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Premium Solar Flashlight Features

Leeline Energy delivers complete customization of a RECHARGEABLE flashlight. Get tailored power, voltage, and design solutions! 

High power

Three modes of light are there HIGH, medium, or Low light mode, you get the COMPLETE control over light. Change it according to your needs. You spread light up to 200 meters —UNBELIEVABLE but true! Plus, you get a BUILT-IN safety belt cutter knife. Offer the  EMERGENCY escape features. 

Make your Customers ALL SMILE with a RECHARGEABLE flashlight. And EXPLODE your business repo! 

Support multifunction

Camping. Night lighting. Or security patrol. Whatever purpose you want from the HANDS-free flashlight, it can do. It even gives you multiple light features and a blue light warning. 

No hassle for BUYING a separate flashlight for your consumers. All-in-one SOLUTION flashlights shower their love on your brand! And SKYROCKET your sales. 

Two charging mode

Outdoor solar CHARGING keeps the high power output. You get TYPE C charging. It is relatively faster than a USB charger. And offers a long-lasting electricity solution. Your battery LASTS longer leading to more cost-savings and BETTER adaptability. 

No more RISKS for a power outage when our solar FLASHLIGHT offers hours of light. Customers are ALL SMILE. And your BUSINESS is ALL ABOVE

Sealed lamp body

IPX4 waterproof feature keeps the WATER away. The one-piece design protects the SOLAR POWERED flashlight in stormy weather. Robust BODY structure gives protection from pressure of winds. And let you CARRY it along in an outdoor adventure. 

No fear of the HARSH conditions. No more PRODUCT issues due to rain. Higher TRUST. More sales. And your FATE — MORE MONEY! 

Smart battery indicator

The indicator turns on whenever the battery is charging or fully CHARGED. Green light shows the FULL charging. Red light shows either charging or discharging. You readily get IDEA whether the battery is fully charged or not. Easy peasy! 

Eliminate the RISKS of overcharging. Optimize battery PERFORMANCE. And enjoy the STELLAR business performance with a reliable light. 

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Solar Flashlight by Types

Portable flashlight

Portable flashlight

Highly lenticular LENSES are there for high luminosity. High-brightness WICK does the magic of maximum brightness. Guess what? We have ADDED an aluminum ring reflector. 

Portable FLASHLIGHT helps carry in outdoor sports or adventure. Customers remain at EASE. And your BUSINESS remains pumped up! 

Hand crank solar flashlight

Hand crank solar flashlight

High crank solar FLASHLIGHT is solar panels LAMINATED. Tempered glass for the ultimate protection. The hand crank can BE retracted, ensuring a BETTER energy source. 

Customers get a SEAMLESS experience. And you get a TOP-LEVEL place in their hearts. A better FUTURE for your business lies out there. 

Solar searchlight

Solar searchlight

Super hard material keeps the RECHARGEABLE flashlight safe during falling. Say goodbye to the RISKY rain and snow. Ultimate RESISTANCE against the snow with HIGH HARDNESS ABS. 

Keep the customer’s MORALE high with your POWERFUL tactical FLASHLIGHT solutions. And empower your BUSINESS with more customers. 

Brighten Up Your Brand’s Presence! Harness the Power of Solar with our Wholesale Flashlights. Illuminate Your Corporate Image and Environment. Make the Sustainable Switch Today!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Flashlight Services


High Process Standards

Deployed the BEST technology. Precise CNC control machines. No risks of HUMAN errors. Get you FLAWLESS high standards in the production processes of solar flashlights. 

Shine bright on the TOP of the list with our solar flashlights! And reach UPPER trust levels! 



We do not impose any RESTRICTIONS on the quantity. BUY one rechargeable flashlight. Test its QUALITY. STOCK up within your budget and storage capacity.

No MORE risks for low-QUALITY. Get a UPPER HAND over rivals with superior flashlights. BOOST the number of your loyal customers. 

Sturdy Packaging

Optimized Packaging

CUSTOMIZED packaging, we help you out. Our PACKAGING team is QUICK. Brings the best packaging solutions. Give you a chance to optimize packaging. Make a DISTINCT solar panel BRAND with branded packaging. Stand out in a CROWDED environment! 


On-time Delivery

Our logistics team is LIGHTNING-FAST. Receive products in a short time to launch before your Competitors. We not only ship but also help you TRACK. Relax! Know the SPEEDY delivery location. 

Say GOODBYE to customer complaints. Stay in the RACE of competition! 


Standard Compliance

Whatever solar PRODUCTS we produce, we ensure, it complies with international standards. Easy for you to HAVE trust. Save your final product from flaws and potential negative reviews from users.  

Sell not only in LOCAL markets but globally. A huge WAVE of international consumers will be a BIG fan of your products. 

Multiple Supplier Management  

Strong Supply Capacity

Large manufacturing facility READY to tackle your needs. No matter what quantity of SOLAR-powered flashlights you need, we handle it. Bulk orders at KILLER prices with ENDLESS supply— TRUST US we will provide! 

It gets you NON-STOP sales while preventing backorders.

Creative Applications of Solar Flashlight

Outdoor Light

Outdoor Light











Precise production process

Our production line is VERY EFFICIENT. Integration of SOLAR cells in solar panels. And joining of cells on a PCB. All these ensure a TACTICAL flashlight with high LIGHT output. Raise your BUSINESS STATUS with high-efficiency solutions. And become a REPUTED business! 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Are you planning to expand your BUSINESS? Let us enter into the DEAL. Our certificates of CE, TUV, ISO9001, RoHS, and FCC give a GOLDEN VISA of the US and EU market. Get economical FREEDOM by selling globally! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Not just the GO-THROUGH, we inspect the WHOLE manufacturing setup. Every single equipment, my FRIEND. Make the DETAILED reports. You have BETTER confidence in your flashlights. And make up an EXEMPLARY brand! 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

A dream team is HERE with 10+ years of sourcing. We have done HUNDREDS of deals. Guess the success rate? It is 100%. All of our CUSTOMERS are HAPPY with high INTEGRITY of solar flashlight wholesale. 

Our BADASS solar flashlights are GOING to take your SALES by storm. Level up your BUSINESS trust. Enable a TRUSTED environment! 

One-stop Sourcing

No beating around the BUSH. No more hassle to FIND the suppliers. We have got it at a SINGLE point. Our team SOURCES best-match solar flashlight SUPPLIERS. Performs quality CHECKS. And delivers the TOPPER flashlights! 

Professionals, HANDLE your deals! You relax. Watch. EAT popcorn. Ignition of UNLIMITED business growth lies here! 


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We are on your BACK when it comes to money protection. Safe TRANSACTIONS. Deals only with SCREENED solar flashlight manufacturers. TIME to leave the QUALITY scams behind. 

Filtered B2B transactions keep up the GOOD credence of your BUSINESS. Give a PATH of success only


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are the PREMIUM customer for us. Your PRIORITY is the Number ONE. Don’t hesitate. Let us know what exactly you EXPECT. And grab the BEST IN CLASS solar flashlight wholesale quality! 

Banish all your CUSTOMER concerns for quality. Rise with the FULL FORCE. And shine BRIGHT on the TOP! 

Standardized Procedure

No more PESKY deals. We are SUPER CONSCIOUS about the PROFESSIONAL services. And provide you with every single POINT of our services and products. We take up your SOLAR DEALS with extreme care and expertise. 

What you get is BETTER business expansion. Incredible FUTURE vision! And the GUARANTEED triumph! 

Custom Solutions

Convert DREAM solar flashlight designs into REALITY! It is a FACT now with the Leeline Energy team. Let us know your QUALITY, quantity, and POWER requirements. And watch our MAGIC from the wand. 

Get customer-focused solutions. Facilitate your BUYERS. And Become the CENTER OF ATTENTION in the SOLAR market. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Do you have any demands? We will assess your solar FLASHLIGHT specs, quantity, and design needs! Guess what? We’ve SPICED it up with the EXPERT’s MARKET analysis. Make INFORMED decisions. And get ONLY one thing — LEADERSHIP in the solar industry. 

  • Supplier Management

TAKE DOWN all your troubles of solar flashlight suppliers. MONITOR and track down their PERFORMANCE. And more? We optimize them to meet your specifications and quality. Get GOOD stuff for your ENTERPRISE. And grow with an infinite POTENTIAL! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Don’t entangle yourself in NITTY-GRITTY contracts. Our legal team handles it! We draft out the CONTRACT. Tackle all the LEGAL complications. And make sure there are ZERO pauses in the deal. NO more time WASTED with smooth contracts. FOCUS on business MARKETING and GROWTH potential! 

  • Order Management

Leave EXTRA burden on our shoulders. We are ADEPT at managing solar flashlight orders. Confirming and ACCEPTING changes to your deals. Every single STEP goes on with professional MANAGEMENT. You get REDUCED overhead costs. Improve CASH FLOW for better economic stability! 

  • Logistics Coordination

Dissolve your LOGISTICS tensions. Our team is READY to deliver the SOLAR products! We pack. Store. And ship your PRODUCTS! Timely DELIVERY—we guarantee it! Keep the INFLOW of consumers HIGH with TIMELY delivery. MAKE more revenue each month! 

  • Installation Support

Let’s get REAL about the installation. We’ve invested HOURS in making VIDEOS— just for your safe installations. Also give phone support with REMOTE GUIDANCE. Effortless INSTALLATION makes your BRAND unique. Improve PRODUCT experience. And provide an EXCELLENT boost to your business evolution!  

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Believe me; we protect your MONEY. Our payment options like PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit cards are 100% SECURE. No more RISKS for scams. Safe transactions. And GO on printing money without LOSING a single penny!  

Western Union

Radiate Success with Solar Confidence! Wholesale Solar Flashlights to Illuminate Your Brand’s Journey. Shine Brighter, Shine Smarter – Embrace Sustainable Brilliance for a Greener Business Future

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Flashlight Factory

Our solar FLASHLIGHT factory is a TRUE LIVE WIRE. Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY. Automated production. And above all, STRONG capacity to meet your business needs. Reduce OPERATIVE cost. And stay in the COMPETITION game with killer prices of SOLAR-powered flashlight solutions! 


packaging & shipping

I am sure you’ll APPRECIATE our delivery team. THEY are THUNDERBOLT, enabling faster and BRANDED packing. And timely delivery of your orders. Product returns fall on the ground. And customer SATISFACTION rises to the SKY! 

packaging & shipping

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case inverter

Journey Brilliance: Solar Lights That Won Mr. James Over 

Mr. James is from the US, and he goes on adventures. In actuality, he loves adventure. 

But there was one problem. Any wild guesses? Yes, the TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT. But he wanted a long-term solution. And What else could be better than a SOLAR-powered flashlight, which we OFFERED him finally? 

Even before we closed the deal, we asked him about the requirements. 

  • He needed ten solar flashlights for his complete group of adventures. 
  • Light output must be high. 
  • No compromise on the light range. 
  • Handy flashlights. 
  • A charging port, especially a USB port flashlight. 

We jot down requirements. And here the GAME TURNS on! We started finding the exact solutions. We enabled our solar flashlight factory to PRODUCE the best solar lights. And here are the HIGHEST QUALITY solar lights for our client — Mr. James. 

Our logistics team packaged the products. And they shipped it on time. 

Guess why Mr. James relied on our services? 

There are tons of reasons. 

  • Competitive prices. 
  • Quality solar lights. 
  • Rechargeable flashlight.
  • High power.

Oh, one more thing I forgot. We got him the HIGH power batteries. Such an excellent COMBINATION led him to get the best solution for his adventure! 

case 19
What our customers say


None is better than the Leeline team. Well integrated. Best team. I loved their work to help tackle a power outage with solar flashlights. I appreciate your help, Leeline Energy team.

Latasha F Lightle

I asked them to buy me a flashlight with batteries and a power bank. They did an excellent job. I loved the power button in my flashlights. Thank you, team! 

Cordell E Falbos

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Solar Flashlight

    1. Are solar flashlights worth it?

    Yes. They are cost-saving options for you. Plus, you can recharge them under the sunlight. Their brightness is impressive and suitable for outdoor activities. 

    2. How long can a solar-powered flashlight last?

    A solar-powered flashlight time depends more on the battery. A high-power battery will run for an extended time compared to a low-power battery. However, its charging occurs in the sunlight. 

    3. How to guarantee the quality of products? 

    There are various factors to look at in the excellent quality. 

    · Good design. 
    · Material Quality
    · Long life.
    · Power output. 

    In the solar system, if these are present, great. The solar flashlight is qualitative. 

    4. How do you ship the product?

    For shipping solar-powered flashlights, you must have a shipping service. You can hire the best shipping service. Get the quote. Settle at a price. And ship. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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