Solar Refrigerator Manufacturer

We SPECIALIZE in manufacturing top-of-the-line SOLAR FRIDGES. Our experience speaks volumes with HUGE projects and trusty solar appliances. HAPPY CUSTOMERS worldwide for over 10 years. ENHANCE your BRAND’S REP, even more, SOLIDIFYING your position in the market!

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Premium Solar Refrigerator Features

Leeline Energy’s got the BEST SOLAR REFRIGERATORS you’ve ever put your eyes on! With tons of AWESOME FEATURES. Let me break it down for you REAL QUICK:

100% solar

Get a fridge that runs on sunshine alone, the EPITOME of cool! This solar-powered wonder can dish out ICY GOODNESS even without grid power. Talk about ENERGY-SAVING magic for customers, even in REMOTE LOCATIONS!

Plus, it’s equipped to CHARGE its battery all by itself. IMPRESS your CUSTOMERS and earn their praise with our solar refrigerators.

Optimize storage space

With an adjustable glass shelf, your customers store their COOL GOODS just how they like them. Don’t worry about FITTING those big gallon bottles. Our large BOTTLE RACK has got people covered. 

Say hello to the fruit & veggie crisper on our DC refrigerators. Freezer layer? It’s in there! AMP UP your SALES game and BEAT the COMPETITION when you add our solar refrigerators to your lineup.

Uniform cooling

Get ready for DOUBLE the COOLING POWER with our solar fridge system! They have a refrigerator compartment that CHILLS from 0-10°C and a freezer that goes down to -18°C. Customers get their drinks cold! Enjoy food that stays REFRESHINGLY COLD. No need to worry about low voltage – it AUTOMATICALLY TURNS OFF to save energy.

Let’s not forget the TWO WHEELS for easy transportation. Enhance your customer LOYALTY RATES with our convenient SOLAR REFRIGERATORS!

Keep fresh

Our fridge keeps FOOD FRESH with its super-powerful foam layer! How? The FOAM LAYER creates a super-squad of ISOLATION MATERIALS. It forms a protective shield, keeping the temperature just right for ages.

Word travels FAST when customers love your product. Prepare for EXTRA SALES and HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

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Solar Refrigerator by Types

Solar Freezer

This fridge offers the ultimate convenience with STORAGE BASKETS for extra space inside. Y’all have a CLEAR SIGHT inside with the included interior LIGHT technology. It comes with an INTELLIGENT gear adjustment that TAKES CARE of things for you.

Safety? Check – our freezer comes with a lock! Let customers trust your PRODUCT and BOOST your reputation with our solar refrigerators.

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Solar Refrigerator for home

A fridge that runs on SUNLIGHT, keeping your favorites icy COLD and your FOOD FROZEN. It’s perfect for scorching HOT ENVIRONMENTS. That’s because of its external condenser and COPPER EVAPORATION tube. These bad boys PREVENT RUST and CORROSION.

No need for a power generator – it’s powered directly by solar panels, saving people money. This expands your MARKET SHARE, allowing you to EXPAND your SALES to people who want fridges that work 24/7!

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Elevate your wholesale brand with Solar Refrigerators – the key to sustainable success. Experience top-tier cooling solutions that redefine excellence. Partner with us to reduce costs, and drive wholesale success!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Refrigerator Services


Bulk Production Capabilities

Our huge manufacturing facilities guarantee your BULK ORDERS arrive on time. They come without any HICCUPS. Advance technology updates in your inventory to keep them UP-TO-DATE. Help you GROW THAT BUSINESS in no time flat.


Customized Exquisite Packaging

We ensure your solar-powered fridge is delivered with DURABLE PACKAGING. Protect your products from damage, keeping them in perfect shape. All this happens as your products GAIN RECOGNITION in the market. Get ready for some SERIOUS BUSINESS GROWTH!

Sample Testing

Sample Manufacturing

Leeline Energy starts by CREATING some rocking SAMPLES just for you. We even put them through RIGOROUS TESTS. Make sure they’re top-tier in DURABILITY, FUNCTIONALITY, and CAPACITY. Trust us, your product reputation SOAR to NEW HEIGHTS!


Clear-Cut Transactions

When it comes to selling solar-powered fridges, our services include ACCURATE COST LAYOUTS. Transparent transactions show you the COSTS upfront. You INCREASE CUSTOMER traffic and make those sweet PROFITS at the SAME TIME.


Best After-Sale Service

With our 24/7 service, we’re on top of any COMPLAINTS you have. NO MORE HEADACHES and after-sales drama. Excellent TECHNICAL, INSTALLATION, and replacement support. Ensure a SMOOTH CONSUMER EXPERIENCE and return customers.



LOWER those INVENTORY COSTS. And purchase EXACTLY what you need for your awesome projects. Get excellent PRODUCT DESIGN and PROMPT SHIPPING speed. Efficiency at its FINEST. CUTS COSTS, allowing you to allocate your CORPORATE RESOURCES efficiently!

Creative Applications of Solar Refrigerator













Precise production process

We are solar refrigerator MANUFACTURERS who have the COOLEST TECH AROUND. TOPLINE materials, fast production, and CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY are just some of our jam. Grow your product IMAGE. Get referral sales WITHOUT breaking a SWEAT on MARKETING EXPENSES!e.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Lemme tell you, our solar refrigerator factory is legit. Every inch of it got the seal of approval from CE, FCC, RoHS, SAA & SGS. Rest easy and trust us for top-tier certified solar fridges. We get you a strengthened quality management system on your side. Boosting enterprise efficiency ain’t no biggie!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Get a detailed TEST on every fridge. The deal is to make sure they pack the EFFICIENCY and endurance CUSTOMERS want. Reputable BRANDS need top-notch PROFESSIONALISM and product safety – that’s what we deliver. Kiss risks goodbye and keep CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS in check!

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Rocking a POWERFUL TEAM and 10 years’ experience, we’re the SOURCING EXPERTS. We’ve sealed tons of killer deals! Trust us to CONNECT you with the best Solar refrigerator manufacturers.

We TEST and ensure TOP QUALITY before helping you STOCK UP. Our B2B partnership guarantees a profit bump. Economic and business GROWTH are a GIVEN!

One-stop Sourcing

DON’T STRESS over Solar Refrigerator suppliers! We’re HERE for YOU. Pick expert plans to AVOID communication delays. We handle sourcing, checks & shipping stress-free. Our aim?

Satisfied customers and STRONG BUSINESS BONDS. Enjoy an UPGRADED USER EXPERIENCE. And FANTASTIC word-of-mouth INFLUENCE comes with fantastic solar power products!


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Don’t worry about CASH SECURITY. No stress on Solar Refrigerator wholesale deals; we got you. FRAUD? Crushed! Save on transport and DODGE SCAMS—we’re all about LEGIT CONNECTIONS.

Factories won’t kill the vibe with EMPTY PROMISES here. Our supply chain is EPIC! Boost your image, EARN CUSTOMER trust, and see that product SHINE!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Your needs mean our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE as our Solar Refrigerator VIP. We SOLVE problems from YOUR SIDE. Get pricing, quotations, and inspection reports timely to make informed decisions.

Enhance your biz with us—drive up product CONVERSIONS and stabilize operations. Make your company COMPETITIVE at its core.

Standardized Procedure

Set for a killer energy boost in the INDUSTRY with our reliable Solar Refrigerators! Trust us to deliver professional and ROCK-SOLID SERVICE at every step. GUARANTEE top-tier quality and a level of support that’ll keep you FLYING HIGH.

Make your MARK as a trusted provider. Take charge, grow your REP, and ensure the SMOOTH OPERATION of your enterprise!

Custom Solutions

Nail your goals with CUSTOM SOLUTIONS. We understand your UNIQUE NEEDS — we’ve got this! Satisfaction is guaranteed for killer Solar Refrigerators. Rise above, boss-like!

Get ready for EXPLOSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH and countless OPPORTUNITIES when we join forces. Let’s work our magic together, shall we?

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We rock the Solar Refrigerator SOURCING GAME. Relax and leave it to us — SPECS, QUANTITIES, QUALITY—we’ve got you! This is backed by UNBEATABLE market RESEARCH. Enhance your IMAGE/SERVICE to attract CUSTOMER TRUST and skyrocket business collaboration.

  • Supplier Management

Let’s handle the SUPPLIER LOAD. We EVALUATE, CHOOSE, and KEEP an eye on solar refrigerator suppliers. Count on us to guide you EVERY STEP of the way, meeting all expectations. FREES up resources and boosts your MARKET COMPETITIVENESS.

  • Contract Negotiation

Skip the boring paperwork for Solar Refrigerator CONTRACTS. We handle things from negotiating to DRAFTING and REVIEWING – consider it done! Rest easy; it’s all LEGIT.This allows you to BOOST work EFFICIENCY and effectiveness like a PRO.

  • Order Management

Leave the hassle of TRACKING, CHANGES, and CANCELLATIONS to us. No problem! Our experts handle it all. Get quality MONITORING and a SEAMLESS supply chain with MINIMAL RISKS. You bolster logistics speed, REDUCE INVENTORY, and avoid tying up excessive capital.

  • Logistics Coordination

Count on us to deliver Solar Refrigerators like LIGHTNING! Trust us for on-time, DAMAGE-FREE DELIVERY. We also help decrease energy consumption. You get to OPTIMIZE resource UTILIZATION in TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT across departments.

  • Installation Support

Navigating Solar Refrigerator INSTALLATION is a CAKEWALK! With easy INSTRUCTIONS and helpful videos, you’ll rock it. Need a hand? REMOTE ASSISTANCE has your back! Install on time to secure market COMPETITIVENESS and BRAND RECOGNITION industry-wide. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Pay with ease: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. Our focus on security PREVENTS any FRAUD LOSSES for your Solar Refrigerator deals. Enhance your business GROWTH and PROTECT CORPORATE INTERESTS now! 

Western Union

Empower your brand with Solar Refrigerators – the pinnacle of green technology. Elevate your wholesale business. boost profits. redefine cooling excellence in wholesale!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Refrigerator Factory

We’ve got a big-time Solar Refrigerator FACTORY powered by our STELLAR PROFESSIONALS. Count on us for timely and EFFICIENT MANUFACTURING. Stay flexible, CRUSH the COMPETITION, and grab those OPPORTUNITIES like a boss, mate!


packaging & shipping

Grab some LEGIT PACKAGING to shield your products from DAMAGE or CONTAMINATION. That means you cut ECONOMIC LOSSES. Trust guaranteed—no worries about a BAD REP. While building TRUST, your biz can SOAR!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Breaking Free: Leeline Energy Powers Up Homes with Wind and Solar Brilliance

Check it out: Leeline Energy is killing it in the SOLAR ENERGY INDUSTRY! Wholesalers and installers rely on us for TOP-NOTCH PRODUCTS.

This customer from the Philippines asked for our help with a home OFF-GRID SYSTEM. They admitted they’re not experts. So we gave them DETAILED TECHNICAL ADVICE. Here is how it went down.

Our customer wanted EFFICIENT HOME ELECTRICITY without relying on the grid. We also made sure the system would reliably withstand their local CLIMATE CONDITIONS.

We suggested a DOPE wind and SOLAR COMBO. The goal? Tapping into nature’s POWER SOURCES for steady electricity generation. Our setup had top-notch TURBINES and panels, plus all the hardware to STASH and SHARE power.

Our goods were top-notch, giving them quality vibes. SUPERB SUPPORT would follow their purchase—no doubts there. We TORE UP the field as experts, rocking a killer reputation. Plus, we included an EPIC WARRANTY and guaranteed kick-ass SATISFACTION!

After finalizing things, the customer quickly ordered. It took 4 months for the goods to arrive, but all was good. Quality met their EXPECTATIONS and even ROCKED COMMERCIAL standards. We communicated THROUGHOUT, SORTING any concerns happily!

This wind and solar hybrid setup totally rocked! Lightning-proof and RELIABLE, it powered their off-grid home FLAWLESSLY. And YEAH, we smashed those 2KW power needs in those tropical conditions. Epic WIN!

The customer gave us big props for our RAD SERVICE and killer products. They dug our PROFESSIONALISM and how we hooked them up BASED on their needs!

There you have it! Our customers in the Philippines got exactly what they needed. – our wind and solar hybrid system delivered off-grid power EFFORTLESSLY. We focused on SUPERIOR products and EXCELLENT SERVICE.

What our customers say


So, I got my hands on one of Leeline Energy’s solar-powered refrigerators. STELLAR stuff. Not only can it keep my drinks freezing cold, but it also doesn’t SUCK UP electricity from the grid. The adjustable TEMPERATURE RANGE is just icing on the cake too! You want to STOCK UP on medical supplies or just fancy some SUPER CHILLED bevvies? These solar fridges are the way to go if you wanna stay energy efficient and SAVE some CASH in a cool way!

Kenneth H Johnson

Dude, these solar-powered REFRIGERATORS from Leeline Energy are off the hook! Solar panels convert sunlight into ELECTRICAL POWER. Then, this energy keeps my drinks FREEZING no matter where I am. And they’re hella ENERGY EFFICIENT, too. So stoked with those temps, all thanks to the sun and these fridges!

Sadie E Jones

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Refrigerator

    1. Are solar fridges worth it?

    Solar-powered refrigerators are the bomb for CHEAPER ELECTRICITY and off-grid refrigeration. Perfect for you OUTDOOR FOLKS who wanna save bills and HELP Mother Earth.

    2. Do solar refrigerators work well in hot climates?

    Solar fridges shine like a boss in HOT CLIMATES. Use all that sweet sunlight to power them up — EFFICIENT and MONEY-SAVING! Super clutch for off-grid areas where electricity can be a PAIN. Plus, they don’t wreck the ENVIRONMENT and hold up in scorching temps. Some even rock BATTERY STORAGE for cloudy days!

    3. Is a solar refrigerator suitable for rural areas?

    Solar refrigerators are key in keeping FOOD and VACCINES fresh. That’s especially true in hot climates without electricity. In REMOTE AREAS lacking power, conventional refrigeration isn’t feasible. That’s where ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS come in HANDY!

    4. How can I get your price list?

    Want to get in touch? Check out our WEBSITE and look for the “CONTACT US” section. Reach out through the EMAIL or PHONE NUMBER provided on the site. Anytime you need help, our team is here 24/7!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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