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We are PRO solar garden light suppliers! Our decade of experience offers a one-stop shop from SOLAR PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING to customer support. Cut the hassle, save costs,and give your customers high-end services. FOCUS on your business strategies and LEAD THE MARKET!

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Premium Solar Garden Light Features

Get customized solar garden light solutions from LEELINE Energy experts! We show dedication through products with the following specifications.

Super bright LED chip

High-brightness LED sources and transmittance with low light attenuation make them sustainable. Solar panels CHARGE the light in the sun with 18 to 20% higher EFFICIENCY. They come with a 25 years lifetime warranty.

The aluminum body shell makes the solar lights DURABLE. A one-time SOLUTION to brighten the buyers’ backyard and the way to LEAD the market!

Auto Working

AUTOMATICALLY charge in sunlight and light up after dusk. These solar-powered lights remain BRIGHT at night for 10 hours. Keep the button in the ON position, and our solar panel DETECTS changes in brightness.

It is the PERFECT solution for outdoor lighting and home decor. Turn your potential buyers into RELIABLE customers, and WELCOME more profits!

Hold up in bad weather

IP65 waterproof glass and top-notch material make solar lights DURABLE. These fairy lights are heat and frost-resistant. Your garden REMAINS bright in every weather condition! Illuminate your outdoors and home effortlessly with our motion-activated lights.

Offer your customers PEACE of MIND and a long-lasting way for outdoor solar lighting. It fosters REPEATED purchases and POSITIVE word-of-mouth recommendations!

Classic shape design

The classic shape and circular ring light fill your garden with rendered colors. The section lamp body has a FLEXIBLE design and offers easy DISASSEMBLING. Enjoy protection from over voltage and over current. Get STABLE quality for solar outdoor lighting.

Two solar lighting modes with seven charging colors provide bright, warm light. CREATIVE design makes them the perfect choice for the buyers. The INDEPENDENT research of our solar powered products takes your business sky-high!

Easy to install

TWO WAYS of installation make it easy to illuminate the backyard and patio. These outdoor solar lights with spikes or screws are best for creating a landscape. VERSATILE installation offers FLEXIBILITY to customers.

Provide an EFFORTLESS way to the bright patio, backyard, and porch! Increase your business growth by offering USER-FRIENDLY solutions.

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Solar Garden Light by Types

Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights

Our solar-powered lights collection contains a SMART CONTROL system for hassle-free use. Smart time control turns on the lights at night. Intelligent dimming technology keeps the lights ALIGNED with environmental conditions. Add beauty and decor to the walkway, porch, yard, and lawn!  

Solar charging in the sun REDUCES electricity COSTS! Aluminum material remains corrosion-resistant, which increases DURABILITY and STURDINESS. Build a positive brand reputation by offering LONG-LASTING solar lighting solutions!

Garden Fence light

Garden Fence light

Our garden fence light collection offers OPTIMAL brightness with 4 LED sources. Durability and waterproofing ensure reliability. Automatic night activation enhances CONVENIENCE. 

Our solar light collection is GREAT for illuminating pathways, stairs, garages, and patios. ELEVATING your brand status for quality and wide use. More APPRAISALS are coming your WAY!

Solar Rock Lights

Solar Rock Lights

The waterproof design makes the solar rock lights collection PERFECT for rainy conditions. There is no need to be ENTANGLED with wires for installation. Rechargeable battery AUTOMATICALLY charges by using sun rays. The light turns on after dusk, and solar lighting can last up to 8 hours.

Two LED light modes with resin lamp bodies are BEST for backyard and patio decor. Our USER-FRIENDLY rock light not only illuminates your customers’ walkways. But also, the way of your business SUCCESS.

Lighting the Way to Wholesale Triumph! Amplify your brand’s eco-friendly portfolio with our solar garden lights. Illuminate your wholesale offerings, captivate clients, and brighten your journey to business success.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Garden Light Services

Efficient Production Capacity

Top Technical Capability

Our top-notch solar lights equipped with photovoltaic modules bring high energy EFFICIENCY. Consistent technical support mitigates the human error risk. CREATE a positive reputation for your brand.

100% On-time Delivery

On-Time Product Delivery

We ensure prompt deliveries GLOBALLY. Save cost and time with our HIGH-END air and sea transportation services. Meet your customers’ DEMANDS on time and boost your business access internationally!

Customer Service

24/7 customer support

Our world-class team RESOLVES the issues within 48 hours. Build customer trust and keep your business ONLINE. Improve your brand image with our RELIABLE after-sales services.

Sample Testing

Sample Quality Testing

Get a detailed analysis of our solar-powered products collection before making any decision. Our quality ensures minimized chances of returns after shipping. SAVES you money for replacements or repairs.



Only buy what you need! Don’t be stressed about buying tons of products UPFRONT. Keep your focus on labor and operations. It ensures enough funds for your project and REDUCES your financial STRESS!

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

Our solar lights have a REASONABLE price so that you can set your profit margins. The realistic price lets you earn more profits from SALES. Use an extra BUDGET for marketing and EXPAND your brand approach.

Creative Applications of Solar Garden Light





Wall light

Wall light






Street Light

Precise production process

We are solar garden lights manufacturers that deliver quality tech! They produce top-notch lights with PROFESSIONALISM and EFFICIENCY. Quality material and CUTTING-EDGE technology enlighten your ways to optimal growth. Be ready to LEAD the market with an array of competitiveness!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We have FCC, RoHS, CSA, ISO14001, and CE certifications. It instills the customer’s TRUST in product security. Join our hands for quality solar lights to expand operations globally. BOOST your CREDIBILITY and increase your sales.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Detailed quality inspection of our solar-powered lights for durability and efficiency. ASSURE product SAFETY and QUALITY. Say goodbye to DISPUTES and COMPLAINTS. Expand your market visibility.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy brings your DREAM TEAM with ten years of experience. So, say no to the issues you face due to LOUSY CHOICES. Trust us to find the best solar garden lights suppliers at affordable prices! Add to the cart our solar lights to decorate your customer’s home.

COST-EFFECTIVE solutions according to your REQUIREMENTS. Use our B2B partnership for more profit. Skyrocket success and market expansion are coming your way!

One-stop Sourcing

There is no need to contact thousands of suppliers! Leeline Energy brings a stop solution for solar spotlights. Our product sourcing team KNOWS all the quality solar light SUPPLIERS and FACTORIES. For a quality TACTIC!

We resolve issues in the supply chain, from quality to ON-TIME deliveries. It REDUCES the solar garden lights cost and builds biz relationships. Level up your business and BOOST your profits!

sourcing agent

secure business transactions

Reduce Transaction Risk

We handle your solar garden lights transactions. Trust us for the quality, delivery, and cost of your solar garden light wholesale! Remain stress-free while we handle it all. From inspections and audits to follow-ups.

Partner with us to earn more ECONOMIC BENEFITS and low scam risks. Stay on top of business. Be ready to get an OPTIMISTIC reputation and work together to seal the deal!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Be ready to experience our killer services and SUPPORT for our solar garden lights. Only SATISFACTION! Get quotations, pricing, quality, and inspection reports. We help you make informed decisions.

Remain ahead of the game and give your customers high-end solar garden lights. Ready for more sales and excellent customer CONVERSIONS with us!

Standardized Procedure

Our ESTABLISHED service process guarantees professionalism and reliability. Each step is for our customer’s well-being! We prioritize delivering UNIFORM excellence! Experience RELIABILITY in every service from start to finish. 

Build a strong FOUNDATION for scalability with our array of solar light EXPERTISE!

Custom Solutions

Each customer is UNIQUE, and we understand it. Achieve customer satisfaction by offering custom solar garden lights. Our approach COMBINES understanding individual needs with standard procedure. We CRAFT customized solar lights for different landscapes as you require.

Through this synergy, establish a unique brand image to achieve market differentiation.

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

We handle SPECIFICATION, QUALITY, and QUANTITY for you! Our expertise helps design solar garden light specs. All this is based on thorough market analysis. Your deals will be according to your demand. So, earn customers’ trust and build strong COLLABORATION!

  • Supplier Management

Leeline Energy team MONITORS and evaluates the solar garden light supplier’s PERFORMANCE. We optimize them to ensure quality and reliability. It reduces risks, gets you good stuff, and helps you grow your business beyond boundaries. 

  • Contract Negotiation

We establish legally binding and satisfactory contract ARRANGEMENTS. No more headaches for contract negotiations, drafts, and terms and conditions. Help you to FINALIZE the DEAL with a legal approach. You only take charge and BOOST your market appearance!

  • Order Management

Our team keeps TRACKING your solar garden lights wholesale orders. We take orders of any size and handle them professionally at each step. Ensure that things remain MESS-FREE from start to finish. REDUCE your workload and help you towards economic stability. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Earn clients’ satisfaction by delivering them DAMAGE-FREE and on-time deliveries of solar lights. We provide transportation, warehouse, and distribution facilities. Shipping services at an AFFORDABLE price. So, say hello to more set PROFIT MARGIN!

  • Installation Support

The solar garden light installation is no more headache! We have invested hours in making those installation videos. Feel free to ask questions through our telephone services. Be ready to get more APPRAISALS for your ENDLESS support! 

How we support you?

Our Payment

We have credit cards, Visa, or PayPal for transactions. FLEXIBLE payment methods. Enjoy HASSLE FREE transactions without worrying about scams. 

Western Union

Wholesale Solar Brilliance Awaits! Position your brand at the forefront of sustainability with our premium solar garden lights. Light the way to wholesale success.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Garden Light Factory

Our solar garden lights factory can meet your DEMANDS for solar lights FASTER. We manufacture and supply solar-powered products on a large scale. It helps you to meet the market demand and BEAT the computation like PRO!


packaging & shipping

Your orders are PRECIOUS to us! So, we ensure product SAFETY. We use sturdy packaging for your solar lights and pack them with care. It provides the ABILITY to deliver DAMAGE-FREE products to your DESTINATION. All about your business GROWTH!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Solar Magic: Transforming Nights in a Town’s Park   

We met this client in a beautiful town nestled amidst Rolling Hills in China. His name was Mr. Lee, who was also a leader of this small COMMUNITY living in the town. They want a SUSTAINABLE energy solution to ILLUMINATE their beloved park after dusk.

Our team analyzed the lighting requirements. We offered solar garden lights as a sustainable solution. Our services helped Mr. Lee TRANSFORM their park’s AMBIENCE.

We decided to use 30 solar lights and POSITIONED them throughout the backyard. By HARNESSING the sun’s energy, they bring GLOW at night. The installation process was SEAMLESS. The solar panels are EMERGED with the park’s design without affecting its decor.

The DURABLE solar string lights with lighting motion give eye-catching effects. The light WITHSTANDS harsh weather conditions. Add beauty to every environmental condition. Families of this community were EXCITED to enjoy a picnic at night. And we were happy to make their DREAM COME TRUE!

The RESULTS were excellent and IMMEDIATE. Mr. Lee and the other community members remained ENCHANTED by the bright evenings. The ECONOMIC BENEFITS were also EVIDENT. The town witnessed a sustainable price reduction in electricity bills.

We are also pleased to COMPLETE this project. It is another step to a GREENER FUTURE. It also showcases our expertise and quality products. Small CHANGES lead to a BRIGHT FUTURE!

What our customers say


I wanted to make my patio beautiful, and Leeline Energy helps me do this! Their solar lights helped me in landscaping with an array of lighting motions. It helped me to BRIGHT my patio, garage, yard, and lawn all night long. I like their sturdy and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY array of solar light. It makes my dream come true!

Matthew S Polly

I was looking for solar-powered lights at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. And I am happy because Leeline’s energy helped me get them. Their services for PRODUCT SOURCING take my heart. On-time delivery and installation support ENABLED me to make solar outdoor lighting possible. I love their SERVICES and want to COLLABORATE for further solar ASSISTANCE.

Sherryl D Mikkelson

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Solar Garden Light

    1. Do solar garden lights really work?

    Primarily, solar lights work best and store energy fast in direct sunlight. Shade and cloudy weather conditions may affect the battery charging time. But once the light battery is fully charged, it works all night.

    2. How long does it take for solar garden lights to work?

    Some solar lights may be fully charged and light up instantly out of the box. But if the battery is empty, a solar light may take 4 to 10 hours to charge in direct sunlight. They work that night long if you install them in full-exposure landscaping in the morning.

    3. What are the installation area conditions for solar LED garden lights?

    Solar-powered lights are a great addition to outdoor space. Install them under sunlight exposure. Location matters a lot, and a clear, open area is best. Make sure the ground is stable to keep the light stable. Install them to highlight your pathway and tree. 

    4. Which solar panel is suitable for LED street lights?

    For these outdoor lights, solar panels with high efficiency are essential. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are used for these lights. These highly efficient panels generate more power to illuminate solar-powered light. Weather-resistant quality and long-lasting performance are also essential aspects to consider.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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