BIPV Tempered Glass

Leeline Energy handles all your BIPV Tempered Glass sourcing, Packing, & shipping. Direct communication saves you Manpower. 

Work beside our Product development team to build unique product designs. Attract more audience through trendy designs alongside improved quality. 

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Premium BIPV Tempered Glass Features

Leeline Energy helps you build your brand while handling supply chains. You focus on your brand building and customer service. 

Less Maintenance:

We make sure to provide fully tempered/toughened forms for building envelopes. High-resistance outer layer for scratches and cracks. You avoid high maintenance through such resistant surfaces.  

Easy To Work & Utilize:

You handle low to max-size solar glass easily through mid-level equipment. Conversely, other sensitive BIPV modules needed industry-level equipment to fit them. Save sensitive handling service and time through our BIPV Tempered glass. 

Weather protection:

It has 1000w/m2 Irradiance and an Ambient temperature of 25℃. Spectrum AM 1.5 is enough to sustain high environmental and air pressure. It stands firmly in extreme conditions, leading to positive reviews of your Product. 

Reliable BIPV module technology:

BIPV tempered glass has laminated modules, including efficient solar cells. Current flow does not disturb even in high loads. You build such a loyal customer audience through reliable solar panels. 

E-glass layer to avoid heated rooms:

E-glass layers fit well in building façade & roof surfaces adjacent to heated rooms. It presents extra sunlight to enter the buildings. Saves almost 33% of energy and reduces the system failure rate. Improved customer experience helps your enterprise to win the market. 

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BIPV Tempered Glass by Material

3.2mm BIPV Tempered Glass

3.2mm BIPV Tempered Glass

It has high mechanical strength that ensures safety. Two times stronger than heat-strengthened glass.

Durability ensures no cracks, and you face no replacement cases. You avoid repairing services too, saving you more costs. 

low iron BIPV Tempered Glass

Low Iron BIPV Tempered Glass

Low Iron BIPV glass has high visible light transmittance. Its low light reflectance helps in vision glazing.

We help you do Anti-Reflective (AR) coating for optimal solar customization. Adding extra features attracts more customers towards Prismatic/Matte products. 

Ultra Clear BIPV tempered glass

Ultra Clear BIPV Tempered Glass

It has superior solar energy transmittance for stability under solar radiation. 

Light transmittance increases by 2% due to anti-reflective coating on two glass lites. Less energy consumption and more customer satisfaction. 

Explore the possibilities and redefine your brand’s presence with BIPV excellence

Advantages Of The Best BIPV Tempered Glass Services

Professional Customization 

Unique customization

You build a demand for a unique product that crushes your competition. Direct customization from BIPV tempered glass manufacturer. Easy to stand out from the crowd with BIPV Tempered Glass. 

Reliable Service

Increase market share

BIPV tempered glass is ruling the market through durability. Our staff inspects quality before shipping. You get noticed by many people due to quality & get more market share.

Safety and Reliability

Reliable Service

Every single BIPV tempered glass is tested before shipping. We checked on possible cracks and scratches that made it a damaged product. You receive only functional products, saving you shipping costs and replacement time.  

Secure Dealing

Secure Dealing

Risk-Free Payment Eliminates payment risk for every single BIPV solar glass inventory. You receive 27/7 updates while shipping. You focus solely on your business without any stress of Product loss and damage. 



Start sourcing Tempered Glass solar panels without any limits. We receive both small & bulk orders to build your business in the solar industry. Spend less on marketing budget with our extra services.

Upscaling Business Network

Upscaling Business Network

Connect our existing exclusive supplier network throughout the world. Access top-notch facilities that help you in customization and bulk manufacturing. It Helps you to get better deals. 

Creative Applications of BIPV Tempered Glass







Office Building

Office Building





Precise production process

First, thin films, including BIPV solar cells, are produced in top-notch factories. We pay attention to BIPV module efficiency & current flow performance. Later, it is fitted in the Tempered glass alongside lamination. 

Workers apply Double-coating of chemical layers to protect it from external factors. Glass Thickness could vary on the number of glass sheets arranged in them. Now, it is molded in a final shape like inter-window strips for new construction. BIPV solar glass gets inspected before final Packaging & shipping. 

Step into a new era of sustainability and sophistication – your brand, powered by BIPV innovation.


Receive Solar glass alongside International certificates like EN12600, CCC, SGS, and ISO. You prevent procurement fraud & keep your BIPV solar glass business credible. Avoid delivery delays with proper certifications to meet customers’ demands easily.  


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our inspection team checks production standards & measures production speed. Raw materials and BIPV solar cells are also tested. Production of a BIPV module is sensitive to making solar glass. You achieve High production efficiency through rich business resources.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Work beside our experienced staff for high professionalism & sustainability. We have handled thousands of sourcing cases throughout the world.

Working with industry leaders who have proven track records. You gain more customer trust & loyalty through our BIPV tempered glass sourcing.

One-stop Sourcing

We update you From Production to final shipping of your BIPV tempered glass.

Supervision of leading BIPV module experts results in reduced sourcing time. Experience a new boost in your supply chain through the best business dealings. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Pay through third-party accepted Channels to avoid all frauds and RISKS. Our staff helps you achieve maximum transparency in BIPV module sourcing.

It saves you from the Hidden costs of solar glass sourcing. We are looking to build long-term relationships plus a strong foundation of trust. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Our main concern is your BIPV solar glass business’s reputation & credibility. We make sure your business flourishes through sustainable supply chain solutions. RECEIVE the best working BIPV tempered glass to build credibility among customers. 

Standardized Procedure

We took 10+ years to adopt the best possible business practices. You optimize your BIPV tempered glass sourcing from us. Optimization saves your expenses, from storage to Production of BIPV solar glass. 

Custom Solutions

Our team adjusts according to your budget, design, or specific requirements. Receive BIPV Solar Glass customization on all functions to meet your objectives. Product development customization results in a strong brand foundation. 

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Get expert opinions on your chosen BIPV Tempered glass type. And help you to analyze the product’s profitability with sales data for every year. You avoid unsold inventory problems like conventional building panels through us. 

  • Supplier Management

You get consolidated kits without handling multiple BIPV tempered glass suppliers. Our team works beside your suppliers and receives an inventory of different parts. Saves your storage and handling costs through our consolidated packaging. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Our well-versed team, on top of industry connections, negotiates for better deals. We discuss the BIPV tempered glass contract in detail to ensure everything is clear. We also discuss return and replacement clauses in the contract to save damages. 

  • Order Management

Save your important corporate time while we handle every single step of sourcing. Our staff handles all of your BIPV tempered glass wholesale Suppliers. Receive your BIPV module alongside branding and interactive packaging. It enhances your customer experience. 

  • Logistics Coordination

You get quality BIPV glass on time through us. We use economical logistical options to save your costs. Complete Paperwork handling for smooth customs clearance. You avoid ISF penalty and Detention risk at ports. 

  • Installation Support

You receive our installation video guides to train your engineers and staff. We defined different methods to install BIPV tempered glass. Easy integration for developers and saves them a good amount of time. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Pay through encrypted and secured gateways while keeping your information safe. Multiple options that support you throughout the BIPV Solar sourcing. Enhanced securing alongside less work!

Western Union

BIPV excellence awaits – explore the possibilities for your brand’s architectural transformation.

Our Reliable Partners


Our BIPV Tempered Glass Factory

Reduce production costs through optimized processes in our BIPV tempered glass factory. Our skilled staff could handle sudden orders to meet your customer’s demands. Increase your customer’s trust in your brand alongside on-time delivery. 

Our BIPV Tempered Glass Factory

packaging & shipping

We ensure transportation safety through durable, seaworthy plywood cases. Inner foam protection further provides cushioning support, preventing scratches. You receive Sea shipping with the right consolidated space to save you more costs. 

packaging & shipping

Experience the future of architectural innovation with BIPV Tempered Glass

Successful Project

Successful Project

BIPV Glass installation for Hotel skylights in Papua New Guinea 

Our client had a beautiful hotel in Papua New Guinea. He wanted to increase solar system efficiency while maintaining aesthetics

The team analyzed his existing solar system and recommended BIPV glass. Remember that he had a strict budget range, so we ensured everything in his requirements. 

We installed the best-looking custom design BIPV Tempered glass. He liked this addition of the glass façades

BIPV solar systems in the building of Korea

It was a corporate client that had some commercial buildings in Korea. He had a huge rooftop on which he wanted a Spandrel glass. We looked for more integrated options that increase aesthetic value. 

Our design team worked very hard and made a custom design. The client liked and approved the glass design. 

The production staff at our factory made very good-looking glass, including solar cells. The installation team installed it while maintaining the outer look. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


Leeline Energy helps me to achieve success in my Development projects. Their staff helped in our inspection process and optimized our quality. I recommend working beside them. 


I was amazed at how efficient their processes are. Their team is really helpful when it comes to automating processes. Saved more time for my business development. Work alongside Leeline Energy, as you would be amazed, too! 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About BIPV Tempered Glass

    When can I receive the BIPV tempered glass sourced from China?

    It depends on your production time and Shipping method. Mostly, Sea shipping is popular and used for long routes as it’s economical. You receive BIPV module from China to the US via sea shipping in 20 to 40 days.

    How do I clean BIPV module?

    The cleaning process is similar to the classic glass façades. You only have to clean the outer layer using soap and a soft cloth. Yet don’t apply much pressure and see if there is any crack. 

    Which BIPV tempered glass brand is best?

    Vitro architectural glass is best for many customers. Consider other brands, too, like Borosil & BDC. Better to explore and get many quotes from different brands. 

    Does BIPV tempered glass require maintenance?

    It does no extra maintenance other than just cleaning and keeping it safe. You may have to provide maintenance if customers call for any system issue. 

    What should I provide to get a quotation?

    It depends on many things as you need to provide small details too. First, tell them how much inventory, type, & design requirements. Then the supplier would ask you for different details before giving you a quotation. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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