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Leeline Energy gets you quality service for Off Grid Energy Storage sourcing. Improved lifespan with reliable performance. Keep your audience satisfied with long product warranties and replacement services

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Premium Off Grid Energy Storage Features

Leeline Energy helps you design renewable energy battery storage systems. Reduce after-sale hassle through quality and guaranteed systems. 

Multiple working modes:

Increase storage efficiency with versatile appliances through different modes. Use grid solar, LOADS, and battery in the best working combination. Different inverter compatibility from 3 kwh to 50 kwh inverter options. 

Backend energy storage for a solar system with many use-case scenarios. Off-grid system for both Domestic and commercial energy conversion modes. You get to target a vast customer base leads to more sales with less marketing.

Simple installation:

Different capacities of the lightweight off-grid system start from 73 kgs to 303 kgs. Stackable design with room for extension. Users extend battery storage capacity with a modular system. 

Less handling costs through easy handling and less risk of damage. QUICK installation attracts customers to purchase faster in emergencies. You make faster sales than competitors and earn more PROFIT. 

Reliable cell technology:

Enhance power supply reliability from the generator through plug-and-play Design. Smart BMS system to self-balance series of cells and load. Reliable system with a cycle life of ≥6,000, so don’t worry about warranty claims.

LiFePo4 battery cells are manufactured with advanced technologies. 90% DOD ensures the right charging and discharging of cells. INCREASE customer satisfaction through efficient cell Performance.

Wide voltage Protection 

Block high voltage during unexpected high voltage input. BMS does not get broken and bears up to MAX 750 dc High voltage. Reduce wiring and short circuit risk with integrated charging and storage. 

It complies with the safety standards of UL1973/IEC62619/UN38.3. Users get fast building clearances in commercial usage. You get a reduced customer turnover rate with voltage protection battery storage.

Long term usage:

20+ Years (25°C@77°F) Design life that works perfectly at 5% – 95% HUMIDITY. The Enclosure Protection Rating of IP54 makes it durable. Handles all the external pressure while safeguarding the internal cells. 

Dustproof design for less maintenance while achieving true energy independence. Reduce space occupancy with compressed product thickness. Durable and long-lasting battery storage to increase customer retention rate. 

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Off Grid Energy Storage by Application

Off-Grid Home Use energy storage

3.48V LifePO4 Cell perfect for home appliances. Connect it to a renewable energy solar system with a Nominal Voltage of 51.48Volts.

Meet the high energy demand expectations of customers to create a LOYAL audience. 

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Wall-Mounted Off Grid Battery Energy Storage

SMART BMS for enhanced monitoring and control system with emergency backup. Increase space efficiency to save floor space in your home and utility room.

Install on interior and exterior walls. Attract urban customers with less installation space to increase sales. 

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Off Grid Energy Storage by Kilowatt Hour

10KW Off Grid energy storage

Six working modes equipped with UPS function. Seamless switching with 10ms to the solar system from the main grid.

Remote upgrade and fault diagnosis to meet required battery capacity. Drive sales by enhancing the CUSTOMER experience without the hassle. 

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200kw Off Grid energy storage

Level 2 BMS design for hierarchical linkage of many monitoring systems. The uninterrupted power supply of more than 24 hours on a commercial scale.

Helps users to achieve true energy independence without an electricity bill. An effective system with low after-sale issues leading to enhanced BRAND REPUTATION. 

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Become a Pioneer in Off-Grid Energy Storage – Partner with Us Today!

Advantages Of The Best Off Grid Energy Storage Services


Reliable OEM and ODM

Rescue PRODUCT development time through our matured PRODUCT Designs. Shortens your Brand building time to meet your BUSINESS requirements. Improve BRAND’s reputation through reliable SUPPLY CHAIN. 

solar panel

Sufficient stock

Maintains your inventory levels according to increasing PRODUCT demands. We get you BULK manufacturing access to reduce supply chain risks during emergencies. Efficient logistics infrastructure to support your MARKET DECISIONS. 

Safety and Reliability

Low shipping cost

Multi-mode shipping with short shipping routes saves you shipping costs. We have supervised handling alongside space optimization to save shipping space. You get charged lower and are able to increase your PROFIT MARGIN. 

Clear quality status

Strict QUALITY ASSURANCE with improved production efficiency. Reduce production errors and unfunctional product rates through AUTOMATIC processing. You get consistent PRODUCT quality to maintain BRAND IMAGE. 

Automated Processing

We help BUSINESSES to increase sourcing PRODUCTIVITY. Reduce procurement costsand operational time with Automatic processing. Fasten your business development with Automation and STANDARDIZATION. 

Safe Payment

Simple and straightforward transaction procedures without complexities. You pay low fees that lead to reduced procurement costs. Prevent payment fraud through secured CHANNELS. Protect your sourcing budget to avoid financial catastrophe.

Creative Applications of Off Grid Energy Storage









Charging Devices

Charging Devices



Precise production process

We ensure high-quality RAW materials for cell formation. Sustainable energy supply of excessive energy from solar systems.

You avoid complaints of cell charging and DISCHARGING issues with BMS integration. 100% DOD for the long cycle life of the system, leading to high customer satisfaction.  

Empower Your Customers with Efficient, Independent Power Storage!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Sell your products in EU zones through CE, TUV, and UN certifications. Expand your business into new economic zones to make more PROFIT. Fast business and customs clearance through a certified energy storage system. Build a BUSINESS based on TRUST. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our team visits the off gris energy storage factory to inspect their production. Detailed inspection of their processes to estimate the right LEAD TIME. You plan your SALES channels through DATA-BACKED inspection reports. Improve business efficiency to expand exponentially. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our team worked in international brand sourcing with complete import handling. AND ensure a variety of solar panels with off grid systems for excess energy. 

Top-notch solar battery designs with customization options for a high conversion rate. You Sell more PRODUCTS in a short time to expand your business quickly. 

One-stop Sourcing

Manage battery storage designs, production, inspection, and Shipping through us. You get a quality and optimized supply chain without hassle. 

You save communication and management hassle with our comprehensive solution. Excel your business with reduced MANAGEMENT tasks.


Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We protect you from supplier personification, non-delivery, and Counterfeit product scams. Detailed auditing and inspection processes with continuous updates. 

You get to pay through secured financial gateways to avoid transaction risk. Keep your sourcing capital safe from scammers through our advised services. Smooth supply chain without any risk or delay due to B2B frauds and trade scams. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Priority Quality and technical updates to mitigate your BUSINESS risks. Strong and optimized SUPPLY CHAIN that tackles MARKET shifts effectively. You maintain your PROFITABILITY and business reputation throughout the seasons. Build a brand that sustains for decades! 

Standardized Procedure

Pre-set standards in supplier and PRODUCT selection, inspection, and management. Lowers your operational expenses and time in solar energy storage system sourcing. Receive off-grid systems shortly to introduce at the market with low sourcing costs. 

Custom Solutions

Understand your customer preferences to increase PRODUCT sales. We help you to source Off Grid Energy Storage CUSTOM solutions. Alter required battery capacity and design, so users achieve true energy independence. You get high customer inflows due to detailed battery system customization. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our experts help you to determine the Quality & quantity for optimal sales volume. Data-backed decisions on solar system sourcing.

Source the right product type that sells easily. You avoid expensive storage and procurement costs on unsold inventory. 

  • Supplier Management

Track performance and Quality of Off Grid Energy Storage suppliers. We ensure suppliers are meeting HIGH production standards for unbeatable quality.

You receive Performance updates with estimated lead time reports. Filters out low-quality suppliers to maintain the QUALITATIVE image of BRAND. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Lower your sourcing prices through negotiations. We negotiate with Off Grid Energy Storage wholesale suppliers on your behalf.

Enjoy the best sourcing prices in the market with legal contract protection. Increase your PROFIT MARGIN with negotiated deals. 

  • Order Management

Receive Premium packing, thorough inspection, shipping labels, and logo embedding.

You receive ready-to-sell grid solar storage units without any hassle. Shorten your ORDER fulfillment time, leading to a high satisfaction rate of customers. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Efficient logistics infrastructure with continuous shipment tracking. Get warehousing, trucking, international freight, and Customs under a single solution. Dominate the market through fast delivery!  

  • Installation Support

STEP-by-STEP video and audio installation guidebooks for customers. Off-grid energy storage can be installed without any professional help. You save expensive installation service and time alongside labor costs. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Flexible payment options, including Paypal, Payoneer, and Western Union. Makes your transaction processes easier and smoother. Avoid delays and third-party app integration to reduce financial fraud risks. 

Western Union

Elevate Your Business with Reliable Off-Grid Energy Solutions!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Off Grid Energy Storage Factory

The innovative R&D team in our manufacturing facility to maintain high competitiveness. You get a top-notch off-grid system that stores excess renewable energy effectively. Lay down the foundation of REPUTED BRAND with Quality and innovation. 

Our Off Grid Energy Storage Factory

packaging & shipping

Our Products are packed in Wooden boxes designed for extra safety. Receive them intact and without any damage. Fast shipping of storage systems through supervised handling. Reduce your PRODUCT damage rate to avoid rework and replacement hassle. 

Packing & Delivery

Revolutionize Your Offerings with Advanced Off-Grid Energy Storage!

Successful Project

storage Successful Project

Empowering Independence: The Off-Grid Energy Storage Revolution for Wholesalers and Installers

Mr. Harvey was struggling with quality in his BUSINESS. He has a brand of storage solutions for both on and off-grid application units. Most of his customers were complaining about QUALITY and PERFORMANCE. Our team understood their concerns, and we designed their supply chain. 

Starting with suppliers, we performed a complete audit of their current suppliers. Detailed background and quality check of an ON and OFF-grid solar generator supplier. Our team visited factories and filtered out low-quality suppliers. Then, we did supplier hunting for him to get the right quality. 

Our team standardized factories of a chosen OFF-grid energy storage manufacturer. We proposed three inspection services. One before mass production to ensure RIGHT RAW materials. Second, during Production, to get battery bank units on time. T

The last one after production is to filter out low-quality Solar battery systems. Inspection staff check the batteries’ function from off-grid power capacity. Tested their performance during power outages. 
As a result, his power company product started to last longer. Customers charge batteries effectively for more energy. It generates both REVENUE and RESPECT in the market.

storage Successful Project
What our customers say


I have been working with LEELINE Energy for years. They got me the best price in the market, which increased my competitiveness. I am getting more sales than my competitors. You should work with them to boost your BUSINESS growth. 


Leeline Energy has the best staff in the world. They are so cooperative and skilled in their tasks. I requested customization, and they helped me to design my products. My business is getting tremendous sales due to their customization. I recommend working with them!


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Off Grid Energy Storage

    How can I guarantee the quality?

    You get a PRODUCT SAMPLE before starting production. Check features and power of batteries. Yet you also get an after-production inspection to filter out low-quality Products. 

    What is MOQ for logo printing?

    MOQ starts with one quantity to give you an idea for a trial. CUSTOMIZATION services start with ten sets. Use OEM and ODM services on both bulk and small inventory orders.

    How much life span of the solar generator?

    The cycle life is up to 5000+ at 80% DoD with an A-graded lifepo4 cell. On average, they last from 5 to 8 years with good maintenance. The lifecycle depends on the batteries’ function, too. 

    What is the order process?

    Determine the product specifications and quantities and confirm the order. You pay a 50% deposit before production. After production, confirm your orders with inspection and video calls. Then we pack them and send them to the port. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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