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Premium Off-Grid Inverters Features

Leeline Energy is your TRUSTY green energy partner. Here is what our offerings bring you.

High PV Input Voltage Range

Why limit your power in the world? Our solar off-grid inverters can HANDLE high PV input voltage like a boss. And with battery voltages of 24VDC/48VDC and up to 500V from the MAX PV Array Open Circuit Voltage. 

They have ROCK-SOLID & reliable power even in the wildest energy ROLLERCOASTER ride. Your business gets LOYALTY guaranteed with our off-grid systems!

Multiple Modes

Hold onto your hats! This solar off-grid inverter is all about MULTIPLE-MODE power wizardry. The FULL DIGITAL control has advanced technology spewing a PURE SINE WAVE output. 

Think MAINS BYPASS and unstoppable inverter power delivery for your alternate current needs. You join the customer review PARTY today, as customers will be talking great about you!

Flexible communication

Our wicked cool off-grid inverter option is NO ORDINARY power converter. It comes with a sleek detachable LCD control module. You can flex your REMOTE MAGIC up to 20 meters away from your BELOVED INVERTER!

Customers can place it wherever in the HOUSE. Think of a swanky wall or a weird SECRET place inside someone’s fridge if FANCY strikes! And guess what? This groovy setup improves product COMPETITIVENESS. You rock that market and tackle potential SALES bigger than ever before!

Safety assurance

We offer you a power-packing inverter that is ready to rock your CUSTOMERS’ off grid systems! It’s got amazing built-in MPPT solar control tech to offer the best assurance. That includes overcharge and SHORT CIRCUIT protection tricks. 

Even the busiest brainiac will be obsessed with its AUTOMATIC ALARM reminders! They are so hot they’ll SPREAD like wildfire, skyrocketing PROFITS for savvy enterprises!

Smart Battery Charger Design

Our inverters rock with a genius BATTERY CHARGER trick for SMOOTH OPERATION! Your customers get to pick the right CURRENT and juggle alternating current (AC) power. And hey, our power inverter also works great with mains or gen power. 

Plus, they magically restart when the AC gets its act together. Poof! You get EXPANSION benefits for your biz and status GROWTH in the industry scene!

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Solar Inverters by Watts

5kw Off-Grid Inverters

5kw Off-Grid Inverters

A totally RELIABLE solar inverter is the choice we bring you, boss! They MANAGE ENERGY like workhorses. BLACKOUTS on the grid? No sweat! Our Off-Grid Inverters power your customers up. Outdoor parties, rain or shine — outdoor-friendly design got them COVERED. 

And get this: BIGGER YIELDS for that cash money flow. Plus, you REAP TRUST from customers pouring in to GET that power inverter like there’s no tomorrow!

8kw Off-Grid Inverters

8kw Off-Grid Inverters

Guess what? Our inverters are super SMART — they MONITOR your power like ninjas! Customers can stay in the loop 24/7, thanks to REMOTE access and GPRS.

No need to be tied down anymore even with an off-grid system.That means larger PROFITS rolling in, and your biz reaching new heights of SUCCESS!

10kw Off-Grid Inverters

10kw Off-Grid Inverters

Check it out; our widely used inverters know how to party with DIFFERENT SETUPS! That SP series is all the rage in HOMES and OFFICES alike. With over 6000 deep cycles, high DOD, and trusty PHOSPHATE BATTERIES.

We’re talking peak performance that SMASHES the COMPETITION into space-bound stardust!

Empower Your Brand’s Future! Discover Profitable Wholesale Solutions with Our High-Performance Off-Grid Inverters.

Advantages Of The Best Off-Grid Inverters Services


Top Technical Capability

We’re about those top-class tech skills. Our PHOTOVOLTAIC modules go above and beyond with max energy EFFICIENCY. That means we keep upgrading our GAME to earn RECOGNITION and big-time praise for your biz!

Professional Customization

Professional Customization

Customization is our middle name. We know your customers’ needs INSIDE OUT and tailor solutions just for them. This builds a knock-out image, attracting CUSTOMERS left and right. That’s more sales hitting the roof!

Quality Control

Strict Quality Control

We bring the top-tier quality game! By maintaining STRICT CONTROL, your enterprise gains customer TRUST like nobody’s business. NO MORE reputation-harming problems and BAD REVIEWS – with us on board!


Clear-Cut Transactions

Get ready for TRANSPARENCY at its finest! Our clear-cut transactions ensure all costs are UPFRONT and accurate. This means an influx of HAPPY CUSTOMERS heading your way. All that while keeping those profits STEADY as a rock.

Multiple Supplier Management  

Supplier evaluation

Our supplier evaluation standards? They’re on ANOTHER LEVEL, boss! We only work with suppliers who bring REASONABLE PRICES and top quality to the table. You have a SMOOTH supply chain and get that VIP treatment. Also, enjoy STELLAR SUPPORT for your biz!



At our place, there’s no MINIMUM QUANTITY nonsense! You fill orders without restrictions. We lower your INVENTORY COSTS. And you say hello to better purchasing for those SWEET profit margins.

Creative Applications of Solar Inverters


Farming with Solar Inverters





Power supply

Power Supply



Commercial Building

Commercial Building

Precise production process

Ready for some awesomeness? Our off-grid inverter production team is nothing if not THE BEST. We are PROFESSIONAL, EFFICIENT, and get things done right. Your customers totally TRUST the quality of our solar products! And you build ENDURING solid business relationships with them.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our certified off-grid system is CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO14001, and CSA-approved! PICK US and level up your enterprise efficiency while boosting CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our team brings some seriously awesome inspections to our sweet off-grid inverters manufacturers. So, fear not! Choosing us takes your BRAND’S IMAGE to the next level with NO STRESS, COMPLAINTS, or HASSLE.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is the dream team when it comes to PRODUCT SOURCING. With 10 years of experience and EXPERT KNOWLEDGE, our crew is one you can TRUST. Say goodbye to crappy low-quality options – they WON’T bother you anymore! Our awesome off-grid inverters suppliers will guarantee your SUCCESS.

Your business gets skyrocketing SALES and LOWER COSTS with our super SMOOTH sailing sourcing process.

One-stop Sourcing

Tired of dealing with countless suppliers for off-grid inverters? Don’t worry; we are here with the solutions! Our team knows about off-grid inverters, FACTORIES, and CUSTOMERS. Trust us to meet your needs perfectly.

You chill while we HANDLE things on the supply side. From BUYING to QUALITY CHECKS and delivery – we are here for it all! Enjoy saving TIME, MONEY, and RESOURCES with us!


Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

We really care when it comes to keeping your cash safe and sound. No worrying about those off-grid inverters WHOLESALE TRANSACTIONS – we minimize FRAUD RISKS!

With us, you can enjoy economic benefits while MAINTAINING CONTROL of your business. And get this: you get the BEST CONSUMER REPUTATION.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

Your satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY! We’re all about going the EXTRA MILE for your off-grid inverters. Our solar inverters solutions CIRCULATES around your DIRECTIONS. Any issues? Consider them SOLVED from YOUR point of view.

Trust us when we say you WON’T be disappointed! Get ready for amazing, LONG-LASTING business GROWTH!

Standardized Procedure

Guess what? We’ve got some mad skills when it comes to our awesome service process. Get ready for professionalism and reliability every SINGLE STEP of the way, my friend. Whether it’s projects or services, we go all out with MIND-BLOWING world-class quality!

You’ll be known as a SUPER DEPENDABLE off-grid inverters provider that stays on top – no doubt about it. And hey, get ready for INCREASED SALES volume and major SUCCESS!

Custom Solutions

We totally come through when it comes to off-grid inverters. NO WORRIES here! We understand exactly what you need. And we find the PERFECT SOLUTIONS tailored specifically for YOU.

No more CUSTOMER CONCERNS because we wipe them AWAY with our outstanding service. It’ll leave everyone happy ENOUGH to keep COMING BACK for more parts of their green system. That’s truly SUSTAINED BUSINESS right there!

How We Support You?

Reliable and Trustworthy
  • Demand Assessment

Let’s get to work! We help you lock down those specifications, quantities, and quality requirements. 

Trust our MARKET RESEARCH and COMPETITIVE intel. All this arms you with smart decisions that guarantee solar BUSINESS SUCCESS!

  • Supplier Management

We handle all the hard work for YOU. That includes evaluating, choosing, and keeping tabs on Off-Grid Inverters supplier PERFORMANCE. Let us take care of it all so you DON’T waste any time or expenses. 

Now keep your gaze on what really matters – GROWING your business and acing that MARKETING game!

  • Contract Negotiation

DON’T STRESS about boring contracts! We are here for all of that. Whether it’s negotiating, drafting, or reviewing – we make sure things are FAIR and LEGAL. 

You just kick back and focus on smashing customer ACQUISITION and lead GENERATION!

  • Order Management

We are with you EVERY STEP of the way! When it comes to your Off-Grid Inverters orders, you can COUNT ON US for a smooth ride. 

Consider confirmation, tracking, changes, and cancellations as good to go! That means SEAMLESS business operations for your ULTIMATE CONTINUITY!

  • Logistics Coordination

Why stress over LOGISTICS when we are here? Our transportation, warehousing, and distribution for off-grid inverters are FAST and RELIABLE. 

Count on us for on-time delivery WITHOUT any damage. That gives you optimal efficiency with INCREASED PROFITS!

  • Installation Support

Installing our off-grid inverters? Easy peasy! Just like having SUPERPOWERS at your fingertips. 

We’ve got HELPFUL videos to get customers going, and if they need it, top-notch remote support is here, too. It’s all about making things EASY and boosting those SALES!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Our Payment

Pay SECURELY through our payment gateways – no WORRIES, SCAMS are not a thing here. You don’t have to worry about transaction scams anymore. Avoid the leakage of PAYMENT information. 

Western Union

Transform Your Brand with Our Off-Grid Inverters: Wholesale Partnerships Now Open. Join the Revolution!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Off-Grid Inverters Factory

Curious about our off-grid inverters factory? Good news! We’ve got an awesome production line that guarantees HUGE PRODUCTIVITY. You meet market demands faster. Plus, you deliver top products or services to ATTRACT & KEEP CUSTOMERS.

factory inverter

packaging & shipping

We’ve got a nifty service that handles CUSTOMS procedures and other things. So, you keep those customer connections STRONG. And it makes sure OLD CUSTOMERS stick around happily.

packaging & shipping

Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Leeline Energy’s Top-Notch Solar Solutions

Leeline Energy is at your service! We deliver the absolute BEST in solar energy solutions. And we work with the best wholesalers and engineering installers like YOURSELF.

For example, we got a call from this guy in the UK with a cool problem. He lived there, but his home was dead set in Ghana. His 5KW solar power system was giving him battery HEADACHES.

He wanted an upgrade on that sun-powered setup and called us for help. And, oh, he needed to make sure his AC worked great during those trips BACK HOME.

Our ENGINEERS had a NICE CHAT with the dude and gave him our RAD idea. That was to switch up the inverter to double its power at 10KW and throw in EIGHT fancy batteries. These were controlled by some magic MPPT gizmo that works like a CHARM. These keep going even when voltages change AROUND.

Now listen to why you should pick us: we’re all about QUALITY INSTALLATIONS, even in Africa! Happy peeps have installed our EPIC SOLAR DEALS over there before, so TRUST they know what’s good. Plus, we’ve got DDP service ready. So, things can be paid UPFRONT without hassle or sneaky extra charges later on the delivery day.

We got a thumbs-up from Mr.UK-to-Ghana traveler for their home. Then, we kickstarted shipping plans at light speed, along with bang-on UPDATES. The updates continued until the products’ arrival at the ACCRA GHANA warehouse. That is just 50 clicks tops away from the customers’ place!

We NAILED the installation by following our instructions and ensuring quality at EVERY STEP! Great job, team!

The customer was satisfied and swore by the QUALITY we brought to the table. In short, we delivered top the point as USUAL.

What our customers say


Leeline Energy is legit when it comes to solar systems. Their off-grid and pure sine wave inverters are sick – can power LOADS of boats in Europe! And their customer service rocks. They hook you up with the RIGHT SYSTEM, making sure things are connected flawlessly. So, stoked about my purchase from Leeline Energy, amigo!

Georgia M Middaugh

Leeline Energy set me up with a killer off-grid inverter – LEGIT STUFF! Kept my power rolling without hiccups, thanks to their PURE SINE WAVE inverter. And the battery-friendly off grid inverter charger? LIFESAVER! All my gadgets stay connected and doin’ fine. highly recommend ’em for on-the-move applications!

Matthew D Williams

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Off-Grid Inverters

    1. Does an off-grid inverter need reference voltage?

    Yup, an off-grid inverter needs a voltage reference to work right. It’s how the output voltage is controlled and keeps things running smoothly.

    2. Do you need batteries to use an off-grid inverter?

    Yep, if you’re rocking an off-grid inverter, batteries are a must! They hold all that juicy solar energy and power up your gadgets & electronics like magic.

    3. How do you test an off-grid inverter?

    When it comes to your off-grid inverter, there are some rad tests you wanna run. Check the efficiency, MPPT efficiency, and charge controller skills. Also, see how well it can handle protection concerns. Oh yeah – don’t forget about those battery reversals and insulation resistance.

    4. Which is better hybrid or off-grid inverter?

    Off-grid inverters do their own thing, with no syncing with the utility grid. Can’t pump solar or battery power back to the grid either. Hybrid inverters are different, though. They can totally give a boost to that good ol’ utility griddity-grid!

    5. How long do off-grid batteries last?

    So, here’s the deal with solar batteries. Y’all can expect ’em to stick around for 5-25 years on average. Lithium-ion ones are tops, though, going strong for up to 15 years! Battery type, install job, discharge depth, and how well you treat it play a big role in its longevity.

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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