400w solar panels Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is committed to providing affordable, cutting-edge solar energy solutions. And durable solar products to millions of customers worldwide.  Our solar panels are designed for MAXIMUM efficiency and performance. Giving you unlimited power supply when you need it most.

We GUARANTEE the PREMIUM solar panels in China. So, you enjoy long-lasting sustainable energy for your business.Let’s partner and unleash the boundless potential of the sun with our 400-watt panels!    

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Premium 400w Solar Panels Features

Leeline Energy is a Thin Film Solar Panels company with an extensive selection of designs, sizes, and thicknesses.

Zero Crack Resistance. Rest assured that your solar panels can easily handle the HARSHEST weather conditions. Withstand cracks. Thermal stress. And last for decades to come!Your solar power system experience won’t be the same again – it will be 100X BETTER!

High-Efficiency PV cells. Unlike other panels with an 18% cell efficiency, our panels offer a 22% cell efficiency. Yes, 22%!! That gives them more energy output. And are HIGHLY capable of meeting your energy requirements – including multiple projects.

Anti-reflective glass. Our 400-watt solar panel has the most advanced anti-reflective glass on the planet. Giving it a 2% increase in luminance. Subsequently increasing its solar absorption potential. Your customers can experience a seamless power supply even during blackouts.

Sturdy Frame. Leeline Energy 400W panel line-up comes with a 120N tensile strength frame. And 110% seal-lip design glue injection. These are easily the most DURABLE panels on the market. That means you’ll enjoy enhanced productivity and won’t waste money on another solar. Or costly maintenance.

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Advantages Of The Best 400w Solar Panels

weather resilience

Extreme weather resilience

Our 400 Watt panels are designed to deal with harsh weather conditions. From heatwaves to extremely cold temperatures. Leeline Energy solar panels are the BEST FIT for your customers in the southern hemisphere. Or the Sahara Desert!


High reliability

You can always count on our 400-watt panels when you need them. When the sun is shining, our panels absorb and store clean energy for later purposes. Plus, they are made from HIGHLY EFFICIENT materials to last a lifetime! You won’t receive backlashes or trolls from customers again.

solar appearance

Outstanding visual appearance

We prioritize a minimalistic aesthetic design for our 400-watt solar panels. Cell blackening treatment and thinner wires achieve this by giving them a simple all-black design. This elevates your brand image and enhances customer experience.

quality inspection

World-class quality inspection

Our 400 Watt panels feature high-performance materials on the planet. You rest knowing that your solar investment is built to last!

Readily available

Readily available

We have thousands of 400 Watt panels at our factory ready for shipment. Just order today, and we’ll deliver in the SHORTEST time frame. So you can continue your business operations even during blackouts.

No brokers or intermediaries

No brokers or intermediaries

We ensure 400 Watt solar panel supply directly from our factory. This guarantees the authenticity and quality of our solar panels. It also reduces overhead costs and facilitates SEAMLESS communication.

A Wide Range of Applications

Household Electricity

Household Electricity

Solar for Farms

Solar for Farms

Outdoor Power Generation

Outdoor Power Generation



Forest Areas

Forest Areas

Solar for Building

Solar for Buildings

400w Solar Panels Production Line

Here’s our 8-step 400 Watt solar panels manufacturing process:

1. Silicon Ingot Production. We first make silicon ingots through a series of heating and cooling processes. The ingots are then sliced into tiny wafers which are less than 0.2mm thick. 

2. Solar cell fabrication. The wafers are cleaned and processed into shiny solar cells. The process involves an anti-reflective coating application. And the addition of electrical contacts. 

3. Stringing. Individual solar cells are connected together to form string patterns. The strings are interconnected to produce the desired voltage on the 400W panel.

4. Module Assembly. The interconnected cells are then mounted to a frame. Additional electrical components, such as junction boxes and diodes, are also connected.  

5. Lamination. This is the most important step. The mounted frame is then sandwiched between protective materials. Then laminated to create a WEATHER-RESISTANT and DURABLE 400-watt solar panel. 

6. Testing. We conduct RIGOROUS tests to ensure the panels meet required industry standards. We test the panels’ efficiency, durability, and overall performance. 

7. Packaging. If the panels pass all quality checks, they are packed safely and ready for shipment. 

8. Shipping. We use the BEST couriers, including DHL and FedEx, to deliver panels straight to your home.

Product Parameters

Module Type(Pmax)435440445450455
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)40.77V40.97V41.17V450Wp41.56V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)10.67A10.74A10.81A41.37V10.95A
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc)48.67V48.87V49.07V10.88A49.46V
Short-circuit Current (Isc)11.32A11.39A11.46A49.27V11.60A
Module Efficiency STC (%)19.97%20.20%20.43%20.66%20.89%
Operating Temperature (℃)-40℃~+85℃
Maximum System Voltage1000/1500VDC (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating20A
Power Tolerance0~+3%
Temperature Coefficients of Pmax-0.35%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Voc-0.29%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Isc0.048%/℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)45±2℃

Elevate your business with cutting-edge 400W solar panels. Unleash unmatched efficiency and reliability for your brand. Partner with us for wholesale excellence in solar solutions – Powering Your Success!


We are licensed and certified by the TUV, CE, CQC, and ISO14001 boards. So, you can have the utmost confidence that your solar investments are in capable hands.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We have weekly factory assessments to ensure STRICT adherence to product quality. Our team will inspect the panels before leaving our factory and ensure everything is up to standard.

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Get this – Your Home is Our Responsibility!

Leeline Sourcing, our parent company, is a veteran in the procurement industry. With a decade-worth of experience and a portfolio of thousands of clients. 

We know that kickstarting a solar journey is HARD. But we promise to be with you every step of the way. 

And you don’t have to be at the mercy of the grid ANYMORE. Invest in our 400-watt solar panel and get hundreds of sales. By transforming your customers’ homes into a real-life powerhouses.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Leeline Energy is an all-in-one solar energy system provider offers unique solar panels. Negotiate with customers on your behalf, and deliver to your location. So you don’t have to run around looking for different solar services. 

If you want flexible solar panels, or a solar charge controller – YOU NAME IT! In fact, why jump from company to company when Leeline Energy sorts out everything?

No headaches of dealing with different solar panel manufacturers EVER. Our representatives will sort out the best 400-watt solar panels. And deliver right to your business.

Sourcing Agent

safe business environment

 Reduce Transaction Risk

Our certified advisors guide you through various solar complexities and potential risks. 

We also offer one-on-one consultations to discuss production risks. And how to spot factory sales lies.

So you can invest in the BEST solar panel system on the market.Enjoy stress-free solar shopping with Leeline Energy today!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Shipped Worldwide

How We Work?


We take customer satisfaction seriously! When you buy any of our 400-watt solar panels, you are our lifetime responsibility!

We monitor your panels’ battery performance on grid connections or solar cells defects.

We’ve even gone overboard to source the best solar materials from industry pioneers. Therefore, we GUARANTEE that your 400-watt panels will last for generations.



Leeline Energy upholds HIGH LEVELS of professionalism in business dealings. From Regular factory assessments to Quality checks on the 400-watt solar panels.

We adhere to ISO-certified procedures to ensure HIGH-QUALITY solar panels. 


We’ll cooperate with you to deliver results that align with your desired goals. We’ve created a customized solution that PERFECTLY fits your needs. Don’t worry if your business doesn’t get enough sun exposure, Leeline Energy’s got you covered!

We ensure you get the best service and maintain a long-term partnership. Your Happiness. Our Priority.


Our Payment

We accept MULTIPLE payment options. Enjoy hassle-free and secure payments using your credit cards. Mobile money, bank transfer, or cash-on-delivery. Whatever works BEST for you!

Western Union

Skyrocket the growth of the solar panel business with our experts!

How We Support You?

Demand Assessment. Not sure of the right specifications, power rating, or quantity for your solar needs? Don’t worry. Our team of world-class professionals will talk you through the tiniest details. To ensure you get the best out of your money. You don’t have to worry about counterfeit solar equipment again. 

Supplier Management. We relieve you from the stress of contacting hundreds of suppliers EVERY DAY. We’ll evaluate 400w solar panels suppliers on your behalf. And pick the BEST just for YOU. No Pussyfooting Around and get TOP-NOTCH solar products GUARANTEED.

Contract Negotiation. Our sales team will negotiate, draft, and review every policy on your behalf. We only ask for one favor – just relax and let us handle the job. You won’t regret your decision.

How We Support You?

Order Management. Leeline Energy is committed to providing a stellar experience for our customers. We handle an array of needs – confirmation, tracking, changes, and cancellations. We also run tests on the solar panels to ensure everything is up to code. You won’t get any customer complaints for a VERY LONG time.  

Logistics Coordination. Don’t stress over the delivery and transportation of your solar panels. We’ll sort out your warehousing and logistics needs. Just be there to let us in when the delivery arrives. 

Installation Support. We guide you through the entire installation process. You get easy-to-follow guides and videos that help you install most solar panels in no time. We also provide an installation package to make the entire process seamless. So, you don’t get stuck with TEDIOUS procedures.

Ignite growth in your brand with our 400W solar panels. Unbeatable quality and performance for your wholesale needs. Choose brilliance, choose partnership. Let’s light up your business together!

Our Reliable Partners


Our Factory of 400w Solar Panels

Headquartered in China, we run one of the MOST ADVANCED solar factories in the region. And with over 5,000 employees, our teams design and build cutting-edge solar panels.


Packing & Delivery

Our meticulous eco-friendly packaging solution aligns with our green living vision. And guarantee a FAST and SECURE delivery right to your doorstep.


Successful Project

Successful Project

Mr. Lloyd’s 400-watt solar panel project in Kenya

Mr. Lloyd, a realtor, approached us. And shared his struggles with the rising cost of electricity bills. 

Llyod was kick-starting a mega-project on the city’s outskirts. Our team surveyed the area. Analyzed the designs (of the houses). And later agreed on 400-watt panels for each house.

Months later, Lloyd called to say that the project was complete. We deployed our team to the site for solar installations. 

Lloyd loved the panels so much. He got us another contract for supplying residential solar panels for his resort.

Mr. William’s residential solar systems project in Australia

Mr. William contacted us early this year that his electricity bills were going through the roof. 

After a series of back-and-forth calls. William settled on 27 units of 400W solar panels for his textile company in Australia.

We delivered the 400-watt solar panel units wholesale in just two weeks. 

Mr. William says we are his business’ lifesaver. He’s slashed his electricity bill by 80%, and he loves it!!

Successful Project
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy’s team is God-Sent. I recently ordered my 400 Watt Solar panel, and it’s gorgeous! The team was super helpful. Always ready to communicate & upheld utmost professionalism all the way. The total lead time from my initial inquiry to installation was ONLY 4 weeks. Good job, LEELINE ENERGY!


 I definitely recommend Leeline Energy if you need high-performance 400-watt solar panels. They gave me a timeline for delivering, and they didn’t disappoint! Plus, the team was super professional. Leeline Energy for the WIN!! 


People Also Ask About 400w Solar Panels

1. When we install the solar projects, can we step on the panels?

No, we do not recommend stepping on the panels after installation. That’s because this can cause mechanical damage and hinder their lifespan. Encourage most homeowners to handle their panels with MAXIMUM care. 

2. How long do 400-watt solar panels last?

Our 400-watt panels are built for on-grid and off-grid usage. They can last more than 25 YEARS thanks to their high-density aluminum frame. And IP68 waterproof rating.

3. What is the average size of a 400W solar panel?

A typical Leeline Energy 400W is about 75 X 45 inches (25 Square Feet) in dimensions. You’ll need at least 15 400W panels to build a 6KW system. 

4. How can we check if a solar panel has been damaged after being short-circuited for a long time?

The most accurate way is to measure its current and voltage output. Then check for deviations from its normal operating specifications. 

5. What are the known brands of solar energy panels?

The list is endless, as many top-tier solar brands are launched daily. Some of the biggest solar brands include SunPower, JinkoSolar, and Tesla Solar.


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