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Leeline is a SUSTAINABLE ENERGY solution company. We have the PROFESSIONALS committed to finding the TOP-NOTCH suppliers. Source the BEST QUALITY On-grid SOLAR PANELS. And shipping them to CONSUMERS on time

Unlock the POTENTIAL benefits of SOLAR BUSINESS with our solar experts! 

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Premium On-grid Solar Panels Features

Leeline is a PROFESSIONAL solar solution company focusing on the LATEST technological solar panels. And access to TAILORED solutions of power, voltage, design, and thickness. 

Inspiring technology:

Are you worried about the fluctuating temperature? Fear will be NOWHERE around you when you get grid-tied solar systems. They have the LATEST technology that produces ENERGY at low temperatures. 

You play the GAME of ENERGY in front of your customers. And WIN their loyalty with reliable solar systems.

High power gains:

No more POWER outages at all. It is BECAUSE our solar systems TACKLE the power outages with excess POWER production. Low irradiance performance and HIGH power production are your LONG-TERM partner. 

You cut electric BILLS for your consumers. And drive them to MAKE more purchases due to your EFFICIENT solar systems.

Positive tolerance:

An easy way to GET high compatibility is to try our grid solar systems. It has a POWER TOLERANCE of 5W. That means the grid-tie solar POWER system avoids POWER surges. Ensures better RELIABILITY of the components. 

Delivering a MORE COMPATIBLE system to the consumers gets them EASY operation. And you, a HIGH BUSINESS credibility.

Excellent solar cells:

You’ll never get the BEST SOLAR cells unless you try grid-tied systems. Solar cells have a low-temperature coefficient. NO LETID and LID impurities. Higher BIFACIAL rate. And more extended LIFE PERIOD. 

Highly integral Solar cells ensure EXCESS solar energy production. And more popularity of your business. 

Outstanding visual appearance:

Our solar system DESIGN is EYE CANDY. The first time you see it, the NEXT TIME, it is sketched in your heart. Thin design. Invisible BUSBAR technology

And excellent COLOR control is enough to impress your customers. You EXPECT more sales by delivering SLEEK and aesthetic design. 

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On-grid Solar Panels by Material

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial has FEATURES. On one side, it grabs 30% more LIGHT from different angles. On other aspects, it has smooth and Subtle edges. It gives BIFACIAL panels a BEAUTIFUL SHAPE. 

Entice more customers to make the PURCHASE with a high-power aesthetic solar project.

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Are you looking for the NEXT-GENERATION of solar modules? We have it, too. Monocrystalline solar panels have ULTRA HIGH POWER. And produce 22.54% more energy, blessing customers with a POWERFUL energy source. 

Gain customers’ RESPECT by delivering high-power solutions! 

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

CLOUDY weather can’t stand for a SINGLE SECOND in front of our hybrid solar system. The parallel arrangement of SOLAR CELLS produces maximum energy. And reduces the customers’ worries about excess electricity. 

Get a STEEP-RISING business development with our Grid-tied system.

On-grid Solar Panels by Watts

400w solar panels

400w solar panels

Big on Power, small in SIZE. Here comes our 425-watt solar power BRIBE. It has 21.3% more EFFICIENCY. Multi-busbar technology helps it GENERATE electricity. And reduce energy losses with parallel connections. 

It is time to TAKE your business to NEW LEVELS with high-power solar solutions! 

500w solar panels

500w solar panels

Is your LOCAL CLIMATE a big problem for producing electricity? Welcome our 500w solar panels with HUGE APPLAUSE. With waterproofing, lightning proofing, and corrosion resistance, it stands with your customers through THICK and THIN. 

Build more prominence in your BUSINESS with sustainable solutions!

600w solar panels

600w solar panels

Are you tired of electricity shutdowns due to SNOWFALL? It wouldn’t happen now because of 600-watt solar panels. They have anti-reflective glass. And minimize POWER LOSSES due to dirt or dust. 

Gain authority as a RELIABLE solar business among consumers. 

Unlock the potential of solar energy for your wholesale operations. Speak with our experts to explore how on-grid solar can benefit your brand and drive growth.

Advantages Of The Best On-grid Solar Panels Services



Our OEM/ODM services get you PRIVATE label grid-tied solar power systems. Sell branded panels. And increase business PRESTIGE with quality panels.

after-sales service

24/7 after-sales service

Got a problem? We are there to resolve all your solar system ISSUES. You PROVIDE excellent support to your customers. Resolve their issues instantly. And promote your business by referring others. 

Reliable Suppliers

Supplier Performance Checks

We evaluate the suppliers of on-grid solar panels. And help you BUILD long-term relationships with QUALITY suppliers. It increases opportunities for reduced prices and higher margins. 


Resilient packaging

Our packaging has a very high strength comprising a STRONG build quality. Your grid tie solar system delivery arrives without damage. It makes more customers satisfied with your PRODUCTS. 

Strict Quality Check

Quality checks

The inspection team is MAKER and SHAKER. You get quality checks for solar panels. Our team TESTS the solar quality in our labs. And ensures only QUALITATIVE panels. You build a strong position as a solar MARKET LEADER. 


Short lead time

Automated technology riddles out the COMPLEXITIES. You get high productivity—short lead times. And save operational costs on BULK orders. 

Creative Applications of Solar Panels






Lighting a Home

Home use

Home Use





Precise production process

Our production line is HIGHLY efficient, ensuring the BEST QUALITY. Automated production ensures HIGH PRODUCTIVITY. It helps you CATCH a new wave of consumers by meeting their demands. 

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Do you want to SELL in EU and US markets? Our certificates, such as CE, TUV, ETL, and OHSAS18001, are not less than a GOLDEN TICKET. Get more sales by SELLING on-grid solar panels in the EU and US markets. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Once we have Inspected the FACTORY, we prepare detailed reports. Help you DOWNLOAD it. And build your BUSINESS status as a QUALITY solar business

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member3

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are not NOT NEW in the solar market. Instead, 10+ YEARS of experience, trusted staff, and THOUSANDS of satisfied deals show how we have been KING MAKERS. We filter out the JEWELS of the solar industry. And get it to you on TIME. 

Create a TRUSTED ENVIRONMENT with our BEST on-grid solar panels wholesale! 

One-stop Sourcing

You don’t have to WASTE energy on BLINKING your eyes until we get you. Our one-stop sourcing brings all the SOURCING, warehousing, and SHIPPING down to kneel. You get the facilities for on-grid solar systems in one place with 100% transparency.

Reduce the FINANCIAL BURDEN as we do not have OVERHEAD or hidden fees.



Reduce Transaction Risk

B2B poses A LOT of risk. Supplier scams. Quality scams. Delayed delivery. Transaction. All are TRUE HEADACHE until you meet off-grid solar system EXPERTS. We ensure 100% safe TRANSACTION. And provide timely shipment services. 

You do safe transactions. Avoid delayed delivery risks. And eliminate the chances of a WIDE VARIETY of B2B scams.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Customers ARE NUMBER 1, While all others are NUMBER 2. We pay HEED to your requirements regarding the QUANTITY AND QUALITY of a solar energy system. Know the RELEVANT TOP-NOTCH on-grid solar panel suppliers. And guarantee 100% quality grid tie solar kits. 

You get MORE CUSTOMER REFERRALS by selling quality grid-tied systems. 

Standardized Procedure

When it comes to STANDARDS, no one is ABOVE us. We show OUR PROFESSIONALISM in grabbing the HIGH STANDARDS of solar panels. Evaluate the Grid-tied systems. And bring you only the QUALITY solar panels

You sell them to your devoted consumers. And obtain a HIGH reputation due to a QUALITY solar panel system.

Custom Solutions

Do you have some IDEAS and want to implement them? Wait a MINUTE. Let our EXPERTS SPREADS your imaginary colors into HYBRID SYSTEMS. We get the power, voltage, and quality requests. And meet your specific DEMANDS for customized features of on-grid solar panels. 

Set an example of INTEGRITY for your solar panel business. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our pros TAKE up your PAIN. Assess what precisely regarding quality, quantity, and specs you need. And deliver it ON TIME. PLUS, our PROFESSIONAL MARKET ANALYSIS gets you to the right PRODUCTS. You SWITCH on higher sales by SELLING the right solar power grid system.

  • Supplier Management

The supplier DIRECTORY is HUGE than Burj Khalifa. Based on your needs, we PICK up the SINGLE BEST on-grid solar panel manufacturer. Assess the performance. And get ONLY quality panels. You focus on GROWING business instead of negotiating with suppliers. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Legal experts ARE VERY competent. On the one hand, we settled on the DEAL. The very next moment, they sort out the CONTRACT. You avoid wasting TIME and business resources by unnecessary pauses in deals due to CONFUSION. 

  • Order Management

Don’t burden yourself MUCH! You can count on our TEAM for on-grid solar panel order management. From confirming, processing, and warehousing to DELIVERY, we are the TASKMASTER. You raise PROFIT MARGINS when we help you SAVE money by reducing unnecessary bucks. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Shipping is HEADACHE; you experience more customers DISSATISFIED with it. But it is not going to happen again. Our SHIPPING service ensures timely delivery. It helps you track orders. You reduce the CUSTOMER returns for the solar products. 

  • Installation Support

Is installation tricky for you? No more because we have GOT IT COVERED in videos. You send on-grid solar panel videos to customers. Increase their ease. And convince them to MAKE more purchases due to a safe experience.

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Our payment options include PayPal, Bank transfer, or Credit Cards. We already have screened THEIR SAFETY. Pay with confidence while AVOIDING the risks of bank information leakage.  

Western Union

Position your brand at the forefront of solar innovation. Discover how our on-grid solar panels can help you reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and boost your brand’s appeal.

Our Reliable Partners


Our On-grid Solar Panels Factory

Our on-grid solar panel FACTORY is the POWERHOUSE of the solar market. You produce QUALITY panels. Meet customer demands. And position your business on the TOP to become UNDEFEATABLE

factory13 (1)

packaging & shipping

Don’t worry about the SAFETY. Plus, we HANDLE your customs clearance too. Our timely DELIVERY reduces customers’ concerns. And ESTABLISHES you as a market leader. 


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Mr. Potts runs a hotel in the UK. And he wanted to tackle power outages. 

Mr. Potts was distraught due to high energy requirements. So we recommend a grid-tied system with a battery and string inverter. 

After installation, he was super happy with our solar system installation. He promised to use our services again. 

Mr. Vladimir Belongs to Russia. He wanted a complete off-grid solar power system. 

Mr. Vladimir has to run the household appliances. Therefore, he needed an off-grid system to produce enough electricity. 

We have the best quality off-grid system. And we installed it. Now, he is producing excess energy. And can cut energy costs. 

What our customers say


Leeline, where you were before. I couldn’t find you until now. You are the best team I have got. You will be the best in finding me hybrid solar systems. Thanks a lot.

Hyacinth S Rhodes

No words to describe the dedication of the Leeline team. They went deep through the sea to reduce my electricity bill with solar energy. It has been a great pleasure working with them. Thank you, and good luck. 

Christy T Figueiredo

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About On-grid Solar Panels

    1. Is a grid-tied solar system worth it?

    Yes. The grid-tied solar system is worth your MONEY. You produce excess ENERGY. Have a backup battery storage system. And use it when the sun is not around the SOLAR ARRAY.

    2. Can you have batteries for the grid-tied solar systems?

    Yes. Usually, Grid-tied solar systems have battery backup. It is a WONDERFUL idea to add a BATTERY STORAGE. Because if your electric GRID does not work, you will still have enough power in the BATTERY BACKUP. 

    3. Does On-Grid solar panel installation ensure uninterrupted power?

    In an On-Grid solar system, you need a BATTERY system for RENEWABLE energy storage. The small inverter will decrease as the ON-GRID solar power system goes down. The battery bank would be there to save EXCESS power. And use it.

    4. Can you install a grid-tied solar panel system with batteries that remain on when the grid goes down?

    Yes. That works perfectly. You need to measure the POWER DEMANDS for the solar panel systems. And then proceed to meet your POWER DEMANDS.

    5. How much electricity will an average household save over time by switching to grid-tied solar panels during peak usage hours?

    It depends on your ELECTRICITY usage. If you use more, the power consumption will be more. And energy savings would be less. That is the SIMPLE FORMULA for grid-tied solar systems.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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