7kw Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer

Looking for solar solutions? Leeline Energy has got you covered in the new green energy scene! With over 10 years of experience, we bring RICH EXPERTISE to the table. Trust us to bring RELIABLE & HOT products that elevate your sales globally.

NO NEED to stress about suppliers either – we’re always on it. We’ll ensure you get HIGH-QUALITY, DEPENDABLE solutions. So your business can THRIVE and GROW hassle-free.

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Premium 7kw Hybrid Inverter Features

Rocking the GREEN ENERGY game with Leeline Energy, a trusted player? Here is what our 7kw hybrid inverter brings:

High power density

Our hybrid inverter system is small but MIGHTY. With a high-power DENSITY, they maximize EFFICIENCY. And they save space for your solar panel system or hybrid inverter setup. Their high-frequency design ensures TOP PERFORMANCE at all times.

So you go FULL-SPEED ahead with CONFIDENCE. And establish your BUSINESS as the go-to for the IDEAL solar panel system!

Active safety

These inverters come equipped with active SAFETY MEASURES. The measures include reverse connect protection, high voltage protection, and overload protection. OVERCURRENT PROTECTION is also always on duty.

These shield the hybrid inverter system from harm from EXCESS LOADS. That is from solar panels or the grid. You WON’T need to WORRY about RETURNS or EXCHANGES due to electrical power damage.

Wide PV input range

Level up your power system with our kick-ass inverters! We offer a wide PV input range that easily HOOKS CUSTOMERS up to solar panels with loads of up to 500V. Talk about FLEXIBILITY on any connected battery system!

MORE CHANCES for your hybrid inverter system to SHINE. And it will ELEVATE SALES and help you take the MARKET by STORM.

Parallel support

Upgrade your power game with our unbeatable hybrid inverters designed for PARALLEL CONNECTION! Your customers can install & connect up to 12 solar panels or pieces in a system. Hello, serious power! This is backed up & connected by built-in WiFi, GPRS, and fancy communication features like RS232/RS485.

It’s a win-win for growing your BUSINESS REPUTATION. Customers will trust you in a heartbeat and keep on COMING BACK for more, raising your SALES!

Simple management

Managing a power system has never been SIMPLER! With our inverters, your customers can say goodbye to COMPLICATED SETUPS. Our easy-to-plug terminal design makes installation a breeze, giving customers a HASSLE-FREE EXPERIENCE.

All this gives your clients SEAMLESS CONTROL and an amazing PRODUCT EXPERIENCE. Having power should be as easy as pie, and customers will praise in the market YOU  FOR IT!

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Advantages Of The Best 7kw Hybrid Inverter Services

Strict Quality Check

Strict Quality Check

Relax! We bring you with our top-notch quality check. Your brand will OOZE TRUST, bringing LOYAL CUSTOMERS and rave REVIEWS your way. With us by your side, REPEAT BUSINESS is a total breeze – no-brainer!

solar designs

Custom Solar Designs

Get ready to rock the solar world with our genius CUSTOM DESIGNS! Leeline Energy helps you establish that brand. And we AMPLIFY your image while TAILORING things to meet your unique needs.


Reasonable packaging

Sit back and relax! Our packaging is the BOMB. We get your product structure inside out. That ensures top protection from BREAKAGE, EXTRUSION, or any DAMAGE that comes its way. So customers trust you to provide DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS!

Optimizing Procurement Cost

Clear-Cut Transactions

NO WORRIES about shady transactions! We keep it real by showing you the nitty-gritty of all costs involved. This transparency works like a CHARM. It ATTRACTS loads of customers and keeps your PROFITS in check.

Various shipping methods

Enjoy transportation that kicks some serious butt! We’ve revamped our methods to be super ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT. That makes sure your goods excel in the INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Prepare to dominate!


Timely after-sales service

Rest easy after your purchase, knowing we’re here to LEND A HAND! Our experienced team provides TOP-NOTCH after-sales service that EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS. Count on us for happy customers who keep coming back!

A Wide Range of Applications



Factory use

Factory Use

Field power supply

Field Power Supply





Solar carport

Solar Carport

7kw Hybrid Inverter Production Line

We start by ASSEMBLING components on a PCB, then test and hook up TRANSFORMERS. This setup process is just what you need!

Establishes solid QUALITY STANDARDS and promotes INDUSTRY RECOGNITION for your brand!

Product Parameters

Maximum PV Input Power8200W10200W
Rated Output Power8200W/8200VA10200W/10200VA
Maximum Solar Charging Current160A
PV Input(DC)
Nominal DC Voltage/Maximum DC Voltage360VDC/500VDC
Start-up Voltage/Initial Feeding Voltage90VDC/120VDC
MPPT Voltage Range90VDC~450VDC
Number of MPPT/Max Input Current1/27A
Norminal Output Voltage220/230/240VAC
Output Valtage Range195~253VAC
Norminal Output Current35.6A44.3A
Power Factor>0.99
Feed-in Grid Frequency Range 49~51±1Hz
Max Conversion Efficiency(DC/AC)98%
Full Load8200W10200W
Maximum Main Load8200W10200W
Max Second Load(battery mode)2733W3400W
Main Load Cut Off Voltage44VDC
Main Load Return Voltage54VDC
AC Input
AC Start-up Voltage/Auto Restart Voltage120-140VAC/180VAC
Acceptable Input Voltage Range90-280VAC or 170-280VAC
Maximum AC Input Current40A50A
Nominal operating frequency50/60Hz
Surge power16400W20400W
Maximum DC Voltage500VDC
MPPT Voltage Range90VDC~450VDC
Numben of MPPT/Max Input Current1/27A
Nominal Output Voltage220/230/240VAC
Output WaveformPure sine wave
Efficiency(DC to AC)94%
Nominal DC Voltage48VDC
Maximum Solar Charging Current160A
Maximum AC Charging Current140A
Carton Dimension,D*W*H(mm)588*463*205
Net Weight(Kg)14.214.5
Gross Weight(Kgs)15.716
Communication PortRS232/WiFi/Remove LCD/GPRS
Operating Temperature-10~50℃

Transform your wholesale business operations with our 7kW hybrid inverters. Discover the perfect balance between performance and sustainability. Contact us now and let’s build a greener, more powerful future for your brand.


Our certifications from CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001 & CSA are top-tier! By choosing us, you dispel all CUSTOMER DISTRUST and GROW your business in the market.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Buckle up for quality inspections on our amazing solar energy systems. Your BRAND’S IMAGE will skyrocket. That is due to FEWER RISKS, COMPLAINTS, and DISPUTES to worry about!

Why Choose Us?

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’ve got the product sourcing game down after 10 years. We come through with a BIG TEAM with lots of EXPERIENCE! Count on us for your 7kw hybrid inverter wholesale needs.

That allows you to SKIP all those FAULTY CHEAP OPTIONS in the market – we link you with reliable factories! Together, help you meet RISING DEMAND and BOOST PROFITABILITY effortlessly.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

FORGET the hassle of dealing with many 7kw hybrid inverter suppliers! We have it covered. Trust us to deliver exactly what your customers crave. NO WORRIES, we take care of sourcing, quality checks, and shipping. 

You? Just concentrate on meeting CUSTOMER DEMANDS and GROWING your business!

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We’re experts in PROTECTING solar businesses from TRANSACTION RISKS. No more quality issues, delayed deliveries, expensive shipping fees, and scams – gone! When you work with our 7kw hybrid inverter MANUFACTURERS. It’s a smooth sailing process with hardcore security.

Our pro team works round the clock answering all your queries because it really matters. Enjoy SMOOTHER MANAGEMENT and REDUCED DOWNTIME. You also level up your BUSINESS PERFORMANCE like never before.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

Our team has your SATISFACTION down pat! Your 7kw hybrid inverter needs are our TOP PRIORITY, no joke. Count on us to go above and beyond, solving any problem from YOUR perspective.

Trust me, you won’t be let down. We help you ACHIEVE FANTASTIC and LASTING BUSINESS GROWTH, my friend!

standardized procedure

Get ready to score the best 7kw hybrid inverter with our killer STANDARD PROCEDURES. We rely on a process that’s professional, reliable, and guaranteed. So LESS WASTE & FEWER QUALITY PROBLEMS.

Your customers will be SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED with your choice. And your ability to meet their CHANGING DEMANDS positioning you way AHEAD OF THE MARKET. 

custom solutions

We get it. You have unique needs and goals. No worries! We don’t bring you any run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter solutions. We’ll customize things to fit you perfectly. Our goal? Making sure we leave a BIG SMILE on your face with top-notch service.

We have the 7kw hybrid inverter that will make your business shine. Be MORE COMPETITIVE and watch those GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES roll in!

Our Payment

You’ve got payment OPTIONS GALORE! Choose what suits you best and FEEL SECURE. No more fraud-induced LOSSES as we ease your worries and PRIORITIZE CUSTOMER satisfaction!

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We’re all about the deets, buddy! Your demand assessment is our TOP PRIORITY. Whether it’s specs, quantities, or quality – your demands are safe!

That frees up your CORPORATE RESOURCES, allowing you to handle RESOURCE ALLOCATION effectively.

  • Supplier Management

Want experts helping high-quality hybrid inverter suppliers? We guide you EVERY STEP of the way and ensure they MEET your EXPECTATIONS.

With us, QUALITY CONTROL is easy – become a MARKET LEADER with the best 7kw hybrid inverter products!

  • Contract Negotiation

Let us handle the nitty-gritty of your CONTRACT DETAILS. We make sure things are A-OK with your 7kw hybrid inverter deal.NO MONKEYING AROUND! Benefit from saving money, lowering RISKS, and uplifting BUSINESS PROFITS.

  • Order Management

Leave the order management headache to us. We’ll handle confirmations, tracking, and changes – you name it! 

Our expert team ENSURES customers get WHAT they order STRESS-FREE. Watch your operational COSTS SHRINK as we take over the load!

  • Logistics Coordination

Yes, we’ve got logistics covered! How? We promptly ship your 7kw hybrid inverter without worry. Our on-time and DAMAGE-FREE deliveries guarantee CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. And it keeps them COMING BACK for more!

  • Installation Support

Install our 7kw hybrid inverter with ease! FOLLOW our simple instructions and helpful videos. We’re also here for REMOTE ASSISTANCE. 

The timely setup ensures a great CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and amplifies the BUSINESS IMAGE. Plus, it LOWERS the COSTS associated with the setup.

Our Reliable Partners


Our 7kw Hybrid Inverter Factory

Wanna know what our 7kw hybrid inverter factory brings? It boasts High-tech automation equipment and technology. That allows you to slash production time, minimize mistakes, and ace product quality and reliability. And it comes with big sales success!

inverter factory

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

No worries about boring CUSTOMS DUTIES – we have it handled! Leave the PAPERWORK and procedures to us. Focus on delivering your GOODS in a jiffy and rockin’ your CORE BUSINESS.


Successful Project

How We Support You?

A Green Dream Come True: Leeline Energy Powers Farming with Solar Energy

Leeline Energy is all about rocking the BEST SOLAR SOLUTIONS! We team up with awesome wholesalers & trusted installers like you!

Our farmer friend from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines struggled with electricity prices. So it was about time we stepped in!

Here’s the deal: UNSTABLE POWER GRID + unreliable diesel generators = major problem fest! The thing is, those diesel suckers are noisy AF and cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

Our game-changing solution? Off-grid solar power systems that harness pure SUNLIGHT for ELECTRICITY. All this without any of that drama!

That’s right, folks; after some intense research sesh, he picked us as his top dog supplier. Leeline Energy, baby! Our engineers brought EXPERTISE, PROFESSIONALISM, and SUPERIOR QUALITY like no other.

We hopped straight into action mode by doing all sorts of engineering ju-ju magic. That included assessing LOAD DEMANDS at his groovy farm spot. Plus, we designed/customized a perfect 15kva solar system made just for him.

The package arrived turbo-fast. And putting it together was smooth sailing with our handy-dandy manual fulfillment GUIDEBOOK.

And boom! With his brand-spankin’ new 15000W green energy fixer-upper machine gadget set up.

His farming dreams have come true! With his shiny new 15000W solar generator up and running, our friend had NO MORE power worries.

Now, he is embracing all the perks of going green with clean energy. And this solar solution also saves him boatloads on MAINTENANCE COSTS. Talk about hitting two coconuts with one stone!

Their thumbs-up choice in Leeline Energy proves that they’ll be singing praises. We know it! From high product performance to an out-of-this-world experience—you are safe.

case inverter
What our CUSTOMERs say


Man, Leeline energy is the bomb! I bought their COMPLETE solar system with a battery system and off-grid capability. The lead acid batteries in my BATTERY SYSTEM keep me powered up all day long. And the AWESOME solar panels soak in that sweet sun juice.

Plus, with their inverters and charger COMBO, my voltage stays steady. So I can power all my loads without any issues. It’s just what I needed for my off-grid homes and more!

Jonas C Robinson

Leeline Energy is incredible! Their off-grid complete solar system with battery really keeps me powered up. The inverter charger and the VOLTAGE OPTIONS pair perfectly with my solar panels. They bolster optimal self-consumption.

They even customized the system to fit my SPECIFIC LOCATION and load requirements. What more could you ask for your OFF-GRID NEEDS? Try them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Joel T Thompson

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

    Phone / Whatsapp







    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 7kw Hybrid Inverter

    1. Can I run hybrid inverter without battery?

    No batteries? No problem! A hybrid inverter can still work its magic. It gets juiced up from the solar and utility grid, no sweat. But when power cuts out, a battery backup can save your day and keep those important home circuits running smoothly!

    2. Which is better on grid off-grid or hybrid?

    Energy storage? No prob! On-grid: no need. Off-grid: fat stacks of storage. And hybrids? Storage depends on loads. But remember, in an on-grid setup with no juice from the national grid and no storage. Bummer, blackout alert!

    3. How long should I leave my hybrid solar inverter without turning it off to rest?

    No need to shut down your hybrid solar inverter for a break. It’s built to go non-stop without breaks or downtime. So keep the power flowing and enjoy those sunny vibes all day long!

    4. Who is the best supplier of a hybrid solar inverter?

    Leeline Energy is a top-of-the-line supplier of hybrid solar inverters. They’ve been cranking out amazing products. And partnering with the best manufacturers in town for over a decade now.

    5. Does a hybrid solar inverter have an inbuilt charger?

    Some kickass hybrid solar inverters have a built-in inverter charger. This means they can charge that connected battery bank using sweet solar power. That also applies to the grid when backup is needed!

    Efficiency meets innovation in our 7kW hybrid inverters. Wholesale buyers, join hands with us to secure the best inverter technology for your brand’s expansion. Get in touch today for unbeatable deals.

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