



WE DON’T limit the NUMBER of solar panels. Grab as low as one SOLAR module. Test the QUALITY. Make up your mind for the BULK order. Save you COST from spending on USELESS panel caliber. Unlock the HIGH potential for your business. Skyrocket your SALES with the QUALITY modules. 

A Wide Range of Applications



Home roof

Home roof

Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Solar Charging And Shade Table

Solar Charging And Shade Table

Office Building

Office Building



350w Solar Panels Production Line

We obtained the SOLAR CELLS assembly on the PCB. Analyze the PERFORMANCE before we move AHEAD. Ensure a better ENERGY game from our cells. Be AHEAD of your competitors with such SOLAR module solutions. INTRODUCE your BRAND as an OUTSTANDING! 

Product Parameters

Rated Maximum Power at STC340W350W 360W 370w380w
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)37.1V 37.8V38.4V 39.12V39.83V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)9.26A9.29A9.39A 9.46A9.54A
Open Circuit Voltage ( Voc)47.0V47.3V 48.3V 49.2V50.09V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)9.81A9.82A9.84A9.91A10.01
Module Efficiency17.04%17.54% 18.59% 19.02%19.45%
Power Tolerance 0~+3%0~+3% 0~+3% 0~+3% 0~+3% 
STC: Irradiance 1000W/m², Module Temperature 25°c, Air Mass 1.5
Mechanical Parameters 
Cell TypeMono-crystalline 156x156mm (6inch)
No. of Cells72 (6×12)   
Dimension 1956x990x40/45/50mm      
Glass3.2mm, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass      
Junction BoxIP65&IP67 Rated      
Output CableSection Size: 4mm² , Length: 900mm
Frame Anodized Aluminum Alloy    
No. of Bypass Diodes3&6      
Connector MC4 Compatible      
Working Conditions
Maximum System VoltageDC 1000V(IEC) / 1500V(IEC) 
Operating Temperature -40°c~+85°c
Maximum Series Fuse15A      
Application ClassClass A  
Temperature Coefficient
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax-0.39%/°c      
Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.29%/°c    
Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.05%/°c      

350W Solar Panels: Your Key to Wholesale Prosperity! Illuminate your brand’s success with sustainable energy. Reduce costs, enhance reputation, and lead the charge towards a profitable future. Wholesale options available—act now!


Our certificates CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA are your COMPANION. Through thick and thin. LEGITIMATE your business in highly regulated countries. Increase your CUSTOMER base quickly!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our inspectors scan the 350w solar PANELS FACTORY. Test the LATEST production technology. And CONFIRM the waterproofing, dust-proofing, and strength of the solar PANELS. BETTER enhance the integrity of your SOLAR PANEL options. Build a PROFESSIONAL credibility with quality solutions! 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Don’t think of us to be a NEW SOLAR COMPANY. To your SURPRISE, we have been working for 10+ years. CLOSED many projects with a 100% success rate for our CONSUMERS. You get RELIABLE 350w solar panels wholesale after our THOROUGH research

Set YOURSELF as a FLAWLESS solar panel provider. Become a SYMBOL of TRUST, credence, and QUALITY for consumers. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Stop WANDERING and FALLING prey to FRAUD suppliers. We are HERE to explore the TOP-NOTCH 350w solar panel suppliers. Check their performances. CHOOSE the most suited supplier. 

We save the DAY by handling procurement, QUALITY checks, and LOGISTICS. What next? Obviously, you get a SHINING brand performance. NEVER-SEEN growth potential. 

Sourcing Agent

business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

Keep the FRAUDS away as we handle your B2B deals. Scan any RISKS for quality, quantity, and specs. ELIMINATE all the PESKY payment options costing you a HUGE BUSINESS setback. 

KEEP YOURSELF safe from quality or transaction fraud. Get the FINANCIAL freedom. STABILIZE your economy. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Customers are NUMBER 1 for us. 24/7 customer support to tackle sudden sourcing issues. Goes through the VARIETY of suppliers. Tests them to MAKE the BEST choice on a SINGLE top supplier. 

Protect your brand’s image. Strengthen your BRAND to tackle market competitiveness. IMPRESS your consumers. Get GLOWING reviews about your business. 

standardized procedure

Professionalism comes at First. We HANDLE your solar power projects with EXTREME care. Review the FUNCTIONALITY of the panels. Minimize the ERRORS in all the modules. 

Get INTERNATIONALLY recognized modules. Expand your BUSINESS to GLOBAL levels. Expose panels to a massive audience to make MORE money. 

custom solutions

Welcome YOUR DREAMS into the real world. We listen to your DREAM designs for the 350w solar panels wholesale. Spread COLORS to convert it into REALITY with designers.  You get the SPECS, voltage, and POWER. 

Start selling CUSTOMER-CENTERED SOLAR modules. Let the HUGE INFLOW of consumers enter through the front door of your business. 

Our Payment

We are your SAVIOR for money. Our payment options include PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit Card. We have SCANNED their safety. Pay without FEAR. STOP losing money to hackers and scammers. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Let us know what EXACTLY you expect. We ASSESS the quality, quantity, and specification demands. Of your 350w solar panel wholesale. 

Oh, the ADD-ON. Get a professional market INTELLIGENCE. Time to launch Profitable Products. MAKING more money! 

  • Supplier Management

Just ease YOURSELF up and let us manage all your 350w solar panels suppliers. From SOURCING suppliers to monitoring their performance, we OFFER one-STOP services. No more LOW performances

Get NEXT-LEVEL SUPPLY chain operations. Keep on selling INVENTORY with on-time procurement. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Legal MATTERS will drain your ENERGY. Our legal team is VERY well established in LEGAL matters. Drafts all the agreements. Avoid UNNECESSARY delays in business deals. 

Get a SEAMLESS experience. Perform better with the EFFECTIVE business strategy.

  • Order Management

Relax! Not only suppliers but also orders, we take care of them. CHECK the 350w solar panel wholesale ORDERS. Confirm them. ACCEPT the changes. Check your sourcing progress. 

Reduce the supply chain risks. Save time and effort and reduce your financial losses. FOCUS on marketing and business promotions. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our Logistics team is THE MOST impressive. We PACK the solar products. Give a BRANDED packaging. Attach the shipping labels. Trust us— ALL your orders will arrive on time. 

Say Goodbye to DELAYED delivery and poor business performances. LIT UP your BRAND reputation with timely shipping.

  • Installation Support

No worries about the solar POWER module installation. We have VIDEOS. Offer phone help and REMOTE guidance. 

Relieve your CONSUMER fears about the complex INSTALLATION process. Save their costs. KEEP your business BOOMING with safe and easy-to-use solar power solutions. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Reliable Partners


Our 350w Solar Panels Factory

Fast PRODUCTION. Short lead times. Cutting-edge technology. Plus, CNC machines are a booster dose in addition! Quick and EFFICIENT production systems give ACCURATE solar module production. Bring in the BEST quality solar modules. Luster BRIGHT on the SKY with premium solutions! 


Drive Your Business Forward with 350W Solar Panels! Boost brand equity, cut expenses, and lead the wholesale market with sustainable energy solutions. Go solar for success!

Packing & Delivery

Overlook the PACKAGING concerns. We have IMPLEMENTED high-density packaging. It is resistant to MOISTURE and damage. Our shipping team TAKES care of your parcel in transit. It offers TIMELY shipping. Shun all your CONSUMER product returns by ensuring ONE-PIECE delivery. 


Successful Project


Success Story: Meeting Italy’s Industrial Solar Needs

Mr. Antonio comes from the ITALY. He talked to our team last month about the SOLAR installation. For his industrial location. Due to the HARSH environment, he needs solar modules which have features. For instance, short circuit current ISC protection. High wind load-bearing capacity. Low Nominal Module Operating Temperature. 

Wait, it does not end here. 

First, we ASKED him about the list of requirements he needed. We even helped him evaluate the requirements such as: 

  • Five 350-watt solar MODULES developed under the latest technology. 
  • Less potential induced degradation solar modules
  • OPEN CIRCUIT voltage VOC protection. 
  • SHORT CIRCUIT current ISC protection system. 

What happened next? It was simple. We started our quest for the perfect solution for our DEAR customer. 

Guess what? We got it and delivered him a highly efficient module he NEEDED. 

Guess why he preferred us? There are many reasons. 

  • Access to a Premium QUALITY Module.
  • Attention to the customer REQUIREMENTS. 
  • Competitive rates
  • After-sale services. 

All these factors have APPRECIATED our business around the GLOBE. 

What our CUSTOMERs say


I am very thankful to the Leeline Energy team. It got me affordable prices for the modules. Open circuit voltage VOC is the feature I love the most. Thank you for such a great solution.

Gia C Bean

I told Leeline Energy the dimensions of the solar modules I needed. And guess what? They got me instantly with batteries. Thank you, Leeline Team! 

Karen E Coleman

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    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

    Phone / Whatsapp







    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 350w Solar Panels

    1. How long does it take to arrive?

    Shipping depends on VARIOUS factors like: 

    · Location
    · Shipping method
    · Lead time for the given product quantities 
    · Manufacturer policy
    · Any peak event or global shipping crisis

    Keep all factors in your heart BEFORE you get a DEFINITE shipping time. 

    2. How do I find which solar panels are perfect for our home?

    Finding solar systems for your HOME depends on your BUDGET. Preference. Quality. And module EFFICIENCY. Advanced module technology with high efficiency will put a HIGH-cost burden on you. 

    3. Does dust reduce the effectiveness of solar panels?

    Yes. It can. A dust FORMS a layer on your solar PANELS. As a result, the LAYER blocks the SUNLIGHT and decreases the module efficiency. So, proper maintenance is ALWAYS the best idea. 

    4. Can I get a solar panel sample?

    Yes, we can get a SOLAR PANEL sample. Test its functionality. And fetch you a DETAILED pros and cons sheet of the given model.

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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