Premium Flexible Solar Panel Manufacturer

Leeline Energy is the ultimate authority in SUSTAINABLE GREEN ENERGY. We have a laser focus on solar energy applications. So we’re committed to offering convenient ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS for your energy needs. 

We are partnering with TOP-TIER SUPPLIERS nationwide through our robust supply chain system. We aim to forge a globally diversified enterprise. And collaborating with our partners allows you to grow your business easily!

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Superior Flexible Solar Panel Feature

Leeline Energy is a TRUSTED and EXPERIENCED new energy solution company. We’ll connect you with the right suppliers and solutions and streamline your operations. 

Double-sided solar cell:

Our flexible solar panel is pretty cool. It’s got these double-sided photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight from BOTH sides. That makes them super efficient in producing energy. That means more power output and better returns on your investment!

Widely used:

Our flexible solar panels are seriously POPULAR. They’re the go-to for off-grid adventures and DIY projects, unlike traditional rooftop solar panels.  Customers know what type and usage of solar panels and are more willing to buy them. That establishes trust and enhances your brand loyalty.

Perfect curvy surface:

Our panels have these awesome curved surfaces that fit on any CURVED ROOF or surface. That means your customers can get them installed anywhere, like curved roofs without issues. So you have fewer risks of breakages and minimize replacement and repair costs. 

BIPV application:

Our thin film flexible solar panels are next level with BIPV Application (Building Integrated Photovoltaics). They BLEND right into buildings, saving energy and reducing your customer’s carbon footprint. This can create opportunities for NICHE MARKET PENETRATION.

Good performance and long life:

Our flexible solar panel kits have awesome PERFORMANCE and long-lasting power. They totally outshine those old-school conventional panels. They give RELIABLE energy for longer, at only a FRACTION of regular maintenance costs. This leads to more customer satisfaction.

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Flexible Solar Panel by Types

Polycrystalline flexible solar panel

Polycrystalline flexible solar panel

Polycrystalline flexible solar panels have HIGH STABILITY. Your customer will never have to worry about inconsistent energy again. Plus, they end annoying SYSTEM FAILURES or DOWNTIME! That allows you to create a reliable and trustworthy image with customers.

Monocrystalline flexible solar panel

Monocrystalline flexible solar panel

Our flexible monocrystalline solar panels are seriously LIGHT! They’re a breeze to INSTALL and MANEUVER on RV roofs, vehicle roofs, etc. The panels have increased flexibility in MOUNTING OPTIONS. This leads to higher customer demand and ultimately drives business growth.

Thin-film  flexible solar panel

Thin-film  flexible solar panel

Our super cool, flexible, thin film panels are made with fancy POLYMER MATERIALS. These make them tough as nails against impact and bad weather. So, save costs on warranty claims or post-purchase support, improving your profitability.

300w flexible solar panels

300w flexible solar panels

These panels rock high CONVERSION EFFICIENCY, meaning they efficiently turn sunlight into electricity. This leads to huge reductions in energy costs and boosts overall system performance. Customers love this reliability, boosting your SALES and giving you a SUPERB REPUTATION.

400w flexible solar panels

400w flexible solar panels

Our 400W flexible panels capture sunlight with unmatched efficiency! That means more renewable energy for your customers. And the cherry on top? You’ll save BIG BUCKS operational costs and get tons of RETURN CUSTOMERS!

500w flexible solar panels

500w flexible solar panels

We’ve used the BEST MATERIALS on our 500W flexible solar panel kit. These babies give you outstanding performance and efficiency. Your customers will have RELIABLE ENERGY for years! So, you get satisfied clients who are more likely to recommend the product or brand to others. And grow your business.

Flexible Solar Panel by Uses

Flexible solar panels for rv

Flexible solar panels for rv

We’ve coated our flexible panels for RVs with special ANTI-CORROSION magic. So, no rust or damage from the great outdoors! That means these bad boys will last longer and need less maintenance. The enhanced demand will generate your business MORE MONEY.

Flexible solar panels for boats

Flexible solar panels for boats

Our thin film flexible panels for boats are LEAD-FREE and super eco-friendly. So you can sail with a clear conscience. Your wholesale business will be SAFE for you and others, creating great CUSTOMER RAPPORT.

Flexible solar panels for metal roofs

Flexible solar panels for metal roofs

These flexible solar modules for metal roofs crank out a crazy amount of electricity. This is thanks to HIGH-TECH photovoltaic material. So, these bad boys will REDUCE your customer’s reliance on unstable grid-based power. They straight-up increase customer acquisition and growth opportunities for your business!

Flexible solar panels for camping

Flexible solar panels for camping

Our flexible solar products have an ANODIZED ALUMINUM FRAME. It is lightweight and has a durable design. It is long-lasting and easy to carry and set up. Customers love CONVENIENCE and RELIABILITY! So that gives you a competitive advantage in the market.

Flexible solar panels for car roof

Flexible solar panels for car roof

The flexible panels for car roofs use every inch of uneven surfaces to generate MAX ENERGY. These little power-packed beasts are popular with car and outdoor enthusiasts! That means they sell like hotcakes, generating MORE PROFITS for you.

Heighten the solar BUSINESS PROGRESS to new levels.

Advantages Of The Best Flexible Solar Panel Services

lead time

Short lead time

Our flexible panels have a short lead time, which means you get them real quick. And they can help you save space and money with REDUCED INVENTORY and OPERATING COSTS.


Good production equipment

We’ve got some seriously advanced equipment and technology. We make top-notch PV cells that last long at a FRACTION of the cost. You get high quality products with faster delivery times and quick customer turnaround. That allows you to boost those profits.


Supply capability

Our supply chain is rock solid. So you can always count on us for consistent, high-quality, flexible solar panels. Plus, STREAMLINED PROCUREMENT process. You get faster project completion and faster business EFFICIENCY, increasing your business’ REVENUE!

after-sales service

Good after-sales service

Our team is always here to help you out with any issues or questions you may have. That means you get HAPPY CUSTOMERS, repeat business, and a stellar reputation!


100% on time shipment guarantee

We’ve got a 100% On Time Shipment Guarantee. You can trust that your solar products will arrive on TIME and in GREAT condition. So you get faster project timelines and LESS risk of errors, delays, or quality problems. 



We offer customized OEM/ODM solar solutions. These tailored services mean you get exactly what you need. So you get ahead of the competition with faster time-to-market. Plus, there are some cost savings on R&D and production expenses.

Creative Applications of Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels for balcony


Flexible solar panels for tent


Flexible solar panels for vehicle


Household Electricity

Household Electricity



Street Light

Street Light

Precise production process

Our flexible solar panel manufacturer & production process is world-class, ensuring PROFESSIONAL-grade quality and efficient delivery. So you build a trustworthy brand based on consistent and reliable quality.

We are global leaders in energy efficiency & sustainable growth.

Learn more about how we help businesses grow efficiently & ethically.


Our solar panels have CE, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CSA certificates. These are cool internationally recognized certifications. So customers can trust your commitment to quality and safety! Plus, it opens doors for NEW BUSINESS opportunities too.


Factory Audit & Quality Inspection Report

With our comprehensive manufacture reports, customers can trust that the products are safe. So, they help you build a great BRAND IMAGE and MINIMIZE customer complaints!

Why Choose Us?

leelinesourcing member

Reliable and Trustworthy

Need a TRUSTWORTHY flexible solar panel wholesale partner? We’ve got ten years of sourcing experience and a big operation with SKILLED employees. Plus, we’ve got loads of industry know-how. B2B business isn’t just one deal to us.

We find reliable flexible solar panel factories and meet your needs without breaking a sweat. No more worries about cheap products causing issues. You reduce operational costs associated with maintaining unreliable products returned by customers!

One-stop Sourcing

Our one-stop sourcing feature means you can find the flexible solar panels you need in ONE PLACE. No more wasting time searching for MULTIPLE SUPPLIERS. We’ve got your back. 

That makes procurement a breeze. We connect you with RELIABLE flexible solar panel suppliers. So you get to run an efficient operation, saving you unnecessary work and time!



Reduce Transaction Risk

We can help make your flexible solar panel transactions RISK-FREE. Say goodbye to worries about quality, delivery delays, and shady business practices. Our thorough FACTORY AUDIT and INSPECTION processes ensure top-notch products are delivered. 

And on time while reducing any PRODUCTION RISKS or misleading sales claims. The best part? You establish and grow customer TRUST.


Completed Projects


Happy Clients


Years of Experience


Professional Staffs

How We Work?

Customer First

We’re all about giving you the BEST experience possible regarding flexible solar panels. Our team puts your needs first, so you can count on us for top-notch products and services. 

Whether it’s EXCELLENT product quality or TAILORED SOLUTIONS. We’ve got your needs covered! This allows you to foster strong and long term customer relationships.

Standardized Procedure

Our production and service process guarantees PROFESSIONALISM and reliability every step of the way. Trust us to deliver OUTSTANDING quality in your wholesale projects or services. 

So you get a streamlined and HASSLE-FREE experience, allowing you to save time.

Custom Solutions

Our flexible solar panels are tailored to meet your UNIQUE GOALS and requirements. That means we go the EXTRA mile to provide PERSONALIZED service. That ensures your satisfaction every step of the way

We foster a mutually beneficial partnership by ensuring you meet your customers’ needs.


How We Support You?

leelinesourcing team (2)
  • Demand Assessment

Our team will ASSESS your needs. Then, scout the market for UNBEATABLE deals that match your requirements. And we provide you with the PERFECT SOLUTION for the correct wattage. So, you eliminate the guesswork and save time and business resources.

  • Supplier Management

Don’t sweat it! We hook you up with the BEST flexible solar panel SUPPLIERS for your supply chain. Our team will keep tabs on their PERFORMANCE so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

  • Contract Negotiation

We’ll take care of nitty-gritty! We negotiate, draft, and review the contracts to ensure things are LEGAL and FAIR. We allow you to achieve optimal agreements that maximize profitability. 

  • Order Management

We’ll handle the WHOLE order management shebang. That’s from confirming, tracking, making changes or cancellations. Plus, we’ve got QUALITY covered with INSPECTIONS and TESTING to meet your standards. This minimizes the risk of receiving faulty or subpar products, increasing customer satisfaction. 

  • Logistics Coordination

Sit tight! We’ll oversee the Logistics, like transportation, warehousing, and distribution. So your goods arrive on TIME and in ONE PIECE. This reduces operational complexity and minimizes costs associated with logistics management. 

  • Installation Support

We provide clear flexible solar panel installation INSTRUCTIONS and handy VIDEOS to guide you. Plus, each product comes with an installation package for a stress-free experience. Let’s make installation a breeze and boost your order TURNOVER RATE! 

leelinesourcing team (10)

Our Payment

We’ve got payment options for EVERYONE! Choose from a variety of methods worry-free, without the risk of scams. 

Western Union


Our Reliable Partners


Our Flexible Solar Panel Floor Factory

Our flexible solar panel manufacturing factory boasts a high ANNUAL PRODUCTION capacity. That ensures we meet market demands SWIFTLY. And deliver the best products and services. So you can attract and keep customers with exceeded expectations.


packaging & shipping

Our shipping partners, like DHL and FedEx, ensure reliable cooperation. Plus, guaranteed transportation times. So, there are NO potential DISRUPTIONS or DELAYS in your operations.


Schedule a consultation with our sales team.

Successful Project

case 19

Poland 15kw solar energy and wind power hybrid system

We hooked up our Polish customer with a wind-solar hybrid system. They wanted to LOWER those WINTER electricity bills. They slashed $500 off their monthly expenses and recouped the cost within TWO to THREE years! They were stoked about the quality and safety.

Plus the ADVANCED tech materials we brought to the table. Leeline Energy was their trusted solution provider of choice!

Lebanon Customers choose Leeline Energy solar system

We linked the customer with a powerful 10kW solar system to work with their GENERATOR. Rainy days? No problem! They enjoyed an UNINTERRUPTED power supply all day long. No more noise and fuel shortages from those pesky diesel generators.

Our solution gave them RELIABLE electricity for both business and everyday life. So you can bet they loved our low-frequency inverter solution.

What our customers say


Man, we couldn’t be HAPPIER with the service from Leeline Energy! They hooked us up with a solar system that’s totally efficient and high-quality. They went above and beyond our expectations. Now, we’re enjoying RELIABLE, SUSTAINABLE energy like never before. We highly recommend their services to everyone out there!

Vicky J Smalley

Shoutout to you guys at Leeline Energy for the AMAZING solar solution for our business! Your staff knew their stuff and guided us EVERY STEP of the way. They ensured we got exactly what we needed. We have uninterrupted power and lower electricity bills. We’re SERIOUSLY thrilled with the outcome!

Roy D Trigg

People Also Ask About Flexible Solar Panel

1. Can flexible solar panels overheat?

Flexible solar panels can get a little hot under the sun, just like traditional rigid panels. Watch out for that overheating risk if you slap ’em in spots with crazy direct sunlight or no ventilation.

So make sure to give ’em some breathing room and keep ’em shaded when possible. Oh, and don’t forget regular maintenance—nipping any defects or damage in the bud is key!

2. What is the difference between a flexible solar panel and a standard solar panel?

Flexible solar panels are the cool cats of the solar panel world. They’re made from a bendy material that can handle curves and weird surfaces. Perfect for when those old-school rigid solar panels just won’t cut it!

But if you need something tougher, go with the standard rigid panels. They’ll shine on flat surfaces like nobody’s business. 

3. Do all flexible solar panels degrade faster than glass panels?

No. Not all flexible solar panels are doomed to degrade faster than conventional panels. Sure, some materials and waterproofing stuff can make them more prone to wear and tear over time.

But, thanks to fancy tech advancements, these flexi-panels have gotten tougher! Just remember: good manufacturing quality control and smart material choices affect a lot.

4. How long does a flexible solar panel last?

Actually, solar panels are built to outlast the other components of a solar power system.
But here’s the deal: 

Degradation depends on factors like material quality and the manufacturing process. Plus, how efficiently you use them over time plays a role, too! So remember, it’s all about picking good materials and using them wisely.

5. Do flexible solar panels need an air gap?

Having an air gap under solar panels is great for keeping them cool. But, flexible solar panels can be stuck flat on surfaces without ventilation. Now, you’d think that would mess with their operation, right? But nope! Thanks to their clever design, they work just fine even without that fancy air gap.

Focus on your business & let our team of experts handle the rest.

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