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Ready to go green? Leeline Energy has got your back with our awesome new energy solutions. We ship products worldwide in over 150 countries! Attract more customers with our HOT PRODUCTS and expand your product lines!

We team up with TOP SUPPLIERS for a killer selection of top 2kw inverters at unbeatable prices. Boost SALES, level up CUSTOMER SERVICE, and rake in those PROFITS!

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Premium 2kw Inverters Features

Leeline Energy is an industry leader in the new green energy solution space.

All-around protection functions

Our solar inverters are super PROTECTIVE. They’ve got all sorts of SAFETY FEATURES. Think guarding from EXCESS LOAD and SHORT CIRCUITS. Also, they handle high voltage, low voltage on batteries, and high operating temperature.

Trust us – this gives your business a HUGE EDGE as customers TRUST you!

High-efficient DC-To-AC conversion

These solar inverters are total POWERHOUSES. They take the DC from your panels and work their AC magic flawlessly. Plus, they have super-SMART CHARGING capabilities for batteries.

These boost performance and slash ENERGY LOSS on & off grid. It all adds more HAPPY CUSTOMERS that keep your BUSINESS BOOMING by coming back for more!

Optimal energy storage

Say hello to our 2KW solar heroes featuring nifty STORAGE TECHNOLOGY! These inverters STORE ENERGY like a boss! It doesn’t matter if it’s from DIESEL GENERATORS or SOLAR PANELS. They tuck it in your choice of BATTERIES, including all the latest LITHIUM BATTERIES.

They give your customers the FLEXIBILITY to rock and roll even when the grid isn’t around. You get HIGH BUSINESS PERFORMANCE and market REPUTE.

Silent operational design

Our solar inverters rock a super-duper-QUIET operation that’s impossible to resist. Plus, they’ve got parallel model magic for even more power.

Running at just 68 dB(a) when in FULL LOAD, your products will totally OWN the solar system market scene. BIG SALES are coming your way with HIGH COMPETITIVENESS with our 2kw solar inverters!

Eco model switch

Check out our jewel 2kw solar inverters featuring an epic HYBRID OPERATION switch! It’s like having a magic friend that helps your customers SAVE the planet and power on and off the grid.

That makes you the BUSINESS HERO known for products with LESS WASTE, QUIET vibes, and extra RUN TIME. Customers FALL head over heels for your sustainable solar system!

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Advantages Of The Best 2kw Inverters Services

product quality

100% product quality assurance

You get a rock-SOLID QUALITY guarantee, so you know we’ve got your back. Kiss those RETURN RATES goodbye.

And let CUSTOMERS enter and leave SATISFIED. Trust me, it’s more smiles -all MONEY for your biz!

solar panels design

Custom Solar Designs

Harness the power of custom solar designs with our business. By offering UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZABLE solutions, we support you in establishing NEW BRANDS.

Do it quickly while enhancing your BRAND IMAGE in the market. You, my friend, get the LOWEST COST growth and COMPETITIVE advantage.

Compliance With Standards

Compliance With Standards

EVERY single solar system meets all compliance requirements. They have INTERNATIONAL quality LICENSES, ensuring they meet global standards. We’ve even got the continental USA included!

You STAND OUT bright as a RELIABLE PROVIDER of top-notch solar awesomeness.


Leading Production Technology

With our cutting-edge PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY, we guarantee a top-of-the-line solar system every time.

We OPTIMIZE things for QUALITY and COST! You boost that PROFIT margin and go all-out on MARKETING with juicy SAVINGS on sourcing.


Trustworthy transportation

These 2kw solar inverters come featuring the BEST door-to-door shipping—continental USA included. We take every SAFETY PRECAUTION to make sure your goods stay safe and intact during shipping.

Rest easy knowing that they arrive on the delivery date needed SAFELY. You get enhanced company quality and your boosted BRAND IMAGE.

Sample Testing

Sample Quality Testing

Our awesome solar inverters come with top-tier sample quality testing. That means you can call the shots and make SMART CHOICES that lead to less waste and more money in your pocket.

You make better decisions while REDUCING REJECTS and enjoying big-time COST SAVINGS!

A Wide Range of Applications


Industrial Applications







Solar Carports

Solar Carports



2kw Inverters Production Line

We get this show on the road by ASSEMBLING components on a PCB. Then, we TEST that circuit and hook up those TRANSFORMERS. This inverter setup process is just what you need!

It kicks market competition OFF THE TABLE. And it elevates your BRAND RECOGNITION in the industry!

Product Parameters

DatasheetSPF 3000TL LVM-24PSPF 3000TL LVM-48P
Battery voltage24VDC48VDC
Inverter Output
RATED POWER3000VA/ 3000W3000VA/ 3000W
Parallel CapabilityYesYes
AC Voltage Regulation(Battery Mode)120VAC ± 5%@ 50/60Hz120VAC ± 5%@ 50/60Hz
Surge Power6000VA6000VA
Efficiency (Peak)93%93%
WaveformPure sine wavePure sine wave
Transfer Time10 ms (For Personal Computers); 20 ms (For Home Appliances)10 ms (For Personal Computers); 20 ms (For Home Appliances)
Solar Charger
Maximum PV Array Power2000W4500W
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage30VDC ~ 115VDC30VDC ~ 115VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage145VDC145VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current80A80A
Maximum Efficiency98%98%
Standby Power Consumption2 W2 W
AC Charger
Charge Current60A40A
AC Input Voltage120 VAC120 VAC
Selectable Voltage Range95-140 VAC (For Personal Computers) ;65-140 VAC (For Home Appliances)95-140 VAC (For Personal Computers) ;65-140 VAC (For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)50Hz/60Hz (Auto sensing)
Dimension (D/W/H) in mm130/350/455130/350/455
Net Weight (kgs)11.511.5
Operating Environment
Humidity5% to 95% RelativeHumidity(Non-condensing)5% to 95% RelativeHumidity(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature0°C – 55°C0°C – 55°C
Storage Temperature-15°C – 60°C-15°C – 60°C

Discover the Ultimate Energy Solution for Your Brand: Wholesale 2kW Solar Inverters – Boost Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Power Your Business to Success!


Add our certified solar inverter with CE, TUV, ETL & OHSAS18001! We guarantee killer quality, meaning you enjoy an EPIC REPUTATION. You’ll be the talk of the town!


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

We check on our 2kw inverters manufacturers to guarantee top-notch safety for your solar inverter. Say GOODBYE to RISKS and COMPLAINTS. Get ready for a STELLAR TRUST boost that’ll make leapfrog you AHEAD of your competitors!

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member5

Reliable and Trustworthy

Consider us the dream team of product sourcing! With a solid 10 years under our belt and EXPERT KNOWLEDGE, we’re the crew to trust. Say goodbye to LOW-QUALITY headache-inducers!

Our badass 2kw inverters suppliers are just what you need for SUCCESS. Prepare for SOARING SALES and LOWER COSTS with our SMOOTH sailing sourcing process.

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

Enough with those 100 supplier headaches! Our kickass team is here to SAVE THE DAY. We navigate 2kw inverters factories like nobody’s business. We’re MASTERS at satisfying your cravings as our esteemed customers!

Just relax as we handle PROCUREMENT, QUALITY CHECKS, and LOGISTICS for you. Result? On-time deliveries mean you ensure the delivery date needed. Your products shine and spark unlimited growth!

One-Stop Sourcing Agent

business partner4

Reduce Transaction Risk

We have your back when it comes to PROTECTING your MONEY. Count on us to lower transaction risk. We do this by improving product QUALITY delivery and keeping SCAMS at bay.

No need to stress about 2kw inverters wholesale TRANSACTIONS. We save you from UNNECESSARY LOSSES and boost CUSTOMER LOYALTY! They know you WON’T lose their money.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?


You’re the bosses here, and your needs always come first. Expect nothing but WORLD-CLASS quality products, STELLAR SERVICE, and awesome VALUE from us.

Our team goes ABOVE and BEYOND what you expect in 2kw inverters. That results in GLOWING REVIEWS and INCREASED REVENUE for you!

Standardized procedure

We’re the go-to team for all your 2kw inverters! Trust us to handle every step of the process with EXPERTISE and CARE. Get ready for the BEST-IN-CLASS quality in your projects and services.

That sets you up as a reliable provider. Rest easy knowing you’ll enjoy boosted CUSTOMER LOYALTY and SOLID BUSINESS GROWTH!

Custom solutions

All we want is to lend an ear and get what you really want for those 2kw Inverters. Our goal? To provide customized solutions that BANISH your customers’ WORRIES for good!

You get to see more of those HAPPY USERS with 2kw inverters. That’s because they know you offer deals catered to their NEEDS. And they keep telling MORE PEOPLE about it!

Our Payment

Pay SECURELY through PayPal, bank transfers, or credit cards with ZERO WORRIES. No more scams and frauds messing up your transactions! You get to build TRUST and DEPENDABILITY with your customers like an industry leader.

Western Union

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

How We Support You?

How We Support You?
  • Demand Assessment

We’re your trusty guides in this wild world of demands. Count on us to gather all the deets about those 2kw inverters. You’ll know about specs, quantities, and quality priorities more than anyone else!

Oh, and guess what? We’ll even spice it up with some MARKET RESEARCH and clever COMPETITION INSIGHTS. Get ready for informed choices that put you miles AHEAD of your competition in no time!

  • Supplier Management

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We’ll handle it from start to finish. That ranges from assessing and selecting right down to monitoring performance.

That means FEWER BILLS and more time for the GOOD STUFF for your enterprise: GROWING your enterprise like a maverick!

  • Contract Negotiation

No contracts stressing you out over here! Let us handle all the nitty-gritty of solar order contracts. We NEGOTIATE, DRAFT, and REVIEW terms like a boss (with your best interest at heart). 

Relax and put your energy into rocking CUSTOMER ACQUISITION & MARKETING with style!

  • Order Management

Let us take that order management weight off your shoulders. We’ll help you CONFIRM, TRACK, and HANDLE CHANGES or CANCELLATIONS for your inverter products orders.

Know that we’ll make sure things arrive on time and ELIMINATE any pesky SUPPLY CHAIN RISKS. You boost your PROFITS and keep your enterprise free of UNNECESSARY COSTS!

  • Logistics Coordination

Dissolve your logistics worries – we’ve got it handled! We’ll SWIFTLY transport, store, and ship your 2kw inverters anywhere (the continental USA included). Trust us to deliver ON TIME with ZERO DAMAGE. That means CUSTOMER SATISFACTION keeps people coming back for more!

  • Installation Support

Installing our kickass 2kw solar inverters? Easy peasy with our no-fail SPECIAL instructions, PHONE help, and helpful VIDEOS. This is also accompanied by remote assistance as needed. The SMOOTH operation ensures your customers have a sweet PRODUCT EXPERIENCE!

How We Support You?

Our Reliable Partners


Our 2kw Inverters Factory

Our 2kw Inverters factory is crushing it in the EFFICIENCY game. That’s thanks to high-tech AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT and technology. No more mistakes. You give your customers the top-tier quality they CAN’T RESIST snatching up!

factory inverter

Start with us to expand your solar business!

Packing & Delivery

Let us handle all the clearance processes with ease. We ensure SMOOTH DELIVERY of your precious inverters. We work with reliable shipping partners DHL and FedEx. So, we guarantee door-to-door distribution GLOBALLY – NO STRESS involved! You stay LASER-FOCUSED on running your business FULL STEAM ahead!

inverter package

Successful Project

How We Support You?

Rescuing Businesses from Diesel Shortages: Lebanon’s Solar Power Success Story

Leeline Energy is all about delivering top-tier solar ENERGY SOLUTIONS. We work with wholesalers and trusted engineering installers like yourself.

In Lebanon, our client faced a major issue with power failures due to DIESEL SHORTAGES. Their business and store operations were at a standstill for nearly 22 hours per day – yikes!

They needed an ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION that wasn’t reliant on limited resources like diesel. Basically, they wanted sustainable and reliable power to kick ass full-time. That means even when SOLAR energy was not readily available.

That’s where we come in! We offered our OFF-GRID powerful solar system. This baby converts sunlight into city grid quality power instantly. It also has automated SWITCHING between the local grid or generator as needed.

To meet their specific needs, we recommended using our LOW-FREQUENCY INVERTER. It offers stability and longevity with HIGH-POWER equipment like air conditioners and pumps. That’s sauce right there!

But why choose us over competitors? Our products & solutions are BEST IN CLASS! Well, unlike OTHER INVERTERS known for causing issues with certain appliances (yeah, ACs).

The client did a careful consideration of factors! We are talking RELIABILITY and MAINTENANCE COSTS compared to running generators. And you know what? They chose our 10kW solar system.

Our solar systems have been kicking butt! In a recent fuel crisis, it sustained operations for six whole hours on CHARGED BATTERIES. Plus, loads quickly recharged super fast. That is within just TWO more hours whenever there was LIMITED SUNLIGHT – impressive stuff!

The clients are thrilled, too! Our solar system has been a game-changer for our client. It provides them with RELIABLE POWER and eliminates their reliance on DIESEL GENERATORS. They have enjoyed UNINTERRUPTED ELECTRICITY even during the most challenging situations.

inverter case
What our CUSTOMERs say


Leeline Energy rocks! They did door-to-door shipping for my solar system, and it arrived WITHOUT a scratch. Plus, they gave me special instructions on its OPERATING TEMPERATURE. I know, I know you are thinking boring, but it’s necessary stuff. The power is off the charts thanks to their lithium batteries and killer inverter. I definitely chose the RIGHT type of company.

Fannie L Carberry

Oh man, Leeline Energy knows how to deliver! I can’t recommend their products enough. The power generated & stored in those LITHIUM BATTERIES and the INVERTER is out of this world. They even gave me options like lead ACID BATTERIES for off-grid backup. So happy with their service! Oh, and guess what? Their shipping method for my solar system was FLAWLESS. What more could I ask for?

Melinda J Straka

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    Hey I’m Sharline, the founder of Leeline Energy. We’d love to connect and discuss next steps towards bringing Solar Products to your project. If you are considering to start or expand your solar business, we would be happy to provide a project estimate and one stop solutions. Please complete the form to get started.  

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    Room 2208, Jiuzhoutong Building, Hanyang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province


    People Also Ask About 2kw Inverters

    1. Can a 2kw inverter generator run a 1hp split type air conditioner?

    If your A/C is an inverter, getting it started would be no problem. But if it’s an older type without a soft starter, that could cause some issues.

    2. What is the maximum wattage for a 2Kw inverter?

    A 2 kW inverter can handle 1650 to 1800 watts max. You should aim to load it at around only 80%.

    3. Is 2kW enough to power a house?

    The 2KW solar system can generate enough power for all your appliances. So, if you use 240 units or less per month, it’s perfect!

    4. What can run on 2kw inverter?

    The 2kVA inverter works great for a big house with lots of stuff. It can handle all your lights, fans, TV, mixer, and fridge during blackouts. And here’s the cool thing – it’s solar-ready! You can hook up solar panels later to power things with clean energy during the day.

    5. Where should you place solar inverter?

    Make sure the inverter stays out of the sun. It won’t last long with direct sunlight frying it up! Best place for it is a cool garage. And hey, tell your installer to put it near the meter, too, so you don’t lose any power along the way.

    Get Ahead of the Competition – Partner with Us for 2kW Solar Inverters Wholesale – Ignite Your Brand’s Growth with Renewable Energy Solutions.

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