Solar Fence Light Manufacturer

We’re on TOP of the solar fence light MANUFACTURING game! With us, you amp up TRUST, enhance SAFETY in quality, and CUT out those pesky blunders. Time to boost POPULARITY and rock the market with NEW PRODUCTS – let’s grow that biz together!

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Premium Solar Fence Light Features

Leeline Energy’s got the SICKEST solar fence light in town. You get these SUPERB FEATURES: 

Solar power charging

These solar fence lights CHARGE during the day, saving TONS of energy and moolah. They AUTOMATICALLY light up at night. With 6-8 hours of charging, you get a SOLID 8 hours or more of bright, functional home ILLUMINATION.

Your BRAND will shine brighter, and so will your PROFITS. It’s a perfect win-win situation for ya, my friend!

Wide application

Check out our WATERPROOF home solar fence lights! No worries about RAIN, SNOW, or anything Mother Nature swings your CUSTOMERS’ way. Take them to a VARIETY of your heart desires – by the pool, garden, patio, deck, backyard, on walls, stairs…you NAME it!

Spice up your CUSTOMERS’ LANDSCAPE and earn that well-deserved TRUST. That means folks will SUPPORT your solar business.

Light control

LIGHT SENSING CONTROL offers CONVENIENCE and efficiency. All our solar fence lights turn on at NIGHT and soak up the sun’s energy THROUGHOUT the day. Get this – say GOODBYE to spare wires and forget about ELECTRICITY COSTS!

Leave your COMPETITION in the dust as these lights LEVEL UP your game in the MARKET.

Two lighting modes

Get our game-changing solar fence LIGHTS with some serious STYLE vibes. Take your pick from two lighting modes for MAXIMUM VERSATILITY. These are warm WHITE or BRIGHT WHITE.

Customers can just SWITCH it up and UNIFY the mode. You’ll rock your CORPORATE IMAGE. Flaunt that BRAND IDENTITY in the market like no one else can.

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Solar Fence Light by Types

Post Caps Light

Post Caps Light

You’ll love these solar fence lights with a functional LAMP SHADE. They are made of reliable PVC, designed to WITHSTAND the test of time and weather in a home LANDSCAPE. Let’s not forget that efficient solar panel – it has a high (24%) transfer rate for MAXIMUM POWER!

With these outdoor wall lights, you get an EDGE in the market and expand those SALES like CRAZY!

Solar Pillar Light

Solar Pillar Light

Snag these solar fence LIGHTS with a variety of HIGH-GRADE MATERIALS. These include acrylic shade, lithium battery, aluminum base, and doublecolored LED bulb. And don’t even get me started on that WATERPROOF SWITCH.

Perfect for your customer’s yard or deck – they ENHANCE the view like nobody’s business. You’ll have better CONSUMER LOYALTY!

Deck light

Deck light

They love SOAKING up SUNLIGHT and charging themselves. Rain or shine, they stay WATERPROOF and MOISTURE-PROOF. Lasting a long time brings ULTIMATE VALUE. When the DARKNESS drops, they simply turn on for you – so CONVENIENT!

The applications – gardens, pools, decks, walls! You get better consumer LOYALTY and long-lasting relationships!

Wholesale Brilliance in Every Light! Our solar fence lights redefine eco-friendly outdoor lighting. Partner with us to illuminate your brand’s commitment to sustainability and lead the wholesale market with innovation.

Advantages Of The Best Solar Fence Light Services


High Process Standards

Grow your BRAND’s IMAGE by keeping a TIGHT QUALITY check on PV modules and system components. Maintaining PREMIUM product quality will totally up your SALES GAME. You rake in those SWEET PROFITS.



You do you! CUSTOMIZE your order to perfectly match your PROJECT’S SIZE. Whether it’s for a LITTLE BUSINESS or a HUGE ENTERPRISE, we’ve got you covered. RELAX and save time, effort, and money with our TAILOR-MADE outdoor wall lights.


Optimized Packaging

We make your life easier by using COMPACT packaging to LIGHTEN your product’s weight. Save money on LOGISTICS with user-friendly handling and STORAGE. Boost profits by cutting transportation and STORAGE COSTS! 

Safe & Cheap Transportation 

Reliable Transportation

We’ve got CONNECTIONS, like FedEx. Fast shipping is our jam, thanks to GENIUS ROUTE PLANNING. Let us handle the goods so you can focus on BUILDING that business EMPIRE and making BANK!

Reasonable Quotation

Reasonable Quotation

We’ll hit you up with QUOTES real quick. Options in all SHAPES and SIZES shipped to you within a speedy 24 hours. Stay AHEAD of the game and get that CASH FLOWING by nabbing FAIR PRICES like a pro!


24/7 Customer Support

Our team handles any order hassles; no worries! We sort them out with WORLD CLASS COMMUNICATION. Sit BACK, RELAX, and grow that brand rep with stellar AFTER-SALES SERVICE. Cue those customer LOYALTY vibes for high profit biz all day, every day!

Creative Applications of Solar Fence Light





Wall fence

Wall fence







Precise production process

As the solar fence light MANUFACTURERS, we whip up HIGH-QUALITY solar fence lights with mad skills and SMOOTHNESS. Only top-shelf materials and killer tech are in play here. GUARANTEE that our products meet all INDUSTRY STANDARDs. Get ready to DOMINATE the MARKET!

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Check it out; our solar fence light FACTORY is no joke. It’s certified by all the INDUSTRY BIGWIGS: CE, TUV, ISO9001, RoHS, and FCC. Count on us for total solar panel EXCELLENCE. No more sketchy vibes—that coveted CUSTOMER TRUST is back! Time to BLOW UP in the MARKET!

Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

Our flawless solar fence lights have been TESTED like a champ. We check if they DELIVER the ultimate performance your CUSTOMERS CRAVE. We also see if these bad boys bring TOP EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY. That ensures product SAFETY, improving QUALITY, and building that killer BRAND IMAGE.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Trustworthy

Reliable and Trustworthy

Leeline Energy is a pro in finding AWESOME PRODUCTS for your biz. Our TRACK RECORD rocks with a DECADE of being stellar solar fence light MANUFACTURES. We come with a BIG SCALE, expert staff, and wicked experience. 

Trust us—B2B’s about long-term success! CUSTOMER TRUST guaranteed. Plus, SALES will spike because our eyes are on what CUSTOMERS want!

One-stop Sourcing

No need to juggle a TON of solar fence light SUPPLIERS. It’s our SPECIALTY! We know the INS and OUTS of these FACTORIES like nobody else. From getting goods, checking quality, and managing logistics – we lower costs for you.

To SAVE COSTS and build long-lasting relationships—let’s TALK business! SATISFIED CUSTOMERS mean huge profits, and that’s what we’re after HERE!

Sourcing Agent

business partner

Reduce Transaction Risk

Let’s DODGE those solar fence light wholesale TRANSACTION risks TOGETHER! Quality hiccups, DELAYS, added COSTS—no bueno. We’re on it! Our processes are tight. From checking FACTORIES to INSPECTING every product—you’re in SAFE HANDS. 

We take care of you THROUGHOUT the order production process. Time for your business to RISE above the COMPETITION and SHINE BRIGHT!


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

No doubt about it. YOUR NEEDS and interests are what runs the show. We get inside your CUSTOMERS’ HEADS and sort out those problems, NO SWEAT.

Quality solar fence light, the BEST SERVICES—it’s all here for you. Let’s build a solid PARTNERSHIP that goes the distance! Get ready to slay the COMPETITION!

Standardized Procedure

Leeline Energy is all over things, from START to FINISH – finding, checking, producing, and keeping quality on point. 

Hang TIGHT for a wild ride as your REP skyrockets and sales rise HIGHER than ever before! Your craving for SUCCESS? About to hit BIG TIME!

Custom Solutions

Get set up with KILLER solar fence light SOLUTIONS. CUSTOM-MADE, just for you! Need help CHOOSING, DESIGNING, or ROCKING a rad logo? We do it for you!

READY to straight up DOMINATE the COMPETITION and reach new levels of BUSINESS bliss. When we join FORCES, there’s NO LIMIT to what we can achieve TOGETHER!

How We Support You?

  • Demand Assessment

We’ll cover things—from SPECS to QUANTITIES and QUALITY. Plus, we’ll suss out the competition through some MARKET RESEARCH wizardry. With us by your side, you rock for TRUSTY customers and EPIC BIZ partnerships!

  • Supplier Management

When it comes to PICKING solar fence LIGHT SUPPLIERS, consider us your sidekick. We keep an eye on how they PERFORM and how fast they can get things done for a SMOOTH DELIVERY. Brace yourself for awesome PERKS like more VALUE and HIGHER earning potential.

  • Contract Negotiation

Don’t worry ABOUT while we TAKE CARE of those solar fence light CONTRACT TERMS. We sort out all the fine print so you stay PROTECTED—fair and square. Secure stable SOURCING for big-time business GROWTH!

  • Order Management

Our team comes THROUGH FROM start to finish. Handling SUPPLIERS, checking quality, and tackling any issues that may arise. SORTING, PACKING, LABELING – we do it all until those solar products are good to go. Let us SPEED UP the process and keep that MONEY FLOWING seamlessly!

  • Logistics Coordination

The team MAKES SURE those solar goods land safely. BUDGET-FRIENDLY shipping options? Sorted. Conquer new markets like a champ! Boom! NO STRESS; guaranteeing customers COME BACK for more goods!

  • Installation Support

Let’s get REAL about the installation. We rock those STEP-BY-STEP guides, videos, and support. NO FREAKING out needed – hit us up remotely for assistance. Quick installs bring SQUEALS of delight from HAPPY PEEPS and rave REVIEWS!

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our Payment

You have OPTIONS for payments. Get PayPal, Payoneer, cards, or bank transfers—NO SHADY business here. Feel SAFE with our ironclad TRANSACTIONS. Secure your BIZ and make that SWEET profit!

Western Union

Lighting the Way to Wholesale Excellence! Elevate your brand with our premium solar fence lights. attract discerning customers, and illuminate the path to wholesale prosperity.

Our Reliable Partners


Our Solar Fence Light Factory

Check it out; our killer solar fence light factory is CERTIFIED and ready to ROLL! We make lights that’ll meet LOCAL SALES needs and open doors in the market. ELEVATE that brand of yours while keeping the HEADACHES to a MINIMUM.


packaging & shipping

Brace yourself for SPEED! Our solar fence light factory has next-level FAST DELIVERY. We ship your goodies by SEA, LAND, or AIR—whichever floats your boat. Cooperation magic leads to top-tier SHIPPING EFFICIENCY. You meet all sorts of SHIPPING TIMES!


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project


Solar Magic: How Leeline Energy Transformed Lives in Sierra Leone

Leeline Energy is CRUSHING IT in the solar biz! Wholesalers and installers are totally hooked on our amazing stuff. No way you’ll be let down! Here is an EXAMPLE of our projects.

In rural areas of Sierra Leone, there’s a major problem with NO ELECTRICITY access. It’s all about BIOMASS FUELS like wood and coal, which aren’t GREAT for health or the environment. 

We had a big problem: getting lights and ELECTRICITY to far-off areas in a CLEAN, affordable way. Regular fuels were BAD for health and couldn’t light up the nights. We aimed to find RENEWABLE solutions.

Here’s what we did: SOLAR LANTERNS & SOLAR FENCE LIGHTS. They bring LIGHT and JUICE to those hard-to-reach spots. We teamed up with a LOCAL BUSINESS for solar know-how training. 

We totally rocked the solar energy game, lighting up REMOTE HOMES and areas. It changed things for rural folks who never had power. 

Our project TOTALLY ROCKED IT! Clinics got brighter thanks to our solar power LANTERNS and solar fence light. That’s APPLES to apples right there. Hell yeah, customers loved it! We totally delivered the goods in a BIG WAY!

What our customers say


These solar fence lights from Leeline Energy are the BOMB! Easily installed on my backyard fence and deck, they added a STYLISH TOUCH and gave me the perfect view at NIGHT. Plus, KUDOS to Leeline Energy for hooking me up with top-tier service EVERY STEP of the way. Keep killing it with those home backyard FENCE LIGHTS!

Doris J Rooney

Leeline Energy hooked me up with some dope FENCE LIGHTS solar for my backyard deck. They have such a FRESH STYLE and are just perfect to light up the whole area. My BACKYARD is popping now, thanks to these super cool FENCE LIGHTS! I totally RECOMMEND Leeline Energy for any of your SOLAR NEEDS!

Patricia R Thompson

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    Service Interested:


    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About Solar Fence Light

    1. Do solar fence lights work?

    Solar panels power these lights. DAYTIME fills their batteries, then wah-bam! NIGHTFALL hits and they light up—I’m talking LIVING ROOM BRIGHT vibes. No fuss install, no messy wires, just easy-peasy green LIGHTING right on your FENCE.

    2. Do solar lights charge when turned off?

    When you switch them off, NO CHARGING action happens—solar works only when they see sunlight. Smart bit is, when they’re OFF, the inside HOOKUP between the solar panel and battery gets DISCONNECTED. No juice flowing!

    3. How to proceed with an order for LED light?

    Just PICK the one you want and THROW it in your CART. Then go through CHECKOUT, put in your deets, pay up, and bam! Your order’s on its way. Stay TUNED for CONFIRMATION and DELIVERY info!

    4. If the light brightness is dim or totally off, how to handle it?

    The solar light battery isn’t super powerful. Gonna need a good 2-3 days of INTENSE SUNSHINE to charge it up. And WINTER? Whew, it’s gonna take EXTRA TIME since the sun’s slacking below standard intensity. Just a little heads-up!

    Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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