Bifacial Solar Panels Manufacturer

Do you want a GREEN ENERGY SOLUTION EXPERT you can trust? Well, Leeline Energy is here to save the day! We’re the BEST at solar power solutions in different areas. Our products are POPULAR and TRUSTED by users. Yousee IMPROVED CUSTOMER FAVORABILITY and INCREASED SALES.

Our excellent products from various industries guarantee TOP QUALITY. This means unparalleled BRAND AWARENESS for you! Plus, we keep the communication lines open for SMOOTH OPERATIONS. All of this helps your BUSINESS GROW EASILY and INCREASE INCOME effortlessly.

Boost Your ROI Today

Premium Bifacial Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a market leader in the new GREEN ENERGY SPACE, helping grow your business. 

Shingling Technology:

Check out our super Bifacial Solar Panels! They’ve got a fancy shingling technology that gives them a unique structure. They have a low-temperature adhesive bonding. And a high-density layout, which means way MORE ENERGY generation for your customers.

Say goodbye to lame traditional solar panels because ours give an epic energy output! You DOMINATE THE MARKET with SUPERIOR PRODUCTS and sell like crazy!

High Power Gains:

Our Bifacial Solar Panels are epic – they give you tons of energy production! These bifacial solar panels work amazingly even with low sunlight. Shadows? No problem for these bad boys. Your customers will still generate electricity in heaps from the REFLECTED LIGHT.

That’s because they absorb sunlight from both sides. And you BOOST YOUR BRAND in the solar industry and earn major LOYALTY POINTS, too!

Tempered glass:

These Bifacial Solar Panels are total game-changers. They’ve got this strong tempered glass that can handle things, even HIGH TEMPERATURES. They convert sunlight into renewable energy like a boss, thanks to the AR coating. Get this – your customers will be stoked with efficient energy generation.

Plus, they won’t worry about TEMPERATURE DAMAGE on their double-sided solar panels. You build a SOLID REP while AVOIDING UNNECESSARY RETURNS and EXCHANGES!

Good weak light performance:

Guess what? Our Bifacial Solar Panels capture sunlight in weak light conditions like total rockstars! They absorb light from BOTH SIDES and use reflected light to work even better. These efficient panels generate 3.4% more power per watt than traditional panels.

So people get more solar energy with FEWER PANELS from the increased efficiency. Your customers love this RENEWABLE ENERGY solution. And you also BUILD TRUST and LOYALTY with them for years to come! That’s REPEAT CUSTOMERS for you!

Low risk of hot spot:

Say hello to our amazing Bifacial Solar Panels! They’re a game-changer in the solar world. You won’t have to worry about HOT SPOTS or DEGRADATION issues with these bad boys.

We’ve made sure they perform at their best, so you count on RELIABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION. Your customers get enough of them and SPREAD THE WORD to other POTENTIAL BUYERS, too – that’s solid growth!

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Bifacial Solar Panels by Material

Bifacial monocrystalline solar panel

Bifacial polycrystalline solar panel

Our awesome bifacial solar panels installed have a cool PARALLEL CONNECTION DESIGN. This amps up energy yield, even in SHADY SPOTS. They are also armed with the latest M10 standard and killer 93B technology.

That means bifacial solar panels PERFORM & ABSORB LIGHT. They are SUPER-EFFICIENT at GENERATING POWER, unlike standard solar panels. Get ready for MORE CUSTOMERS and MORE TRANSACTIONS coming your way!

Bifacial polycrystalline solar panel

Bifacial monocrystalline solar panel

Use bifacial solar panels on panels on a ROOF or any location because they are SAFE and RELIABLE. The monocrystalline cells on the panels can handle even the harshest elements. These include salt, acid, and ammonia. 

FEWER REPAIRS and LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS, unlike with traditional panels. You enjoy pure PEACE OF MIND while SAVING MONEY with this solar system!

All black bifacial solar panels

All black bifacial solar panels

Check out our Bifacial Solar Panels! They’re not just fancy technology, and they look awesome too. Their sleek, ALL-BLACK AESTHETIC DESIGN and SMOOTH EDGES. They’ll make any solar system pop – whether it’s on ground mounts or flat commercial rooftops.

You attract MORE CUSTOMERS and RAKE IN those PROFITS like never before!

Bifacial Solar Panels by Watts

400w bifacial solar panels

400w bifacial solar panels

We’ve got these rad bifacial modules that are SUPER TOUGH! Seriously, they can handle the WIND and SNOW you throw at them – certified for it, too. We are talking wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal).

These bifacial solar panels generate clean energy no matter how EXTREME things get. So they are built to LAST. It means FEWER REPLACEMENTS in the long run, SAVING YOU BIG bucks!

500w bifacial solar panels

500w bifacial solar panels

These bifacial modules have SUPER HIGH-QUALITY solar cells that are CRAZY EFFICIENT. We’re talking 18% to 21% conversion efficiency (most efficient panels). These panels pack a serious punch, generating MORE ENERGY and overall BETTER PERFORMANCE. Whether it’s sunny or shady, they adapt like champs for maximum power production.

When customers install bifacial solar panels, they’ll marvel at OUTSTANDING EFFICIENCY. You have INCREASED SALES CONFIDENCE with the bifacial panel.

600W Bifacial Solar Panels

600w bifacial solar panels

Our awesome Bifacial Solar Panels are the best! They’re not just SUPER EFFICIENT. The bifacial solar panels COST LESS, saving you big dollars. That’s cause they come with REDUCED COSTS for cables and equipment. Plus, they have a QUICK INSTALLATION that cuts labor expenses.

These panels make your investment pay OFF FASTER. Get ready to CONTROL OPERATIONS COSTS and improve BUSINESS PROFITABILITY!

Join the Green Energy Movement – Click to Learn How Bifacial Solar Panels Can Help Your Business Grow While Saving on Energy Expenses.

Advantages Of The Best Bifacial Solar Panels Services

solar panels design

Custom Solar Designs

We are all about custom designs and MAKING YOUR BRAND SHINE. We’re pros at launching new brands fast with our tailored solutions. That includes awesome bifacial modules. You enhance that BRAND IMAGE and meet every unique need!


Complete after-sales service system

Reach out to us any way you like – we’re here for you. Our AFTER-SALES SERVICE is second to NONE in the solar panel business. We help your CUSTOMER BASE GROW strong and LEAVE COMPETITORS in the dust.

product quality

100% product quality assurance

When it comes to bifacial solar systems, our company is the real deal. We guarantee top-tier quality 100%! With FEWER RETURNS and BREAKAGES, your customers will be HAPPY and keep coming back for more. MORE MONEY for you!

Successful Project

Professional sourcing staff

Need help with solar panels? Our team is on it. We’ve got PROS who can handle any QUESTIONS or PROBLEMS during installation. Sit back while we do the heavy lifting for you, SAVING YOU MONEY and TIME & INCREASING EFFICIENCY!


NO minimum order required from our bifacial solar panel manufacturers. Help you TEST the products by ordering a single item. Think from a broad PERSPECTIVE. And decide whether to make a BULK order or not. You save TIME and MONEY on your projects!


Short lead time

Ready to level up? Get those solar PV panels with a QUICK TURNAROUND. Say goodbye to EXCESS INVENTORY. We give you quality from top bifacial panel manufacturers, meaning bang for your buck. This allows you to MAXIMIZE PROFITS!

Creative Applications of Solar Panels






Lighting a Home

Solar Powered Table

Solar Powered Table

Solar Panels Road

Solar Panels Road

Solar Panels for Van

Solar Panels for Van

Precise production process

Our bifacial solar panel manufacturers know how to BRING IT. We are talking professionalism, efficiency, and getting things done right.Your customers will be loving the top-quality products we offer. Plus, you have NO PROBLEM MEETING DEMAND and even EXPANDING production.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


The Bifacial Solar Panels Factory has the stamp of approval from TOP INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS! They say our bifacial solar modules are legit CE, TUV, ETL & OHSAS18001 certified. Your CUSTOMERS will be STOKED, and your MARKET SHARE will soar!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We’ve got some seriously DEEP QUALITY INSPECTIONS for our kickass bifacial solar module. Your brand image just got kicked up a notch with FEWER RISKS, COMPLAINTS, and DISPUTES to worry about!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re the MASTERS of product sourcing! We boast 10 years in the game and a killer team of EXPERTS. You can trust us to find top-class bifacial solar panels manufacturers. No more cheap products causing headaches. 

We’ve got your needs sorted so you can BOOST PROFITS and rock that HEALTHY BUSINESS GROWTH!

One-stop Sourcing

No more juggling bifacial solar panels suppliers. Our team understands every NOOK and CRANNY of those bifacial solar panels factories. And TRUST US, we’re experts at giving customers exactly what they want. 

Leave it to us to handle procurement, quality checks, and logistics. You focus on MEETING CUSTOMER DEMANDS!



Reduce Transaction Risk

Leeline Energy got one mission: to make your LIFE EASIER. Say goodbye to scams and fraud in your bifacial solar panels wholesale transactions! Our quality inspections ensure you’ll only get the absolute best. No more UNNECESSARY LOSSES or OPERATIONAL HEADACHES. You GET MAXIMIZING those PROFITS now!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We make you feel like a rockstar. We roll out the best SERVICE and SUPPORT for bifacial solar panels. It’s all about YOU, so any problems that come up, we’ll handle them from YOUR perspective.

Providing products that meet customer expectations? Consider it done! Get ready to take your BRAND REACH and COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to new heights!

Standardized Procedure

Say hello to our FOOLPROOF PROCEDURES for snagging some killer bifacial solar panels. Our unique process is all about keeping it professional and reliable every step of the way.


Custom Solutions

Our team is here to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND what you really need when it comes to BIFACIAL solar panels.

We hook you up with PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS that alleviate your Customers’ Worries. And you get happy bifacial solar panel customers.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Want the dream team for all your bifacial panels needs? Leeline Energy team helps out with NAILING DOWN specifications, quantities, and quality requirements. We give you some killer market research and competitive intel.

You make INFORMED DECISIONS that guarantee SUCCESS for your BUSINESS!

  • Supplier Management

Building strong supply chain connections? Our team KNOWS how to pick out the best bifacial solar panels SUPPLIERS worth their SALT just for you! And rest assured, we’ll be there EVERY step of the way. We keep an eye on their PERFORMANCE so they meet your expectations.

With us on your side, quality control is a breeze – and that positions you as a MARKET LEADER in the BEST PRODUCTS!

  • Contract Negotiation

No contract worries here! Allow us to help ease your solar order management load. That’s negotiating, drafting, and reviewing terms to make sure things are fair and legal.

You CHILL OUT and focus on rocking CUSTOMER ACQUISITION like a pro!

  • Order Management

Let us take the hassle out of managing your orders! We confirm, track, and handle any changes or cancellations for you. With our EXPERT TEAM on it, expect TIMELY delivery and minimal supply chain risks.

Sit back and save money on OPERATIONAL EXPENSES as we handle the load!

  • Logistics Coordination

Don’t stress about logistics; we’ve got you covered! We provide FAST & EFFICIENT transportation, warehousing, and distribution of your bifacial solar panels.

TRUST US to deliver on time with ZERO DAMAGE. It’s all about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and keeping them COMING BACK for more!

  • Installation Support

Our team offers CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS & HANDY VIDEOS. We make installation a piece of cake. SMOOTHER solar business operations for your business. And customers who can TRUST in the DURABILITY and LONGEVITY of our products.

leelinesourcing team (2)

Our Payment

No need to stress about payment options! We’ve got PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. Your transactions are totally safe from SCAMS and FRAUDS. This establishes TRUST and CREDIBILITY with your customers like nothing else!

Western Union

Empower Your Brand with Renewable Energy – Click Now to Explore the Benefits of Bifacial Solar Panels and Secure a Bright Future for Business.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Bifacial Solar Panels Factory

Our Bifacial Solar Panels factory is a PRODUCTIVITY MACHINE. It pumps out products like no other. You get to STAY AHEAD of the game and TAKE ADVANTAGE of every opportunity. MOVING FAST in this industry will make you UNBEATABLE!


packaging & shipping

We deal with the CUSTOMS stuff for you! Our specialized service takes care of it all. So your solar panels will be delivered hassle-free. Say goodbye to WASTED TIME and hello to HAPPY CUSTOMERS and MORE BUSINESS coming your way!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

200kw solar power system kit for hotel use in Papua New Guinea

So here is what happened! We hooked up a HOTEL in Papua New Guinea with an epic off-grid solar power system. They’re living that green energy life, running on SUNSHINE and BATTERY backup.

Even during low-power situations or unexpected events, they’ve got uninterrupted loads! That’s thanks to our complete setup. Customer expectations? Totally met!

Netherlands 15KW Off Grid Solar Power System

Picture this: We set up an awesome 15KW solar power system for a customer in the Netherlands. That gives them MAJOR SAVINGS on their electricity BILLS. It came with all the nice bells and whistles like high-tech PERC panels and German 5s controller tech.

So we made sure they got max power generation and top-notch safety features. Happy customers? Check! Money saved? You bet!

What our customers say


The bifacial solar technology from Leeline Energy was totally worth it! Their advanced tech and top-of-the-line materials blew us away. Plus, their experts come through to install bifacial panels for maximum power generation. Now, I get max power even on lowlight days. Trust me, if you need bifacial solar panels, go with Leeline Energy! They’re the real deal.

Bessie M Lane

You know what’s worth it? Leeline Energy’s bifacial solar panels. They use polycrystalline panels and ground-mounted installation to maximize power generation and space. And let me tell you, their service is top-notch! From picking the right product to installation, they really know their stuff. Trust me, I’m one happy customer who highly recommends Leeline Energy for all your solar needs!

David A Burns

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Bifacial Solar Panels

    1. Which is better bifacial vs Monofacial?

    Bifacial panels are the bomb! They can produce more energy than regular ones because they soak up sunlight from both sides. And if you’ve got some shiny objects nearby, it’s a power-generating party!

    2. What is the maximum power in a bifacial solar panel?

    Did you know that bifacial panels can capture light from all angles? That includes even the reflection off the ground. With power ratings of 440 to 545 watts, these bad boys will generate some serious energy. Pretty rad, right?

    3. Do bifacial solar panels operate at lower temperatures than normal solar panels?

    Bifacial panels are cooler than monofacial panels. Literally! They work at lower temperatures because they go through the low-energy solar spectrum. No heat-absorbing aluminum here, just efficient glass. Bifacial panels for the win!

    4. Are bifacial solar panels the best or are half cell solar panels best for the Punjab Pakistan climate?

    If you’re in Pakistan, consider rocking some bifacial panels! But here’s the deal: compare the cost and benefits to monofacial options around. It’s all about what works for you, no one tech is absolute king.

    5. How are bifacial solar panels mounted?

    Bifacial panels should be lifted up for more airflow and cooler vibes. Plus, they’ve got these special frames that let light pass through to the backside of the panel. You can elevate them, tilt them – whatever gets you maximum sun exposure!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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