300w Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is a SUSTAINABLE energy solution company. Dedicated to finding the BEST solar panels. And delivering the TAILORED solutions to the consumers. You grab the OPPORTUNITY to run your solar business with QUALITY solar panels. 

Speed up the PROGRESS of your solar business with our expert services! 

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Premium 300w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy offers professional NEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS customized to your business needs. You get the desired power, voltage, or designs of solar panels. 

Anti Reflective Glass.

The tempered glass in the 300w SOLAR PANELS has anti-reflective features. That means you are GOING to produce electricity from the MAXIMUM of the reflected light. Translucency is also 2% more than the TRADITIONAL solar panels

You are ready to FACILITATE your consumers with high module efficiency. And improve your BUSINESS recognition in the market. 

Half-cut Technology.

Are you tired of power losses from the SYSTEM? It is not going to happen again with the HALF-CUT technology. Half-cut cells measure the AVAILABILITY of sunlight. Work under shading. And reduce power losses. 

It guarantees the HIGH performing 300-watt solar panels. And it makes up more SALES for you! 

Good weak light performance.

Cloudy weather conditions? No sunlight is available. Our solar PANELS have a weak light performance. They accumulate the LIGHT from the sun. And collect current. It increases the POWER GENERATION by 3.4%. 

Delivering such a HIGH POWER GENERATION SOLAR panel positions your business better. And let you DEFEAT your competitors in a finger snap. 

High power output.

There is a massive opportunity for you to compare other solar panels with ours. You’ll observe a high-power OUTPUT. Per expert analysis, our module power is 5-25% more. That cuts the bills of your customers significantly. 

Total power OUTPUT decreases costs and improves returns for consumers. It directly MAKES your 300-watt solar panels more popular in the market. 

Wide range of application.

Our 300-watt solar panels are an ALL-IN-ONE solution. You use it for charging the BATTERIES. INDOOR EQUIPMENT fridges. It serves for domestic power generation. MONITORING systems. Municipal engineering applications. And many more that never ENDS for your consumers. 

Increase the ease of consumers with VERSATILE solar panels. And take your business to NEXT-LEVEL! 

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Advantages Of The Best 300w Solar Panels Services

Multiple Shipping Methods

On-time shipment Guarantee

Our shipping team works at LIGHTNING speed. Pack your 300-watt solar panels wholesale. And ships on time. You deliver all your orders on time. And increase customer satisfaction rate. 


Modern technology

We have deployed the LATEST manufacturing technology in our 300-watt solar panel factory. You obtain HIGH INTEGRITY of solar panels. And enhance brand Recognition by delivering QUALITY solutions to consumers. 

after-sales service

Reliable after-sale services

A dedicated team resolves all the SOLAR PROBLEMS before and after the purchase. You can get instant solutions for customers’ problems. And make new customers permanent with our FLAWLESS support. 


Robust packaging

Solar packaging is strong and keeps products safe during shipping to customers. You reduce the CUSTOMER return rate with our packaging. 


Customized design solution

Expert designers assist you with CUSTOMIZED solar designs. Better focus on the customers’ FAVORITE designs. Launch the SOLAR PANELs with features customers like. And improve your SALES. 

Reasonable quotes

We understand the importance of QUOTES. And get the practical quotes that JUSTIFY the solar quality. You don’t compromise on QUALITY for 300w solar panels. And set an EXAMPLE of QUALITY with our solar panels! 

A Wide Range of Applications





Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Home Roof

Home Roof

Outdoor Power

Outdoor Power

Solar Panels for Boats

Solar Panels for Boats

300w Solar Panels Production Line

The production setup is ABSOLUTE STUNNER in terms of EFFICIENCY. There is one THING for sure— HIGH production. You make NON-STOP REVENUE by selling solar panels with high productivity. 

Product Parameters

Electrical Characteristics AT STC
Model NumberBSM355M-60HPHBSM360M-60HPHBSM365M-60HPHBSM370M-60HPHBSM375M-60HPHBSM380M-60HPH
Maximum Power (Pmax/W)355360365370375380
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc/V)40.540.740.941.141.341.5
Short Circuit Current (Isc/A)11.1011.1511.2011.2611.3111.36
Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp/V)34.034.334.634.935.235.5
Current at Maximum Power (Imp/A)10.4510.5010.5610.6110.6610.71
Module Efficiency)%)19.319.619.820.120.420.8
Power Tolerance0-5W
Max System VoltageDC 1500/1000(1 EC)
Max Series Fuse Rating20A
Operating Temperature-40 C to + 85 C
STCIrradiance 1000W/m2, cell temperature 25C, AM 1.5

Are You Looking to Power Your Business with Renewable Energy? Explore Our Wholesale 300W Solar Panel Options and Learn How You Can Save on Energy Costs While Elevating Your Brand’s Environmental Responsibility.


Leeline crew gets you CERTIFICATES from 300-watt solar panel suppliers. These include TUV, ISO14001, ETL, and ISO9001. You make HIGHER SALES by taking your solar panel business to EUROPE or US markets. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Have you hired us for inspection? Don’t worry. We will GIVE YOU detailed reports of a 300-watt solar panel factory. You ensure the PRODUCT QUALITY. And upsurge the FLOW of customers to your solar panel kit. 

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member1

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Crew is not NEW in the solar panel INDUSTRY. Instead, they have been working with thousands of Customers for 10+ years. We help customers SET the realistic demands for the SOLAR PANEL KIT. Find the relevant suppliers. And procure reliable 300w SOLAR PANEL solutions.

Get an UPRISING graph for your business with our flawless team. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Sourcing. Warehousing. Packing. And Shipping. We are the GAME-CHANGER in all these aspects of handling your products. Our TOP TEAM explores the BEST-MATCHING 300w solar panels manufacturers. Procures the HIGHLY INTEGRAL solar panel kit. And ship it on time. 

Establish your brand image with our expert agents! 


business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Tired of B2B scams? No more. We protect you FIRST. We screen the TRANSACTIONS. Check the safety measures. And help you keep out of SCAMS. Plus, our timely delivery keeps the DELIVERY DELAYS thousands of miles away. You remain SATISFIED with seamless B2B trades and shipping. 

Keeps RISK of B2B fraudulent activities away. And avoid delivery delays with on-time shipments. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Shipped Worldwide

How We Work?


Customers are NUMBER 1 for us. We TALK to you regarding your IDEAS for the solar panel kit. Think from your PERSPECTIVE to give you valuable ideas. Provide promising solar panel kit solutions. You get DESIRED QUALITY solar panel options with our experts. 

Boost the TRUST of consumers with the QUALITY solar panel kit.


Worried about QUALITY and Standardized procedures? Leave it on our professionals. We understand the IMPORTANCE of ISO standards at the global level.   Check it when sourcing the solar panels. Confirms the HIGH STANDARDS of solar cells. And guarantees the FLAWLESS solar panel solution. 

You set an EXAMPLE of STANDARD quality with standardized procedures. 


Have you got any special requirements regarding voltage, design, or POWER? If yes, leave it to us. Our custom solutions give you SUPREME quality 300w solar panels with the REQUIRED feature. You can better focus on your CUSTOMERS’ needs

It is a TRUE WIN-WIN SITUATION for your solar panel business. 

Our Payment

Paypal, bank transfer, and credit cards are OUR popular payment options. You DEPEND on our payment safety with advanced protection systems. And avoid the risks of BANK information leakage

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Research it HECTIC. But no problem, our PROS can do it. We understand the SPECIFIC requirements related to quality, quantity, and power output. Plus, you get PROFESSIONAL market analysis. Boost up PROFITS by launching the RIGHT item in the market. 

  • Supplier Management

We find the TOP 300w solar panels SUPPLIERS. Evaluate their performances. And take a look at their PREVIOUS records. Plus, we confirm the HIGHEST QUALITY of 300-watt solar panels. You gain AUTHORITY in the market with our QUALITATIVE solar panels. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Once we have settled the DEAL, it is better to go ONE STEP ahead. Our legal experts sort out the CONTRACT. And avoid the hurdles in the SOLAR panel deals. You save time and BUSINESS resources with a seamless experience. 

  • Order Management

Is it a BIG BURDEN to handle the solar panels orders? Our one-STOP management is the ONLY solution. We confirm, store, pack, and ship all the ORDERS on time. It reduces the supply chain risks. And repeat CUSTOMERS due to better experience. 

  • Logistics Coordination

There is NOT A SINGLE logistic hurdle when working with the Leeline team. We do WAREHOUSING, PACKING, AND shipping. Everything goes according to plans and is ON TIME. You never lose a SINGLE customer due to delayed delivery. 

  • Installation Support

It’s not a SINGLE INSTALLATION problem your customers will face. It happens when we SUPPORT you with our detailed VIDEOS. These reduce the hassle of INSTALLATION. And keep your solar business flourishing when customers safely INSTALL the solar panels. 


Our Reliable Partners


Our 300w Solar Panels Factory

300-watt SOLAR PANEL factory leaves no stone UNTURNED to impress you. 18000-meter SQUARE AREA is enough for LARGE scale production with short LEAD times. You save COSTS on warehousing with our quick production show. 


Start with us to expand your solar business!

packaging & shipping

Our packaging is STRONG enough to keep your products. Plus, we have got the SKILLED shipping services. Our team ships your products on time. And increases customer loyalty to a greater extent. 


Successful Project


Mr. Potts is a BUILDING OWNER in the UK and wanted a 20k-watt solar power system. 

Mr. Potts called us last week. And he told us about the offset solar system he wanted. He mentioned that the price should be LOW or affordable. 

We went through the MARKET. Got him quality solar panels with impressive warranties. PLUS, we RECOMMENDED a battery, inverter, and charge controller for storing energy. 

Overall, this deal has been VERY SUCCESSFUL. 

Mr. Rehan lives in Egypt and called us for a foldable solar panel with ALUMINUM FRAME and quality solar cells. 

Mr. Rehan CONTACTED our sourcing team for recommendations on solar panels. We asked him to BUY the 300w SOLAR PANEL with an inverter system to RUN home appliances. 

We helped install it on the ROOF to capture the high intensity of SUN energy. And avoid factors affecting the EFFICIENCY. It has been great working with Mr. Rehan! 

How We Support You?
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline is the best team I have got so far. So smooth. Such experts suit your business and cover your problems with professionalism. I’ll indeed work with them 100 times if I get a chance. Thank you, team. 

Yung D Avery

A friend of mine referred me to leeline last week. Today, I am so happy after finalizing the best-fit solar panel for my home. It has been a smooth deal—all thanks to Leeline’s team efforts. 

Micheal J Pooley

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    People Also Ask About 300w Solar Panels

    1. How much equipment can be run by a 300W solar panel?

    It depends mainly on the TYPE of equipment you want to run. In residential areas, it can empower the lightning system and low-power devices. You must have batteries and a solar CHARGE CONTROLLER with high-efficiency panels to store electricity. 

    2. How much power can a 300W solar panel produce?

    A single 300-watt solar panel can generate 2.5-kilowatt hours per day. That becomes 900 kilowatt hours per year. It is ENOUGH energy to store if you have a battery and a solar charge controller. 

    3. Is it okay to connect six pieces of a 24V 300W solar panel in parallel?

    Yes. It is not a BIG DEAL if you connect. However, you might need a HIGHER operating voltage. It is because such a HIGH power is designed to work at a HIGH voltage of 30 or 32 volts. 

    4. What’s the wattage generated from 4 pieces of 300w solar panels?

    Theoretically, four parallel connected solar panels can produce 1200-watt electricity. But there is one PROBLEM. It is the sunlight that affects it. So, power generation will be less than 1200 watts, as featured. 

    5. What percentage of homes in the United States use solar power?

    According to some, 2.2% of the US homes use solar panel technology to produce renewable energy. It can increase over the YEARS based on the increased POPULARITY of solar cells. 

    Looking for a Competitive Edge in the Wholesale Solar Market? Discover How Our 300W Solar Panels Can Help You Lead the Charge in Clean Energy Solutions. Request a Consultation Today to Explore Your Options.

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