Active Solar Water Heating System

Leeline Energy helps you to reduce the time & effort to launch your brand. Professional OEM & ODM SERVICES on an active solar water heating system. FOCUS on your marketing & customer acquisition. 

We help you get the highest quality that enhances the customer’s experience. Increase customer flow by providing a good product experience. 

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Premium Active Solar Water Heating System Features

Leeline helps you to find energy-efficient solar water heaters. Establish your brand’s foundation through reliable & efficient products. 

All-season Water Heating:

Year-round hot water despite the WEATHER conditions. Flat-plate or  Evacuated tube collectors contribute to all-season heat performance. Collector efficiency goes up to 50% to 70% with solar radiation. 

Receive year-round sales that are not limited to any SPECIFIC REASON. Consistent sales mean no unsold inventory and high storage costs. 

Harsh Climates PERFORMANCE:

Effective heat transfer fluid with anti-freezing mixture. It does not freeze in harsh, extreme freezing temperatures. Users can get a HYBRID model with gas or electric backup. Reduce failure rate like conventional systems. 

Increase the RELIABILITY of solar water heaters in customers’ eyes. Enhance the reputation of your brand and repurchase sales. 

Short water heating time:

Solar collector unit has FASTER HEATING through excellent heat transfer fluid. Users get hot water from the solar water heating systems in a few minutes. A Flat plate collector even heats up water under 200°F.  

You enhance customers’ experience with integral collector storage systems. BOOST your sales volume due to rapid water heating. 

Continuous Water supply:

High-capacity water tank with continuous heating can serve up to 2,500 L of water daily. Expansion tank storage system option through extra connections. Consistent warm water for both COMMERCIAL and domestic uses. 

24/7 circulate water with an insulated tank to prevent heat loss. You won’t hear negative feedback or complaints due to short water supplies. 

Long lifespan:

High-quality collectors, anti-corrosion piping, & a storage tank increase its lifespan. EACH Component is made up of high-quality raw materials. It comes with ten years of factory warranty but lasts longer up to 20 years. 

Build a loyal audience through LONG-LASTING solar water heating systems. Establish a strong brand IMAGE that lasts for decades.

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Active Solar Water Heating System by Material

Flat Panel Active Solar Water Heating System

FLAT PLATE Collectors capture most of the sunlight. Reliable & stable performance with daily efficiency of more than 54%. It has super antifreeze properties at -40°C in severe cold climates.

You won’t receive customer complaints of system failure or cold water supply. Increase your product REPUTATION among your customers.

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Split Active Solar Water Heating System

It operates the solar collectors from the hot water storage tank. Customers attach high-capacity tanks easily from 100-600 Liters capacity.

An upgrade option with many connections increases your repurchasing sales. You sell more accessories and upgrade equipment without EXTRA MARKETING. 

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Elevate Your Wholesale Offerings with Cutting-Edge Solar Tech!

Advantages Of The Best Active Solar Water Heating System Services

Competitive Pricing 

Competitive Pricing 

Widen your PROFIT MARGIN through low-priced products. We get you the best pricing without compromising on quality. Increase brand awareness and market share. 

Leading Technology

Leading Technology

Top-notch production equipment and processes to save your time. You get fast delivery of solar water heaters with short production cycles. On-time delivery to customers improves customer satisfaction, leading to SALES GROWTH. 

Professional After-Sales Service

Professional After-Sales Service

We help you to get replacements & WARRANTIES from suppliers in case of issues. Resolve customer disputes & complaints in real-time and reduce customer service time. Increase their trust in products and brands to build loyalty for long-term benefits. 

Fast & Flexible Payment Methods

Fast & Flexible Payment Methods

Save your business time through prompt transaction options. Safe payment gateways with improved TRANSACTION EFFICIENCY. Speed up brand launch through simplified payment infrastructure. 

Strict Quality Inspection

Strict Quality Inspection

We ensure both active & passive systems for high-quality standards. The strong and durable structure that holds the maximum mechanical load. Long-lasting solar water heating systems for end users. Establish your brand’s IDENTITY through enduring impressions. 

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

Keep your inventory safe during SHIPPING & sourcing. Mitigate risk to safeguard your enterprise’s interest. You get strong support to reduce financial losses & compensation disputes. 

Creative Applications of Active Solar Water Heating System





Community Centers

Community Centers



Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Nursing homes

Nursing Homes

Precise production process

Manufacturing of the main solar system components starts. Solar collectors, storage tanks, Pumps, along heat exchangers. One is flat plate collectors & second is evacuated tube solar collectors. Uncompromised quality to protect your brand’s reputation. 

Distinguish Your Brand with Superior Active Solar Systems!

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Widely renowned certifications like CE, ISO9001, & TUV come with a solar system. Your enterprise gets a good reputation through renowned certifications. BUILD your BRAND IDENTITY on the foundation of trust! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our team inspects the active solar water heating system factory for production standards. We ensure that active solar water heaters fulfill all SAFETY STANDARDS. Durable and long-lasting active systems Enhance your sales volume for fast brand building. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

RELIABLE QUALITY has been our main priority in sourcing for a decade. Our international clientele receives positive reviews from their customers of all regions. We inspect active solar water heating system from the STORAGE TANK to the heat exchanger. 

You get encouraging feedback on quality with not a single chance of low-quality items. Increase customer trust and reduce turnover rate. 

One-stop Sourcing

Manage your solar hot water system A to Z sourcing through us! We get you a trusted supplier, INSPECTION REPORTS, logistic support, and more. Don’t worry about solar hot water systems pricing as we negotiate. 

You get DISCOUNTED DEALS from active solar water heating system manufacturers with customization. Increase your profit margin through the most favorable pricing. 

One-stop Sourcing

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Mitigate the B2B fraud chances through continuous SUPPLIER AUDITING. We monitor raw materials and break down invoice structures. You avoid Hidden costs in your active solar heating systems. 

Secured business dealings without affecting customer’s purchasing experience. Reduce potential BUSINESS RISK and get peace of mind through our auditing


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Our main priority is to PROTECT your enterprise’s reputation and customers’ trust. You have a top-quality active solar water heating system. We filter out low-quality products through after-production inspection. 

The high-quality product strengthens your brand reputation. Dominate in the competitive market through strong brand IMAGE. 

Standardized Procedure

Standardized R&D, supplier selection, inspection, packaging & final shipping processes. Save time through the standard processes of an active solar water heating system. We have a supplier network to find you a trustworthy supplier. 

You save time & effort in checking samples and pricing of suppliers. BOOST your business EXPANSION through standard checks & processes. 

Custom Solutions

Increase customers’ retention rate through customized solar hot water heaters. We help you in adjusting tank capacity and heat exchanger efficiency. Add a control system to increase customer’s trust in active systems. 

Boost sales through active solar water heating system custom designs. Build a UNIQUE PRODUCT that would only be available on your enterprise. 

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Order a SPECIFIC NUMBER of active solar water heating systems that are easy to sell.

We have market experts who suggest product specifications & quality standards. Mitigate your operational & marketing costs through in-demand products. 

  • Supplier Management

Manage your active solar water heating system suppliers through us. Receive consolidated shipping of different components from many suppliers.

We INSPECT and REPACK your shipments from suppliers. Save your shipping space and supplier handling time. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Our well-versed experts negotiate for the best pricing and quality standards.

Secure better active solar water heating system deals through our negotiations. FAIR LEGAL TERMS that protect your business reputation and product sourcing. 

  • Order Management

We handle your entire order process, from supplier production to final shipping.

Receive continuous updates on an active solar water heaters order. TRACKING & DELIVERY configuration helps you to reduce supply chain risks. 

  • Logistics Coordination

SAVE time through prompt shipping of active systems. We handle the paperwork for customs clearance.

A smooth clearance process ensures you get delivery directly from the ports. SAVE yourself from ISF penalties from our customs process handling. 

  • Installation Support

Every active solar water heating system comes with an installation kit.

Customers install solar water heaters independently with our audio & video guides. ESTABLISH your brand’s strong image through customized DIY instruction guides. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Safe business transactions throughencrypted channels. Pay through PAYONEER or PAYPAL for your sourcing & shipping costs. Reduce security risks through trusted channels. 

Western Union

Stand Out in the Market: Embrace Active Solar Water Heating!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Active Solar Water Heating System Factory

We operate a 500-MW plant with different production lines. You get fast production for good ECONOMIC benefits to your business. Improve your ability to control risks for the healthy development of your enterprise. 

Our Active Solar Water Heating System Factory

packaging & shipping

We add protective packaging for product safety while shipping. Reliable transportation partners (DHL, FedEx) and fast shipping. Cushioning layers protect outer layers and ensure the surface remains intact. Enhance FIRST IMPRESSION of your item to customers. 

packaging & shipping

Empower Your Brand with Sustainable, Active Solar Solutions!

Successful Project

Successful Project

The HYBRID hot water system for a factory in CHAD

The client wanted a solar water heater system for a wide hot water capacity. We proposed both active & passive solar water heaters. After a long consideration, he chose an active water heater. 

Our team installed a system with high HEAT ABSORPTION. The glass outer tube keeps the domestic hot water for a long time. Coated layering inhibits radiative heat loss. The added large capacity storage tanks. Now, it fulfills their commercial needs.

80kw solar system in Colombia 

The building owner wanted to install solar panels with a SOLAR HEATING SYSTEM. His energy needs were fulfilled after designing an 80KW power system. According to his needs & budget, we advise an active system over a passive system. 

The system had a dark absorber plate for maximum heat absorption. The client was getting continuous hot water with a CLOSED-LOOP system. Water heating time was shorter than a conventional heater. He is happy with the active solar water system. 

Successful Project
What our customers say


I have been in touch with Leeline Energy for more than five years. I never faced any quality issues due to their detailed inspection. My enterprise received positive responses from customers. Every Energy brand should collaborate with them!


Thanks to Leeline Energy for optimizing my supply chain operations. I got top-quality electrical components that never failed. In recent times junction box failure rate has been reduced to zero. You should definitely work with Leeline Energy. 


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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Active Solar Water Heating System

    What is the price of wholesale active solar water heating system?

    The exact price is difficult to tell as there is always room for negotiations. Yet you get $150 to $300 from an active solar water heating system wholesale supplier. Prices also vary throughout the seasons. 

    How do I choose active solar water heater capacity?

    Explore around your targeted neighborhood and see how much capacity they want. Check your competitors or ask our experts to do a demand assessment. You get a market research report to choose an active & passive solar water heater. 

    How to get best active solar water heater?

    It depends on the budget and the features you want. Forced circulation systems work great in freezing temperatures. So better to ask about circulation features before buying an active system. 

    What are the uses of a solar water heater?

    Solar heaters generate hot water for both domestic & commercial purposes. Large-capacity active or passive systems are used for hotels, & pool heating. You can use them for HOUSE and community heating, too. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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