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Harness RENEWABLE energy. How? Leeline ENERGY is a team of PROFESSIONALS dedicated to provide solar energy solutions. We have an established supply CHAIN with access to 150+ countries. Plus, the additional supplier sourcing and MANAGEMENT guarantees the SUCCESS. 

Rank up your SOLAR POWER SYSTEM business with our experts! 

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Premium Grid Tie Micro Inverters Features

LEELINE ENERGY is a GREEN energy solution company. We offer CUSTOM grid tie micro inverters with specified design, power, and voltage.  

Maximized efficiency

Get READY! We’ve got the HIGHLY efficient inverter with up to 96.7%. Our micro inverters are SECOND to none. They have STRONG MPPT tracking for each solar panel. Optimize the ENERGY production. 

Delivery of EFFICIENT solar panels to your consumers can ATTRACT them. And INCREASE the number of sales speedily. 

User friendly

Have you GENIUS inverter onboard! Check our LATEST utility grid micro inverters. They have an INTELLIGENT monitoring system. Monitor power-ups and DOWN. And regulate the whole system. 

No more SOLAR PANEL damages for your consumers. Enjoy a STELLAR business performance with SMART management micro inverters. 

Multiple protection

Live in HOT areas like ARABIC countries? No fear at all because our MICRO INVERTERS have extraordinary cooperation. Their temperature protection features are MARVELOUS. The integrated module gives optimal Performance even under high temperatures. 

It is TIME to leave a mark on your consumers. And compel them to BUY your grid tie micro inverters for extended periods. Do it now! 

Intelligent operation

We don’t rely on the ONE SYSTEM. Instead, we offer facilities. And prove it with the MULTIPLE connections of our inverters. Wi-Fi mode, app monitoring, cloud intelligence, you get it all. Plus, IP65 is there to protect. 

Enhance the EASINESS of your consumers. And take your BUSINESS to new levels with our grid tie micro inverters. 

Plug and play

No rocket science at all. We believe in EFFORTLESS work. Therefore, our grid tie micro inverters have SIMPLE plug-and-play technology. No need to go for the design change. 

Customers are at complete ease by HARNESSING a smooth solar system. And it increases your CUSTOMER satisfaction rate to 100%.

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Grid Tie Micro Inverters by Watts

400w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

400w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

Here is the TOP PICK among all the micro inverters you want. 400w Grid Tie Micro Inverters have IP67 WATERPROOF and dustproof features. 

That saves your CUSTOMERS from rainy weather or troublesome MAINTENANCE. It makes you the solar panel INDUSTRY leader quickly! 

600w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

600w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

Don’t THINK AGAIN when it comes to 600w Grid Tie Micro Inverters. Why? Because they have LOW FAILURE rates and high efficiency. No disappointment in any case!! 

With SAFETY measures, it is the GOOD-TO-GO string inverter for consumers. And established a POWERFUL image among consumers. 

1000w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

1000w Grid Tie Micro Inverters

No more worries– TRUST ME!! It is going to happen with 1000w small inverters. They have a rapid SHUTDOWN function and a quick Wi-Fi connection. 

This technology is GOING to revolutionize the SOLAR PANEL market. And strengthen your position as a SOLAR inverter business! 

Experience Solar Innovation Like Never Before. Wholesale Grid Tie Micro Inverters – Your Bridge to Success Awaits!

Advantages Of The Best Grid Tie Micro Inverters Services


OEM/ODM Service

TAKE a new TURN by launching your BRAND. Our MASSIVE manufacturing setup and PRIVATE LABEL inverters are TRUMP cards. You make HIGHER profits with us! 

Efficient Production Capacity

Top Technical Capability

No compromise on ADVANCED technology. Our production facility has ADVANCED tools. You get superior-quality solar panels and inverters. And a HIGH praise for your business. 


Professional Customization

Keep your MORALE high with customized services. Our customization provides desired FEATURES in grid tie micro inverters. And help you GROW your business by focusing on what customers need. 

product quality

Strict Quality Control

No more COMPROMISE on standards. We have a SPECIAL quality criterion. The production of GRID tie micro inverters goes through the proper production facility. And offer PREMIUM quality micro inverters. Enhance your BRAND image with our quality inverters. 

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Optimizing Sourcing Costs

Ready to reduce costs? Our professional BEHAVIOR is all. We manage efficiently while SAVING money. You save the SOURCING cost. And invest it to promote your business. 


On-time & Fast Delivery

Delivery is GUARANTEED. You don’t have to wait for MONTHS. Fast delivery with TRACKING is undoubtedly what your consumers want. Make them loyal with our FAST delivery. 

Creative Applications of Micro Inverters







Field power supply

Field Power Supply

Home Roof

Home Roof

Power Station

Power Station

Precise production process

Our production PROCESS is entirely professional. Cutting-edge technology with FAST production is often what we offer. You get SHORT LEAD times. And reduce WAREHOUSING costs due to fast production.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Let’s take your BUSINESS to an international level. For this reason, we have provided CE, TUV, RoHS, FCC, and PSE certifications. Make up your BUSINESS name. And sell globally to improve your SALES count.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

It is not just the INSPECTION; we offer REPORTS too. Our EXPERTS visit the grid tie micro inverter factory. Test the equipment. Monitor the PRODUCTION process. And then PREPARE a comprehensive report. Your business gets PROFESSIONAL credibility. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Not new in the MARKET!! We have been working for more than ten years. And have completed hundreds of SUCCESSFUL deals. Our experts screen out all the RELIABLE grid tie micro inverter manufacturers. Test the QUALITY. And buy inventory. 

You sell RELIABLE inverters. And Build a PROFESSIONAL credibility in the solar market! 

One-stop Sourcing

No need to do HECTIC work. Let us TACKLE all the problems in one DASHBOARD. We source the grid tie micro inverters wholesale. PERFORM QUALITY CHECKS. Store them in our warehouses. And ship them to you on time. 

Kick off the COMPETITION. And handle the WORK professionally to grow your Business graph.


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Money protection is guaranteed with our SAFETY methods. We work only with the RELIABLE grid tie micro inverter suppliers. Keep B2B transactions 100% safe. And offer the TIMELY delivery

Your SUPPLY CHAIN remains flawless. And gets the smooth BUSINESS development over time. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

You are the PRIME AUTHORITY for us, dear consumer. We focus on your NEEDS. Give you the BEST suggestions. And get the PREMIUM grid tie micro inverters wholesale. 

Expect nothing less than a WORLD CLASS QUALITY. And a HIGH business reputation among your consumers.

Standardized Procedure

Professionalism is at the top of the CHART in our trades. We handle all your SOLAR inverter deals with extreme care and expertise. Along with TOP-NOTCH quality inverters, you get HIGHLY professional services.

And come up with an expert’s approach. Time to BANISH your consumer concerns. And keep the NON-STOP sales ongoing.

Custom Solutions

Have some special requirements? We are SUPER KEEN to listen to it. Just let us know. We’ll get all your POWER, voltage, and Alternating current demands. Explore the EXACT designs. And get it to you at the ACCURATE time. No MISSED deadlines. Smooth business. 

It is a TRUE WIN-WIN situation for your solar business! 


How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Do you have some special needs? We assess the quality, quantity, and specs of DEMANDS. Plus, get you an EXPERT MARKET analysis. You launch the APPETIZING inverters in the market. And boost your profit margins. 

  • Supplier Management

No need to OVERLOAD the work. We’ll manage A to Z about your Grid Tie micro inverter manufacturers. Apply multiple QUALITY checks. Monitor their performance. And optimize them according to your BUSINESS. Save TIME and focus on your business promotion. 

  • Contract Negotiation

It is time to ELIMINATE all the hurdles in the contracts. When our legal team enters, everything freezes out. We get the contracts signed. And get you a SEAMLESS experience. No time waste. No more COMPLEX contract process. Skyrocket your SALES by saving potential time.

  • Order Management

The load on your shoulders is high, right? No wonder it is HECTIC. But our professionals know it all. We confirm, track, and accept order changes for GRID TIE micro inverters wholesale. Your consumers get the BEST EXPERIENCE ever. And become loyal to your business.  

  • Logistics Coordination

Our whole system is INTEGRATED. You receive orders. We are READY to ship. Guaranteed timely shipping of GRID TIE micro inverters wholesale is there for you. Plus, your consumers get SHIPPING tracking. You don’t have to LOSE consumers due to delayed shipping.

  • Installation Support

Video support. Phone and remote guidance. We go across the BORDER to facilitate the installation process. You ease up your consumers. Win their TRUST. And IMPROVE the prestige of your business impactfully.  

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

Doors are OPEN with Flexible payments. CHOOSE PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit Cards for payments—no hidden fees. SAFELY transact. And avoid RISKS of payment fraud.

Western Union

Empower Your Solar Brand with Top-Notch Grid Tie Micro Inverters. Wholesale Deals Await – Take the First Step Today!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Grid Tie Micro Inverters Factory

Our micro inverters factory is the TOTAL POWERHOUSE. Automated production. Strict QUALITY control. And CUSTOMIZED solar power INVERTERS. Rise to the SKY as a SHINING star with reliable string inverter solutions.

inverter factory

packaging & shipping

Packing is QUITE popular—all thanks to the CUSTOM branded packaging we offer. Plus, safety is GUARANTEED. Your customers get inverters on time with 100% safety. And RUSH your business due to IMPRESSIVE deals.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Dhaka’s Solar Revolution: Mr. Mehdy’s Experience with Solar Power 

It was about a month ago when Mr. Mehdy talked to our team. He is the owner of a commercial building in Dhaka. He wanted us to save money for him through the electricity saving. And therefore, he talked to our experts about the complete solar panel system. 

His requirements were: 

  • Solar panels with a mounting system
  • 1000w Grid Tie micro inverters 
  • All the major components needed must be installed. 
  • Net metering at a single point with a branch terminator
  • Connected solar power with a utility module. 
  • High solar power to save electricity

After listening to his requirements, we started our quest. We found a grid tie micro inverter supplier. 

We got him the best deal. Check the quality. And we shipped the solar power inverters. Even we helped him install the solar inverters through remote guidance and detailed videos. 

That deal WENT successfully when we received the THANK YOU call from Mr. Mehdy. He said energy production is QUITE high, reducing his electricity bills. And now he is able to generate enough power. 

He appreciated the SOLAR POWER inverter quality. And he promised our team to WORK with us again. 

That is how we have been TRUE to the promise. And get you the best grade of a string inverter. 

Quality and PROFESSIONAL services is what makes up the most popular with a safer installation process.

What our customers say


The Leeline Energy team has been faithful to his words. I asked them to buy the solar inverters with a solar calculator. They got me the best price. And they helped me get the solar panel with a string inverter. Thank you! 

Robert T Alvarez

I am very thankful for the deal about my grid tie micro inverters. It has been very lucrative. I loved working with the team, too. Thank you, Leeline Energy team. 

Kathleen J Paul

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About Grid Tie Micro Inverters

    1. How long will I be profitable?

    It depends on how you source and create the margins. With higher margins, you’ll make more money. And your business will be profitable as long as you do so. 

    2. Where can I contact micro-inverter manufacturers for solar photovoltaic systems in India?

    There are many famous companies. Enphase microinverters. Darfon Electronics. Or Renesola. You need to find their CONTACTS. And talk to them about your solar energy system business. They will get you the best affordable micro inverters.

    3. What are the benefits of a micro inverter system?

    A micro inverter system can help: 

    · Convert the DC to AC current. 
    · It reduces the electricity bill by providing solar energy. 
    · It has a pretty high efficiency
    · Pretty safe 

    Many more benefits are there to get. 

    4. Are there any mid-tier micro inverter manufacturers that offer an OEM program?

    ABB and APP are two globally popular OEM solar energy system providers. You can get a variety of different inverters. Talk to them regarding the solar inverters. 

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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