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Leeline Energy is a VERSATILE solar solution company that provides the best SOLAR inverter. LIGHTWEIGHT design and ULTIMATE quality NEVER leave you ALONE.  You FETCH sustainable energy solutions at HAND with POWERFUL SUPPLY CHAIN. And you turn up to a Huge Audience and raise your confidence. 

Get a STEEP rise in the performance of your solar inverter business! 

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Premium 50kw Inverter Features

Leeline Energy offers CUSTOMIZED inverter solutions. You get REQUIRED INPUT or output voltage solutions from our EXPERTS!

High power efficient

150% DC input to AC output. Can you just IMAGINE such a high-performing inverter? Our solar power inverter has a QUITE high efficiency of 99%. Plus, you get an ADDITIONAL tracking density of 56 MPPT/MW. 

With such OUTLINED features, your customers get FULL FLEDGED opportunities. Convert DC input into AC output. And grab high power. Boosts YOUR business faith in front of them!

Intelligent string monitoring

What if we give you the EINSTEIN of solar systems? There are Leeline Power Inverters. They have a SMART monitoring system. Check the MAXIMUM power transmission. Multiple MTTP design amplifies power production. 

Your customers will face LOW POWER losses. And generate maximum power. IMPROVE your business recognition quite quickly.


Our solar inverters have ONE more THING. And that is flexibility. Wide PV input voltage range. And DUAL MPP trackers. MPP trackers check the SHORT circuits. And implement DEFENSIVE methods. 

Your customers are safe from POWER surges. And turn their HEADS to your business.

Built-In protection

Are you TIRED of power surges? It can be a HEADACHE until the Leeline solar inverter TAKES the place. Our solar inverter has a BUILT-IN protection mechanism. It tackles overvoltage, undervoltage, and current surges. 

It minimizes the DECREASE in the performance of your solar power systems. And makes your BRAND a symbol of trust.

User friendly

We have GONE one STEP more into the solar inverter. LCD touch screens give ANOTHER level of experience. Fast navigation and QUICK controls. These save time for consumers to TAKE action on solar power systems. 

That is when you IMPROVE the customer experience. And repeat their PURCHASES to the optimal levels!

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Advantages Of The Best 50kw Inverter Services

Leading Technology

Modern automatic production line

Cutting-edge TECHNOLOGY in our production setup GETS the best. You expect FASTER and accurate production. It helps REDUCE operational costs when producing in bulk. 

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Fast transportation speed

No more hassles for the DELIVERY. We’ll handle it. Our FAST shipping ensures Timely delivery. And increase the REPUTATION of your inverter business.


Rich Sourcing Experience

We are not NEW in the sourcing industry. 10+ years of EXPERIENCE has us in top companies. You get REQUIRED input or output voltage. And raise the status of your inverter BUSINESS. 

Top Notch Quality 

100% product quality assurance

Through inspection, GUARANTEES the quality of solar power inverters. And that is WHAT our team does. You get ONLY qualitative inverters. And create an EXAMPLE of quality.

customer support

Professional after-sales service

How is the IDEA of 24/7 service in reducing your inverter problems? It is REALITY with the Leeline team. You ease CUSTOMERS’ concerns. And improve your sales quickly. 

Insurance Protection

Insurance Protection

 We have MOVED one more step into your safety. All our solar inverters have INSURANCE protections. It guarantees a HIGHER satisfaction rate for your consumers.

A Wide Range of Applications




Residential Use

Solar Farms

Solar Farms



utility scale storage

Utility Scale Storage



50kw Inverter Production Line

Our production line is the ALIVE BEAST, ready to EAT UP the whole manufacturing material. And produce HIGH-QUALITY solar inverter systems that IMPRESS your consumers. You set an example of professionalism with the RELIABLE inverters. 

Product Parameters

DC InputMax. DC Voltage1100V
Starting Voltage250V
MPPT Voltage Range250V ~ 1000V
MPPT Range Full Load540V-880V
Max Current / MPPT26A/39A39A65A
Number of DC Inputs89121820
MPPT Number34
AC OutputRated Output Power40KW50KW60KW100KW110KW
Max. Active Power44KW55KW66KW110KW121KW
Rated Output Voltage400V (Three Phase)
AC Voltage Range400V±20%
Rated Output Current57.7A72.2A86.5A144A158.8A
Max. Output Current63.5A79.4A95.3 A158.8A174.7A
Rated Grid Frequency50 Hz/60Hz
Powr Factor0.8 (Leading) -0.8 (Lagging)
System ParametersMax. Efficiency98.95%99.03%98.85%99.01%99.01%
European Efficiency98.45%98.51%98.52%98.52%
Cooling SystemSmart Air Cooling
Operating Temperature-40°C~+60°C
Protection LevelIP65
Standby Power Consumption<1W<5W
Topology StructureTransformerless
Operating Altitude5000m (Derating above 4000m)
CommunicationRS485/ WiFi / GPRS
AC TerminatorOT/DT(MAX 50mm2)OT/DT (MAX 95mm2)OT/DT(MAX300mm2)
CertificationIEC62109 / IEC61000 / IEC62116 /IEC61727 / EN50S49 / CQC / CGC

Take the lead in your industry with our 50kw inverters. Our wholesale options put you in control of your brand’s energy future. Make the switch today for long-term success!


Take ONE MORE step— expand your business. Our certificates, such as CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA, are GREEN tickets. You get entry into the international market. And INCREASE your customer base quickly! 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our inspection is not a QUICK go-through. Instead, we DIVE DEEP. Check every single GRID inverter. And then TAKE time to CREATE detailed reports. You can gain CUSTOMER respect by delivering QUALITY voltage start inverters.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

We are a REAL DEAL in the SOLAR INDUSTRY. 10+ years and 1000+ 50kW inverter wholesale DEALS is nothing less than a MILESTONE. We find you the TOP-NOTCH 50kW inverter suppliers. And get the HIGH integrity of input current inverters. 

Create a TRUSTED environment for your CONSUMERS with our solar inverters! 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Don’t INCREASE your hassles for INPUT current inverters. Our one-stop sourcing service DOES A to Z task. We’ve GOT TOP-TIER suppliers on our list. Check their REPUTATION before landing in the RING. And handle the sourcing of 50kW inverters wholesale. Plus, we store them in our WAREHOUSES. And perform the QUALITY CHECKS!! 

You don’t have to manage your SUPPLIERS anymore. It reduces the OVERHEAD costs associated with supplier management!! 

Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Transaction frauds are NO MORE a BIG DEAL. We have added multiple security layers. Check the PAYMENT safety. And deal only with the TRUSTED suppliers. 

You don’t get HIT by unexpected costs. And don’t fall PREY to LOW-QUALITY scams. It avoids the RISKS of B2B frauds involving sketchy suppliers and low-quality products. 


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

customer first

We are STANDING with you as always. Take your REQUIREMENTS seriously. Think from VARIOUS perspectives to not MISS any single point in trades. 
You enjoy the STELLAR customer support from our team.

And SELL only the SUPERIOR quality free-standing inverters. It boosts your REFERRALS from honorable consumers.


standardized procedure

Our PROFESSIONALISM never lets you down in every SINGLE moment. We handle the WHOLE SOURCING and management process with EXTREME care and expertise. You expect WORLD-CLASS quality and OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE in your PROJECT. 

It SHINES your BUSINESS as a RELIABLE star in the sky. And Create a POSITIVE BRAND image in the MILKY WAY GALAXY. 

custom solutions

Leeline Energy team aims at CHOOSING CUSTOM solutions. You let us know even if you NEED the Mount Everest of solar inverters. We EXPLORE the best possible solutions. Get customized POWER, VOLTAGE, and DESIGN of solar inverters. 

It is time to ATTRACT new consumers by PROVIDING them with TAILORED solutions. 

Our Payment

PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Credit Cards are some PAYMENT methods we offer. We’ve made sure they are 100% safe. You transact safely. And avoid the leakage of PAYMENT information. 

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

Straightness is OUR feature. We ASSESS what input current or voltage you need. Get the RELEVANT inverter solutions. Plus, our MARKET analysis is TO-THE-POINT. You get HIGHER MARGINS by launching profitable products. 

  • Supplier Management

Don’t take TOO Much stress about the 50kW inverter suppliers. We communicate with them. Monitor their PERFORMANCE. And optimize them to get the SUPERIOR output for your SOLAR inverters. It improves BUSINESS prominence with QUALITY 50kW inverters wholesale. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Are you afraid of UNUSUAL pauses in contracts? Why not go for a LEGAL agreement? It is what our legal experts do. And save your TIME by decreasing the HASSLE of hurdles in the deals. PROMOTE your business better. 

  • Order Management

Don’t worry we are there to HANDLE the burden of solar inverter orders. Our EXPERTS’ order management is TOTALLY out of the WORLD.  We receive the ORDER details, and confirm them with our SUPPLIERS. We FOCUS more on the QUALITY production. We go for COMMITMENT for HIGHER customer satisfaction with EXCELLENT experience. It makes your BUSINESS more popular and appreciated in the SOLAR market. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Our logistic team is READY to plunge into the DELIVERY date for INVERTERS. We pack in custom packaging. Help CHOOSE the shipping method. And ship output voltage INVERTERS on time. You EFFICIENTLY tackle customer returns. And increases their LOYALTY.

  • Installation Support

When it comes to installation, nothing is safer than our inverters. Our telephonic and remote SUPPORT handles it. Plus, we offer VIDEOS. You can send it to consumers. And improve the BRAND image in front of consumers. 

Our Reliable Partners


Our 50kw Inverter Factory

Want NON-STOP inventory in a short period? Our automated production with 100% accuracy is the RIGHT thing at this point. You get reliable solar panels from our 50KW inverter FACTORY. And reduce the WAREHOUSING costs with our faster production. 

factory inverter

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Multiple LAYERS with guaranteed SAFETY of your solar power INVERTERS is our responsibility. Plus, our shipment is FAST. Your inverters reach on time. That is when you can REDUCE the customer returns due to delayed delivery.

package inverter

Successful Project

inverter case

Affordable Innovation: Mr. James’ Journey to 3-Phase Solar Power Efficiency

It was about one month back when Mr. James discussed his project with our team. He used to RENT cars. And the whole of his business was RELYING on the FREE STANDING grid solar panels. 

Since the electricity cost is TOUCHING the skies, he asked us for a better SOLUTION. We offered to install the solar panels with a grid inverter. It will handle all the power. And put the business more on the FREE standing renewable energy. 

He had some requirements like: 

  • Variable frequency start system. 
  • 3-phase grid inverter. 
  • He wanted to get it installed in the budget. 

After a thorough inspection of all the requirements, we started our job. Found out all the top suppliers who provide 3-phase variable frequency start inverter systems. And above all, the budget must be compatible with the material costs. 

Finally, our quest bore fruits. And we got the QUALITY solar power inverter at affordable material costs. We installed the 50kW DC input voltage inverter setup. 

Yesterday, we got another ORDER from Mr. James for another grid inverter with a lightweight design. That is how the whole scenario went SUCCESSFUL. 

case 18
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy is a super team. I asked them to buy the inverters. There was a specific input voltage with system integrators. And they strived for it. I loved their work in the end and rated them 5/5.

Pamela H Thorpe

It was my first time with the Leeline Energy team. They have exceeded my expectations. The team arranged a grid inverter with the required input voltage. I am very happy with the deal. Thank you, Leeline, for your efforts. 

Frances D Orman

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 50kw Inverter

    1. Where can you find solar inverter manufacturers in China?

    It is QUITE easy. Head over to the following 50KW solar inverter suppliers’ directories. 

    · Alibaba
    · Dhgate
    · Aliexpress
    · Made-In-China
    · Taobao

    However, you can use SOURCING agents as well. They get you the required AC power inverters. 

    2. Which are the top 3 solar inverter companies in the world?

    AC power inverters are pretty popular. But when it comes to the TOP, there are THREE MAIN names. 

    · SMA Solar Technology
    · Huawei Technologies
    · ABB Group

    You can find MANY more companies like Synergy Technology. 

    3. What should I keep in mind while choosing the best solar inverters?

    There are several factors to KEEP an eye on. For example: 

    · DC input voltage and AC output voltage
    · SUNSPEC compliant
    · Quality
    · Your budget for ground mount inverter

    That must be on your list. 

    4. How to get a sample?

    Talking to your 50KW inverter supplier is the BEST thing you can do: 

    · Ask for a free sample. 
    · Present your business needs. 
    · Tell how powerful a business opportunity you can be. 

    Some 50kW inverter manufacturers offer FREE samples, but not all. 

    5. Where can I buy a wholesale solar inverter?

    Alibaba is the BIGGEST directory for wholesale sites. Taobao should be on your list. Even Amazon has a good range of wholesale GROUND mount inverters. Take a look to know the EXACT of your 3-phase inverter.

    Wholesale 50kw inverter solutions tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Don’t wait – empower your business with dependable energy solutions now!

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