Solar Panel for Balcony Manufacturer

Looking to go green? Leeline Energy has you covered with our pro new energy solutions. Our products are shipped all over the world (150 countries!) Boost your sales and reach more customers

We partner with TOP SUPPLIERS. This means we offer a diverse range of premium solar panels at unbeatable prices. You get more sales, up your customer service game, and make some serious profit!

Light Up Your Business

Premium Solar Panel for Balcony Features

Leeline Energy is a market leader in the GREEN ENERGY SOLUTION SPACE with the hottest products in the market. 

Ultra-high Efficiency:

This solar panel for balcony is super-efficient. It converts a whopping 97.2% of the sun’s energy into electricity. By using this solution, you help your customers slash their energy consumption. 

Plus, they’ll love getting more renewable energy from the sun’s energy with our product. It’s a GAME-CHANGER that gives you an EDGE IN THE MARKET because of enhanced energy generation!

Leading Technology:

Our solar panels for balconies are top-notch, with the latest tech. Offer your customers a RELIABLE SOLAR SYSTEM. This balcony solar system can GENERATE ELECTRICITY like a champ! 

This boosts your market reputation as a provider of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. You watch those CLIENTS roll in like never before!

Adapt to bad weather:

Check out our solar panels made specially for balconies. They’re tough cookies. They withstand any weather and deliver top-notch performance in harsh conditions. Perfect for APARTMENT DWELLERS & APARTMENT COMPLEXES needing renewable energy solutions without the hassle. 

These balcony solar systems and you’ll be sure to dazzle & impress PROPERTY OWNERS! This boosts CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and grows your business with POSITIVE WORD-OF-MOUTH!

Excellent mechanical load resistance:

Balcony solar panels are SUPER TOUGH and built to last. They handle strong winds (up to 2400pa) and heavy snow loads (5400pa). Perfect for apartment owners who want reliable, sturdy solar systems. Give your customers peace of mind with our robust balcony solar setups! 

They PROTECT their renewable energy investment from the elements. You enjoy REDUCED LIABILITY because these panels are LESS likely to break!

Flexible Installation:

The balcony solar panels are a breeze (INCREDIBLY EASY) to install. No complicated setups or fancy tools required. It’s as easy as pie! Excellent for an apartment & apartment dwellers with limited space. And ideal for anyone who doesn’t fancy COMPLEX INSTALLATIONS. 

Offer your customers this USER-FRIENDLY SOLUTION and reach into NEW residential market segments. Plus, you get CUSTOMER INCREASING from easily installing solar panels.

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Solar Panels by Material

Polycrystalline solar panel

Polycrystalline solar panel

This portable power station is built to last, so no worries about it breaking. Perfect for most renters needing a RELIABLE balcony solar system to save on energy bills. By offering this reliable solar panel system, your customers get uninterrupted solar energy. 


Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Guess what? Our solar panels for balcony are environmentally friendly and totally LEAD-FREE! Your customers go green without any guilt. Apartment dwellers and community solar projects will love this SUSTAINABLE choice. 

Offer our eco-friendly solar panels. Give customers a solar panel system that ALIGNS with their VALUES.It ensures your business stays in line with INTERNATIONAL SAFETY STANDARDS.

Thin-film solar panel

Thin-film solar panel

This small solar panel system is built to last, like seriously DURABLE. They boast a sturdy ALUMINUM FRAME and top-of-the-line construction. You sell RELIABLE solar energy products to harness the power of DIRECT SUNLIGHT for years on end. 

Choose our solar power solution. And you boost your brand as a LONG-TERM go-to solar energy supplier. It cuts down on WARRANTY-related costs.

Solar Panels by Watts

400w solar panel

400w solar panel

You know what? Our solar panels are next level. They’ve got anti-reflective glass. So they soak in more SUNLIGHT & give MAXIMUM power output. Perfect for community solar projects that want reliable options to generate serious power. Saving on energy costs. 

You see INCREASED DEMAND and SALES from customers who want some SERIOUS WATTAGE & MORE POWER!

600w solar panel

600w solar panel

This 600w solar system for balconies is revolutionary. It’s got an adjustable angle feature, so install it any way you want – VERTICALLY or at a cozy 30° angle. Talk about versatility! With these panels, you customize solutions that fit customers’ specific installation needs.

You’ll be an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE in the market, increasing your MARKET SHARE with this baby!

800w solar panel

800w solar panel

Check it out! These 800w solar panel for balconies is the real deal. It’s got all the GOOD QUALITY kit stuff – high transmittance EVA and a waterproof junction box. It handles whatever comes its way in an apart without a fuss! 

And keep generating reliable solar power for your customers. By offering this top system, you establish yourself as a TRUSTED PLAYER in the market. That’s some SERIOUS CREDIBILITY for your business!

Solarize your balconies and boost your bottom line with our wholesale solar panel solutions. Start saving in bulk.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Panels Services

quality inspection

 Excellent quality control

Our super facilities and STRICT QUALITY control guarantee your solar panels are reliable. That means SATISFIED CUSTOMERS, more sales, and a GREAT INDUSTRY POSITIONING!

Strong supply capacity

Reliable suppliers

Partner with our trustworthy solar panel for balcony suppliers! More customers and bigger profits for you. We’re all about HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS. That guarantees SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS, smiling customers, and BUSINESS GROWTH.


Perfect after-sales service system

Our after-sales service system makes sure businesses keep customers happy and loyal. So, you get more REPEAT PURCHASES, a STRONGER BRAND, and LONG-TERM SUCCESS in solar panels!

lead time

100% On Time Shipment Guarantee

We’re about delivering solar panels on time, EVERY TIME! Trust us for reliable deliveries, safe shipment, & top-of-the-line quality products. You gain TRUST & a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!


No MOQ when ordering! Get those solar panels without any hassle. You save time, effort, & money. All this while MEETING CUSTOMER DEMANDS with FLEXIBILITY and COST SAVINGS.


Environment-Friendly Packaging

You get ECO-FRIENDLY packaging for solar panels – it keeps them safe during shipping! Customers will trust you more and see you as a SUSTAINABILITY ADVOCATE.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels



Forest Areas

Forest Areas

Office Building

Office Building

Solar for Farms

Solar for Farms

Solar Panels for Boats

Solar Panels for Boats



Precise production process

Rest easy when partnering with us. Our reliable solar panels production process guarantees world-class professionalism and efficiency. You EFFORTLESSLY STREAMLINE your operations from production to MEETING CUSTOMER DEMAND. And you enjoy the associated cost savings.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


We’ve got (CE, TUV, ETL, ISO14001 and IEC61701). With our solar panel for balcony manufactures certifications, CUSTOMERS TRUST YOU MORE. BIG GROWTH in the solar panel industry for you!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Rest assured, we give you Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Reports for solar panels. What does this mean for you? Safe products, top-notch QUALITY, and a STRONG BRAND IMAGE. No more CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS!

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

We’ve been sourcing stuff like your solar panel for balcony for a while, trust us! We’re BIG and experienced with LOTS OF EMPLOYEES. B2B ain’t just one deal – we’ll make sure you get QUALITY goods from RELIABLE FACTORIES. Yeah, there might be cheaper options out there, but no worries about faulty products with us! 

When you team up with us, we become partners for life. And you have happy customers coming back again and again!

One-stop Sourcing

Don’t stress about dealing with different suppliers of solar panel for balcony anymore! We’ve got you covered. Our team UNDERSTANDS the workings of FACTORIES and customers. So that we find the PERFECT MATCH for your needs. 

We handle things from buying to quality checks to delivery – saving you time and money! Thus, your business avoids wasting time and money shopping around.

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

We know how important it is to have a SMOOTH And HASSLE-FREE purchasing experience. That’s why we’ve got your back when it comes to product quality, delivery, and avoiding any scams or risks

No need to worry about your solar panel for balcony wholesale – trust us and shop with confidence! You save money from UNNECESSARY LOSSES from SCAMS and ENHANCE CUSTOMER RETENTION.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We’re here for you, our awesome clients. Your NEEDS and INTERESTS matter most to us. Count on top-QUALITY products, STELLAR SERVICES, and great value from us! You offer a solar panel for balcony that EXCEEDS your expectations. 

This leads to POSITIVE REFERRALS and higher PROFIT MARGINS in the end!


Standardized Procedure

When it comes to our service process, we gotcha covered. We handle every step with professionalism and reliability. You expect top-notch quality in all of our projects and services. 

This makes you the TRUSTED GO-TO for solar panel for balcony, which means MORE SALES coming your way!

Custom Solutions

The Leeline Energy team really aims to get you. We understand what you need in a solar panel for balcony and create CUSTOM SOLUTIONS just for you. Our goal? To give you exactly what you want, no compromises. 

Your brand STANDS OUT from the crowd. And YOU ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMERS looking for personalized solar stuff.

How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team
  • Demand Assessment

Our pros do the research, you don’t have to. NO MORE GUESSING! We find you the perfect solar panel for balcony. That’s how you get AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION and take your spot at the TOP!

  • Supplier Management

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We evaluate, choose, and keep tabs on PERFORMANCE. Say goodbye to WASTED EXPENSES and TIME. Now, you focus on THINGS that matters most – growing & MARKETING that BUSINESS of yours!

  • Contract Negotiation

Count on us when it comes to contracts. Our team handles the nitty-gritty. That’s negotiating, drafting, and reviewing terms for FAIR and LEGAL transactions. Chill out while you FOCUS on SNAGGING NEW CUSTOMERS!

  • Order Management

You can rest, mate! We handle your solar order from START to FINISH. Confirmations, tracking & changes – all covered. And we make sure it arrives on time while avoiding any supply chain hiccups. 

So, you calm down and SAVE on OPERATIONAL COSTS with us in charge!

  • Logistics Coordination

Hey there! Don’t sweat the logistics – we’ll be there with you. We handle transportation, warehousing, and distribution of your solar panels. Count on us for on-time delivery. Customers get their packages INTACT, making them HAPPY & COMING BACK for more!

  • Installation Support

We walk you through professional installation. We do this STEP BY STEP with easy instructions and videos. No more INSTALLATION HEADACHES. Your solar BUSINESS RUNS SMOOTHER than ever before, with FEWER POST-SALES ISSUES!

leelinesourcing team (11)

Our Payment

No worries, mate! You’ve got options – PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. We’ve made them all SUPER SAFE and SECURE for you. That means BUILDING TRUST with your customers is a piece of cake now! 

Western Union

Don’t miss out on the solar revolution! Wholesale solar panels can transform your business and drive brand growth.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Panel for Balcony Factory

Our solar panel for balcony factory is like a productivity beast, cranking out products with ease. This allows you to stay on top of MARKET DEMANDS and grab those golden OPPORTUNITIES. You’ll be as FLEXIBLE as ever in the GAME and ABSOLUTELY UNBEATABLE!


packaging & shipping

Don’t sweat about delivery! Our experts have your back when it comes to CUSTOMS CLEARANCE. Sit back and relax as WE HANDLE it all for you. You SAVE TIME and earn a SOLID REPUTATION in the market for being RELIABLE!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case 21

 63 sets of 20KW solar commercial system in Chad

We totally hooked up a government project in Chad with our awesome 20KW solar energy systems. The results were EPIC.

They worked like a CHARM, bringing stable power to SCHOOLS across different cities. The customer was stoked, and the kids’ lives got way better!

Netherlands 15KW Off Grid Solar Power System

Our client in the Netherlands had serious sticker shock with their ELECTRICITY BILLS. But no worries. We swooped in to save the day. We hooked them up with a killer 15KW solar power system that’s all about HIGH power generation.

And we guaranteed QUALITY for 15 years. With German 5s tech in those controllers, double safety is locked down tight! They’re power BILLS and becoming energy INDEPENDENT from the power grid.

case 19
What our customers say


I’m beyond stoked about my Leeline Energy solar panels! They walked me through the whole process of slapping those bad boys on my balcony and hooking them up to the grid. Now, I’m not only cutting back on fossil fuels but also seeing major savings on my ENERGY BILLS. Plus, extra value for my place? Can’t beat that! Highly recommend Leeline Energy – they’re all about reliable service and going green.

Ian V Harman

Leeline Energy totally hooked us up with solar panels for our balcony, and we’re stoked about it. They helped us choose the perfect ones. And these guys were super NICE throughout the installation process. Now, not only are we doing good by going green, but our property value is on the rise, too! HIGHLY recommend them – they know their stuff!

Angela R Hetzel

Leave us a message and we will get back to you

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Panel for Balcony

    1. What can I power with a solar panel from my balcony?

    With one panel, you only have the power to charge up your small gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops or even rock some LED lights. And for emergencies? No sweat! Keep a 12V battery bank juiced up for fans or radios. Solar party time!

    2. Is it possible to have a solar panel in your balcony that receives a good amount of sunlight to power the house?

    You could totally rock a solar panel on your balcony to power up some of your crib’s energy needs. Just gotta consider stuff like which way it faces. and how much shade you’re dealing with, plus the size and efficiency of those panels. A pro assessment can tell if it’s full-on juice or just a partial boost for you!

    3. What’s the best way to set up a solar panel and battery on apartment balcony?

    Here’s how to get your solar panel party started on the balcony:
    · Grab a mini solar panel system with a stand, like those rad ones from Leeline.
    · Pop it in a sunny spot – faces south or north, depending on where you’re at.
    · Hook that baby up to a battery and plug in your devices. Boom! Solar-powered goodness!

    4. How does a balcony solar panel work?

    You just need some killer solar modules with photovoltaic cells. Plus, throw in an inverter, and a few other cool components. They team up to soak up that sunlight and convert it into electric awesomeness for you. Rock on!

    5. Can you put solar panels on the ground instead of the roof?

    Ground-mounted solar panels are the way to go. They can soak up more of that sweet sunlight compared to rooftop ones. So, if you have the space, stack them high and enjoy all that green energy goodness at home!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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