10 Kwh Home Battery Supplier

Leeline Energy is a Leading 10kWh Home battery manufacturer with fast-paced production. Fulfills your ORDER timely without any error or delay. Increase your customer satisfaction by PROMPT fulfillment. 

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Premium 10 Kwh Home Battery Features

High-standard PRODUCTION of home solar panels and battery storage. Sustain QUALITY with a short lead time to boost your BUSINESS GROWTH. 

Well-designed system:

A certified system that complies with all safety standards and regulations. Secure plastic cell holder features fireproof & insulation. A battery module COMPOSED with eight cells in series and shaped into two modules. 

Max support of up to 16 parallel solar panels in a parallel setting. EXTEND its POWER source of storage system to meet new demands. The future-PROOF system gives assured customers and DRIVE SALES FASTER. 

High capacity for large APPLIANCES:

Large PV input range alongside 200A to 300A capacity. PEAK efficiency of up to 93.5% at a transfer time of 10ms. Powers large appliances via stable voltage. Compact design BATTERY storage to excess energy. 

Wall-mounted bracket design that takes less space. Fast and easy installation, saving you expensive installation costs. Quick installation converts customers in a short time. 

LCD screen DIP switch could be optional:

LFP technology battery comes along with SECONDARY tripping protection. UL94-VO grade inflaming retarding for high safety. Check system statuses like battery backup power, charging time, etc., on the LCD screen. 

Ford power + AIR switch for increased safety. Keep your system safe while switching from grid-tied energy to off-grid storage. Increase customer satisfaction by fast system conversion.

Integrated BMS with very low self-consumption:

100%DOD to utilize each battery cell to the highest extent. It ensures no extra load on any specific section of the storage system. BMS gets you low self-discharge and over-discharge PROTECTION. 

Users power many devices in a parallel system. Prevent under-voltage and overvoltage issues for stable battery backup. Receive positive feedback on BACKUP power stability on excess energy.

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Advantages Of The Best 10 Kwh Home Battery Services

Safe Payment Method 

Secured Payment channels

International payment infrastructure with secured channels. Frictionless transaction via a swift financial gateway. Protect your finances from delays and third-party scams. 


Full automatic production

Helps you get large bulk orders faster and produce newer models. Advance technology updates in your inventory to keep them UP-TO-DATE. SAVE time and effort from extensive manual production and EXCEL faster. 


Excellent After-sale

Assure your customers about your BRAND’s reliability via our AFTER-SALE service. We help in installation, component replacement, and getting you warranty claims. Strengthen your customer’s connection and BRAND VALUE. 

100% On-time Delivery

On-time delivery

RECEIVE your solar panels and storage system units in a timely. We follow a Strict, standardized approach to optimize sourcing. Improve your BUSINESS efficiency to meet customer demands. 

Competitive Price 

Reasonable Pricing

We Understand your needs and get you the best competitive pricing. The demand assessment team suggests what your final price should be. Deep price analysis to ensure the profitability of your Power company. 


Cooperative Staff

Bilingual & professional staff with good communication skills to manage your inventory. Discuss your sourcing issues anytime to get 24/7 support. You build trust by resolving issues promptly.

A Wide Range of Applications

Lighting a Home




Public Building








10 Kwh Home Battery Production Line

Testing and sealing to ensure battery backup. In the meantime, we designed INVERTER for better charging and discharging. It involves communication port installation and BMS integration. Balance load, voltage, and current to get positive feedback on current stability. 

Product Parameters

Battery TypeSodium-ion Batteries
Model NumberBT-51.2V/200AH
Place of OriginChina
Output Power Range10 kWh
Dimension (L*W*H)640*410*190mm
System TypeWall-mounted
Communication PortCAN, RS232, RS485
ApplicationHome Appliances
Product nameenergy storage lithium iron phosphate battery
Capacity200 Ah
Cycle life6000 Times
Warranty5 Years
Nominal Voltage51.2Volts

Transform Your Business, Empower Your Brand – Embrace Sustainable Growth with Our Wholesale 10 KWh Home Battery Solutions


Create a reputable BRAND IMAGE via a certified lithium battery. We get you ISO9001, ROSH, MSDS, and UN38.3 certifications. Increases your customer’s trust in BRAND & help in HIGH CONVERSION RATE. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Detailed Inspection and audit report of energy storage units. 100% quality assurance that solar panels perform well with STABLE VOLTAGE and Current. Enhances product’s word-of-mouth popularity for a high customer retention rate

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy has import experience to over 100 countries. We ensure your BATTERY capacity and standard compliance in sourcing. Prevent fines and slow clearance issues. 

You get high-quality 10 Kwh Home energy POWER to get a positive customer response. Reliable and STABLE supply chain without any risk of Customer recall and safety error.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Manage all of your Sourcing operations under a single channel to save time. You get a Lithium battery design and testing report before MASS PRODUCTION. 

We ensure smooth production to the Shipping process. Automated lithium battery sourcing with dedicated support to save you time. Less sourcing effort to boost productivity.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Safe transaction channel precautions to protect your off-grid lithium battery sourcing.  Internationally recognized payment gateways to avoid payment scams and frauds. 

Quality inspection saves your brand from reputational damages. Keep your BRAND integrity safe by sourcing precautions. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Prompt shipping and automated PROCESSING to save your sourcing time. CAPTURE most market share with our BUILDING valuable suggestions. Establish your STRONG BRAND IMAGE to drive sales. 

standardized procedure

Shorten your sourcing period by following experts’ designed processes. AUTOMATE your PRODUCTION, Inspection, Packaging, and SHIPPING. Reduce your 10 Kwh Home Battery sourcing LEAD time and operational expenses. 

custom solutions

Create unique designs and shapes in our High-tech CUSTOMIZATION area. Establish a strong BRAND IMAGE via 10 Kwh Home Battery CUSTOM solutions. OUTSTAND competing markets by having a unique BRAND PERSONA. 

Our Payment

Flexible payment options, including Payoneer, PayPal, and Western Union. You also make a TRANSACTION with your DEBIT/CREDIT CARD. Secure payment gateways to protect your financial information. 

Western Union

Revolutionize your brand’s carbon footprint. Choose our home batteries for wholesale business.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We help you finalize your 10 Kwh Home battery system quantity, quality, and features.

Detailed analysis of suitable battery backup according to customers. Save sourcing budget by making informed business decisions. 

  • Supplier Management

Supervised lithium battery production to ensure short lead time. High-tech enclosing & sealing of 10kWh Home battery in the fast-paced production facility. Prevent delays in your sourcing and increase customer satisfaction.  

  • Contract Negotiation

Our negotiation experts get you the best 10 Kwh Home Battery wholesale pricing. Make your BUSINESS profitable by securing the lowest pricing and highest quality. More margin for advertising, expansion, and PROFIT. 

  • Order Management

Effective Home battery system order tracking to get you non-stop updates.

We ensure durable packaging in customized order boxes with shipping labels. Premium packaging gives your goods a branded outlook & safe shipping journey.

  • Logistics Coordination

World-class logistics infrastructure to expand your BRAND to many regions.

End-to-end shipment handling supervision to reduce PRODUCT damage rate. SCALE your 10 Kwh Home lithium battery brand to many counties with reliable shipping

  • Installation Support

We have step-by-step guidebooks for installing lithium battery systems. Train your engineering and installation staff at low costs. Save expensive training and installation costs by detailed guides. 

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 10 Kwh Home Battery Factory

Large 10 Kwh Home Battery factory to level up your BRAND faster. Manufacturing experts supervise your PRODUCTION to reduce errors and delays. High success rate in project cooperation with QUALITY ASSURANCE.  

Our 10 Kwh Home Battery Factory

Switch to Our 10 KWh Home Batteries and Transform Your Business’s Energy Dynamics!

Packing & Delivery

Special packaging with multiple layers to protect during shipping. Compact sizing by following all safety standards of lithium battery units. A short transportation period helps you to respond to market demand faster.

Packing & Delivery

Successful Project

storage Successful Project

One of our clients has a wide PRODUCT OFFERING under his brand. Yet he was not getting enough sales. He approached us to solve this issue. After a detailed analysis, we found his supply chain needs to be optimized. 

He has a large number of battery storage system units but of low quality. Plus, there was no check and balance on suppliers. So, first, we have strict protocols for 10 Kwh Home Battery suppliers. 

The main focus was on solar panels, grid-tied, and off-grid battery storage systems. On-grid battery storage has special inverter needs for energy storage. So we designed battery system units specifically for off-grid homeowners. 

Number one was not long-lasting battery backup. Users were facing energy voltage issues in the system. Energy storage has slow charging via inverter. Also, he has a high product damage rate during shipping. 

First, we compiled some inspection and testing protocols. Detailed testing of voltage, energy storage capacity, and battery backup. It was to ensure only quality battery storage system units go to customers. 

Later on, they needed fast-charging inverters. We designed inverters with dual charging to save 50% of charging time. So, after detailed product design & production, they go under durable packaging. It has cushioning layers to save them from shipping damage. 

So, our client started to get Quality lithium battery units. Inverters worked like magic to drive them extra sales. Lithium battery units were maintenance-free, so it saved him from after-sale service, too. 

He thanked our staff and team. Now, we have been working with him for the last two years. We established a foundation of long-lasting business relationships. You get similar results in your BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION. 

storage Successful Project
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy has provided me with wonderful sourcing services. I got HIGH-QUALITY battery storage system units at a low price. They handled all processing and order management. You should work with them if you want to save time. 


I was struggling to find long-lasting batteries for electricity storage. Yet now Leeline ENERGY has solved my problem. My customers are giving positive feedback on battery backup. I recommend working with them. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About 10 Kwh Home Battery

    Can I have a sample order?

    Yes, we welcome you to test and check solar panels and battery storage system units. Contact our team to get your sample as fast as possible. Access our sample manufacturing if you have specific requirements.

    How do you ship the goods?

    We have our own logistics infrastructure along with some partners. You get many shipping methods(Air, sea, and trucking) under supervised handling. Shipping time varies on the final destination. 

    How do I store my home batteries?

    Store the battery storage system in a dry, clean, and well-ventilated Place. Keep the temperature around 10°C~35°C for long life. Avoid inflammable and explosive materials near the battery storage system. Charged & maintained battery packs every three months. 

    How much does home battery system cost?

    The whole system price depends on solar panels and battery storage systems. Complete system costs, including all components( batteries and solar panels), go around 20,000$. One Extra battery system and monitoring may increase costs. 

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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