Solar Table Fans Supplier

Leeline Energy provides QUALITY items as a LEADING solar table fans MANUFACTURER. Strict QUALITY ASSURANCE to save your LISTINGS from negative reviews. Enhanced brand VALUE to build a lasting BRANDED AUDIENCE. 

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Premium Solar Table Fans Features

Wider airflow to cover the most area from FAN. Large area sales to capture the most market share! 

Diverse Power source:

Mitigate dependency on a single source by Battery, Electric, and Solar diversification. The AC adaptor has a 1.5m charging cable. Power supply from both sources and rechargeable Battery contribute as a THIRD SOURCE.  

Solar Panel DC Charging takes 13 hours to charge the battery fully. 110-240V AC Charging takes around 5 to 6 hours. FAST charging enhances user experiences and leads to HIGH referrals from them.

LED lights & USB output:

Built-in LED lights in many design variations from 2 pieces to 6 pieces. Perfect to lighten the office desk during the night. Continues LIGHT backup for up to 30 to 50 hours from the main battery. 

Many light modes, from LIGHT, MEDIUM to HIGH, so users choose as per their need. 5V USB hub for Charging support. Increase user satisfaction by showcasing extra features!

Long Standby Time:

12V sealed Lead-acid battery in different Ah categories. We entertain your custom requests regarding different Ah choices. COPPER MOTOR for efficient ENERGY flow. MOTOR has different consumption levels with speed options. 

It varies from approx 3.5 hours for high speed and 8 hours for middle speed. It even goes up to 22 hours for slow-speed modes. Long standby time earns a HIGH PRODUCT image. Positive feedback from CUSTOMERS.

Grid Design:

UNIFORM grid cooling vent design for RAPID heat dissipation. 120 degrees wide angle airflow plus 65 degrees up and down change. Angle adjustment to run the fan on optimal level and height to keep the home cool. 

Super long endurance with Aluminium/steel safety net. Double-ring net cover for fine gap safety protection. Enhanced safety features like Overheat protection fuse. Reduces the risks of CUSTOMERS recalls! 

Speakers and SMART control:

Built in BLUETOOTH speaker and RADIO function for extra entertainment. Weather connects its own device or listens to RADIO at different frequencies. Ten to eighteen hours of consistent enjoyment suitable for home games. 

Smart control is only available for a few variations but works LIKE MAGIC! Control the SPEED MODES, lightning, and AUTOMATIC TURN off timer from REMOTE. Competitive edge over simple variations to get a high CUSTOMER retention rate. 

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Solar Table Fans by Performance

Solar Portable Table Fan

The rechargeable battery gets full in 7 hours and lasts up to 12 hours. AC/DC charging with built-in 6V 4.5AH battery that follows international standards.

Users attach both 3W and 6W solar panels with it. Strong wind alongside silent AIR OPERATIONS. Comforting experience for users that leads to HIGH customer flow

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Solar Table Fan With LED Light

Unique 5-blade design for HIGH 9-gear speed wind options. Max endurance of up to 6 hours consistent power supply from 6V/7000AH battery. Long-lasting battery for optimal performance.

It supports most cars’ 12V charging ports but needs a converter for a truck’s 24V ports. High resistance STRONG PLASTIC structure to BUILD a HIGH image. 

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Solar Table Fans by Size

12 Inch Solar Table Fans

3-speed setting and oscillation for a variety of uses. Modern Design that comes in Blue, Light Blue, Green, and Orange-Black color variations.

2.1 meters length power cord to charge FROM AC power sources. 3.5 kg weight makes it easy to handle. Compact box sizing and a lightweight solar panel save you expensive handling costs

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18 inch Solar Table Fans

43 W power solar-powered fan in 18 inches size. Suitable option for office desk and Living room. DC input and USB output options for efficient power supply.

Two round pin charging options with MECHANICAL control type. Available in diverse PLUG-type options to expand your TARGETED regions. 

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Step into a Cool Future: Wholesale Opportunities with Solar Table Fans – Elevate Your Brand!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Table Fans Services



Zero RISK to test new products without massive orders. FREE from the financial pressure of large upfront costs. SCALE up via small batches as per market trends. Say GOODBYE to large inventory handling hassle and recurring storage costs.


Safe payment 

Protect financial information and source funds in a secured GATEWAY. Avoid vulnerabilities of third-party apps. Safe environment with a precautionary approach to safeguard your business interests. 

Safety and Reliability

Automated production

Revolutionizes BULK order capability with HIGH MANUFACTURING Precision. Avoid slow and labor-intensive processes and get faster turnarounds. Rapid production leads to higher OUTPUT at low costs. More BUSINESS Profitability. 


24/7 Support

Reach out anytime in all time zones to our EXPERTS. RESOLVE your disputes and stock changes timely. Multi-channel support to reach out anytime. Stay updated to make informed decisions!

Variety of designs

Endless options in color, designs, and models like a CANVAS. Find designs that resonate with BRAND identity and THEME. Delight your customers by catering to diverse tastes. HIGH retention rate! 

Fast shipping

REAL time order tracking from various shipping options. Flexibility to choose from a wide carrier network to fit the timeline. Enhanced shipping convenience in your budget.

Creative Applications of Solar Table Fans













Precise production process

DESIGN conceptualization of OUTLOOK, model, motor capacity, and many more. Each component is manufactured separately and goes under QUALITY checks. Solar panel get attached to the main unit with BUILT in wiring. 

Skilled staff assemble all parts in a single solar table unit. Defective units get filtered before PACKAGING. Receive QUALITY solar-powered fans in DURABLE packaging. Prompt shipping to access competing markets faster!

olar Table Fans Redefine Comfort for Your Business!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


CE, ISO 9001, and RoHS certifications to ensure STANDARD COMPLIANCE. You get faster access to European and American restricted MARKETPLACES. Fast growth rate by selling certified PRODUCTS. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We have a SAMPLE report and PRODUCTION auditing. Make informed decisions about solar panel improvement by evaluating its PERFORMANCE.  The improved FINAL products get you POSITIVE REVIEWS from customers. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Systematic inspection and QUALITY production in your BRAND building. We help you to introduce compelling designs and features as per new MARKET trends.

Stay relevant in designing cutting-edge technology to maintain sales volume.

One-stop Sourcing

Real-time tracking of inspection and order progress. No need to jump between many solar table fan suppliers or agents from design to shipping.

Be AHEAD of competitors by managing backend operations through a single channel. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

An extra layer of protection by insurance and order content confirmation service.

Our encrypted payment channels keep you SAFE from financial vulnerabilities. Proactive risk mitigation by money risk assessment. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Continues supply chain improvement to catch MARKET trends and meet demands. FORMULATE supply chain effectively to meet your BUSINESS’s evolving needs. Exclusive PRICING DEALS to increase PROFIT MARGIN.

Standardized Procedure

Clear workflow on tried and tested processes, which leaves no room for ambiguity. Designed PRODUCTION LINE with automated manufacturing equipment. Eliminate inefficiency, launch products as soon as possible, and quickly recover costs!  

Custom Solutions

Create Unique Solar Table Fans CUSTOM designs. Detailed customization from a user-centric approach to solve problems. Sharp attention to detail to enhance solar panel VALUE. Stand out of the CROWD with unique BRAND IDENTITY. 

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Unlock new market opportunities by harmonizing your needs and consumer trends.

Select optimal QUANTITY, quality, features, and Model of SOLAR TABLE FAN. Enhances items SUCCESS CHANCES with less effort! 

  • Supplier Management

360 degree Continues PERFORMANCE evaluation for FUTURE sustainability. Minimize disruption by a proactive approach for smooth SUPPLY CHAIN.

High order flow adjustability that skyrockets BUSINESS growth during MARKET fluctuations! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Secure profitable sourcing deals with reasonable SOLAR TABLE FANS wholesale pricing. More MARGIN for marketing and PROFIT. Sell more PRODUCTS by getting customer’s attention. 

  • Order Management

Automated processing to save manual error and mistake chances. Apply shipping labels and solar panel IDs to track them in a SYSTEMATIC way. Multi-channel stock integration to save TIME and COSTS. 

  • Logistics Coordination

End-to-end shipping management, including storage, Inventory, and Paperwork Handling.

REAL-TIME shipment tracking to track progress effectively. Finest logistics infrastructure to SCALE your SOLAR BUSINESS in a short time.

  • Installation Support

We add the OPERATION manual to each solar table fan box. Step-by-step video and AUDIO guidebooks for your customer’s EASE.

Save extensive customer care service by answering their queries in GUIDEBOOK.

How We Support You?

Our Payment

FLEXIBLE payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and Western Union. Use your existing account, as there is no need for a new sign-up. Fast transaction at low rates to save charges margin

Western Union

You have an idea.

Wholesale Success: Harness Solar Table Fans Energy for Branded Comfort

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Table Fans Factory

Large Solar table fans factory that has advanced PRODUCTION lines. Manufacture BULK orders in a short time with LOW production costs. Increase your solar panel’s competitiveness in markets by having low pricing. More customer flow and sales volume! 

Our Solar Table Fans Factory

packaging & shipping

CUSTOMIZED wooden packaging as per solar fan’s characteristics. Secure shipping with our reliable partners’ supervision. Smart route selection to shorten SHIPPING time. FAST delivery to access markets fast. CAPTURE the most market share.

packaging & shipping

Elevate Your Brand’s Cool Factor with Solar-Powered Table Fans

Successful Project

Successful Project

Revolutionizing Cooling Solutions: Solar Table Fans for Wholesalers and Engineers!

We got a request from an ONLINE store owner. He wanted to test new PRODUCT LISTINGS. Staff evaluated his targeted region in our demand assessment. 

Experts suggested solar fans as the summer season was heading up. It was a short time, but we assured him to make this happen. 

We shared some designs and SAMPLES for testing. Variety was our main objective to keep the customer’s attention on his store. Portable fans, ceiling fans, and many more were on our list. He finalized a few designs to launch as an experiment. 

Started to design a supply chain. In 20 days, the whole PRODUCTION was done. Yet we suggested adding his brand’s embedded logo to the items. 

In our customization, he got CUSTOM banners in each box. Client was happy to test these new techniques, but these were gonna work. They are ready to ship in an additional two days after order processing. 

He received shipping on time, as we quoted earlier. Staff launched the items on time to catch the trend wave. Luckily he sold all units in that season. He is now our LOYAL client and got us many referrals. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


I have been working with LEELINE ENERGY for more than three years. They found me the best QUALITY things I imagine. My store never faced stock shortage issues due to their planning. I recommend working with them! 


Leeline Energy staff is professional and creative. I was struggling with solar panel DESIGNING and PERSONALIZATION. My sales increased up to 50% after introducing enticing designs. It helped me to build a UNIQUE BRAND identity. 


Leave us a message and we will get back to you

    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

    Phone / Whatsapp







    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Table Fans

    Can I get products sample for QUALITY checking? 

    Yes, of course. We arrange a solar-powered fan sample for QUALITY check. Contact our representative for further details. 

    What is the lead time? 

    It depends on your sourcing requirements and order quantity. For a sample, it takes 3 to 5 days, but for bulk orders, it takes 15 to 35 days. 

    How do I start an order for Electric fans? 

    First, send us your requirements, and we share a PRODUCT sample. Confirm sample details before placing bulk orders. Pay through secured channels and processing starts. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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