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We are the TOP 800w solar panel manufacturers. Our 10+ years of supply chain experience and quality assurance allow you to maximize your earnings. With us, increase your business internationally to INCREASE your SALES GRAPH. More happy customers, more profits!

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Premium 800w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is your one-stop solution company for solar panels. We deliver 800w panels with the following features:

High-efficiency solar cells

High-end replaceable fuse, DC contact material, and cylindrical PV fuse offer longer lifespans. Anl fuse COMPONENTS comes with an array inline fuse. They offer EXCELLENT current rating and output WARRANTY. Best for battery charging! High PID-resistant quality and short circuit current ISC increase PROTECTION.

High shunt resistance makes it more ADAPTABLE to weather conditions. These high-efficiency features get you repeated buyers. Be ready to CAPTURE the market share.

Ultra clear tempered glass

The ANTI-REFLECTIVE glass is 12% ultra-clear, resulting in a 30% lower reflection. Ensures more light absorption. Provide your customers with a 2% increased module efficiency. The SELF-CLEANING function with four spring washers increases product credibility.

The matted insulation material ensures 25 years of SERVICE LIFE. Increases customers’ CONFIDENCE in your products. It increases your REFERRALS and profits!

Good weak light performance

Our 800W solar kit comes with better light trapping and current collection features. Ensure 3.4% MORE power generation. Multi-Busbar Technology reduces energy losses and increases output warranty.

The overload protection for the battery increases customer trust. Our best grid solar system EARNS you positive reviews.

Better reliability

Innovative soldering technology enables high efficiency. Our solar panel ensures first-year DEGRADATION of up to 2%. Anti-LID and anti-PID features make them reliable for customers. Eight long cap bolts, mounting z brackets, and ground mount make INSTALLATION EASY.

Provide potential buyers with an excellent battery bank for extended outdoor use. Enjoy a positive REPUTATION for the best MPPT charge controller.

High tolerance for harsh environment

Reduce energy losses with mold IMP binning. Cylindrical PV fuse to ENSURE high-end PERFORMANCE to buyers. The WITHSTANDING voltage OPTIMIZES your solar power needs. Enjoy excellent performance in a high wind load of 2400Pa and snow load of 5400Pa.

Certification of a silver-plated replaceable fuse INSTILLS customer confidence in quality. Helping you EXPAND your business approach with tested and certified products.

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Advantages Of The Best 800w Solar Panels Services

customer support

24/7 customer support

Enjoy FULL-TIME online customer support. Get answers to your queries with a fast turnaround period of 24 hours. Earn trust, credibility, and customer satisfaction. Turn your buyers into a LOYAL customer base by OFFERING them after-sales services!



There is NO need to worry about big or small orders. You can source a single solar kit or bulk orders in any QUANTITY. Enjoy reliable service without ORDER DISCRIMINATION. Maintain your stress-free inventory and SAVE your BUDGET with better brand management.


Reasonable packaging

We pack each solar kit with high-quality materials according to the components. Our packaging saves your solar system FROM environmental particles and damage. Ensure product INTEGRITY during shipping. REDUCING LOSSES and step towards more PROFITS.

Customized solutions

Professional Customization

Our product development team makes customization a breeze. Create UNIQUE designs. Capture the originality of your equipment. Make your BRAND distinct. Reduce the development time & effort. Stand out from the competition.

Strict Quality Check

Strict Quality Control

The inspection team ensures top-tier credibility. Test each solar kit for performance and output. No low-quality or damaged products. ENSURE that you receive POSITIVE FEEDBACK, & GAIN CUSTOMER trust.


Top Technical Capability

We have deployed a HIGH-END solar kit and photovoltaic modules production setup. Our large high-tech factory offers products with high-end power EFFICIENCY. Your customers enjoy top-notch products and upgrades. Make your brand more recognized.

A Wide Range of Applications



Commercial Building

Commercial Building



Solar Panels Road

Solar Panels Road

Street Light

Street Light


Solar Farms

800w Solar Panels Production Line

We run one of the most advanced 800-watt solar panel production lines. We manufacture a KILLER solar kit with PV input power. Short circuit current ISC and open circuit voltage meet protection class criteria. Get FAST and EFFICIENT products with us. Increase your business GROWTH with more RAPID supply!

Product Parameters

Back ColourWhite, Black
TypeIP68 Rated/Pass The TUV
Junction BoxPerc, Half Cell, Bifacial, Double-Glass, All Black  IP68 Rated/Pass The TUV
Panel Efficiency21.6%
LifespanMore Than 30 Years
Solar Cell10bb 182*182mm, 210*210mm
Product NameBacksheet Monocrystalline Module
Frame ColorBlack
Frame MaterialAnodic Aluminium Alloy
OEM OrderAcceptable
Front GlassHigh Transparency Tempered G
Packaging Details31 Pieces/Pallet
Transport PackageWooden Box and Pallet Packing
OriginJiangsu, China(Mainland)
HS Code8541402000
Production Capacity60000 Pieces/Year

Illuminate Prosperity: B2B 800W Solar Panels in Bulk. Energize your brand and boost profits with sustainable power. Wholesale opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. Inquire now to lead the green revolution in your industry!


Our TUV, ISO14001, ETL, and ISO9001 certifications help you grow internationally. It increases your brand credibility and offers a COMPETITIVE edge WORLDWIDE. Earn your customers’ trust and GROW your business reliability.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Get flawless 800W solar panels wholesale after THOROUGH TESTING. All the bad stuff gets eliminated. It ensures quality and safety while reducing complaints and disputes. Say goodbye to risks and WELCOME to a TRUSTWORTHY customer base!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

With ten years of experience, we are a trusted sourcing company for solar systems. Our solar panels have excellent WORKMANSHIP for maximum power needs. We have resources to ensure FASTER PRODUCTION and immediate support.

Trust us for AFFORDABLE 800w solar panel systems for your maximum power needs. With us, you build a trustworthy brand appearance. Level up your biz with satisfactory buyers!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Let us handle product SOURCING. Help you to COLLABORATE with the best 800w solar panel suppliers in the town. Manage your PRODUCTION, SOURCING, and shipping via a dedicated channel. Build a STRONG CUSTOMER relationship by providing our 800-watt solar panels.

Save your energy and time to INCREASE your market appearance! Our comprehensive solution will bring a better business approach.

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Our commitment is to maintain TRANSPARENCY in B2B deals. We help decrease quantity scams and ensure fair means of transactions. Allow us to manage the entire process. From 800w solar panel order CONFIRMATION to receiving.

Ensure timely delivery with our risk-free power supply chain and earn customer trust. GROW your business with integrity and transparency.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

We aim to provide you with the best 800w solar panel services. We think of your PERSPECTIVE and support to RESOLVE your concerns. Get the best 800-watt solar panels for your maximum power requirements.

Provide your customers with TOP TIRE grid solar solutions. Take a step towards more profits and a BETTER FUTURE!


standardized procedure

Entrust us for it all, from sourcing to inspection. Our professional team ensures quality, reliability, and efficiency during production. We check each 800-watt solar kit thoroughly before shipping them.

You expect SKYROCKET growth and an enhanced reputation. Be ready to get increased profit for 800w solar panel sales!

custom solutions

Leeline Energy UNDERSTANDS your 800w solar panel needs and GOALS. So, we supply customized solar products that meet INDIVIDUAL NEEDS. Get tailored 800-watt solar panels. You customize things from design to size and material to specs.

These customized power solutions SATISFY your customers. Broaden your way to more WORD-OF-MOUTH referrals!

Our Payment

Take advantage of our MULTIPLE payment options, from credit cards to bank transfers. So, feel accessible to money transactions without worrying about being cheated. Focus on your business EMPOWERMENT with SECURE PAYMENT methods!

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

We take care of solar POWER requirements, rated voltage, and quantity of solar panels. Position your business as a complete solution provider for solar power needs. Gain customer trust and Increase your brand REPUTATION with us!

  • Supplier Management

Leeline Energy picks the best solar panel suppliers for you. We EVALUATE 800-watt solar suppliers for performance and production quality. Reduce returns and replacements. Focus on your lead generation and higher income!

  • Contract Negotiation

Legal experts HANDLE all the terms and conditions for the 800-watt solar panel deals. We take all your paperwork TRANSPARENTLY to save you from being cheated. Remain relaxed and focus on closing more solar panel deals!

  • Order Management

We oversee your SOLAR orders and deal with all challenges! Leave QUALITY, supplier MANAGEMENT, and tracking to us. Help you focus on core competencies, such as marketing and sales. Let’s AMPLIFY your business and keep cash flowing!

  • Logistics Coordination

Our team takes care of the warehouse and transportation. We deliver your solar system SAFELY. Gain access to top-notch FACILITIES and DISTRIBUTION logistics. Free up your resources and INCREASE your brand reach like a pro!

  • Installation Support

Our videos and step-by-step guide make installation a BREEZE. We offer telephonic and REMOTE SUPPORT if required. Reduce installation costs and get customer satisfaction. Easy installation means HAPPY CUSTOMERS and positive reviews!

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 800w Solar Panels Factory

Our 800w solar panel factory is equipped with CUTTING-EDGE technology. Get superior products with enough production capacity. We have a HIGH REPUTATION for quality and timely production. Ready to FOSTER TRUST and credibility!

Power Your Business with 800W Solar Excellence! Position your brand as a leader in sustainability. Unleash the potential of sustainable energy for a brighter future. Inquire Now!

Packing & Delivery

We pack 800W solar panels in sturdy boxes to ensure SECURE TRANSIT. Plus, reliable transportation ensures TIMELY delivery. Preserve product integrity and OPTIMISTIC RESPONSE. Create a positive brand PERCEPTION!

Successful Project

case 19

Solar Triumph: Mr. Jack’s Rise with Leeline Energy’s Solutions

Leeline Energy offers GAME-CHANGING solar and efficient solar products. Wholesalers and installers TRUST use our DC power grid solutions.

One of our wholesale dealers, Mr. Jack from Canada, was looking for the best off grid solar panels. He was looking for a solar solution to EXPAND the RENEWABLE energy offering. Besides that, he was facing mounting challenges and encountered inconsistent power performance.

We got him on a call with our technical team. After the communication, we understood what he wanted. We identified his needs and planned some recommendations.

We advised 800W solar panels with pre-drilled holes, four short bolts, and cables to ensure EASY fitting. They are game-changing with the CAPACITY to ENDURE wind load. Plus, they have an increased DURABILITY for snow load.

Our panels feature a voltage VMP solution to get charged current for the battery. Mr. Jack liked these components and made a deal with us. Our commitment and affordable grid solutions set us apart in the solar industry.

After analyzing his client’s DC power REQUIREMENTS, we offered him 800-watt solar panels. Our controllers with the MPPT solar charge controller led his business to SUCCESS. His clients trust his solar business.

With our certified products, Mr. Jack was more CONFIDENT and attracted customers. The implementation showed a remarkable increase in his business system profits. It leads to more customer satisfaction and more sales.

Our lightweight 800-watt solar panels helped Mr. Jack to expand his customer base. Now, he is happy to see SKY HIGH succeed in his business.

Our comprehensive solution helps wholesalers deliver superior technology to their consumers. With us, they can enjoy EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY, and customer SATISFACTION!

Successful Project
What our CUSTOMERs say


Exceptional services! The SEAMLESS process of getting 800W solar panels exceeded my expectations. The MPPT charge controller inverter and open circuit voltage voc MATCH my needs. Their professionalism and TOP-NOTCH quality make them my go-to for SUSTAINABLE energy solutions!

Noreen T Messer

I’m thrilled with Leeline Energy’s services for my solar system. Their expertise and workmanship warranty are INCREDIBLE. The controller, current rating, and output warranty are EXCEPTIONAL. It charges my battery pack with ease. Thanks to their secure delivery and installation support!

Jay K Morrow

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 800w Solar Panels

    1. What is the order process?

    You identify the product details and quantities before verifying your order. Pay a 50% deposit before production. Once we complete the production, check your order through inspection or video calls. When you are satisfied with the products, we pack them and deliver them to your destination.

    2. Can you get the product customized for us?

    Yes, we provide various customized products on all energy storage systems. You get a custom color, brand name, and specific patterns. For your specifications and designs, you can contact our experts. You can also consult with them about customizing your solar system.

    3. What are the best solar panels for home?

    Choosing the best solar system for your home depends on different factors. These factors include manufacturer reputation, efficiency, and workmanship warranty. While buying the solar system for your home, consider your maximum power requirement.

    4. Are solar panels affected by rain?

    Weather conditions impact solar panels. In cloudy conditions, the efficiency of any solar system is reduced by 25 to 30%. But rain doesn’t affect the lifespan of the solar system. Regarding solar panel efficiency, rain highly impacts it as clouds block sunlight.

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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