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Premium All-in-two Solar Street Light Features

We are ready to deliver customized SOLAR LED street lights per your needs. 

High-efficiency LED chip

170LM/w High-Efficiency bridge LED chip produces high power OUTPUT. It turns its head to the HIGH luminescence with a LONGER LIFE span. Guess the span? It is 100,000 hours in its LIFETIME— Totally Mind Blowing. 

Time to SHAKE the WHOLE MARKET with your high-efficiency solar STREET lights. And take charge as a SOLAR panel industry leader! 

Intelligent controller

Appreciate our intelligent controller with multiple SENSORS. Whether overcharging or discharging, it smells and TURNS off/on the system. Plus, the MPPT tracker allows high power production. 

Feed a HIGH power solar light project to your CONSUMERS. Build their Trust in your BUSINESS. And raise your SALES level! 

Long-lasting battery life

Upgraded lithium-ion BATTERIES have a long span. Oh, the charging? It is super FAST, allowing you to charge faster and DISCHARGE slower. Solar street lighting can REMAIN throughout extended periods. 

With high-temperature tolerance, say TA-TA, to harsh environments. Give CUSTOMERS ease. And bring a HUGE wave of consumers. All wanting to buy your solar street lights! 

Outdoor waterproof

IP65 proofing is not less than the WONDERS. Our solar street lights have a METAL body with extreme resistance against oxidation. Also, waterproofing allows LESS maintenance

Let customers hover over your SOLAR business. Grab the TOP solar-powered street lights. IMPROVE your revenue. Print more Money with ideal business deals. 

Smart remote control

What if I tell you our SOLAR-powered street lights have a REMOTE control? It is 100% true now, no dream at all! Within the 10-meter range, it catches the SIGNAL. Whether to turn on/off or control the POWER. 

Intelligent control KEEPS your consumer COZY. Let them appreciate your BUSINESS. Stands your business out in the SOLAR industry. 

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All-in-two Solar Street Light by Watts

200w All-in-two solar street light

200w All-in-two solar street light

The 200w all-in-two solar STREET light has an elegant INTEGRATED design. Easy installations on the TABLE. And longer battery life with a NIGHT sensor. 

Stand UPRIGHT. Give consumers a SIGH of RELIEF. And win them to LEVEL-UP your sales. Isn’t it what you want?

300w All-in-two solar street light

300w All-in-two solar street light

LifePO4 cells with high POWER and quality. Mono solar panels have faster and more efficient charging. Integral MATERIAL does not let it ERODE quickly. 

Furnish LONG-LASTING solutions to your consumers. Assemble them to win their FAITH. And RAPIDIZE a boosted BUSINESS performance! 

500w All-in-two solar street light

500w All-in-two solar street light

High LENS LED lights are CRUSHING in the efficiency game. They provide HIGH power and brightness. Integrated metal aluminum rear HOUSING improves STRENGTH. 

No more damage risks to street LIGHTS. Stay competitive in the solar industry with ROBUST solar lighting.

Illuminate Success: Power your brand with our high-performance All-in-Two solar street lights. Wholesale opportunities available. Light up your business and brighten the path to sustainable growth. Inquire today!

Advantages Of The Best All-in-two Solar Street Light Services

Top Notch Quality 

Top Technical Capability

We have deployed Cutting-edge technology in the production setup. Large-scale PRODUCTION with TOP tech gets you the BEST solar LED street lights. 

Take your BUSINESS STATUS to the OPTIMAL level. No, seeing back! 


Short lead time

Top-notch LOGISTICS INFRASTRUCTURE with fast processing. Help you find the best shipping options for your SOLAR products.

Save your TIME. Prevent BACKORDERS. And a constant flow of SALES is there. Print capital!

Customer Service

24/7 customer support

No matter if it is 12 AM or 12 PM, we got you. Let us know our TEAM. We’ll tackle all your solar panel problems on time. And enhance the customer EXPERIENCE. 

Keep up the HIGH business morale. And generate HIGHER sales with timely SOLUTIONS to consumers.

Strict Quality Check

Sample Quality Testing

Our team not only SOURCES but also tests. Internationally RECOGNIZED labs test the integrated solar street LIGHT quality. Fetch you PREMIUM quality solar garden lights. And stabilize your BRAND presence in the solar market. 



Whatever quantity of solar street light you want, get it. It allows you to define your REQUIREMENTS faster. Test one product. And ensure BULK production. 

Safe and EASY business deals avoid FUTURE issues!

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

We have a SPECIAL eye on the pricing. Reasonable cost with the BEST quality— we guarantee it! 

Uplevel your PROFIT MARGIN with competitively priced LED street lights. And grow your BUSINESS faster. 

Creative Applications of Street Light



Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting



Parking Lot

Parking Lot

residential lighting

residential lighting

Road Lighting

Road Lighting

Precise production process

Our all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT production setup includes the ASSEMBLY of the solar array. Top-level and PRECISE production ensures the HIGH power output. Get into the SOLAR market. Rise on the TOP with the BEST quality solar products. And boosts business recognition.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Let’s take your integrated solar STREET light business to international LEVELS. HOW? Our CE, FCC, UL, DLC, and ISO 9001 are the GOLDEN VISA! Expand your business. And enjoy a BROAD SPECTRUM of consumers.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Not just the FACTORY testing but also reporting makes us the TOP team. A strict QUALITY control ensures quality all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT production. And pump your BUSINESS credence to the upside

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a skillful team with a grip over solar solutions. With 10+ years under our BELT, we explore the BEST integrated solar street lighting manufacturers for you.

Say GOODBYE to PESKY deals. Enjoy the HAPPINESS of your consumers. And CLINCH the SUCCESS for your solar light business!

One-stop Sourcing

Welcome our ONE-STOP sourcing services. No need to explore TONS of all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT suppliers. Our team is VERY ACTIVE. Find the top suppliers. And satisfies your consumers till the end. 

Relax, my friend! We perform Quality CHECKS! And handle LOGISTICS. Optimized and integrated PERFORMANCE never lets you down. Enjoy a STELLAR business performance! 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Oh, the transaction risks? We take it more SERIOUSLY to keep our CUSTOMERS safe from hackers. Our transparent PAYMENT options are your FRIEND through thick and thin. 

No more UNNECESSARY money losses to scammers. Build a TRUSTED environment for your consumers. And BOOST up deals with higher transactions! 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are the NUMBER one for us. Our focus is to listen to all your BUSINESS curiously. Give optimal SUGGESTIONS. Our mission is to strengthen your BRAND to tackle market competitiveness. Expect world-class all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT wholesale. 

Carve your BUSINESS name in customers’ hearts. And be ALL SMILE with your solar street light business. 

Standardized Procedure

No compromise on Professionalism. We have SAID it and promised to our consumers. Whatever you want, we handle all your solar street LIGHT projects with extreme care, dedication, and EXPERTISE

High quality. Best services. And FLAWLESS all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT wholesale. All get you one thing — your business name at the top of the BILLBOARD! 

Custom Solutions

You got something for us to IMPLEMENT? Great! We are thrilled to know it. Let us know all the all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT wholesale specs and designs you need. 

We’ll get it on time. Banish all CUSTOMER’S concerns. And take your integrated solar street light BUSINESS to the MOON! Shine bright! 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

No more RANDOM deals. Let us know what EXACTLY you need. We assess your Unique design, demands, and specs of all-in-two solar street light. Plus, you get the EXPERT’S market analysis. Launch PROFITABLE products and earn EXTRA money.  

  • Supplier Management

Feel EASY. We are here to RELIEVE your extra burden. Pay attention to all your all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT suppliers. And TRACE down their PERFORMANCE. Reduce chances of disruptions in your operations.

High performance with FEWER bills. Inventory procurement on time. All SAVE your business from FALLING into disaster. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Forget the COMPLEX legal agreements. Our legal team is READY to sacrifice the time for you. Prepare LEGAL documents. And BANISH all the troubles. SAVE time. Focus on your BUSINESS MARKETING. Get SKYROCKETED growth! 

  • Order Management

Get the STRESS out of your mind. And let us HANDLE your stressful TASKS like order management. We’ll confirm, TRACK, and accept changes in your solar street light ORDERS. Seamless supply chain OPERATIONS let you do EASY business. 

Relax! Enjoy LOWER operating costs as the EXPERTS handle them. And bring more revenue from your business. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistics team is HERE to ease your logistic tensions. Your all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT orders get the SWIFT delivery. NO damage — Guaranteed! Your customers leave POSITIVE feedback to PROMOTE your business in a better way. Success is ALL AROUND! Get it.

  • Installation Support

Easy installation. Special CUSTOMER support. And DETAILED videos— All get your consumers SAFE and efficient installation. Oh, the PHONE HELP with REMOTE GUIDANCE is the best part. Your customers forget the COMPLEX installation processes. And become your PERMANENT ones due to Ultimate installation ease. 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Say GOODBYE to risky payments. Our payment options like PayPal, credit cards, or bank transfers are SECURE. Get your PAYMENTS safely. And keep yourself away from the TRANSACTION frauds.  

Western Union

Wholesale Brilliance: Empower your brand with our All-in-Two solar street lights. Illuminate the path to success and sustainability. Light up your business prospects – contact us today!

Our Reliable Partners


Our All-in-two Solar Street Light Factory

Our all-in-two solar STREET LIGHT factory is a REAL POWERHOUSE. Cutting-edge TECH and LATEST equipment ensure FASTER and efficient production. We feed the best materials. And get the TOP-NOTCH quality solar street lights. Give quality. And get UNLIMITED sales! Deal for a deal!

solar street light factory

packaging & shipping

Hassle-FREE customs clearance. Shipment to your DOOR. We are offering our shipment services. Branded PACKAGING ensures a SEPARATE brand identity. And TIMELY shipping confirms 100% satisfied customers. You are all the way to your BUSINESS success. 

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

solar street light case

Powering Industry, Saving Costs: The Unbelievable Impact of Solar Panel Lights

It was about one month ago when Mr. Abrahim needed to install the solar panel lights. Guess where? In the industrial area of his manufacturing sector. But he was facing PROBLEMS like the LOWER power. 

So, we were at a SINGLE call distance, which was a month ago. He had been using electricity for the lighting system. And the RESULT? 

Higher bills cost him a fortune. We can’t control the TEARS over seeing him pay a BIG MARGIN for the electricity. So, our experts ENTERED. 

Got the requirements: 

  • Complete solar panel lights. 
  • Best battery
  • Installation in different locations. 

Our quest started as soon as we WROTE the requirements. Quickly look around and get us the BEST solar street light manufacturer— IMPRESSIVE! Got us the BEST quality street lights. 

Any estimates for the BEST PART? 

It was a REASONABLE cost that enchanted our consumer. 

Do you know why he preferred us? Not one reason. Instead, tons of REASONS. Best in the Class quality. Affordable costs. Doorstep shipping. Oh, I forgot, the PERFECT and SAFE installation. (We offered phone support with the videos to help him install.) 

Mr. Abraham was 100% SATISFIED. And the deal was accomplished successfully— YAY! 

case inverter
What our customers say


I am impressed with the Leline Energy team. Super cool and friendly team. Listen to all your requirements. And gets you the perfect solar street light manufacturer. Thank you, team. 

Shirley C Hayes

The Leeline Energy team is dedicated. I can’t believe I worked with such a great team. Easy to work and understands. I loved their suggestions. Thank you, Leeline, for your efforts.

Anna M Horn

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About All-in-two Solar Street Light

    1. What’s the standard height of a street light pole?

    There are no exact parameters for lighting systems in the streets. It is often 20 to 35 feet or 6 TO 10 METERS. But it depends on whether you are installing the residential street lights. 

    2. Can I charge solar lights without the sun?

    Yes. You can charge solar street lights without the sun. But remember one thing. It WOULD not be as EFFICIENT as sunlight is. 

    3. What kind of batteries are used in solar street lights?

    Solar-powered lights require two types of rechargeable batteries. 

    · Valve regulated Lead acid batteries
    · Lithium Ion Batteries

    LITHIUM-ION BATTERIES are more popular nowadays due to their endless benefits. 

    4. Will solar lights charge on a cloudy day?

    Yes, solar street lights can charge on cloudy days. They work straight for four days without even the NEED FOR THE SUN. So, you can expect them to be fully charged on cloudy or rainy days.

    5. How do we identify the quality?

    There are various factors to know. 
    · Power Output
    · Better performance of solar lighting
    · Built of the solar street light project
    · Cost-effective or not.
    These factors will land you the HIGHEST QUALITY. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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