Solar Keyboard Manufacturer

Come to SOLAR and sustainable energy solutions. We are a DEDICATED supplier to provide you with solar keyboard solutions. Ensure a streamlined DEAL with our 10 years of EXPERIENCE! Pump up your SOLAR KEYBOARD business. Gain a POSITIVE momentum for your solar brand! 

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Premium Solar Keyboard Features

Leeline Energy is a one-stop shop offering your solar Power SOLUTIONS. Get a catered solar keyboard for your brand!  

Fast Typing

Solar KEYBOARD holds the traditional designs. Adds a NEW layer of comfortable typing. It is spiced up with whisper QUIET writing, no noise production— Guaranteed

Save customer TIME when typing. Improve CONSUMER experience with KEYSTROKE comfortable design. CREATE a flattering brand image! 

Stable Connection

The wireless KEYBOARD with added solar energy is your long-term partner. 2.4GHz is your stable wireless keyboard connection. Keep the customers WRITE without interrupting their work. 

No more UNNECESSARY pauses during typing. Flow your FINGERS as the water. Get ready to scale your business to UNIMAGINABLE heights.

Easy Setup

Wireless keyboard. WIRELESS convenience. Just one more thing. NANO USB receiver. Combine your compatible wireless mouse. It makes a PERFECT and go-to task. 

An amateur can DO this job. Conserve time for your CONSUMERS. Elevate their product experience. The result? FLOOD of consumers. Higher sales. More MONEY! 

Long-lasting battery

Battery life is QUITE long. One-time charges can WORK for several days. No more worries about how long it works. With rechargeable BATTERIES, use them non-stop for months. 

Consumers will be ALL PRAISES for your long-lasting solutions. Turn their HEADS to your business only. Eliminate rivals in the COMPETITION race. 

Lightweight and compact design

Our solar keyboard has a WIDTH of 44 cm and a length of 15.5 cm. Make it COMPATIBLE for the shipping. Plus, the solar-powered keyboard has a WEIGHT of 739 grams. Totally lightweight! 

Hold it up WHEREVER your consumers are going. Such a COMPATIBILITY of solar-powered keyboards is ENOUGH to win their hearts. Make them smile and honor your brand! 

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Solar Keyboard by Types

Solar keyboard Full-size

Full-size solar-powered KEYBOARD holds the best style. Multiple USB receivers for your comfort. Stainless STEEL METAL gets you smooth and seamless typing. 

Shock the SOLAR MARKET with cozy solutions. Compel everyone to APPRECIATE your panels. RAISE your sales graph. 

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Solar Keyboard for Windows

A streamlined DESIGN with an ultra-thin shape can be your favorite choice. Typing and NAVIGATION maximize writing efficiency. The ultra-thin shape is COMPATIBLE with all types of laptops.

Launch ALL-IN-ONE solutions in the streamlined KEYBOARD industry. Shine your BRAND prestige. Enhance brand STATUS!

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Illuminate Your Workspace with Solar Efficiency! Elevate Your Wholesale Business – Source Cutting-Edge Solar Keyboards for Ultimate Productivity. Click to Power Up Your Brand’s Success Today!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Keyboard Services


OEM/ODM Service

Get QUICK ACCESS for customized packaging and design inventory. Launch your own BRAND. Our Wireless solar keyboard PRODUCTS SIGNIFY your brand image. Imprint your BRAND name in the customer’s brain. Get Soaring Sales in a Short Period with our solar keyboard. 


High Process Standards

Only standardized production under high-precision tools is our PROMISE. We deploy the LATEST technology CNC machines. Manufacture under HIGH standards. Grab internationally recognized Wireless solar keyboard PRODUCTS. Lead the market with INNOVATIVE solutions.

quality assurance

Strict Quality Control

Effective quality production with STRICT quality control is our MOTTO. We check the SOLAR KEYBOARDS, make sure they OFFER smooth operations and better Lifespan. Deliver a seamless experience to your CONSUMERS. Shoot up your BUSINESS growth in a short period. 

Flexible Ordering 

Flexible Ordering

No restrictions. No more BOUNDARIES. Order one or more streamlined keyboard PRODUCTS. Try them out. And then make a BULK order with confidence. Efficient management of BUSINESS RESOURCES is possible. Save MONEY easily! 


Necessary certificates

Get all the essential CERTIFICATES for your products. For instance, we fetch you CE, FCC, and ISO certificates. Set your clock for TAKING entry in the global solar industry. Expand your BUSINESS position from locality to international levels.

100% On-time Shipment

Fast Shipping

Premium team with prompt transportation. It is all WE pledge! Deliver your goods to versatile regions and ZONES. CUT DOWN delivery times. Reduce consumer complaints. Create a TRUSTED business environment for you. Skyrocket your sales. 

Creative Applications of Solar Keyboard

Educational Settings

Educational Settings

Emergency Situations

Emergency Situations

Game Use

Game Use




Charging Devices

Home Use

Home Use

Precise production process

We take up all the SOLAR CELLS. Manage them on the PCB. Test their functionality. Confirm their ACCURATE productions.Kick off the COMPETITION. Become a STANDALONE devoted brand in the solar market. 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Get all the CE, TUV, RoHS, FCC, ATC, and SGS certificates. Confirm the SAFETY of your solar products. Impress Consumers with CERTIFIED keyboards. Boost their confidence. Set yourself as a TRUSTED Wireless solar keyboard brand. Emerge out as a TOP BRAND!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

A chain of COMPREHENSIVE inspection of your solar keyboard FACTORY! We test all the equipment. Scrutinize them. Conduct WATERPROOFING and performance tests. No MORE RISKY Wireless solar keyboard products. Excellent functionality. STELLAR brand performance to boost your BUSINESS CREDIBILITY. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

A top team with 10+ years of SOURCING is at your SERVICE. We have done over a THOUSAND deals. Ensured 100% satisfaction of our CONSUMERS. Get newer version units and improved designs at competitive pricing. Deliver it to you with HIGH reliability for your business. 

Say GOODBYE to all the HEADACHE inducer deals. Welcome only the RELIABLE Wireless solar keyboard solutions. Fly up your sales. SKY UP your business graph! 

One-stop Sourcing

Stop wandering for SUPPLIERS as we offer ONE-STOP sourcing. Based on your NEEDS, we evaluate the solar keyboard suppliers. CONFIRM their trustworthiness status. MOVE forward only if they provide QUALITY. 

One gift for you! Quality CHECKS. Performance monitoring is also there. Let’s Unlock the TRUE business POTENTIAL. Spark UNLIMITED evolution. 


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Hold the GROUNDS; we help you eliminate the FRAUDS. Work only with reliable solar keyboard wholesale suppliers. Scan the B2B deals to confirm their safety.  ENJOY a secure SOURCING ENVIRONMENT. 

Filter out the RISKY payments. Protect your MONEY. Get quality. BOOST your consumer loyalty with the guaranteed quality! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are our bosses, and all our attention to you. Let us know your EXPECTATION. We try our best to bring up the OPTIMAL solar keyboard wholesale solutions. Confirm their FUNCTIONALITY before we deliver it to you. 

Strengthen brand POSITION in the solar market. Amplify your brand prominence. ENJOY PERKS for an honorable brand! 

Standardized Procedure

Just professionalism. We handle your SOLAR KEYBOARD products with extreme care. Test the wireless keyboards before GIVING them to you. Guarantee— they are PRECISE in function and error-free! 

Take your BUSINESS to international levels with our STANDARD solutions. Explode inventory to a massive audience to make your fans

Custom Solutions

You tell us what EXACTLY you need. Our R&D team develops a blueprint of your custom solar options. Outstand your BRAND in crows with a PERFECT design. Plus, we COMPLY with power and quantity REQUIREMENTS. 

Let a HUGE INFLUX of consumers appreciate your wireless keyboards. CREATE a unique BRAND image that emerges easily in markets. 

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

Forget your DEMAND hassle. Let us evaluate all your QUALITY, quantity, and design demands. Get a SKILLED market analysis. Stay INFORMED with market conditions. Launch PROFITABLE products. Boom, your REVENUE! 

  • Supplier Management

Get some rest. We CONTROL the extra burden of solar keyboard suppliers on your shoulders. Monitor the suppliers’ performance. Optimize it. Secure the procurement of HIGHLY integral keyboards. Make an effective strategy. FOCUS on business development. Earn the loyalty of repeat buyers.

  • Contract Negotiation

Don’t fall into INTRICATE legal matters. Our legal team will handle it. We draft out LEGAL contracts. IRON out the complexities of solar keyboard wholesale deals. Save time. Focus more on your BUSINESS promotion and marketing strategy. 

  • Order Management

Don’t stress out yourself. Our experts supervise your ORDERS. Confirm it. Cancel it. Or accept the changes. Strengthen your SUPPLY chain processes with it. Experts MANAGE orders creatively. Pump your BRAND portrayal. Give a PATH of success. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistics team PACKS your solar keyboard wholesale products in customized packaging. Add extra layers for safety. Ships on time. Oh, you also have real-time TRACKING. 

No more increased consumer COMPLAINTS for delivery. Retain more consumers. Get a CHAIN of referrals with fast shipping. 

  • Installation Support

Omit installation stresses. We have videos, phone support, and REMOTE GUIDANCE. DIY installation with guaranteed safety. Banish tensions for your consumers. Save their installation costs. Keep them SNATCHING your reliable solar keyboards for extended periods

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Proper scanning of payment safety. Our bank transfer, PayPal, or Credit cards are 100% secure. Transact safely. Stay unassailable. Stop leaking BANK information to your hackers. 

Western Union

Shine Bright, B2B Innovators! Source Solar Keyboards Wholesale for Peak Productivity. Illuminate Your Workspace and Elevate Your Brand. Click Now to Experience Solar-Powered Success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Keyboard Factory

Our solar keyboard factory is QUITE big, covering 18000 square meters. Cutting-edge technology. Latest TOOLS. CNC machines. All act with coordination to confirm PRECISE solar keyboard production. Get a NON-STOP supply of solar products. Reduce backorders. Optimize business stature.


packaging & shipping

High-density packaging is RESISTANT to moisture. Extra layers keep products safe. FAST shipping ensures timely delivery. Handle packaging and SHIPPING at no extra effort. Keep satisfaction 100%. Open doors for A NEW wave of potential consumers. 

packaging & shipping

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Crafting YouTube Excellence: Saffron’s Perfect Solar Keyboard Setup 

Mr. Saffron is a YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers. He has HARNESSED Dell, Mac, Lenovo notebook, and many other BRANDS. Such as a Logitech keyboard with the Logitech Solar App. 

One thing that affected his working experience with the smoothness of the keyboard. So, we wanted a perfect wireless solar keyboard with a USB port system and sleek lines. 

His requirements were: 

  • Wireless solar keyboard
  • No battery hassles because it should contain a LONG-LASTING battery. 
  • Multiple USB receivers. 
  • It should work with a wireless device and WINDOWS Vista setup. 
  • There should be an ultra-thin design.
  • Traditional keyboards with palm rest and power bricks. 

And here the game begins. 

Though he had a LONG list of requirements. We started our QUEST to find the best solar wireless keyboards. Get some, go to the top suppliers. We narrowed down our research to the single and MOST SUITABLE supplier. 

We offered shipping services and assisted him in the installation process. He gave us 5-star reviews. Guess why? 

Here are the reasons. 

  • Our experts TOOK TIME to find the top suppliers. 
  • We explored the top suppliers. 
  • We supported him even after we shipped the keyboard. 

Our working mechanisms have GIVEN us a place in customers’ hearts. 

What our customers say


I enjoyed my work with Leeline Energy. Their streamlined keyboard adds style to my writing work. It is stunning with no battery hassles. Thank you, Leeline Energy team. 

Mary S Arndt

I loved less weight and sleek lines with wireless freedom. Easy workflow for a professional like me. I enjoyed the plug-in mechanism.

Kenneth B Melendez

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Solar Keyboard

    1. What is the future of solar energy for keyboards?

    Solar KEYBOARD is taking a START in the wireless solar keyboard industry. At this time, we can’t be SURE of the future. Current progress gives reasonable hope for wireless solar keyboard adoption. 

    2. Can solar energy power an electric keyboard? 

    Yes. It is possible until and unless you have the COMPATIBLE source for your energy. Solar light must be THERE. And solar generators must charge your devices efficiently. 

    3. Where can I find the best solar keyboard supplier?

    China is one of the BIGGEST markets for Wireless solar keyboard suppliers. Visit Alibaba. Check the top products. And contact the suppliers. It is easy! 

    4. Can I have my customized solar keyboard?

    Yes. You can buy a CUSTOMIZED Wireless solar keyboard. Leeline Energy offers you tailored solutions for design,voltage, and power. Discuss with our experts and get the DREAM job done! 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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