Commercial Roof Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy comprises SUSTAINABLE energy experts dedicated to delivering TRUSTWORTHY and timely solutions. As ONE-STOP PARTNER, we choose the RELIABLE commercial roof solar panels suppliers. You get the complete SOLUTION for your solar business.

Goose up your solar business beyond limits.

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Premium Commercial Roof Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy deploys the CUTTING-EDGE technology to deliver customized options for PV modules.

Positive Tolerance:

The power output is 5 watts. It ensures the BETTER resistance and reliability of the components. Your customers obtain BETTER EFFICIENCY and cut costs on electricity. Impactful SAFETY improves their confidence in your commercial roof solar panels wholesale.

Multi-Busbar Technology:

Our commercial solar panel UTILIZES BUSBAR technology to trap the light. Solar Power distribution provides your CUSTOMERS with high durability and better output. They don’t have to INVEST Bucks with this one-time SOLUTION.

High solar power efficiency:

Our FLAT ROOFS commercial solar panel produces 26% MORE EFFICIENCY than traditional modules. Better SHADING performance and temperature tolerance let them run for EXTENDED periods. Your customers cut costs up to 70% on the ELECTRICAL power. 

Better Resistance to Hot Spots:

Our commercial solar panel has a HIGH-temperature coefficient. You can ANTICIPATE better performance either in the LOW SUNLIGHT conditions. Hot Spot resistance further improves performance. Your CUSTOMERS acquire the BEST solution with sustainable energy.

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Commercial Roof Solar Panels by Types

400w commercial roof solar panels

400w commercial roof solar panels

These are ULTRA HIGH-POWER PV MODULES with 22.54% efficiency. Your customers fulfill POWER NEEDS with a solar power system.  Build the TRUST by providing OPTIMAL solutions for solar panels.

500w commercial roof solar panels

500w commercial roof solar panels

500-watt commercial roof solar panels have M10 GALLIUM doped wafers. Ultra HIGH solar power production with bifacial technology delivers LONG-TERM energy solutions. Your customers are out of any TENSION with a solar power system. 

600w commercial roof solar panels

600w commercial roof solar panels

600-watt Commercial roof solar panels have HIGH-QUALITY glass and increased solar power by 2%. Anti-PID performance never LOSES your energy. It has LONG-LIFE ensuring the satisfaction of your clients.

Commercial Roof Solar Panels by Material

All black commercial roof solar panels

All black commercial roof solar panels

All Black commercial roof solar panels have ADVANCED technology with insulation. Wafer and aging resistance PROVIDE your customers with a long time solution. It cuts COSTS and the hassle of purchasing again.

Flexible commercial roof solar panels

Flexible commercial roof solar panels

These solar panels have FEATURES like lightning protection and are rainproof. That means your customers GET more solar power without COMPRISING energy in the rain.   That will ATTRACT more consumers to your solar business. 

Bifacial commercial roof solar panels

Bifacial commercial roof solar panels

Bifacial solar panels have DUAL energy production. It generates 30% energy from one side, reaching 75% EFFICIENCY. HIGH ENERGY solutions INCREASE your business reputation. 

Catapult your brand into the future with Commercial Roof Solar Panels. Elevate your wholesale business with sustainable, high-performance solutions. Partner with us. Light the Path to Prosperity!

Advantages Of The Best Commercial Roof Solar Panels

Commercial Roof

Optimal Solution for Commercial Roof

Commercial solar panels have the COMPACT design and the perfect size for ROOF. You impress customers with reduced INSTALLATION costs and a hassle-free experience.

Laser Accurately Cut

Laser Accurately Cut

Accurate cuts by LASER ensure high reliability. Solid PID resistance boosts PERFORMANCE in low light. Your customers can RUN it for longer periods without FACING any decrease in performance.

Harsh Environment

Adaptability to a Harsh Environment

It adapts to all types of environments. Your customers don’t have to worry about solar POWER system losses or environmental cases.


OEM/ODM Services

Our OEM/ODM delivers instant solar panels with HIGH QUALITY. You SELL more in less time due to FAST and efficient production.

Raw Materials

Excellent Raw Materials

Solar panels have QUALITY raw materials as COMPONENTS. It gives you a UNIQUE brand name due to the HIGH INTEGRITY of solar panels.

Production Equipment

Advanced Production Equipment

A large-scale production system would SUFFICE your solar panels’ demands. You EXPECT shorter production times and reliable solutions. Extended product service BRING life to your business.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels

solar panels for buliding

Solar Panels for Buliding

solar panels for home

Home Use

solar panels for planting

Solar Panels for Planting

solar panels for rv


Solar Roadways

Charging Devices

water power

Water Power

Precise production process

We have TONS of resources to find COMMERCIAL roof solar panel manufacturers. You get 100% TRUSTED suppliers with a personalized experience.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We provide DIFFERENT CERTIFICATES, such as CGC, TUV, UL, and FCC. These ENSURE high reliability and decrease the COSTS on inspection.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

After inspection, you get detailed REPORTS on the quality check. You reduce QUALITY risks and straighten up your brand image.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a PRODUCT SOURCING GROUP with 10+ years of experience exploring QUALITY solar panels. We have WORKED with thousands of BUYERS globally. Strong supply chain management delivers every SOLUTION at one point. You save time and MONEY with reliable commercial roof solar panels wholesale.

Scale your BUSINESS to the next HEIGHTS with us!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Our sourcing agents INVEST time in UNDERSTANDING your needs. We think from buyers’ PERSPECTIVES and implement new ways to EXPLORE Commercial roof solar panels suppliers. You get QUALITY inspection, storage, and shipping with our ONE-STOP solutions.

Attain a HIGH BUSINESS REPUTATION with our quality solar panels.

Sourcing Agent

business partner

 Reduce Transaction Risk

We have the SPECIALIZED experts to deal with all types of RISKS. Our comprehensive analysis FILTERS out the B2B scams. We make 100% transparent deals for commercial roof solar panels wholesale to prevent any TRANSACTION frauds.

You get TIMELY inspections and shipments to avoid quality and SHIPPING delays. Ensures a 100% SAFE supply chain with our transparency methods.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


Leeline Energy keeps the customer’s priorities on the TOP. For a moment, we set up REALISTIC expectations as customers. Understand what we NEED to grab from the commercial roof solar panel suppliers. And ASK suppliers to provide quality and QUANTITY. This is a LONG-TERM partnership with professional services.

Gain your CUSTOMER’S confidence with our professional services.


We are a TEAM of professionals devoted to delivering the best RESULTS. We implement ISO standards in commercial roof solar panels factory inspection. Grab the QUALITY that sells INTERNATIONALLY. Achieve high REPUTATION with our standardized processes.

Take your business from LOCALITY to globality.


Do you have some REQUIREMENTS for the customized features?

Leeline Energy got you, then. We list your requirements regarding QUALITY and customized features. Find the BEST commercial roof solar panels factory. And get you PERSONALIZED PV MODULES

Increase 100% CUSTOMER satisfaction with customized SOLAR PANELS.


How We Support You?

Leeline Energy furnishes the BEST SOLUTIONS regarding commercial roof solar panels.

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Our team is SUPER ATTENTIVE and keeps customers on TOP. We note your DEMANDS regarding quality, quantity, and specifications. Predetermined requirements secure the SEAMLESS experience.  And save YOUR TIME in SORTING out deals. 

  • Supplier Management

We help you FIND the best commercial roof solar panel manufacturers. Negotiate the price. And EVALUATE their production setup.   It ensures QUALITY and optimizes supplier performance. You SPEED up your business growth with PROFESSIONAL suppliers.

  • Contract Negotiation

Our legal team PROVIDES instant responses on the CONTRACT. We negotiate contract terms with solar panel suppliers. Prepare the contract papers. And get you signed. You get SEAMLESS dealings without any problem.

  • Order Management

We recommend the integration of your ONLINE STORES with us. You receive orders. We customize the PACKAGING. And ship it. Your customers get TIMELY DELIVERY with NO RISKS for delay. It is a good chance for BRANDING.

  • Logistics Coordination

Leeline Energy has INTEGRATED sourcing, storage, and shipping SERVICES. We store products in our warehouses. Ensure safety. And arrange SHIPMENTS without any delay risks. You are out of FEAR for delayed delivery.

  • Installation Support

We have detailed videos TO HELP YOU with commercial solar panel installations. Our FREE INSTALLATION support decreases the risks of ANY wrong installation. Your customers remain SAFE and tension-free

leelinesourcing team

Our Payment

We have DIFFERENT payment options to FACILITATE you. You GET reliable payments without any risk of scams. 

Western Union

Revolutionize your brand’s energy strategy with 400W solar panels. Supercharge your wholesale offerings with sustainable power. Join forces for a greener future – Empower Your Brand!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of Commercial Roof Solar Panels

Our Commercial Roof Solar Panels FACTORY covers an 18000 SQUARE meter area. You expect high integrity of products and FASTER production of solar products. It helps you EXPAND your business. 


packaging & shipping

We have ROBUST PACKAGES with effective branding for solar businesses. Your customers RECEIVE 100% SAFE PV MODULES without damage in transit.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Mr. Thomas purchased Commercial Roof solar panels

Mr. Thomas called our experts and said he wants commercial solar panels. We sourced the top commercial roof solar panels suppliers. And we helped him with commercial solar installation. 

After a week, Mr. Thomas was very thankful due to the fulfillment of the requirements. That has been an excellent experience for him.

Mr. Joseph requested us to purchase solar panels and commercial solar installation

Mr. Joseph lived in Russia and contacted our team to find a solution for his commercial building. We recommended him commercial solar panel installation. 

He purchased the solar panels and got our help to install them. Our experts helped in commercial solar panel installation. Later, he appreciated our efforts for honest recommendation and installation.

What our customers say


I am impressed with the quality of solar panels by the Leeline Team. One thing I noticed about the Leeline. They are integrated and coordinate well. That secret led to the high quality of the commercial roof panels.


The Leeline team is very good. They helped me grab quality solar panels. I appreciate their efforts. I recommend everyone purchase products from them. Thank you, Leeline.


People Also Ask about Commercial Roof Solar Panels

1. What size are commercial solar panels in the UK?

Commercial solar panels are somehow different from residential solar panels. Both have different sizes. Home solar panels are 66 inches by 40 inches. Compared to it, commercial roof solar panels are 77 inches by 39 inches.

2. Does it make sense to have solar panels installed on commercial buildings?

Yes. Solar panels are very BENEFICIAL in cutting electricity costs. Moreover, they fulfill all the ENERGY NEEDS required in commercial buildings.
Here are two main benefits.
· FASTER payback
· Energy saving costs

3. Can a high-rise office building have enough solar panels to power itself?

Yes. But it depends on different factors:
· Energy consumption
· Building size
· Budget
Once you have ALL THE FACTORS under control, you can install solar panels. These will be enough for you.

4. How do I determine the quality and longevity of commercial Solar Panels?

Many factors determine LONGEVITY.
· Supplier’s reliability
· Warranty of the solar panels
· Temperature Resistance
· Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline?
· Efficiency
These factors determine the LONGEVITY of solar pane

5. Why is a commercial solar panel useful in Santa Barbara?

Solar panels are dependent on the SUNLIGHT. And in Santa Barbara, more than HALF of the year, the sun shines appropriately. Therefore, the ENERGY efficiency is QUITE high, making it worthwhile.

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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