BIPV Solar Panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy helps 100+ Countries’ businesses meet their customers’ energy requirements. Generate clean energy with Top Notch BIPV systems. 

You receive BIPV Solar Panels of all types with complete ORDER MANAGEMENT. Saves your time so you solely focus on the brand’s identity with customization

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Premium BIPV Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a Thin Film Solar Panels company with an extensive selection of designs, sizes, and thicknesses.

Highly energy efficiency

BIPV solar panels are the same as traditional panels but with more efficiency. They generate usable energy from PV elements and PV modules. You need to install them in construction as it would be easier. 

Space saving Designs & Usability 

Easily install on traditional roofs quickly to get businesses done easily. Less installation staff is required, which saves your labor costs. More Profit for you with less installation costs.

Use the BIPV system as a building component tosave materials and electricity costs

Better insulation & Cooling

Extra layer on your roof than conventional building envelope materials. Additional thermal insulation in winter and a cooling layer in summer.

The best Selling point is that it saves further electricity. Use incremental cost benefits to attract your customers. 

Great Opportunity for Upcoming businesses 

Most people are adopting them to ensure net zero energy buildings. You have variations in designs to attract more customers. Great Market to sell renewable solar energy with BIPV systems. 

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BIPV Solar Panels By Material

Polycrystalline Bipv Solar Panels

You need more space for Polycrystalline BIPV Projects. Their efficiency is lower than Monocrystalline, yet it works great. 

Polycrystalline has Up to 8.9 % lower LCOE and Up to 4.6 % lower system cost.

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Monocrystalline Bipv Solar Panels

They get merged easily in building facades and produce clean electricity. 

Our Monocrystalline Panels have 22% higher efficiency even in low light performance. Get different designs and shapes to suit your customer building design. 

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Bifacial Bipv Solar Panels

You get High PID resistance with a Self-cleaning function in Bifacial BIPV panels. 

Don’t stress about durability when the Bifacial Bipv Panel has an IP67 protection level. They are mostly applied to a building envelope. 

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Thin-film Bipv Solar Panels

You Use them in curved places with traditional building materials.

They are available in transparencies up to 50%, with up to 12% efficiency. Opaque solar cells in their solar glass suit your curtain walls. 

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Revolutionize your approach to sustainable architecture; choose BIPV Solar Panel for lasting impact

All Advantage Of BIPV Solar Panels

Super Durability 

Super Durability 

Suitable to face harsh weather conditions. Easily handles excellent wind load of 2400Pa & snow load of 3400Pa. 

Good weather Protection means your customers will be satisfied with the quality. 

solar panel

Lifetime Warranty 

Dual-stage 100% EL inspection warranting defect-free product. Depending on the model, get a product warranty of 10 to 25 years. 

You won’t have to deal with REFUND & RETURN issues as it has an extended warranty.

Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

You get strong and safe Packaging in wooden boxes. We Protect sensitive goods or parts with extra PROTECTIVE LAYERS. 

Fewer chances of product damage & Business loss while transporting Panels.

Professional Customization 

Professional Customization 

Get your panels with design Customization for Brand Building. 

Make a strong brand Identity with an embedded logo while attracting customers. Establish your brand’s value with innovative, customized designs. 

Top Notch Sourcing Material

Top Notch Sourcing Material

FIRST-HAND SUPPLY with Top notch sourcing materials. You reduce costs and improve communication efficiency. 

One-stop sourcing solution saves your time and energy in management.

Fast Production Facility 

Fast Production Facility 

Excellent production facility with continued product research. Smooth process with HIGH-END equipment for fast production speed.  

You won’t face delays & could meet your customer’s demands easily.

Creative Applications of BIPV Solar Panels











Sound Barriers

Sound Barriers

Precise production process

Solar Cells Sorting: Assemble solar cells on the solar panel depending on their characteristics. 

String welding: Connect individual cells in a string to build a connection on the panel. It forms a solar unit to generate renewable energy from sunlight. 

Automatic Layout: Use high-end technology to position cells on the panel. It creates a connection and flow of current. 

EL Testing: Electroluminescence testing detects damages in the units while flowing current. Test the cell’s structure many times before the next step. 

Laminating: It presses the solar cells between layers of transparent materials like glass. Further, protect the solar cell from the harsh climate. 

Mounting Frames: These rigid structures support and secure attachment for solar panels. It makes their installation easy on rooftops or buildings.

Illuminate your spaces with cutting-edge solar solutions designed for wholesale success.

Learn more about how we help solar businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Leeline Energy has earned many certifications to support its quality claims. Some well-reputed certificates we got are TÜV, CE, ISO & PID. You get ensured credibility from a quality and safety point of view. 


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Get detailed audit reports BEFORE & AFTER Production. Check all manufacturing standards & audit reports of the BIPV Solar Panels factory. You make your informed decisions based on our independent Audit reports. 

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Get transparent process reports without any HIDDEN FEES. We have been offering innovative BIPV energy solutions with solar technologies for years. 

Wide range of clients from numerous countries with existing relationships. Every single business transaction would turn into a long-term business relationship. Our staff takes your BIPV customization requests seriously for your brand’s Identity. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Don’t worry about Solar panels type selection to the delivery at your warehouse. You get sincere advice on product development with experience. Get your BIPV ready with Top notch quality. 

Receive time-to-time inspection reports & updates. One-stop solution without many BIPV Solar Panels wholesale suppliers. Cheap & secure logistic options with Door to door handling. 

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Reduce Transaction Risk

Reduce Transaction Risk

Multi-channel payment options with your ease! Direct payment with complete transparency. Trusted staff and logistic partners to avoid SCAMS & Hidden costs. 

Get detailed reports on transportation costs with exact dates. Independent Third party audits identify all potential risks of BIPV rooftop systems. Timely delivery & production finish avoiding any delays. Deal photovoltaic materials with complete confidence!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We got existing clients from 100+ countries for Solar panels. and analyze things from your perspective. Our main focus is to make your customer happy and your BIPV business profitable.  

You use innovative & cutting-edge technology to keep things exciting for your customers. Generate electricity from the LATEST Thin film technologies with the highest efficiency. 

Standardized Procedure

We have developed a standard process for you after 10 years of testing. Efficient auditing, BIPV product development, & logistic processes save your time & costs

You get Timely updates and contribute to a better strategy at any point. A to Z standardized process to serve all units’ best quality BIPV technology!

Custom Solutions

You get custom solutions for BIPV branding, product design, and logistics. Just share your requirements and discuss how we could help you with that. Both big and small businesses have BIPV customization features. 

Design processes according to your business requirements. You choose your own logistics & shipping plans too. More Control over your supply chain!  

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

Our staff evaluates your quantities & quality requirements with detailed consultation. BIPV Industry experts provide you with market research and competitive intelligence data. You get a better understanding of markets from the supply & demand aspect. 

  • Supplier Management

Supplier management for both big & small businesses to save time. We handle all supplier hunting, evaluation, inspection, and background check. You get timely updates about BIPV solar panel suppliers and your production. 

  • Contract Negotiation

Receive the best-Discounted prices for BIPV systems and panels. Existing relationships with BIPV solar panels manufacturers and suppliers. We propose good terms and inspect quality for better rates. 

  • Order Management

You get complete management from production, tracking to shipping. Door to Door delivery from BIPV Solar Panels factory to your warehouse. Receive only functional and tested BIPV systems with the best protective packaging. 

  • Logistics Coordination

We manage your orders and logistics in all seasons. AVOID all delays due to transportation or mismanagement in warehousing. You receive BIPV Materials and systems simultaneously with the best possible rates. 

  • Installation Support

Get a video installation guide as you want. Customize your installation guide in your language for your customers. You could put your branding on paper & video guides. Technical and design support is available during installation. 

How We Support You?

Our Payment

Choose your favorite payment option from our MULTI-OPTION PAYMENT INFRASTRUCTURE. Pay with your ease.

Western Union

Start with us to expand your solar business from locality to globality.

Our Reliable Partners


Our BIPV Solar Panels Factory

High-End Automatic BIPV Solar Panels factory with experienced staff. Optimized processes to build PV systems to save your time.


packaging & shipping

Receive your shipment protected in cartoon and wooden boxes. Get fast shipping with our partners, DHL,  FedEx, and more. All shipping solutions from Rail, Sea to Air at Discounted prices. 


Experience the power of wholesale BIPV solutions – the future of sustainable energy is now.

Successful Project

Successful Project

15KV Building integrated solar system in the Netherlands 

One of our customers from the Netherlands wanted to install a 15KV system for his home. He wanted to have a completely off-grid system to tackle rising electricity costs. 

We advised him of our Panels with PERC technology for solid built quality. Leeline Energy ensures product safety with 5 s GERMAN technology during transportation. 

He received his panels in Wooden boxes with the highest safety. Now enjoying his off-grid setup with only one-time costs! 

200kw Stand-alone systems installation of the hotel in Papua Guinea

We had an existing relationship with our clients in the past. They were constructing a new hole in Papua New GUINEA. 

It was designed to get a lot of loads, so we suggested having a big system.  Their off-grid system includes 14 sets of air-conditioners and two motor machines.

We designed a custom system for them according to their requirements. It had 112pcs solar panels and 96pcs 12v 250ah batteries. We are very happy to share that their system works great. 

Successful Project
What our members say


We have been working with Leeline Energy for a very long time. A very cooperative and mindful approach to their staff. I appreciate their effort to make my business smooth. Every energy appliances business should work with them.  


The staff is very good and helped me in my product development process. Prices are good as they keep my business profitable after all efforts. I recommend working with Leeline Energy to all beginners. 


People Also Ask about BIPV Solar Panles

Can I have a sample to check the quality?

Sure, but shipping would be so big. Better to hire an independent inspection agent that could check samples. Receive detailed reports on its functionality, quality, and efficiency. 

How much does a BIPV solar panel cost?

BIPV Solar Panels costs vary and depend on many factors, from type to size. It’s difficult to give you an exact number. However, expect 40$ to 50$ for 30 w panels made of Monocrystalline Silicon.

How do I know what size solar panel I need?

It depends on the energy required, SOLAR roof TILES size, and Panel Capacity. See what your customers are demanding, and check nearby buildings. See how they are mounting hardware and shading systems with panels. Later on, get solar panels according to that size. 

How long is the warranty?

Two warranty options are available from 10 years to 25 years. Panels have 21.6% efficiency, which is great in the solar market. Panels would be covered on all terms and conditions in the warranty agreement. 

What is the application of BIPV solar panel?

BIPV solar panels are meant to be adjusted in the building. You don’t need to add extra stands or set up just to install panels. Get renewable energy sources from your existing roof. You get a better energy source than traditional solar panels.

Speed up the progress of your solar business and make more sales!

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