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Premium Low Frequency Inverter Features

Leeline Energy is your LONG-TERM solar energy companion. With a POSITIVE approach to low-frequency inverters. Get your DESIRED solutions right away! 

High yield

Don’t chase the DREAM power. We’ve got it in our solar POWER inverter solutions. The extensive MPPT(Max. Power) voltage range is the CROWN of the KING. Higher power output. And better TECHNOLOGY. 

What else do you even EXPECT? Get up. Rise. And give your CONSUMERS. It BRINGS trust, GOODWILL, and LOVE from the consumers. 

Superior quality component

Our shore POWER inverters are MAN of STEEL. They have the BEST QUALITY components. LCD to keep you MONITOR the voltage and POWER range. 

One more THING. Guess what? It is SPICED up with battery connectors. That simply BLOW customer’s MIND. And KEEPS them buying your shore power inverters. 

Support multiple batteries parallel

Have multiple BATTERIES? Congrats, you’ve REDEEMED the opportunity to store the power. Our low-frequency inverters take the TASK of parallel connections. Help MOST OFF-GRID systems to be CONNECTED

And the BEST part? It is MOST SOUGHT AFTER capability for charging. Wonders for your CONSUMERS. And sales THUNDERS for you. 

Smart monitoring system

What if I tell you I have a SYSTEM with a complete VIRTUAL monitoring system? You won’t BELIEVE me, right? But we have MADE it possible in our low-frequency inverters. 

Keep your COMPUTERS, wifi, and smartphones connected to low-frequency inverter systems. Boost up your BUSINESS performance. And get a STRAIGHT FLIGHT to the MOON! 

Full protection

Our inverters have nerves of STEEL(extreme protection power). Electrical surges? Get under the UMBRELLA of our solar inverters. They have SURGE load protection systems

This FEATURE is going to get you SHOWERS of devotion from consumers. And an ABUNDANT number of reputed DEALS! 

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Low Frequency Inverter by Watts

6kw Low-Frequency Inverter

6kw Low-Frequency Inverter

No need to COME up with HEAVY cleaning processes. No SURGE LOADS problem. All thanks to our 6kw inverters. They have BUILT-IN TYPE II DC AC SPD. Plus, it has a high ANTI-CORROSION rating. 
Put your customers at EASE. Win their CONVICTION. And HOLD the TRUSTED environment for your low-frequency inverter chargers business.

8kw Low-Frequency Inverter

8kw Low-Frequency Inverter

You don’t have to RELY on complex installation processes. Built-in system. Fast monitoring through the LCD. Turn on the LCD. Observe all the simplified data. 

Trust us— it is GOING to shake the WHOLE MARKET. And turn your PURE SINE wave inverter business into a BLESSING for the customers

10kw Low-Frequency Inverter

10kw Low-Frequency Inverter

Looking for a POWERFUL solution? Here, it is a—10KW low-frequency inverter. Three TIMES more power and BUILT-in LITHIUM battery function. Store energy in LITHIUM batteries. And harness it WHENEVER needed.

Each feature is in favor of customers. And you ALREADY know the RESULTS!! An influx of a HUGE customer globally.

Boost Your Brand with Industrial-Grade Low-Frequency Inverters. Connect for Exclusive Wholesale Deals and Exceptional Support.

Advantages Of The Best Low Frequency Inverter Services

100% Inspection

Necessary product testing

We are the PRIME at the product TESTING. Not even a SINGLE LOW-FREQUENCY inverter can go out of the INSPECTION process. 

And it does WHAT? Optimize your BUSINESS processes. Convince MORE CONSUMERS. AND take your BUSINESS to rise above the sky! 

Excellent After-sale

24/7 customer support

Got a PROBLEM? Say GOODBYE to it. Why? Because we have our 24/7 CUSTOMER support. It is READY to provide the pure SINE WAVE inverter. 
Keep customer STATUS updated. Make them 100% satisfied. And? The SUCCESS of your business!

Strong supply capacity

Trusted Supplier

Avoid PESKY suppliers. That is what we offer. PROPER assessment of suppliers gets you the TOP-NOTCH pure sine wave inverter suppliers. 

Buy a HIGH-FREQUENCY Inverter at KILLER prices. One thing’s for SURE– UPWARD impulse for your business.

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

Leave the HIGH PRICES away. The Leeline Energy team got you the COMPETITIVE pricing edge. Defeat the COMPETITOR by offering AFFORDABLE low-frequency inverters. And BOOM, your business growth.

Large-Scale Production

Automatic Processing

Clear the DECKS of manual production. It bears HUNDREDS of errors. Guess we believe in what? It is an AUTOMATED production. 
Shorter LEAD times. And FASTER plus accurate production is a GAME changer. HIGHER TRUST. And top of the LIST name in the solar industry.


OEM Brand

Why not launch your solar power inverter brand? It is a HUGE opportunity with our PRIVATE LABEL services. Sell BRANDED products. 
Banish all customer CONCERNS. And BOOST their confidence by reducing POWER inverter concerns!

Creative Applications of Solar Inverter







Power station

Power Station

Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof

Office Use

Office Use

Precise production process

Our production process is QUITE marvelous. How? All thanks to the AUTOMATED production in our low-frequency inverter factory. Faster PRODUCTS. SHORT lead times. And NON-STOP sales. A chain of customers SURGES to your business.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Get MULTIPLE certifications such as CE, TUV, ETL, and ISO9001. It is NO LONGER a fiction to SELL in EU and US markets. Grab some business FANS from the global markets also. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

No BEATING around the bush. We are VERY ACTIVE. Check the low-frequency inverter supplier FACTORY. Compile a detailed REPORT. And give your BUSINESS a PREMIUM support zone. An UPGOING business graph will be your FATE!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

More than a DECADE and hundreds of SOLAR inverter deals, we are the experts. Grabbing the TOP-TIER low-frequency inverter manufacturers is OUR top priority. 

Sit BACK. Have a DRINK. And see how we DO the magic of attaining inverter low-frequency products.Say TA-TA to LOW-QUALITY deals. And get a RAPID peak with us.

One-stop Sourcing

Relax bro! You don’t have to DEAL with 100+ suppliers any more. We have an EXPERT-VETTED list of TOP low-frequency inverter suppliers. And get you the PERFECT match— it is PROMISE

Make your SUPPLY CHAIN as SOLID as a rock. And MOVE with a NEW wave of consumers pouring into your business.

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Don’t lose your PRECIOUS money to scammers. Our FILTERED security options sort out all the PESKY suppliers. Reduce the RATE of SUSPICIOUS low-frequency inverter deals. And guess what? 

You are 100% SAFETY from B2B scams. And WIN the TRUST of your consumers. Explode your BUSINESS at this time! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We treat you as our boss. And prioritize your DESIRED options. Our experts LOOK around for the high and mighty low-frequency inverters wholesale. And get you FINE and DANDY quality.

Facilitate THE consumers with TOP-LEVEL experience. Optimize their satisfaction rate to 100%. And HIGHER BUSINESS STATUS is not far away. 


Standardized Procedure

Expect what from us what you EXPECT from pros— DEDICATED services! Our team TAKES your low-frequency inverter DEALS wholesale with EXTREME PROFESSIONALISM. 

It is time to INTRODUCE your BUSINESS as a DISTINCT brand. And CLIMB the Mount Everest of SUCCESS in renewable energy. 


Custom Solutions

We offer Special CUSTOMIZATION services. You just have to expect the inverter you dream. We spread the colors into the LOW-FREQUENCY inverter wholesale. And the RESULT?A unique APPROACH to the consumers.

Premium service with BRANDING. And COMPETITIVE EDGE on all your competitors.

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

Are you looking for low-frequency inverter SOURCING? Leeline Energy experts put the FINAL touch on the quality and quantity. Oh, wait. We have one MORE THING. And it is the EXPERT’S market researchWith this, you make LUCRATIVE DECISIONS for your business. And bath ONLY in profits.

  • Supplier Management

Don’t increase your TROUBLES. Let the Leeline ENERGY team make it SIMPLIFY for you. From SOURCING to monitoring performance, we are COMPETENT. Optimize your Low Frequency Inverter SUPPLIERS at hand. 

Strengthened SUPPLY CHAIN will help fasten your SEAT BELTS. And drive through the VALLEY of triumph! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Contracts are SUPER BORING and time waste. But no more as our legal experts interfere. Sort out all the terms and conditions for you. And ensure a SEAMLESS experience. Save time and BUSINESS resources. Concentrate on how to RUN the next MILLIONAIRE business strategy.

  • Order Management

Blow out your INNER burden, as we are here to help you. From order TRACKING to confirmation, we’ll HANDLE all under one roof. No ERRORS for low-frequency inverter wholesale. Smooth order shipment monitoring. Kiss GOODBYE to your customer complaints. And RISE all above with a new passion.

  • Logistics Coordination

Your LOGISTIC situations are solved. We have a WELL-INTEGRATED team. Ready to SHIP on time and ensure safety of LOW-FREQUENCY inverter orders. No MORE MISHAPS or damages in the inverter orders. Keep 100% customer SATISFACTION on TOP of your business.

  • Installation Support

Don’t worry about INSTALLATION. Our videos and remote guidance are your SAVIOR. We even assist in installation through the phone. No risky INSTALLATION. Simplified business OPERATION. Stellar BIZ performance keeps you PRINTING money!

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

1000% secure payment OPTIONS– we guarantee it. Our security experts verify the payment options. Check the security of PayPal, Bank transfer, or Credit Card. Under a SAFE environment, customers make MORE transactions. And more deals for your business. 

Western Union

Powering Your Brand to New Heights! Wholesale Low-Frequency Inverters for Seamless Performance. Inquire Today.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Low Frequency Inverter Factory

Our low-frequency inverter FACTORY is the whole EMPIRE in itself. Latest machinery. Faster production. And WORLD-CLASS quality. Stay in the COMPETITION game with the latest INVERTER options. And become UNBEATABLE. 

inverter factory

packaging & shipping

You’ll be like, HURRAH, about listening to our logistic partners. It is DHL and FedEx. All to all reliable SHIPPING services. Ship on time(GUARANTEED!). Have CUSTOMER belief in your BIZ. And optimize your BUSINESS REPO! 

inverter package

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

Successful Project

Boosting Profits with Accurate Deals: Mr. Jacob’s Success Story

It feels like we have done this deal today, but around 30 days have passed. But time travels faster!! 

Listen up, folks. Mr. Jacob has been a very loyal client to us. And in return, we offered him the premium PURE SINE WAVE inverter solutions. And guess the answers? 

It is about ONE Month ago when Mr. Jacob wanted to install 100kW pure sine wave inverters. And we did it. 

First, we asked him about the realistic expectations and requirements. Here is the complete list of requirements. 

  • A high-power 100kW pure sine wave inverter. 
  • Low-frequency inverter chargers
  • Batteries with a battery charger
  • Complete off-grid transformer. 

After listening to the requirements, we cheered up!! Look into the market to explore the best suppliers. And the NEXT? The deal was there. 

Here are some POSITIVE points about our deal. 

  • We got him the perfect match. 
  • The prices were reasonable. 
  • Pure sine wave power with max. Features. 

Oh, I forgot!! The main characteristic was QUALITY. He loved it and rated our PROFESSIONAL services 5/5.

That is how we HELP our top consumers find ACCURATE deals. And higher profit margins.

What our customers say


The Leeline Energy team is very fantastic. I enjoyed my pure sine wave inverter deal with them. One thing I noticed, they are hard-working. No doubt about it! 

Michelle P Huges

Thank you for your professional services, dear Leeline Energy team. You have been truly exceptional at finding the transformers and batteries for me. Good luck with your future.

Randy T Peterson

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Low Frequency Inverter

    1. What is the benefit of a low-frequency inverter?

    There are TWO main advantageous FEATURES of low-frequency over high-frequency inverters. One is PEAK power capacity. Another is reliability. You’ll get both. 

    2. How do I choose a frequency inverter?

    There are several FACTORS. 

    · Peak AC power
    · Surge loads or inductive loads in the system. 
    · Ability to maintain the frequency range. 
    · Extreme surge loads protection features. 

    Based on these factors, it is EASIER to decide. 

    3. How do I design a low-frequency inverter?

    Designing an inverter can be a BIT complex. For instance: 

    · You need to have the design. 
    · Know the surge loads and pure sine wave power capacity. 
    · Choose appropriate components like transformers. 
    · Test your HF inverters. 

    4. Is a low-frequency inverter useful for home purposes?

    Yes. A pure sine wave LOW-FREQUENCY inverter can keep the damages away. Help a battery charger to store the POWER. And use it whenever you need the power. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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