Solar Security Camera Manufacturer

We are a killer solar security camera MANUFACTURER. Crush ENGINEERING tasks at competitive rates that allow you to maximize your earnings. By keeping costs low, you’ll have extra cash for marketing and expanding your business!! Get in on our pro solutions support for lit business growth results.

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Premium Solar Security Camera Features

Leeline Energy slays with WICKED solar security cams. Check it – the BEST FEATURES of our HOME SECURITY camera are comin’ at ya: 

Efficient solar energy

Forget CHARGING BREAKS! Our solar security cams have got uninterrupted power when you connect the camera to the solar panel. No worries, boss – just plug into the panel for 24/7 power. Enjoy fast absorption, conversion high, fast charging. Fully charged 5-8 hours on sunny days.

Boost your BRAND and CASH in on these wireless marvels! Don’t sleep on EPIC SALES – snatch them now! 

High capacity battery

We’ve bumped up the battery. Rock a BIG CAPACITY and lasts way LONGER. Plus, it’s got PIR tech to save energy for an epic BATTERY LIFE. How? With a killer LITHIUM battery that lasts FOREVER! AUTO RESTART, OVERLOAD PROTECTION, and more for an awesome battery power system.

Our SOLAR POWERED cameras are built to save energy and last LIKE CHAMPS. Get this: the BATTERY POWER means users just love ’em and you get loads of return customers! 

IP66 waterproof:

BUILT to endure it all. These solar powered security cameras have IP66 water and dustproof CERTIFICATION. They handle RAINSTORMS, snowy BLIZZARDS, and scorching HOT TEMPERATURES without missing a beat.Plus, these solar cameras remain stable at 15’C-60C. 


PIR human detection

Customers enjoy the combined innovative HUMAN DETECTION and tracking. Our solar security camera wakes up by itself automatically! Record and send alerts. CAPTURE MOVEMENTS effortlessly with our reliable wireless outdoor camera for Home security systems. 

Offer more value for the end user. You enjoy positive WORD-OF-MOUTH like never before and business GROWTH as a result.

PTZ control rotation

These solar-powered joys bring your CUSTOMERS FLEXIBILITY and ease of use. Security products featuring REMOTE CONTROL pan/tilt rotation.Adjust the direction manually while utilizing the APP for maximum control. Pan 360° and tilt 120°, capturing all those MOMENTS that matter. 

No angle goes uncovered, enhancing the home security systems. Increase your BRAND PRESENCE and grab a BIGGER slice of the MARKET!

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Solar Security Camera by Types

Home Solar Security Camera

Our solar camera gives you the ability to INSTALL it however you choose for outdoor use! Whether on a wall, pole, or ceiling, adaptability is key.

Enjoy CUSTOMER TRUST and ADMIRATION as word spreads about your INNOVATIVE security solutions. Be the go-to for all their needs! FLEXIBILITY that IMPRESSES and makes business thrive.

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Solar Security Camera for Farm

Capture EVERY MOMENT, even in low light. They come with amazing color night vision. With 8 IR LEDs and 4 white LEDs, they illuminate SURROUNDINGS for clear monitoring at NIGHT.

Stay AHEAD with magical WIRELESS security camera capabilities! Let RETURNING CUSTOMERS fuel your glowing REPUTATION with their solar camera outdoor!

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Elevate your wholesale security strategy! Invest in Solar Security Cameras for your B2B business. Click to access premium solutions at exclusive rates. Secure your brand, secure your future.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Security Camera Services


OEM/ODM Service

Leave the sourcing, product development, and branding to us. Use our customized manufacturing that captures the originality of both your designs and equipment. Build and launch your BRAND, become a WELL-KNOWN BUSINESS GLOBALLY. 

Efficient Production Capacity

Advance Facilities

We offer you cutting edge facilities that only top-tier manufacturers would. Ensure QUICK PRODUCTION and on-time product delivery that INCREASE PROFITS! Fasten your business development with Automation and STANDARDIZATION when trusting our expertise! 

Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service

We are at your beck and call 24/7. Tackle your questions and problems within 48 hours. A strong ability to handle market conditions gets you stable growth. Enjoy loads of POSITIVE customer reviews every time!

Flexible Ordering 

Flexible Ordering

No more MINIMUM orders with our flexible policy! Order the exact number of the products you need, and manage your budget. Same high standard of service regardless of order quantity. CUSTOMIZE your orders and use funds wisely for MAXIMUM BENEFIT.

100% On-time Shipment

On-time & Fast Delivery

Well-designed logistics system to ensure fast delivery with less cost. Right paperwork and shipping method selection. Make your SALES PROCESS smoother, save costs, and enhance customer service.

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

Save your HARD-EARNED DOLLARS by snagging our WALLET-FRIENDLY quotes – quick and hassle-free. Take advantage of FLEXIBLE options that suit any BUDGET or QUANTITY. Maximize profit MARGINS with ease.

Creative Applications of Solar Security Camera













Precise production process

Our Solar Security Camera manufacturers bring you the BEST! They’re pros who get things efficient and PROFESSIONAL. Cutting-edge technology with FAST production is often what we offer. MEETING DEMAND or EXPANDING? Not a problem at all!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Leeline Energy’s Solar Security Camera Factory got the green light from INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS! Wired security cameras are legit with CE, TUV, RoHS, FCC & PSE certifications. Offer top-quality services and a range of solar systems to clients. Boost credibility and INCREASE PROFITS!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Capitalize on some seriously thorough quality inspections on our awesome solar powered security cameras. Ensure world class professionalism and service quality. Your brand image just levels up with fewer risks, complaints, and disputes coming your way!

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’re experts at sourcing products with a BADASS team and 10 years in the game. Our team has completed hundreds of SUCCESSFUL deals. Trust us to find your TOP Solar Security Camera MANUFACTURERS. Test the QUALITY. And buy inventory. We’ve got your back as a trusted partner for STEADY B2B business. 


One-stop Sourcing

Don’t stress about MULTIPLE Solar Security Camera suppliers! we got you, fam. Trust us to give your customers what they want. no worries – we handle SOURCING, CHECKS, and SHIPPING for ya. We think about stuff from your POINT of VIEW using FACTORY, trade, and buyer perspectives.

Our goal? SATISFIED CUSTOMERS with sustained business relationships who save funds. You? Focus on pleasing CUSTOMERS and up YOUR BUSINESS GAME!


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Kick back and relax! We’ve got your MONEY covered with top-of-the-line security. Don’t worry about Solar Security Camera wholesale transactions; we squash FRAUD RISKS! We protect you from hefty TRANSPORT COSTS and pesky scams – keeping things legit.

NO inconsistent factory promises hurtin’ customers’ shopping vibes. SUPPLY CHAIN remains flawless. Get economic PERKS while exploding your BUSINESS. Enjoy the SUCCESS, my friend.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You’re our VIP! Your wants and needs for solar powered security cameras always come FIRST. We step into your shoes to fix problems from YOUR PERSPECTIVE. And hot damn, we’ve got the absolute BEST pro-level products that’ll knock their socks off!

Put your business on steroids with us – steady CASH FLOW and CONSTANT GROWTH!

Standardized Procedure

We have our own smooth service process in place, keeping every step pro and reliable. Customers get top-tier treatment from START to FINISH under our watch.

Make your MARK as an industry bigshot with DEPENDABLE solar powered security camera. Your rep will soar higher than ever BEFORE – and oh boy, sales won’t just CLIMB but skyrocket! Success is ready to rock!

Custom Solutions

Our team gets it; each customer is unique! Count on us to deliver truly customized solar security camera solutions that HIT the SPOT. Satisfaction GUARANTEED with top-notch security cameras products and service and results!

Rise above your rivals like a boss, leaving them in the dust. Brace yourself for mind-blowing BUSINESS GROWTH at warp speed. OPPORTUNITIES APLENTY when we team up – let’s work our magic together!

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

We’re the dream team in Solar Security Camera SOURCING. Leave it to us – SPECS, QUANTITIES, and QUALITY are all in good hands. Help you streamline managing CORPORATE RESOURCES. With us, you make SMART CHOICES that guarantee boss-level success for your business!

  • Supplier Management

No need to OVERLOAD the work. Let’s evaluate, choose, and MONITOR solar security camera suppliers like a hawk. We’re here to help, guiding you at EVERY TURN to meet all those expectations. 

Attracting a wider customer base—rule the market using stellar products!

  • Contract Negotiation

Dodge that tedious Solar Security Camera contract PAPERWORK. We handle it all, from NEGOTIATING to DRAFTING and REVIEWING – you name it. It’s gonna be totally LEGIT, too. 

Succeed as you CHARM CUSTOMERS like a pro and bring in more LEADS than ever!

  • Order Management

Blow out your INNER burden! From confirming and TRACKING to HANDLING changes or CANCELLATIONS, consider it done!

Our experts ensure quality monitoring while keeping SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS low. Sit tight and save big on OPERATIONAL EXPENSES as we handle the load for you!

  • Logistics Coordination

Our TRANSPORTATION, WAREHOUSING and DISTRIBUTION for solar powered security camera are fast as lightning. Trust us for ON-TIME, damage-free delivery. 

Expect less DELIVERY COMPLAINTS. High dependability ensures MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY and shoots up those PROFITS!

  • Installation Support

Solar Security Cameras are SUPER EASY to handle! Just follow the SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS and check out the HELPFUL VIDEOS. And if you need help, REMOTE ASSISTANCE’S got you sorted! Install it on time for reliable performance and save some HEFTY COSTS along its lifespan! 

leelinesourcing team (8)

Our Payment

Pick your poison for payments: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. ZERO SCAMS ALLOWED! No messing around when it comes to your solar powered security camera transactions. They’re locked down tight. Boost BUSINESS SECURITY ensuring minimal losses from fraudulent transactions. 

Western Union

Wholesale B2B innovation! Drive your brand forward with Solar Security Cameras. Click to access unbeatable rates and reinforce your business security. Invest smartly, protect confidently.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Security Camera Factory

Our Solar Security Camera factory works on a BIG SCALE. UTILIZE MANY professional AND the UNMATCHED production EFFICIENCY. STAY FLEXIBLE and beat the COMPETITION by seizing those opportunities, mate.

Solar Security Camera Factory

packaging & shipping

We hook you up with SOLID SHIPPING PARTNERS like DHL and FedEx for your solar outdoor security camera. The trust is stronger. There’s no stress about DELIVERY TIME, grow your biz while BUILDING TRUST!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Stress-Free Living: Ruben’s Secret to Off-Grid Paradise

Leeline Energy is where it’s at for the SICKEST solar energy solutions. Our WHOLESALERS and INSTALLERS never doubt us. That’s ’cause we bring that A-game with TOP-TIER quality goods, you know?

So here’s the deal: Ruben wanted some badass SOLAR ENERGY for his chill vacation pad in a faraway island. He didn’t want anything to do with the power guys and craved total INDEPENDENCE.

Now, this is where our team got CREATIVE. We cooked UP an off-grid LITHIUM BATTERY system that’d bring JUICE. That was to all his key stuff – TV, lights, HEATER, AC – and keep him living LARGE!

Ruben wanted that FREEDOM from the power grid for his VACATION crib. So we BRAINSTORMED and came up with our killer 5KW off-grid LITHIUM BATTERY system. It’s got a bigger battery that lasts forever in a COMPACT DESIGN!

And here’s the cherry on top. These systems are hooked up with IoT tech. So you can MONITOR your power usage anytime to save some SERIOUS energy.

We’re not like the rest. Our stuff is EASY-PEASY to use, built with expert ENGINEERING SKILLS!

Ruben gave us a fist bump – he loved how hassle-free it was to install HIS EPIC off-grid lithium BATTERY SYSTEM. We had his back EVERY STEP of the way with SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS for a smooth setup!

We ain’t like the other guys, y’know. Our gear’s easy to use – PRO ENGINEERING + no stress!

Ruben loved it: he found SETTING UP his off-grid lithium battery system a piece of cake! Each step came with clear instructions for a SMOOTH SAILING setup experience.

What our customers say


Leeline Energy rocks! Their solar-powered security cameras are off the chain. They SAVED ME from having to deal with all those pesky wires for my SURVEILLANCE setup. Plus, the MOTION DETECTION feature gives me mad peace of mind. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone needing a top-tier wireless security solution!

Hilary A Edwards

Leeline Energy is the bomb when it comes to solar-powered SECURITY CAMERAS! Their cameras keep my place SECURE, and they work like a charm. Plus, this system came with motion detection and NIGHT VISION. I can sleep TIGHT knowing that even those raccoons won’t sneak around without me seeing them on video LATER.

Ross H Marbury

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Security Camera

    1. Can solar security cameras operate in low-light conditions?

    Those solar security cams play nice even in DIM LIGHTING. They have battery backup for peace of mind. Plus, they feature infrared NIGHT VISION and MOTION DETECTION to keep an eye out all the time!

    2. Do solar security cameras work in winter during snowfall?

    Oh, for sure! Solar security cams got you sorted in LOW LIGHT. As long as they pack enough battery, those cameras work even at NIGHT. That’s when the sun’s taking a break from GENERATING POWER.

    3. How long can the solar security camera battery last?

    It really comes down to the battery size. The camera’s power use and how GOOD those solar panels work DIFFER for each cam. So, “as long as it lasts” is about as LEGIT an answer you can get with THIS info!

    4. Are solar-powered security cameras worth it?

    Yes. Solar-powered cams are SUPER ECO-FRIENDLY, man. They soak up that sunlight and shrink your CARBON FOOTPRINT big time! And guess what? no electric wiring needed means you’re saving dough on installation costs. Plus, in the long run, those BADASS cams can chop down your ELECTRICITY BILLS, too!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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