Solar Panels Manufacturers in China

Leeline Energy comprises experts specializing in solar panels and SUSTAINABLE energy applications. Implementation of cutting-edge technology has helped achieve the increasing energy goals. 

We are committed to 100% QUALITATIVE SOLAR PANELS with guaranteed high-efficiency solar panels.

A combined approach will save you costs and increase productivity on larger scales.

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Premium Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a TOP SOLAR COMPANY that contributes to a variety of customized solar panels with different designs and sizes.


Solar PV modules are compatible with almost all systems. Wherever you want to install, these work PERFECTLY. You also combine them with on-grid and off-grid systems. They provide you with ultimate facilities to IMPRESS your customers with your products.


Solar module retains a unique feature. It has TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE under HARSH WEATHER conditions. The quality material and resistance make them resist extreme conditions. Therefore, they work for extended periods. That thing can attract your customers to your solar panels.

Higher Productivity

Solar modules are highly efficient. They convert solar power into electricity effectively. The higher the solar panel efficiency, the BETTER ADAPTABILITY to the energy requirements. Hence you can deploy them in the projects extensively.

No Noise Pollution

Traditional electricity production systems make you deaf. Some renewable energy solutions, such as wind turbines or heat generators, are noisy. Putting all options behind, solar PV modules offer the best solution to your business. Your business goes on A GREAT PACE.

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Solar Panels by Types

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panels

Sunlight sheds light on BOTH SIDES of bifacial solar panels. Therefore, they are highly efficient solar panels with higher energy production.

You save costs on extra energy production.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels procure the HIGHEST EFFICIENCY. It is due to using pure silicon, resulting in maximum power production.

You need to invest less in energy production and get more from it.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline solar panels offer a more AFFORDABLE OPTION. They don’t produce toxic effects on the environment.

So, you are safe and deliver renewable energy.

Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels are more for TRANSPORTATION PURPOSES. These are compact and increase the ease of carrying them.

You SHIFT THEM from one place to another without worrying about them anymore.

Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid solar panels are SUPER STRONG and built for harsh weather. Sufficient temperature resistance keeps them working for extended periods.

They are LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS without investing again and again.

Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible Solar Panel

They are compatible with most systems and offer sustainable energy. With 10-15% EFFICIENCY, you get a better solution.

Easy transportation puts you on hassle-free trade.

Amorphous Solar Panels

Amorphous Solar Panels

They are suitable for DARKER CONDITIONS and work efficiently.

Temperature resistance keeps them operating under extreme weather conditions.

Off-Grid Solar Panels

Off-Grid Solar Panels

Off-Grid solar panels STORE ENERGY and use them later. You don’t need to keep an electricity generator.

It saves costs and partners in power outage cases.

On-Grid Solar Panels

On-Grid Solar Panels

The on-grid solar system partners with the local electricity mechanisms. That means you can save on ELECTRICITY BILL UP TO 90%.

That is what most customers have achieved already.

Solar Panels by Uses

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels are highly efficient panels with PID resistance. Larger scale installation is no big deal.

With high energy production, they are 100% suitable for cost-savings.

Industrial Solar Panels

Industrial Solar Panels

They are suitable for extreme conditions in industrial zones. With high wind load and snow load resistance, you can install it without any problems.

Sustainable energy at a large scale is enough to CUT COSTS ON ELECTRICITY.

Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels offer GOOD SUPPORT TO HOME. You don’t have to maintain them.

With extra energy storage, you make better use of it. They are cost-efficient panels.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Grounded solar panels need an optimal direction to get HIGH EFFICIENCY.

With high efficiency and lower cost, you’ll get a better choice. They are cheaper and save money.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Roof-mounted solar panels have compactness and don’t require much space. The installation process is safe and easy to do.

You get high-energy production and get cost-effective solutions.

Floating Solar Panel

Floating Solar Panel

Floating solar panels are water-proof with HIGH RESISTANCE to humidity. Therefore, you can use it in cold weather.

A complete protection system saves the headache of maintenance. 

Scale your solar business and boost your sales from anywhere.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Panels

No maintenance hassle

No maintenance hassle

You don’t need to manage them every single day. That saves costs and provides more facilities.


Excellent Low-light performance

The case of low sunlight is not a problem. Solar panel manufacturing has advanced glass and cell surface working in low light.

low breakage

Low breakage rate

Afraid of electricity production failure? No more with the solar panels. They have enough strength to sustain harsh environments at low breakage rates.

shipping methods

Choose multiple shipping methods

You get access to various shipping methods. Leeline Energy confirms the MOST SUITABLE and affordable process.

solar panels

Verified solar panel manufacturers

Our top picks have confirmed status. We even check solar manufacturing facilities. There is no risk of scams. You trade safely.

quality inspection

Effective quality inspection

We know the importance of quality. Therefore, we don’t compromise. You get 100% QUALITY INSPECTION with thorough quality inspection.

Creative Applications of Solar Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels

Farming with Solar Panels



Lighting a Home

Lighting a Home

Water Heating

Water Heating

Charging Devices

Charging Devices

Street Lights

Street Light

Precise production process

We are the ones that will guide you to the future.


Solar Cells Sorting. The solar industry experts take up all the solar cells. Sort them out for the welding.

High-Speed series welding. To save time, fast-speed welding is done. Series welding of solar cells optimizes speed.

Visual Inspection. Visual inspection shows any faults. It shows the manufacturing process is going right.

EVA paving. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a good material for sunlight. EVA paving adds to the manufacturing of panels.

Junction Bar Welding. In this process, the junctions are set up. A further function is to weld them.

Laminating. Now, the process of lamination occurs. It protects against any dangerous problems in operation. 

Encapsulation and Framing. Capsuling is done to finalize the solar panel. Now, it is ready for testing.

EL Testing. In EL testing, we ensure there is no defect. It guarantees the high integrity of solar panels.

Packing. It is the last step to pack the solar panels. Solid and robust packaging secures panels.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help solar businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Leeline Energy provides different certificates to ensure INTEGRITY. Certificates can be FCC, CE, UL1703, ISO9001, TUV. It builds professional credibility.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We do a comprehensive scrutiny of the solar panels factory. You get DETAILED INSPECTION reports. These build trust and settle for quality and more selling.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a TOP-NOTCH sourcing solution with 10+ years of experience. We have a list of filtered manufacturers in China. Based on solar panel manufacturer rankings, we MAKE the best choice.

Ten years of professionalism and thousands of satisfied customers guarantee our services. In the deal, we support our customers and ensure they are 100% satisfied. That makes up a place on the TOP.

One-stop sourcing

You don’t need to wander for solar panel manufacturers in China or inspections. Leeline Energy has EVERYTHING CENTERED in one place. Our proficient solar panels’ factory inspection team inputs positive points of inspection. 

Strict review and checking of products secure all qualitative deals. We understand the factory and provide the best solar products. All products qualify your budget and quality requirements.

One-stop sourcing

Reduce transaction risk

Reduce transaction risk

Are you tired of risks? No more!! Our Leeline Energy team implements 100% TRANSPARENT PROCEDURES. Our expert-vetted solar panel manufacturers in China know what to offer. You get detailed reports of your solar panels’ wholesale inspection. 

Check the quantity and quality. And ship products in time to AVOID ANY DELAYS. Safe transactions with receipts keep you confident 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


We have worked with thousands of buyers all over the globe. Before we make any step, confirm the preferences. Keep our customers one step ahead of the deal to provide suitable solutions. 

Our team thinks from the customer’s perspective and provides solutions at affordable costs. You are PRIME to us.



From A to Z sourcing, we evaluate the procedures. Know the standardized regulations. And finally, implement them in the final sourcing. In solar panels factory inspection, we follow ISO STANDARDS. Solar panels wholesale are good to sell globally. We monitor the solar panel manufacturing process.

You get every service with standardized processes.


Our team pays attention to your requirements. From BUDGET TO PACKAGING, we listen attentively. If you want the right solar panel company, we get it. We can even customize the packing of the solar panels. 

Our reliable service offers a WIN-WIN situation for you to be at ease. Get affordable deals with a personalized experience!!


leelinesourcing team

How we support you?

Whenever you need us, we are THERE. Our team is dedicated to providing different solutions. You can get the following services.

Demand Assessment: Our team checks the required solar PV modules. Ensure they have the correct quantities. We check the solar panels’ wholesale quality. And implement STRICT RULES OF ISO.

Supplier Management: We help clients choose the best solar panel manufacturer in the TOWN. Efficient management BRINGS UP the best results. Our team monitors the performance of solar panel manufacturers. And keeps you updated. You find the MOST SUITABLE solar panel manufacturers in China.

Contract Negotiation: We facilitate the process of the contract. Our team drafts the terms and conditions. Help you and the solar panel manufacturer get agreement on the words. It helps in defining the GOALS AND NEEDS.

How we support you?

Order Management: From quality inspection to sourcing, we handle all. We provide DETAILED REPORTS about products. Manage all your online orders. And send them on time to do the timely delivery.

Logistics Coordination: Integration of storage and logistics is the best solution we provide. Your orders are PACKED AND SHIPPED on time.

Installation Support: Our team collaborates with you in the installation process. You get detailed videos on installation instructions and techniques. It makes the whole process HASSLE-FREE.

leelinesourcing team

Our Payment

We have MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS with all the transactions under secure processing. You are OUT OF SCAM and get relaxed when working with us.

Western Union

Start with us to expand your solar business from locality to globality.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of Solar Panels

We work with 100+ factories ready to provide you with an inventory. You get STRICT QUALITY CONTROL with quality production.


packaging & shipping

We manually package all your products. Get you the CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES. And delivery on time. It never lets you put a single full-stop in business.


Make the reach of your solar panels business to far-end customers effectively!

Successful Project


60 KW off-grid solar installation with Mr. James in the US

Mr. James is the owner of an oxygen plant factory. The electricity consumption was very high. Therefore, the electricity bill touched the sky. It was a significant financial burden. So, he wanted to install a 60 KW off-grid solar system. 

We understood the requirements. And offered the best off-grid solar setup with the complete installation process. And complete the 60 KW solar system installation. 

Later, Mr. James called us to appreciate our efforts. He mentioned that the electricity bill has significantly decreased. That was great.

15 KW solar system installation in the home

Mr. White lived in Poland and contacted us regarding the solar plant at home. There was one main requirement— cost-effectiveness. He wanted a cheaper option that had durability. 

We did research—found solar panel manufacturers in China. And we have provided highly qualitative solar plants. Our expert team did the installation of solar panels

After a month, Mr. White contacted us for the solar installation at his friend’s home. He admired our efforts and gave us a chance to serve. Overall, it was a great deal with the affordable pricing.


our customer say

I am totally impressed with the LEELINE ENERGY. They evaluated my requirements for solar panels. And they assisted me in each step of finding the best solar panel supplier in China. I love the team! Good luck, big guys!

– James

A friend of mine recommended Leeline Energy to me. And now I think it was the best decision ever. The Leeline Energy team is highly efficient. It provided me with all the solutions at lower prices. I’ll work with them again.


People Also Ask about Solar Panels

1. How do you pack the solar panels?

We value solar panels’ wholesale safety in storage and transportation. Therefore, all our cartons procure strong resistance to any damage. You can also get CUSTOMIZED PACKAGING solutions.

2. What is the cheapest way to get solar power?

First of all, you need to know the local requirements for the installation of solar systems. Calculate all incentives and rebates. Then proceed. Moreover, install the whole system at once. It is cheaper than components.

3. Can a solar panel power directly without an inverter?

It all depends on the scenario. For battery charging, you don’t need an inverter. An inverter becomes essential when you want mains power. The inverter will change the DC into AC then.

4. Does a solar panel work in cold countries?

Solar panels work in cold countries. But there is one thing you must have. It is the sun from which you get solar energy. Therefore, it is necessary to know the hours the sun shows up. Otherwise, it is useless.

5. When will photovoltaic solar panel becomes cost-effective?

Photovoltaic solar panels are already a COST-EFFECTIVE OPTION. They produce enough energy for your residence. You can even use them commercially without any concern for power.

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Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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