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We’re ACE in the solar light SUPPLIER game with great MANUFACTURING CAPACITY! Get top-quality service and solutions, turning customers into LOYAL FANS. Boost popularity and market NEW PRODUCTS.

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Solar Lights by Types

 solar street light

Solar Street Light

Crafted with an ALL-METAL BODY and DURABLE outdoor materials. That’s for ultimate RAIN RESISTANCE on the solar street lights. Designed to WITHSTAND STORMS and provide WORRY-FREE lighting at NIGHT. 

Its heat dissipation and ANTI-OXIDATION properties guarantee LONG-LASTING. Customers TRUST our and SERVICE LEVEL in solar LED lighting. Invest now for enhanced solar street lights BUSINESS COOPERATION!

Solar Spotlights

Solar Spot Lights

Our solar lighting solutions have a DIM MODE (10 Lumen) and a BRIGHT MODE (300 lumen). Provide CUSTOMIZABLE lighting options. With a 90° TILT feature, easily ADJUST the angle for optimal solar LED lighting. 

Solar power recharging is a breeze with its 180° solar panel adjustment! With our lighting systems, you hold plenty of POSITIVE reviews from SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

Hand crank solar flashlight

Solar Flashlight

Our LED flashlights come with a COMPACT DESIGN and COMFORTABLE FEEL. Perfect companion to provide LIGHTING in your outdoor REMOTE LOCATIONS. Offer MULTIPLE LIGHTING modes, including 1 LED Mode, 3 LED Mode, and a handy SOS Flash Mode. 

Top that off with high-quality LED bulbs. Reap POSITIVE BRAND rep from SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and position your led lights BIZ to win.

Solar Wall Light

Solar Wall Light

These solar powered lights CREATE a light show in your courtyard, villa, park, or garden. Light CONTROL SENSOR switch and an IP65 WATERPROOF rating. Charge during the DAY and TURN ON by themselves at NIGHT. 

Plus, that means they offer AUTOMATIC solar lighting systems. Enhance brand value and ATTRACT more CUSTOMERS with our INNOVATIVE lighting solutions!

Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light

Check out these solar lights with solid sun-CHARGING capabilities. CLEAR GLASS, super bright LEDs, and SAVE ENERGY. With their 1800mAh battery, you get ENDLESS hours of DEPENDABLE lighting. 

Customers get more CONVERTED power on the SOLAR LED LIGHTING which translates to additional money for you! Grab YOURSELF these solar lights today to KEEP your customers GLOWING with happiness!

Solar Fence Light

Solar Fence Light

With an INBUILT solar panel, this solar lighting system offers QUICK 4-5 hours of charging and 10 hours of working. Harnessing solar power, it utilizes LED chips that have a longer LIFESPAN. Easy installation, WIRE-FREE designs. 

The solar led brings ease of use and convenience to you and the customers. Choosing our RELIABLE solar lighting system generates TRUST and GOODWILL toward your BUSINESS.

Garden Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Light

Check out these solar lights with 96% CONVERSION EFFICIENCY. Charge FASTER and MORE EFFICIENTLY, giving you 20% more POWER! Bright LED beads, LIGHT SENSORS and are super WATERPROOF. 

The stainless panel makes it DURABLE, too! Expect HIGH PERFORMANCE and a LONG LIFESPAN. Boost your CORPORATE IMAGE now!

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Illuminate Success with Wholesale Solar Solutions! Power your brand’s brilliance and efficiency with our premium solar lights. Connect for bulk pricing and light up your business growth today!

Advantages Of The Best Solar Lights Services

Efficient Production Capacity

Top Technical Capability

Our solar panels are top-rated in ENERGY EFFICIENCY. We constantly upgrade to IMPRESS, leading to crazy sales. Get ready for RECOGNITION and PRAISE!


Short lead time

We keep it fresh with FEWER things available. It gives us the space to rock AWESOME PRODUCTS that everyone wants. Help you SAVE CASH and keeps your clients HAPPY and COMING BACK for more!

Customer Service

24/7 customer support

Count on us for QUICK SOLUTIONS to outdoor lighting issues whenever you NEED THEM. Get instant fixes and handy upkeep tips. Keep customers LOYAL and sales RUNNING SMOOTHLY.

product quality

Sample Quality Testing

Rest easy with our QUALITY-TESTED samples. That ensures only the BEST PRODUCTS land to you. Smart CHOICES come from thorough testing. REDUCE REJECTS and save on UNNECESSARY work post-delivery.



No need to STOCK UP on loads of products at once! Keep your CASH FLOW in check by having enough on hand to COVER labor and WAREHOUSE COSTS. That lightens the FINANCIAL LOAD on your biz!

Competitive Price 

Competitive Pricing

Nab our awesome solar light at PRICES that leave all others in the DUST. Get more cash flow and RAMP up your biz with KILLER marketing moves! Let’s DOMINATE the game together!

Creative Applications of Solar Lights













We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We’re your solar light supplier APPROVED by industry BIGWIGS like CE, FCC, UL, DLC, ISO & 9001. We deliver PREMIUM service and an awesome RANGE of solar systems to wow your CLIENTS. Step up your game for FAT STACKS!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

As the go-to solar lights manufacturer, we guarantee to put all products to the TEST. We ensure they deliver the IMPRESSIVE performance your customers can’t RESIST. These BAD BOYS bring optimal EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY to the table. SAFER PRODUCTS, better quality, and a killer BRAND IMAGE.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is on a MISSION to find those STELLAR PRODUCTS for your biz. We’ve been rocking as a solar light supplier & manufacturers with combined experience for a whole DECADE, no joke! With our BIG-SCALE ops, skilled staff, and MAD EXPERIENCE in the game!

We know long-term success in B2B is all about TRUST from customers. Let’s not FORGET that sales will HIT the ROOF when we give customers what they CRAVE!

One-stop Sourcing

Don’t worry about dealing with a MILLION SUPPLIERS. Our expertise in factories is on ANOTHER LEVEL. We handle things from SOURCING goods to quality CHECKS and LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT. All this saves you COSTS.

We’re here to HELP YOU find the PERFECT solar light supplier. Keep customers SATISFIED for huge PROFITS. That’s our game plan!

Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Don’t worry about DODGY DEALS when it comes to solar light WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS. Quality, delivery, and cost are NO PROBLEM with us. As your solar light supplier, we do AUDITS, INSPECTIONS, AND FOLLOW-UPS. You DON’T have to stress.

Our one goal? To ensure customer SATISFACTION while minimizing RISK and SCAMS. Trust in our collaboration for CONFIDENT DEAL closings!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Wait, wait. Here’s the deal: YOUR needs are what call the shots. We know EXACTLY what your CUSTOMERS WANT and sort those issues without breaking a SWEAT.

Trust us; we’re HERE to guide you to the RIGHT solar light SUPPLIER with unbeatable services only for YOU. Let’s TEAM up and build a killer PARTNERSHIP that crushes the COMPETITION! Get pumped!

Standardized Procedure

Our INTENSE SURVEILLANCE makes sure quality is on point. TRUST us to bring PROFESSIONALISM and make every interaction smooth.

Boost your market status with DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS and watch BRAND RECOGNITION rise. SHARPEN your COMPETITIVE EDGE in the solar lighting industry!

Custom Solutions

Get pumped with our KILLER solar lights manufacturer SOLUTIONS TAILOR-MADE just for you! Need a handpicking, designing, or rocking an awesome LOGO? One word: DONE!

Ready to own the COMPETITION and find business bliss like NEVER BEFORE? When we team up, the sky’s the limit!

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Sit back as we TAKE CARE of specs, quantities, and quality. Our best-in-class market RESEARCH supports your work. Build trust with CUSTOMERS. FORGE STRONG business collaborations for an ENHANCED IMAGE and excellent SERVICE!

  • Supplier Management

Let’s hunt down the PERFECT solar light SUPPLIERS for YOU. Keep an eye on their PERFORMANCE and production speed for SPEEDY RESULTS. Get ready for exciting rewards – BIGGER VALUE and more cash! 

  • Contract Negotiation

Ditch the CONTRACT HASSLE with your solar light SUPPLIER. We take on FAIR DRAFTING and NEGOTIATIONS for you – no worries. Kick risks to the CURB and FOCUS on bossing it in growing your business!

  • Order Management

We’ll handle things from start to FINISH! Suppliers? Check. QUALITY? Covered. Issues that come up? Sorted out. Advanced stock TRACKING included! The improved processing ensures SMOOTH CASH FLOW for other OPERATIONAL NEEDS.

  • Logistics Coordination

Chillax while we TAKE CARE of getting your stuff WHERE it needs to go. You’ll NEVER WORRY about late SHIPMENTS AGAIN—your wallet will thank you! It’s time for you to OWN those solar business milestones STRESS-FREE.

  • Installation Support

Time to START strong with our HANDY KIT. It’s got all you need – clear instructions, helpful videos, and remote support for those solar lights. IMPRESS CLIENTS without stress and be the TALK of the TOWN! 

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Choose HOW you WANT to pay: PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers. NO SHADY stuff here. Rest easy with SECURE TRANSACTIONS. Protect your biz and increase PROFITS! 

Western Union

Wholesale Solar Brilliance Awaits! Empower your brand with our premium solar lights. Maximize savings and sustainability. Secure exclusive bulk deals for your business – Light up your success!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Lights Factory

Check it out; our solar light factory has an AUTOMATIC PRODUCTION LINE. HIGH PRODUCTIVITY enables you to meet MARKET DEMANDS faster. Provide HIGHER QUALITY products to ATTRACT customers and KEEP them.


packaging & shipping

As a LEGIT solar light supplier, we have COOL and reliable SHIPPING BUDS like DHL and FedEx. We’ll ship your stuff by sea, land, or air—WHATEVER rocks your boat. Teamwork turns into KILLER EFFICIENCY. You name it, we’ll DELIVER IT! All this grows your market COMPETITIVENESS.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Leeline Energy Lights Up Deuli: A Solar Success Story

Leeline Energy is absolutely KILLING IT with their solar gems. WHOLESALERS and INSTALLERS are going crazy for their awesome GEAR. Go ahead and see it for yourself! Here is an example of our lighting solutions.

Deuli Gram Panchayat in West Bengal had some street light woes. Those ELECTRIC high-mast street lights cost an arm and a leg, draining their LIMITED RESOURCES. So, someone suggested using SOLAR LIGHTS instead.

The peeps in West Bengal CHATTED up our ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS who showed them the PERKS of solar lights. Their goal? To set up 5 of them for their home!

These folks looked AROUND, and hey, we were their go-to peeps! Why? Because we know solar lights inside out and CARE about renewable energy and SAVING ENERGY COSTS. Pretty cool, huh?

We kicked THINGS off with 2 lights and later BUMPED it up to 5 with multiple rechargeable batteries. All that TALKING PAID OFF because we got the GO-AHEAD on Dec 19, 2020, to install those rad solar lights!

Those dark spots around the compound are lit now. Best part? It’s EASY on the pocket and the ENVIRONMENT. It’s a win-win situation!

You won’t BELIEVE it! The Deuli client is STOKED about those solar lights and the LOWER ELECTRICITY BILL. They’re seeing things way BETTER NOW, and would recommend them to anyone!

What our customers say


Dude, Leeline Energy hooked me up with some SWEET cost effective solar lighting systems for my place. Super RELIABLE, have low ENERGY CONSUMPTION and EASY to INSTALL. My solar-powered solar garden lights are lit AF. And I definitely RECOMMEND them to every person NEEDING a solar LIGHTING PROJECT. They know their stuff when it COMES to solar power systems!

Vicki C Brown

Man, I can’t say enough good things about Leeline energy. Their solar lighting systems are top-notch! SERIOUSLY, my COMMERCIAL SPACE is shining bright with its RELIABLE solar LED lighting & power. The whole process of getting a solar power system set up was SMOOTH as HECK, thanks to them. Go green and go with Leeline Energy for all your SOLAR-POWERED & cost savings NEEDS. That includes commercial SOLAR LIGHTING, too!

James M Williams

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Thin Film Solar Panels

    1. How many watts is the best solar light?

    Solar lights come in DIFFERENT RANGES. They got fixtures like 20 Watt LED (2000+ Lumens) up to 90 Watt LED (9000+ Lumens). For regular stuff, people stick with the ROUNDABOUT 35-50 Watt range. Yo, brighter lights for HIGH SECURITY while chill REMOTE areas go LOWER END!

    2. Do outdoor solar lights need special batteries?

    Here’s the lowdown – plain ol’ batteries won’t cut it for solar lights in the LONG RUN. The regular ALKALINE ones? Nope, they FIZZLE out after a week or so. Don’t even think about SLAPPING them into sun-powered GARDEN LIGHTS. They’re meant to be disposed of when JUICE RUNS low.

    3. Where can you find solar light suppliers?

    Check out Leeline Energy if you’re into SOLAR STUFF. They got solar lights and more. Find them on their WEBSITE, man!

    4. Can I print my logo on products?

    Oh yeah, you can TOTALLY SLAP your logo on the products from Leeline Energy and others. Just make sure to DOUBLE-CHECK with any MANUFACTURER first, ya know? Too easy!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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