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Come check out our solar street light factory. With our KILLER SUPPLY CAPACITY, your customers get what they need RIGHT when they need it. Get ready for MORE SATISFACTION and major BRAND LOVE coming your way!

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Premium Solar Street Light Features

We’re your friendly GREEN solar street light MANUFACTURER buds! Check out what we’ve got in store for YOU. 

High conversion rate

Get ready for MIND-BLOWING solar lights! We’ve got CUTTING-EDGE lenses that crank out top-notch light. Snazz ’em up even more with our EFFICIENT SOLAR PANELS. They charge in just 6-7 hours under DIRECT SUNLIGHT, no less. BETTER performance is GUARANTEED! Light up any project and amp your BRAND’S VISIBILITY with our primo products.

Superior material

Introducing our kickass solar lighting systems BUILT TO LAST! Made with TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS that can handle TOUGH THINGS. We’re talking anti-oxidation die-cast aluminum, polycrystalline, and silicon solar panels. And, oh, don’t forget sturdy STAINLESS STEEL screws.

No matter the WEATHER, they bring their A-game for LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE! Time to shine BRIGHT. You leave COMPETITORS in the dust with these SUPERIOR PRODUCTS. That’s cause they elevate your BRAND’S REP in the industry.

High Brightness Led Chips

Elevate the BRIGHTNESS of your SOLAR LIGHTING with our high-quality LED chips. Enjoy a wide 140° lighting angle. It has OPTIMIZED POWER generation rates by ADJUSTING INSTALLATION angles effectively. Adjustable solar panel to the rescue, baby! Our efficient LEDs deliver up to 210LM/W luminous EFFICIENCY.

With OUR solar lighting? Not only will your business RADIATE TRUST, but customers SHOWER you with PRAISE. Why? For the SUPERIOR OUTPUT of your solar lights, of course.

IP65 waterproof

NO NEED to worry about storms ruining your SOLAR LIGHTS. Our IP65 waterproof feature ensures PROTECTION against WATER and OXIDATION. Your customers enjoy BRIGHT, reliable LED lighting systems even on RAINY NIGHTS.

With this assurance, boost the MARKET COMPETITIVENESS of your products. And you watch SALES EXPAND effortlessly. Trust us for durable SOLAR LAMPS that keep shining through ANY WEATHER condition.

Radar induction

Illuminate your customers surroundings AUTOMATICALLY with our CUTTING-EDGE radar sensor technology. Our solar lights respond to HUMAN MOVEMENT INSTANTLY. You hear that? INSTANTLY. That provides a seamless transition between BRIGHT and DIM LIGHTING in any solar light project.

This impresses customers by EXCEEDING their EXPECTATIONS for convenience and safety. Enhance customer SATISFACTION by elevating their overall experience with LED lights.

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Solar Street Light by Types

Split solar street lights

Split solar street lights

Our solar lights are super SMART! Split solar street lights control themselves and CHARGE effortlessly during the day. Once it’s dark, bam! BRIGHTNESS GALORE!Make a name for yourself with trusty lighting systems that TRULY DELIVER. 

A strong REPUTATION means HAPPY CUSTOMERS who keep coming back for more! Rest easy – we’ve got you covered on RELIABLE LIGHTS!

All-in-two solar street light

All-in-two solar street light

You know our solar lights are AWESOME! They come with an easy-peasy LIGHT CONTROL induction thing. Plus, they charge up Super FAST using solar power – no worries on RAINY DAYS!

Level up your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and get them talking about you EVERYWHERE! With our top-notch LIGHTING SYSTEMS, you’ll be the go-to seller. Everyone will want to work with the BEST IN TOWN!

All-in-one solar street light

All-in-one solar street light

Our solar lights are rocking the industry with their top-tier RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES! These little POWERHOUSES ensure your customers’ OUTDOOR SPACES stay lit up for a long time. They’ve got HUGE CAPACITY and HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Your customers rely on BRIGHT NIGHTS even when charged just once. SHOW OFF your solar street lighting EXPERTISE with our AMAZING PRODUCTS!

Solar Street Light by Watts

150w solar street light

150w solar street light

Upgrade your customers’ solar lighting systems with our cool DIE-CAST ALUMINUM lamp body. They’re TOUGH and DURABLE, handling heat and corrosion like a champ! Plus, they can handle WATER, too.

Outshine your competitors in the MARKET SIMPLY by using our RAD SOLAR LIGHTS. Increase SALES today!

300w Solar Street Light

300w solar street light

Light up spaces with our solar lights. They’re SUPER POWERFUL and perform amazingly. Our lights have TOP-QUALITY BULBS that emit awesome colors evenly while STAYING COOL.

Customers will be amazed by the FANTASTIC LIGHTING. That will bring them to YOUR PLACE more often. Get ready for TONS of traffic thanks to these MESMERIZING solar street lights!

500w solar street light

500w solar street light

Get ready for solar lighting that’s out of this world! Our lights are JAM-PACKED with next-level tech. Think big LITHIUM BATTERIES and SMART power charging. Our super-EFFICIENT SOLAR management makes it all even better.

With top-tier solar street lighting like this, your business will SHINE BRIGHT. And it will NAB a bigger chunk of the MARKET SHARE. Get ready to skyrocket those SALES hassle-free!

Brighten the Path to Wholesale Success with Solar Street Lights. Reach Out for Tailored Solutions and Competitive Rates.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Panels Services


Top Technical Capability

Leap into the future with our UNBEATABLE TECH. Our PV tech is next-level efficient. That earns your biz NON-STOP RECOGNITION and endless PRAISE. Stay AHEAD in the game by constantly advancing with us!

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

We work magic by making solutions CUSTOM-MADE for your customers. Get their NEEDS and HEADACHES, and offer supercharged ANSWERS that WIN HEARTS! Upgrade your IMAGE —the secret sauce to GROWING conversions!

Multiple Shipping Methods

On-time Product Delivery

Our team is here to guarantee your SUCCESS. Shipments are on point, unlike others out there. Our seamless flow proves WE ROCK as customers CLAP in delight. Everyone’s EXPECTATIONS end up SHINING BRIGHT!

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

Get ready for SUCCESS with our KILLER PRICES! We negotiate like champs to score you a SWEET DEAL, leaving competitors in the dust. Build your BRAND STRONG and fast – game on! 

Excellent After-sale

Professional after-sales service

Get ready to rock with our round-the-clock CUSTOMER SUPPORT! When you hit a roadblock, we’re on it PRONTO with QUICK FIXES. Build that STELLAR REPUTATION and WIN OVER customers’ hearts with ease! 



No MOQ policy means we roll with your needs. NO STRESS on inventory costs! WORKFLOWS run as smooth as butter, CUSTOMIZED just for you. FLEXIBILITY is the name of our game with us by YOUR SIDE!

Creative Applications of Solar street light









Road lighting

Road lighting



Precise production process

Get ready for an amazing experience with our TOP-TIER TEAM at the solar street light FACTORY. We’re professionals who WORK EFFICIENTLY and always deliver quality. Your customers trust our solar products. Helps you build long-lasting BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS that endure OVER TIME!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our solar street light system is legit. CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO14001 & CSA-certified! Go for us to BOOST MANAGEMENT quality and efficiency. Gain customer TRUST and GRAB more MARKET space, too. Pick us!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

As a solar street light manufacturer, we check our solar streetlights like a boss! No worries here. With us, you can up your BRAND GAME – NO STRESS, COMPLAINTS, or HASSLE involved.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Get ready for some SERIOUS MAGIC at our solar street light factory. You’ll be BLOWN AWAY! We have over 10 years of experience and a WORLD-CLASS TEAM. Our solar street light factory and team is your PERSONAL WIZARD.

Buh-bye headaches from LOW-QUALITY PRODUCTS. We hook you up with BIGGER PROFITS and epic BUSINESS GROWTH!

One-stop Sourcing

Ditch those annoying solar street light factories, my friend! No worries, we are here for you. Our team knows stuff about the solar street LIGHTING FACTORY and what CUSTOMERS WANT.

Trust us to fulfill all your requirements. We handle the BUYING, QUALITY CHECKS, and delivery for you. SAVE TIME, MONEY, and resources with us as your PREMIER green energy partner!

Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We totally UNDERSTAND your concern about keeping your hard-earned cash SAFE. No stress involved in those solar street lights WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS. We are here for it all. We take FRAUD RISKS super seriously and MINIMIZE THEM at all costs!

Choosing us means getting ECONOMIC BENEFITS without sacrificing CONTROL OVER your business. Plus, enjoy the absolute best CONSUMER REPUTATION!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You’re our number ONE PRIORITY, buddy! Our solar street light factory’s got game. Trust us to meet all your needs and SOLVE PROBLEMS like rock stars.

And let me tell you, our products are MIND-BLOWINGLY AWESOME. They’ll take your business from good to straight-up NEXT LEVEL!

Standardized Procedure

Our pro process means LESS WASTE and QUALITY HICCUPS. Simple and straight solar street light sourcing with max automation. Launch your Product line in a short time by saving communication and design time.

Your solar POWER CUSTOMERS will freakin’ love you for choosing us. We stay ahead of their ENERGY needs and crush the MARKET SCENE like pros!

Custom Solutions

It’s all about you at Leeline Energy! NO GENERIC STUFF here, friend. Say hello to our PERFECT solar street light, tailor-made for YOUR CUSTOMERS. That’s because we get how each customer rolls with their SPECIAL NEEDS, GOALS, and REQUIREMENTS!

You DOMINATE the COMPETITION. Plus, you’ll experience insane BUSINESS GROWTH like a boss in turbo mode. Trust us; ENDLESS MARKETS await! Let’s team up and make magic together!

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

We’ve got your DEMAND DETAILS! Nailing the small stuff is OUR FORTE. Each solar light is important to us—from SPECS and QUANTITIES to top-notch quality. Count on seamless RESOURCE ALLOCATION, resulting in unprecedented BUSINESS GROWTH!

  • Supplier Management

Our team handles your solar street light supplier’s NEEDS. That entails EVALUATING, making SMART CHOICES, and TRACKING performance. No TIME/MONEY waste! Focus on GROWING your BUSINESS and dominating the MARKET GAME!

  • Contract Negotiation

No worries about contracts! We handle all the NEGOTIATION, DRAFTING, and REVIEW to ensure it’s fair and legal. You just focus on acing CUSTOMER ACQUISITION, growing your LEAD, and EXPANDING.

  • Order Management

Leave your order hassles to us. ORDER with one tap. We CONFIRM, TRACK, and MAKE CHANGES. We bring the expert SQUADS on quality checks. So, you RELAX and SAVE while we take the reins for you! 

  • Logistics Coordination

We handle each LOGISTICS process from the solar street light supplier warehouse to yours. It includes packaging, warehousing and transportation of your goods. Ensure safe and on-time shipments. NEVER run out of stock. Maintain a reliable supply chain for your business.

  • Installation Support

Installing our solar LED street lights is a piece of cake! Just follow the EASY INSTRUCTIONS and HELPFUL videos. And if you need any Help REMOTELY, we are here. INSTALLING them on time means better BRAND REP and PROFITS for you! 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Pick what YOU want from PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. They’re SUPER SECURE—no hassle with scams! Your transactions are SOLID. Plus, they reduce dodgy BUSINESS RISKS and LOSSES.

Western Union

Unlock Wholesale Savings on Premium Solar Street Lights. Connect with Our Experts to Brighten Your Business Prospects!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Street Light Factory

Our solar street light factory is crushing it with productivity. Thanks to our awesome team, we make things HAPPEN EFFICIENTLY. We’ll get your products made in NO TIME. So, you can meet MARKET DEMANDS and impress customers with TOP-TIER OFFERINGS!

solar street light factory

packaging & shipping

Forget transportation worries! We use solid packaging to keep your solar street light SAFE. no DAMAGE, NO CONTAMINATION – that saves you money on REPAIRS and REPLACEMENTS. You’re covered!

solar street light package

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

solar street light case

Unleash the Power of Solar: How We Tackled Ghana’s Power Outages

Leeline Energy is here to give you the BEST solar energy SOLUTIONS out there. We partner with top-notch WHOLESALERS and INSTALLERS, just like you. Let’s crush it together!

What’s the deal? A customer from Ghana who’s currently in the UK contacted us. He wanted us to beef up his SOLAR POWER SYSTEM. He had a 5KW setup with an UNRELIABLE BATTERY that wasn’t cutting it.

Basically, he needed something more EFFICIENT and RELIABLE to deal with frequent power outages in Ghana. Plus, he wanted to run his AIR CONDITIONER on vacation visits.

So we chatted it over with him and suggested our UPGRADED SOLUTION. We came through with a beastly 10KW solar power system. This was equipped with eight AWESOME BATTERIES and a fancy True MPPT control device.

With this setup, he’d have plenty of ENERGY STORAGE capacity. And they are able to keep track of sunlight availability easily. Boom!

Why us? We’ve got tons of EXPERIENCE dealing with Africa’s tricky ELECTRICAL INFRASTRUCTURE. Our systems are top-notch, too; just ask our happy customers! They’ve installed them SUCCESSFULLY and swear by their quality.

And get this – we take care of things when it comes to shipping. No need to fret about CUSTOMS or extra fees with our comprehensive DDP service.

Don’t you worry ’bout a thing? We’ll keep you in the loop on TRANSPORTATION updates every step of the way.

Guess what? We nailed the installation of a kickass 10KW solar power system! Our experienced ENGINEERS killed it. And you wanna know how it’s doing? Freaking FANTASTIC, running like a dream.

But wait. Our customer was so stoked with our service and rad product quality. They even shared some sweet pictures of their NEW SETUP. Trust us, we got your back with RELIABLE SOLUTIONS and epic SUPPORT!

solar street light case
What our customers say


Leeline Energy is my GO-TO for solar lighting stuff, boss. Their solar lighting systems are LEGIT! The solar LED street lights they hooked me up with GLOW BRIGHT AF, and the quality is off the charts. I use them as SOLAR GARDEN lights. Plus, their TEMPERED GLASS means these lights can handle a BEATING from ol’ Mr. Sun. You won’t regret messing with Leeline for lighting!

Thomas G Flores

Let me just say… Leeline Energy knows its stuff when it comes to solar lights & lighting. I ordered their solar street lighting systems for my PARKING LOTS, and damn, the light output is insane! These lighting BAD BOYS are made with the HIGHEST QUALITY materials. I mean, who even puts TEMPERED GLASS and SUN-CHARGING PANELS? This factory, that’s who. Keep shining bright with SOLAR LIGHTING!

Renate P Falk

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    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Street Light

    1. How long can a solar street light last?

    Generally speaking, that would be 5-8 years. The lifespan of a SOLAR STREET LIGHT is all about the COOL ACCESSORIES. These are solar panels, controllers, BATTERIES, and light sources. Batteries rock for over 5 years, while lamps last 5-8 years on average.

    2. What kind of batteries are used in solar street lights?

    You have two battery choices: old-school LEAD ACID or trendy LITHIUM-ION. Lead acid is CHEAP and stays kickin’ longer but needs MAINTENANCE. Lithium-ion is lighter with less UPKEEP, but they die sooner – these are the deets! Keep in mind that each has pros and cons depending on what your light system needs.

    3. Which brand is the best for solar street lights?

    I feel you! With so many solar street light brands out there, it’s tough to PICK THE BEST. But here are some major players: SOLARMAX, SOLAR ONE & SUN-IN-ONE. They make legit lights that are DURABLE and EFFICIENT. Ultimately, choose based on your NEEDS and do some RESEARCH beforehand!

    4. Are solar street lights reliable?

    Solar LED street lights are the real deal when it comes to RELIABILITY. They don’t need any external POWER SOURCE. So even in ELECTRICITY-FREE AREAS, you can still INSTALL and use ’em like a pro!

    5. Do outdoor solar lights get hot?

    Solar LED lights ain’t gonna make you SWEAT. The FIXTURES hardly give off ANY HEAT when giving light. It’s the DIODE Inside that gets WARM. But with a cleverly designed fixture, it shoots that HEAT AWAY from where it matters. And that’s a win for SOLAR LIGHTS!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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