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Leeline Energy is a one-stop destination for your new energy concerns. You provide BIPV, the best RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTS to customers all over the world.

We guarantee to provide sustainable energy solutions to enhance your enterprise. Invest in energy-efficient solar panels and enjoy cost-saving results in the long run. 

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Premium BIPV Features

Widely recognized as a trusted manufacturer of cutting-edge BIPV products. Leeline Energy helps you generate clean and renewable energy sources. For both your existing buildings and new ones. 

High Qulity:

We assure you of exceptional quality with our BIPV products. Rest assured. You reduced after-sales troubles, and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings:

Our product is extremely affordable. Your business has plenty of chances to markup prices and a HIGH-profit margin.


It lasts strong with its heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame. Always have satisfied customers in the LONG TERM

Seamless Installation:

BIPV panels are thoroughly designed with pre-drilled holes. Install full solar setup for YOUR CUSTOMERS even without professional experience.

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BIPV by Applications

bipv solar panels

BIPV Solar Panels 

Designed to generate electricity through direct sunlight exposure. Enjoy up to 23.5% efficiency. On top of that, this BIPV system is customizable.

Enabling you to meet the individual needs and demands of your customers. Resulting in a significant boost of loyal customers.

BIPV Roofing

BIPV Roofing

This BIPV system is created to replace your traditional building materials. It also provides a dual function. You PROTECT YOUR BUILDING FACADE while generating electricity.

BIPV Roofing is very popular with customers. Expect your revenue and profit margins to grow.

BIPV Glass

BIPV Glass

Commonly installed in windows, roofs, and skylights. Made from translucent glass with integrated solar cells that convert free energy up to 21.5%.

You lower your electricity costs while aesthetically transforming building exteriors.

BIPV Modules

BIPV Modules

This BIPV system is perfect for off-grid applications. Simultaneously CONVERTS SOLAR ENERGY reducing your utility bills by up to 19.3%.

Delivering long-term cost savings results and widely accepted. Build lasting relationships with your customers.

Solar Facades

Solar Facades

Commonly serve as architectural features by integrating into your exterior walls.

The best part is to PROTECT YOUR BUILDING from any weather elements. And noise reduction features that work well with any building design. 

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating

Integrates into residential, commercial and industrial hot water systems.

Plus it’s easy to install with NO gas or electric connections. Bring you more profit with less installation cost. 

Solar Windows

Solar Windows

Designed with a built-in photovoltaic cell to CONVERT SUNLIGHT TO USABLE ENERGY.

As this panel guarantees reduced operating costs. And hassle-free trade with easy transportation options.

Discover the transformative power of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions for your brand

Our Advantage Of BIPV

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

Improve your brand identity by customizing your solar panels. Let your unique panel design stand out in the BIPV market. 

Guarantees a good impression for enterprises wanting to transact with you.

Premium Raw Materials

Premium Raw Materials

Leeline Energy only uses premium materials. Promising establishments for clean energy generation.

Lowering the risk of dissatisfaction. And ultimately reducing your refunds and returns.

Safe Delivery

Safe Delivery

Rest assured. Your BIPV products are well-protected during transit. 

You avoid delivery issues like damages. More efficient and reliable shipping process on your end.   

Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple Payment Methods

Leeline Energy wants to prioritize your convenience. You accommodate orders without any delays by providing flexible payment options(Paypal, Visa…).

Responsive Customer Support

Responsive Customer Support

Get FREE access to our 24/7 online support. You resolve issues faster than your competitors. 

Robust Packaging

Robust Packaging

Secured, compact, and convenient. Those are the qualities you expect from our packaging process.

Creative Applications of BIPV

Farming with Solar Panels

Farming With BIPV

BIPV Carpark

BIPV Carpark

Solar Greenhouse

Solar Greenhouse

BIPV Pitched Roof Systems

BIPV Pitched Roof Systems

BIPV Curtain wall

Street Light

Precise production process

Cell Screening. Selections of quality solar cells that will be used in the panels. 

Spot Welding. We connect different components of solar cells. Using precise electric spot welds.

Welding in Series. Multiple solar cells are also being connected for higher panel voltage. 

Overlying Eva, Backsheet. We use a layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate for the cells’ added protection and insulation.

Laminating. Putting heat and pressure on the layer of glass is necessary to seal the cells. Making it durable and weather resistant.

EL Test. Our team detects cell damage to ensure the final product’s quality.

Frame Assembling. Installation of the frame to enhance durability and structural support.

Flash Testing. This is done to measure its electrical performance and efficiency.Packaging. Finally, packing the solar panels using premium packaging for safe delivery.

BIPV is not just a choice; it’s a strategic advantage for your business.

Learn more about how we help solar businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Leeline Energy BIPV products are BACKED BY RELIABLE CERTIFICATES. These include TUV,CQC, CE, ISO, and PD. You ensure long-lasting solar resources that meet the highest industry standards. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our experts in the construction phase do a thorough factory audit and inspections. You have DETAILED INFORMATION to make informed choices.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy has been in the BIPV industry for over a decade. Our expertise in the solar world allowed us to earn the trust of our B2B business partners worldwide. 

You ensure to provide solutions for your PV solar systems. As well as a guarantee to source the best BIPV products that meet your business needs.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Leeline Energy ultimately provides solutions to all your sourcing needs.

No need to deal with sketchy solar manufacturers. From product sourcing to quality inspection, and logistics management, we have it all. You ensure that your solar needs are well taken care of with us.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We want to safeguard you from Fraud and scams. And mitigates these risks with the help of our experts. Providing you with transparency in all aspects of the transactions.

Rest assured of timely delivery and avoid any BIPV production delay. Your peace of mind comes first.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Our customers’ needs are our core priority. Aiming to build long-lasting relationships with you. And tailor our services to your expectations.

As well as build trust between us and your customers. Your interest comes first, so you shop BIPV products with us confidently.

Standardized Procedure

We strive to deliver exceptional results. So a strict, standardized procedure in our business operations is our guiding principle.

Leeline Energy guarantees to give you the best possible conventional materials. Satisfy you and leave no space for errors.

Custom Solutions

No matter your unique or challenging BIPV needs, we always find the solution for you. We tailor our services perfectly to your business requirements. Rest assured, our team of experts won’t leave you hanging.

Improve your business with our committed team. And expand the market opportunities of our BIPV products that await you. 

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

IN-DEPTH ASSESSMENT is conducted by our team of professionals. This includes market trends and customer demands. You meet your business needs and goals by choosing the right BIPV panel.

  • Supplier Management

We take care of your SUPPLY CHAIN. You work with the best BIPV wholesale suppliers. Guarantee a timely delivery of products. Leaving you with a strong relationship between you and your customers.

  • Contract Negotiation

We thoroughly review every contract. And NEGOTIATE the terms and conditions and make sure you get affordable and fair prices. You guarantee a seamless transaction with your BIPV manufacturers.

  • Order Management

Leeline Energy handles the ENTIRE ORDER MANAGEMENT in your stead. From processing of BIPV orders, packing, and shipping to delivery. You increase sales and build long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Reducing transit times and OPTIMIZING SHIPPING ROUTES is guaranteed. Delays are outside our vocabulary as we ensure the seamless movement of all your goods. Increase customer satisfaction with our timely delivery.

  • Installation Support

Leeline Energy provides HANDS-ON ASSISTANCE in the installation process of your BIPV panels. Providing you with videos and detailed instructions. You ensure a proper setup of your photovoltaic materials. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Shop seamlessly with our lists of accepted secured payment methods. Your shopping convenience is our top priority!

Western Union

Elevate your brand’s architecture to new heights with BIPV innovation

Our Reliable Partners


Our BIPV Factory

A total of 100+ BIPV factories are available to ACCOMMODATE the demands of your BIPV projects. You get efficient order management.  


packaging & shipping

We pack, ship, and deliver your integrated photovoltaics in PRISTINE CONDITION. Impress your customers with our premium BIPV packaging materials. 

packaging & shipping

Make the reach of your BIPV business to far-end customers effectively!

Successful Project

Successful Project

60KW Off Grid Solar Panel Installation With Mr. Peter In Senegal

Mr. Peter is the CEO of an Oxygen plant factory located in Senegal. He reaches out to us, hoping to reduce his utility grid bill.

We know how expensive the electricity bill is in his country. So we offered him the best solution. We installed a 60 KW Off Grid Solar Panel System for his factory.

After a month of installation, Mr. Peter called us. He’s been so grateful that his year-long burden has already gone. His bills have significantly dropped, and he is now enjoying his profits. 

10KW Off Grid Home Solar System Installation

Mr. Ebay is our next client who lives in the US. He contacted us seeking professional advice for his new home in Cote d’Ivoire. 

He sent pictures of his house and specifically wanted a cost-effective panel. So we recommended our best-selling 10KW Off Grid Home Solar System. But there was a problem, his new house’s location was too far. 

What we did was to locate him the nearest manufacturer and send him quotations. Our team did the installation. He called us later on and appreciated the smooth transaction.  

Successful Project
What our members say


I’ve dealt with multiple BIPV suppliers. But none of them satisfied me like Leeline Energy. Everything falls into place seamlessly, from sourcing to production. My sales have soared rapidly. Highly recommended company!


I’ve struggled to find the most cost-saving BIPV product for years. But thankfully, I stumbled upon Leeline Energy. Their expertise in solar energy stood out for me the most. Within months of partnering with them, my savings have skyrocketed dramatically!


People Also Ask about BIPV

How to clean BIPV solar panels?

First, you wanna ensure that your panels are all turned off. Trust me. This is for your safety. Next is to grab water with a little bit of soap solution. This is to rinse off debris and dirt on the surface of your solar. Remember not to use harsh materials when cleaning. As you may leave damages unintentionally.

How to Design BIPV System?

Conducting an overall site assessment is what you need. This ensures that you choose the right BIPV systems for your buildings. Make sure your electrical design applies to the BIPV system. And, of course, for seamless integration.  

What is the difference between PV and BIPV?

PV(Photovoltaic) solar panels are installed separately from your building structure. In short, they’re installed on your rooftops or on the ground. In contrast, BIPV is designed to blend seamlessly into your building’s designs. 

How much space will a solar photovoltaic system require?

It depends on the roof space of your building. But generally, each square foot needs about 15 watts of solar energy. So ensure you’ve measured your property accurately for more efficient energy generation.

What is the best way to choose the best BIPV provider?

It’s all about understanding your building’s energy requirements and budget. Add it with thorough research, surely you’ll find the best providers suited for you. Quotations are also essential, so if possible, ask the provider. And lastly, you may visit their factories for more informed decisions.

Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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