Solar Panel Cable Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is the BEST when it comes to solar panel cables. We supply solar cables/wires WORLDWIDE. Our team ensures you get a steady supply chain, enabling you to sell to GLOBAL audiences. Enjoy increased sales for your business and grow your margins MASSIVELY.

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Premium Solar Panel Cable Features

We have the BEST solar panel cables in the market. Check out some of our cable features:

Premium Tinned Copper Core

This is as good as solar cabling gets. Our solar panels’ cables are tin-plated to prevent oxidation at HIGH TEMPERATURES. Improve the reliability of the conductors in any environment. Also, it enhances UV resistance and increases their overall service life.

Gain customer satisfaction and a HUGE reputation in the marketplace. As well as scale your business to GREATER HEIGHTS.


Nothing comes close to the durability of our solar photovoltaic cables. They are HIGH STRENGTH and ABRASION RESISTANT. Even when exposed to environmental stresses. And they can also last more than 25 years! These cables are IP67-rated. So, they are waterproof and dustproof – no worries on rainy days!

MAXIMUM durability gives you a competitive edge. Build customer loyalty, which BOOSTS overall sales.

Wide Application Field

There’s nothing that our solar panel cables cannot handle. From solar panel interconnection. Inverter connection. Battery bank connection. Grounding. Moreover, they are used to connect solar panels to charge controllers in RVs and boats.

Help you attract A LOT of customers with different needs. Hence improving your global market reach and increasing revenue streams.

Low Smoke and Zero Halogen (LSZH)

Solar panel cables feature EXCELLENT materials that produce limited smoke. Non-toxic materials when subjected to high temperatures or fire. Hence maintaining their performance over time. Increasing their reliability.

You get to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Become customers’ No.1 choice and grow your business TENFOLD.

Standard Insulation Thickness

Leeline Energy solar cables offer MAXIMUM safety! Our cables are designed with thick insulation to prevent electrical leakage. This protects users from short circuits. While maintaining the cable’s efficiency at the same time.

Customers love their SAFETY! And if you offer them this – endless sales FOREVER!

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Advantages Of The Best Solar Panel Cable Services

customer support

Reliable Customer Care

We have a 24/7 customer support system that ensures your complaints are solved in time. You never miss a sale due to unresolved disputes. Customers LOVE IT. It fosters word-of-mouth referrals, which GREATLY reduces your customer acquisition costs.


Flexible Ordering

You don’t need an EXPENSIVE budget to purchase solar equipment cables. We reduce your financial burden by offering zero minimum order quantities. You get to save more money to cover operating costs and warehousing. Or to invest in other income-generating activities.

Professional Customization 

Professional Customization

Leeline Energy brings your designs to life with our custom options. From custom length cable to customized connectors, just name it! Attract more customers with unique requirements and grow your profits in a HUGE way.


Reasonable Packaging Solutions

The safety of your solar panel cables is our No.1 priority. We ensure your cables reach customers UNDAMAGED. Or pollution. Get HAPPY CUSTOMERS who will be more than willing to refer you to more customers.

Quick Shipping

Fast Shipment Guarantee

We promise to get your solar panel cables in the SHORTEST TIME possible. No delivery delays, no apology emails, nothing! Of course, FAST DELIVERIES improve customer loyalty. Increasing their chances to keep coming back for more future purchases.


Exceptional Technical Capability

Solar panel cables are assembled with sophisticated machines to ensure HIGH EFFICIENCY. QUICK PRODUCTION and on-time product delivery. You build an IRRESISTIBLE brand and gain a huge market share. Enjoy high revenues.

A Wide Range of Applications



Ground Mounted

Ground Mounted

Roof Solar Panel

Roof Solar Panel

Solar farms

Solar farms

Micro inverter

Micro inverter



Solar Panel Cable Production Line

We assemble our materials, which include copper conductors, connectors, and insulating materials. Then, we draw the copper wire to reduce its diameter. Followed by stranding to obtain stranded copper conductors.

Preceding steps include. Curing, Conductor Identification, Jacket Extraction, Cable Printing and Testing. Each step is done with attention to detail to attain HIGH LEVELS of quality. Leading to consistent sales and financial stability.

Product Parameters

ConductorClass 5 tinned copper conductor
No. of Cores1-3
Conductor Typestranded
Insulation125℃ cross-linked polyolefin
Jacket(Sheath)125℃ cross-linked polyolefin
StandardsBS EN 50618:2014
DC1.5 KV
AC1.0/1.0 KV
Nominal cross-sectional area of conductor(mm²)1.5~240(mm²)
ApplicationPhotovoltaic power generation system
ColorsRed Black or custom
Ambient temperature-40℃ ~+90℃
Max. Temperature at conductor+120 ℃

Power up your brand with premium solar panel cables! Elevate your wholesale business with our reliable, high-performance cables – the backbone of solar success. Click now to spark a brighter future!


Our solar panel cables are backed by TOP industrial certifications. These include CE, TUV, FCC, ISO14001, and ETL. Establish yourself as an AUTHENTIC dealer. Build your reputation.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Leeline Energy experts inspect each solar system cable works PERFECTLY. We spot any defects and make necessary replacements/adjustments. Rest easy knowing that you won’t get any complaints or disputes from customers. In turn, you build a positive brand image and skyrocket your profit margins. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

We have a decade of experience in the solar industry. Delivering premium solar panel cables. To our customers WORLDWIDE. Our team comprises 150+ professionals working TIRELESSLY to ensure you get quality products, shorter lead times, and secure packaging.

You, my friend. Get ready to scale your business and enjoy MASSIVE ROI from our cooperation. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Finding the RIGHT solar panel cable manufacturer can be daunting. But with Leeline Energy, this is a no-brainer. We’ve partnered with the MOST TRUSTED cable manufacturers in the industry. So you don’t have to juggle between multiple suppliers at the same time.

You get to save money and precious time. That way, you focus more on brainstorming strategies to beat your competitors.

sourcing agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Be in the know of risky solar panel cable transactions with our expert advice. We understand how important good quality and timely delivery is for your business. That’s why we help you avoid such risks that might jeopardize your operations.

Avoid unnecessary losses due to scammers. ALWAYS keep your business running.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

You matter to us more than ANYTHING! That’s why your interests will always come first. We go over and beyond to ensure your instructions. Solar panel cable requirements are followed to match YOUR PREFERENCES. 

And the quality? PREMIUM! Say hello to thousands of sales every month. Watch how you transform into a TRUSTED authority in the solar marketplace.

standardized procedure

We have a systematic procedure to ensure quality is adhered to every step of the way. From production to delivery. Every customer gets EXCELLENT solar panel cable quality. Thus improving satisfaction and loyalty.

Happy customers will ALWAYS come back for more. Guaranteeing you long-term business sustainability.

custom solutions

Let’s bring your custom designs to meet customer’s unique needs and requirements. Get solar panel cables rated with sunlight resistance capabilities. Direct burial, wear resistance or custom length cable. Leave the work for us.

Make your brand IRRESISTIBLE with options for a wide variety of customers. Command higher price points.

Our Payment

Pay with cash, credit card, PayPal, Payoneer, or bank transfers – whatever works for you. We’ve secured each method to ensure your details are safe from fraudsters. Enjoy safe transactions without the worry of losing your money.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

We take a keen interest in your product quality, specification, and other requirements. That, coupled with our detailed market research, sets you up for MASSIVE success. Give you a competitive edge against well-established solar businesses.

  • Supplier Management

Gone are the days when you had to spend countless hours. Finding TRUSTWORTHY solar panel cable suppliers. We do! Our teams find, evaluate, and connect you with the RIGHT cable supplier. 

Save time by working with suppliers you always count on, even during uncertainty. Rake in thousands of dollars in profits.

  • Contract Negotiation

Say goodbye to tons of legal paperwork and contract agreements. Our legal team takes up the challenge. Ensure you are in the RIGHT books. You get a FAIR DEAL in every business dealing. Enjoy SEAMLESS business transactions and establish yourself as a CREDIBLE seller.

  • Order Management

We take charge of your ENTIRE orders from start to finish. These include production planning, conducting quality inspections, and product supervision. Also, we handle any quality issues that might occur during the production stages. 

Reduce supply chain risks and improve customers’ trust. Consequently enhancing business continuity.

  • Logistics Coordination

Leeline Energy handles your shipping, warehousing, and distribution. ALL shipments arrive on time – with NO DAMAGES. Again, this reduces the costs of having multiple companies handling your logistics separately. Enjoy a positive reputation and increase the valuation of your solar business.

  • Installation Support

Installations are a breeze with our detailed installation videos and guides. Plus, we offer follow-up telephone communications. Remote guidance to help your customers connect pv wire cables with their systems.

Get countless positive reviews from satisfied customers that boost your brand image.

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Panel Cable Factory

Leeline Energy’ solar panel cable factory sits on 18,000 square feet of land. We have automated systems and a large team of workers. To ensure a HIGH PRODUCTION capacity. Get your wholesale solar panel cables on time to keep your business running. Enjoy MASSIVE market dominance. 


Ignite growth in your solar business! Source top-tier solar panel cables for wholesale success. Click to connect your brand with excellence today!

Packing & Delivery

Get reel packaging for your solar cables for long distances. Bundle packaging for short distances. These two ensure cable safety. We’ve partnered with RELIABLE courier partners to ensure cables arrive on time. Build strong relationships with customers and enhance profitability.


Successful Project


Cracking the Code: Abubakar’s Journey to Unmatched Solar Brilliance

Abubakar is an Egyptian realtor who needed help finding the right solar panel cables. Although he had bought some from a local company. He noticed a decline in his solar system performance EVERY TIME. He needed a solution first.

From the first interaction, Mr. Abubakar was very detailed in explaining his problems. Which made it easier for our teams to find a long-lasting solution. He mentioned cable discoloration, cracking, and dust accumulation.

It was evident that HIGH TEMPERATURES. And STRONG WINDS were the biggest cause for concern. So, we offered him sunlight-resistant solar cables. These cables also feature corrosion-resistant and waterproof materials.

The cables were packed in reels and placed inside sturdy corrugated boxes. Then shipped to Egypt within 2 weeks.

For installation. We offered on-site installations for the cables in each of the 38 units in his estate. The project was a success! Abubakar called to give thanks for a job well done. He even assured us of another contract for his upcoming project.

From a follow-up conversation. Abubakar appreciated our cable’s quality. Good communication. And prompt delivery. It’s been 11 months, and he says the cables are still as good as new. “You can’t tell the difference.”

What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy delivered 100% quality solar panel cables for my solar panel system. I encourage anyone to shop with them, you’ll love it!!!

Ahmed Rashid

My solar panel cable arrived today, and lemme tell you, these guys are the real deal. Their customer service team is super-friendly – always ready to help. The delivery was fast too! First impressions? These cables are high-quality and look durable, no cap!

Jules Gabriel

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Panel Cable

    1. How do I choose solar panel cable suppliers?

    Choosing the RIGHT solar panel cable supplier is crucial for your business.
    You can check the supplier’s online reputation and industry experience. Go through previous buyer reviews to get insight into what they think about the supplier.

    Check the supplier’s certifications. And lastly, read about their warranty and return policies.

    2. What cable should be used for solar panels?

    We recommend PV wires because of their THICK insulation and jacket. Plus, they are made of flame and sunlight-resistant materials. This makes them a GOOD choice for ungrounded PV power systems. They are exposed to harsh conditions compared to grounded systems.

    3. How do I identify poor-quality extended solar panel cables?

    First up, check for the insulation material for the cables. A good cable should have thick insulation material which makes them durable. Also, check for the cable’s flexibility. Quality cables are designed to be flexible. Unlike counterfeits, which are stiff and rigid. Remember to check the cable’s thickness. Poor-quality cables are thin and more prone to overheating.

    4. What is the difference between a PV cable and a normal cable?

    PV cables are made EXACTLY for solar power systems. They are much more flexible and feature sunlight and temperature-resistant materials. On the other hand, normal cables are designed for general electrical use. Normal cables are generally less flexible. And do not have the same resistant materials (as PV cables). 

    Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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